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Jean-Claude Vannier - La Bete Noire / Paris N'Existe Pas
Jean-Claude Vannier
La Bete Noire / Paris N'Existe Pas
LP | 2022 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
With a discography held in such high esteem amongst fans of conceptual French pop and soundtrack composition, the likelihood of finding an unturned stone amongst maestro Jean-Claude Vannier’s fertile psychedelic rockery falls somewhere between slim and skeletal. Even the most intrepid explorers of the most fearless and fastidious nature should naturally expect to encounter one or two shadowy characters when braving the oblique corners of the Vannier vault, but few lost souls cast a darker silhouette than the cinematic obscurity known only as »La Bête Noire« (The Black Beast).
Miquela E Lei Chapacans - Miquela E Lei Chapacans
Miquela E Lei Chapacans
Miquela E Lei Chapacans
LP | 2022 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
24,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 14.10.2022
The first progressive girl group of the French Occitan language pop scene bring you folk funk, sun-baked bossa, Coltrane jazz and their own brand of punky “Dizco Rural” against an untouched French Balearic backdrop spanning the late 70s and 80s. If even the most assiduous of European record collectors consider the Occitan language music scene to be France’s best-kept secret then it’s as fair to say that the incredible multifaceted recordings of langue d’oc prog girl group Lei Chapacans has spent the last four decades hiding in plain sight. In all fairness this overlooked treasure chest of minority language excursions into folk funk, Balearic, bossa, John Coltrane penned jazz, baroque psych, Palestinian poetry, comedic synth skits (and even the rawest form of femme-fronted multiingual punky disco) has been stowed away in inconspicuous photographic record sleeves, falsely evoking something closer to contemporary C&W while oft-misplaced in record shop cassette racks alongside “traditional” spoken-word and scholastic albums. So for the uninitiated, don’t be too hard on yourself. The fun starts here. For those who are familiar with the rare and sought-after one-off solo album by Occitan singer Miquela and have craved for more, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Lei Chapacans (a name that roughly translates to The Vagabonds) is the all-girl vocal group assembled by Miquela herself just two years after her debut release, having toured the word and snubbed major label record deal offers with a steadfast allegiance to the protection of the Occitan language in which this album is primarily penned and performed (minus a small amount of German and sarcastic English in one rebellious instance). For European collectors with a penchant for French savoir faire, but have further yearnings for folkloric femme funk, then it’s time to look towards the Occitan sunset where you will meet Lolo, Miquela, Sophie, Irena and Denise. These amazing, and undeniably culturally important recordings might have taken some time to find a wider audience, but for music lovers, crate diggers and vinyl vultures alike there are still a lot of tasty morsels out there to be scavenged and devoured, ask any self-respecting Chapacan and they’ll concur wholeheartedly.
V.A. - Midnight Massiera: The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera
Midnight Massiera: The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera
LP | 2009 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
22,99 €*
Release:2009 / UK – Reissue
Eighteen sacred psychedelic suppositories from the laboratory of Mad Scientist and scalpel happy pop mutilator Jean-Pierre Massiera. Including the rarest and most sought after fuzz funk, spooked surf and interplanetary prog from “The French Joe Meek” and all his schizoid split-personalities and freakish friends - The Maledictus Sound, Chico Magnetic Band, Visitors, Human Egg, The Pirhana Sound and Jesus himself.

Let us introduce you to some old friends of ours... Charlie Mike Sierra, Jean-Pierre Areisam, JPM and Co. Erik, The Horrific Child, Jesus, Les Maledictus Sound, Human Egg... This might sound like we’re flicking through the imaginary LP racks in the record shop from A Clockwork Orange or perhaps congratulating the runners up in a Halloweeen fancy dress competition but for the previously uninitiated you have just been ordained into the congregation of the many split personalities of one Mr. Jean-Pierre Bernard Massiera. Bow down to the nine headed monster as he mutates and shape-shifts back through time to his humble beginnings in a Buenos Aireian province ravaging and pillaging the music of the European people for his own twisted benediction along the way.

This might, as intended, sound a little bit dramatic but if there is one single ingredient that gives the eccentric JPM his distinct flavour it’s a large dollop of drama. Add sprinklings of szichophrenia, shock, myrth and macabre and you are on the way to a B-movie broth with an acquired taste, that has, like all the best cheese, taken over thirty years to mature to perfection. Like all the best monsters, from the Centaur to the Minotaur to Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde his split personality is the key to his infamy and the secret of his blood sucking success!

This is why Jean-Pierre Massiera is (un)commonly known for two key periods in his career which, like a worm, can be split down the middle and thrive and flourish independently. To cut a long story short Massiera is, above all, a lover and purveyor of musique fantastique, and is willing and able to hijack whichever stylistic vehicle that passes him buy in order to do feed his lust. In the earlier part of his career he honed his sordid craft amongst psychedelic circles in Nice and Quebec. From late 1972 onwards he moved to Antibes and started a disco revolution and became an in demand cosmic record producer... For years prog rock obsessives and disco aficionados have wondered if there was two unrelated freak merchants called Jean-Pierre Massiera, but, in this rare instance, exploito-maniacs from both sides of the cosmic coin are united by the work of this singular, single handed monstrous music manufactory!

Another way to dissect the Histoire De JPM would read like a fantastic comic book. He started off as a musical scientist who was affected by chemical fallout in World War Two - he spoke to Jesus, went crazy and became a mad scientist. He then created a strain of mutant piranha fish which gave birth to a world of horrific monsters who assisted him in his murderous merriment. In the end he finds a giant egg and finally makes contact with aliens… That would be the end of chapter one and this is the era that we will focus on for this compendium In the worldly, derelict, laboratory of Dr. Jean-Pierre Massiera we are surrounded by decaying fish fins, test tubes, fuzz pedals, echoplex units
V.A. - Thai? Dai!
Thai? Dai!
LP | 2011 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2011 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
New 'Sounds Of Wonder' compendium featuring the heavier side of the Luk Thung underground from Thailand's finest dysfunctional outsiders. Proto-punk funk, warped cover version and jaw dropping jams that belie belief!
Science Fiction Dance Party - Science Fiction Dance Party
Science Fiction Dance Party
Science Fiction Dance Party
LP | 2009 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2009 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Back in 1968 a pair of Germanic behind-the-scenes sound librarians called Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek left a tiny, but indelible, pinprick on the history of German Pop in the misshaped form of a sexy horror cash-in concept album called Dracula’s Music Cabinet. Shelved at a micro-cosmic axis where Krautrock meets lesbian vampire Horrortica and easy listening meets psychedelia the delayed reaction of this mutant concoction eventually exploded in the mid-1990s in the hands of a generation of ‘record diggers’ sending currencycrushing tremors through the wallets of mods, rockers, hip hoppers, psych nuts and kraut kompletists around the plastic-pillaging planet. The vinyl junkies had resurrected a monster, but, like addicts do, they ravenously sucked it dry and moved on looking for the next fix to feed their habit. Luckily for some, Ackermann and Thusek were also creatures of habit. And it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that they were holding the next dose, but by the turn of the millennium the mad scientists had been given a thirty-five-year head start on the pop archeologists and their mythical sequel was literally light-years ahead of their previous draconian installment... Encouragingly the unclosed cabinet left a shiny white clue in the form of it’s closing track Frankenstein Meets Alpha 7... Perhaps space was the place. Always read the label. The Ackermann and Thusek duo were far from dynamic. They were undercover agents hiding behind user-friendly mock-rock monikers and, like most B-Musicians, the only way to sniff them out would be to read the small print. But when an unidentified record on an unknown label with a title like Science Fiction Dance Partycrops up in the Eins Deutschmark crates it’s not exactly rocket science - although the track titles might suggest otherwise. The End Of A Robot, Monster On Saturn 1, Galactic Adventures Of The Outer Space Fleet , The Whistling Astronauts, Death Rays Out Of The Universe’.. The telltale signs are all there and if that vintage psycoplasmodic Colored Vinyl doesn’t clench the deal then what will. When rumours about a space-age follow-up to Dracula’s Music Cabinet hit the straße Deutsche-o-phile diggers fingers started twitching nervously
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier - OST Les Chemins De Katmandou
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier
OST Les Chemins De Katmandou
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
After decades in the making Finders Keepers Records are proud to present the first-ever pressing of Serge Gainsbourg’s most elusive and coveted soundtrack studio recordings – co-written, arranged and orchestrated by the genius Jean-Claude Vannier (Histoire De Melody Nelson) during what many consider to be the dynamic duo’s most definitive creative period. Believed to have been lost in a studio fire by Gainsbourg enthusiasts for over forty years (a myth that also shrouds Morricone’s lost Danger Diabolik soundtrack) the misplaced master-tapes for the drug-fuelled/Mai 68 cash-in/road-movie Les Chemins De Katmandou have been widely considered the final audio jigsaw piece in an immaculate discography/filmography thus earning this soundtrack bone-fide Holy Grail status amongst the most avid disc detectives. Featuring the original crack team of Paris based players now recognised as French library music royalty, this LP epitomises the inimitable musical direction and expert psychedelic pop musicianship that graced classic Gainsbourg/Vannier soundtracks like La Horse, Cannabis and Sex Shop. Laying the stylistic, future-proof foundations for subsequent decades of forward-thinking Gallic funk mastery. Comprising Vannier’s signature recipe of thick plucked bass lines, close-micced drums, biting Clavinet and Eastern influenced strings and percussion (and a sprinkling of subtle traditional French instrumentation) the soundtrack to Les Chemins De Katmandou (aka The Road To Katmandu or The Pleasure Pit) captures Vannier and Gainsbourg in the first year of their creative partnership capturing their unique embryonic energy.
Graeme Miller & Steve Hill - The Moomins
Graeme Miller & Steve Hill
The Moomins
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Imagine, if you will, a foreboding homemade electro-acoustic, new age, synth driven, proto-techno, imaginary world music Portastudio soundtrack for a Polish-made animated fantasy based on a Finnish modern folk tale and created for German and Austrian TV, composed in 1982 by two politically driven post-punk theatre performers from a shared house in Leeds!

To even the most perspicacious and adventurous of alternative music fans the genuine bloodline of this previously unreleased record already begins to sound like an entire record collection in one sitting. It would be surprising if this project’s ambitious and exotic credentials didn’t tick at least one box on your musical matrix and without one drop of unnecessary nostalgic hyperbole this project already sounds like the perfect fantasy record that you’ve never heard. Alternatively we could just say The Moomins and, for many, things would instantly begin to make perfect sense.

From the same social landscape as Gang Of Four, The Mekons and Impact Theatre Co-operative - armed with a Wasp synthesiser, an ocarina and a cassette of the Robinson Crusoe music taped off the TV, Graeme Miller and Steve Shill used minimum means for maximum mayhem, instilling over 35 years of dreamlike illusory fuzziness and freakiness into the memories of a generation of school age TV addicts waiting for the next 5 minute fix of outernational fuzzy felt folklore. Collected here, all in one place for the first time, Finders Keepers in close collaboration with the original composers finally bring the original homemade micro-melodies and reintroduce them to a musical landscape where fans of vintage electronics, concrète tape effects, pocket percussion and domestic synths are finally ready to be reunited with the magnetic music of Moominvalley.
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
Jean-Claude Vannier
L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches
LP | 1972 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
20,99 €*
Release:1972 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
To mark the ten years of Finders Keepers we present a lovingly remastered and repackaged release of the album where it all began. Within the last ten years the resurgence of sixties Gallic pop, once known as Ye-Ye music, has escalated beyond an inter-stellar dizzy height. What might have been a waning, embarrassing genre destined for a shelf life/death gathering dust amongst the Eurovisions of yesteryear, the ‘jerk-beat’ psychsploitation records of the latter day French disco had soon found new floor space in some of the most credible nightspots in London and Japan.

Without a shadow of doubt, the flagship LP with best odds on becoming a discerning household object was Histoire de Melody Nelson by one Serge Gainsbourg. An inimitable, 45-minute concept LP handcrafted by a bass-driven psychedelic rock group and a heaven sent, 1001 piece orchestral and choral symphony. The album left hip hop producers alongside progressive rock aficionados crying out for more and more for years to come. This LP was in a league of its very own… or was it?

The seldom-sung musical arranger for Melody Nelson has become one of the most enigmatic names in French-funk; lorded by many as the “French David Axelrod” Jean-Claude Vannier’s name is the lesser-spotted, tell-tale seal of sample-friendly quality when it comes to crate-digging ‘en Francais’. Suitably, when rumours amongst French record dealers claiming “the band who played Melody Nelson recorded a follow-up lp” became a legend of psychedelic folklore. Another unconfirmed rumour about JCV taking the remaining out-takes of the beloved Melody Nelson to create a promo-only experimental rock LP left sample hungry producers and DJs in turmoil…

For those in the know the answers to these mysteries lay flat between the anonymous gatefold sleeve of an undiscovered conceptual album bizarrely entitled “L’Enfant Assassin des Mouches” by a custom-built avant-rock entourage called Insolitudes. The rocking-horse manure treasure hunt began.

So here we have it. The mythical teen-tonic for all those suffering from Melody Nelson withdrawal symptoms. For record collectors looking for that special something, this LP contains the extra special everything. Peruse the following genres: psychedelic, classical, soundtracks, jazz, hip hop, samples, avant-garde, funk. Then place a copy of L’Enfant Assassin des Mouches in each section. History denotes that when ‘our man in Paris’ Msr. Gainsbourg first heard the initial bones of this LP he took his poetic pencil to paper providing bizarre liner notes, thus consummating the most extraordinary concept album of all time. The story “The Child Assassin Of The Flies” was to be included as the only information to grace the LPs highly collectible, concertina gatefold sleeve. The story in full is reproduced in its native-tongue on this very special re-release package.

DJs and Producers such as Jim O’Rourke, Stereolab’s Tim Gane and David Holmes have spent sleepless nights in perusal of original copies of this perfect release and now regard it as ‘One Of The Best’. Recent copies on eBay have commanded ridiculous price tags, and is now one of the most sought-after articles amongst the vinyl hungry hip-hop community
Graeme Miller - Comet In Moominland
Graeme Miller
Comet In Moominland
LP | 2022 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
22,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
From deep in the heart of Moominvalley, frozen in time for many midwinters passed, comes a genuine treasure chest of never heard Moomin melodies and instrumental comet songs composed for the continued animated adventures of our Fuzzy-Felt freak folk friends who disappeared from UK TV pastures in the mid-1980s. From the top of the Hobgoblin’s Hat and the bottom of Snufkin’s satchel, original Moomin’s composer Graeme Miller (The Carrier Frequency) kindly shares this patchwork selection of spellbinding sound poems and percussive peons made using the very same selection of ocarinas, kalimbas, miniature squeak boxes, Waspy synths, cornflake box shakers and a seemingly endless array of talent and lo-fi home studio trickery. Regarded as one of the most enigmatic, beguiling and haunting imported children’s programmes to ever grace UK TV screens, The Moomins was one of the first-ever commissions by Anne Wood (The Teletubbies) who ingeniously replaced the original Polish/ Austrian/Finnish soundtrack with homemade music experiments by unknown post-punk theatre students Graeme Miller and Steve Shill (aka The Commies From Mars) who after the screening of two unforgettable series in 1983 and 1985 were left in eager anticipation of rescoring further Moomin adventures with new melodies, arrangements and sound designs which then lingered in the ether waiting until the Groke awoke and Snorkmaiden sang once more. With future felt adventures screened exclusively in Poland and Germany for many years (often as feature films) these unheard recordings are the only genuine musical sequel to the bizarre UK version of The Moomins and stand as important inclusions the Graeme Miller’s own portfolio of theatrical theme music and sound installations as part of The Impact Theatre Cooperative including collaborations with artists and writers such as Russell Hoban. Witnessed in fragmented form during a short run of incredible rare live screenings at The Barbican Theatre and various film festival this record marks the first time this music has been heard in its original full-length form, free from sound effects, dialogue and whimpers of euphoric joy and nostalgia from those who have continued to crave the company of our Moomintrolls and their mysterious music over the last five decades.
Vampires Of Dartmoore, The - Dracula's Music Cabinet
Vampires Of Dartmoore, The
Dracula's Music Cabinet
LP | 2009 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2009 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Finders Keepers presents this uber-rare soundtrack to a film that never existed, performed by an imaginary pop group. Incredible Polanski inspired German hip hop psychsploitation beats from 1969. You couldn’t script it... You are nineteen minutes and twenty-two seconds in to your peakseason cruise around the Kraut-schlock peripheries. To say the trip has been an eventful one would be an understatement - you don’t know what to expect next and your 12” x 12” Germanic tour guide has proved quite unreliable thus far. As your diamond tipped vessel maneuvers through the grooves of your ninth horrific attraction (entitled The Soaked Body) the soundtrack awkwardly becomes background music and you are overcome with the sound of gushing water... ‘Help!’ you think sarcastically, the music, or is that muzak, is drowning! This is the movie soundtrack to a film that never existed. This is the movie soundtrack by the band that was never requested. These were the sound library musicians who had to invent their own clients and imaginary cast, crew and plot to get their music heard, by a niche audience, before floating deep into the depths of the rare record reservoir gasping for breath. To take a cinematic cue the record in question is the eurotrash pop equivalent of Jean Renoir’s tragic/triumphant Boudu character who as a homeless, confused and desolate down-andout plunged to the depths to be unwillingly rescued, resuscitated then after gradually winning the hearts of an entire family becomes respected and revered as royalty. Over twenty years after the mad scientists, Dr. Horst and Ackermann, first breathed life into this short-lived beast, brave and intrepid vinyl explorers have sporadically returned to the doors of Dracula’s Music Cabinet to resurrect the sonic spooks and mutated melodies to share with nerds, mods, rockers, hip hoppers, psych nuts and Krautsiders alike. The lifeless corpses of The Vampires Of Dartmoore that lay six feet beneath the belly of the Eins Deutschmark bins has since crept through the record collections of the aforementioned social circles devouring continental currencies and demanding random ransoms of €250 plus, not to mention sweat, tears (of laughter) and a lot of blood.
Cos - Cosmix
2LP | 2021 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
24,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
COS might not be the first genre defying progressive music group you’ve heard who share both wordless onomatopoeic vocals and a snappy three letter title (complete with philosophical leanings and alchemic penchants) but on listening to this first ever custom Cos compendium you might have just discovered a new favourite! Perhaps it’s no coincidence that COS share close spiritual, stylistic or social connections to the aforementioned bands, as one of the few long-withstanding single-syllable ensembles to remain utterly idiosyncratic and incomparable within their hyper-focussed and impenetrable creative bubble. But as a 1970s group that effortlessly MIX head-nod prog, synth-driven jazz, cinematic sound-designs, dislocated disco, arkestral operatics and high-brow conceptual anti-pop grooves, it’s easier to remember the name COS than thumb the vast amount of genre-dividers in your local record shop which COS Could occupy. With the crème de la crème of Belgian jazz/prog/psych/funk within their ranks, their combined idea-to-ability ratio litters the Cos-ography with concepts that aficionados, future fans, collaborators and critics still haven’t began to unravel. With their earliest roots in the compact jazz group Brussels Art Quintet the group spent their sapling years creating art-school prog under the name Classroom, this flourishing collective, cultivated by multi-instrumentalist mainstay Daniel Schell, would soon shed its leaves, dropping band-members and typographics reducing its moniker to simply COS (a multi-purpose, globally recognised word, with links to Alchemy and philosophy, with a hard phonetic delivery to suit the groups heavier rhythmic approach). In it’s new skin COS also shed all forms of orthodox language to find its true exclusive voice. Fronted, in the conventional sense, by the daughter of author and part-time jazz player Jean De Trazegnies, the bands wordless singer changed her name to Pascale SON, to accentuate the French word for “sound”. Drawing comparisons with sound poets like Polish jazz legend Urszula Dudziak or Hungarian Katalin Ladik, but retaining the crystalline femininity (and funk) of Flora Purim, while effectively sharing an imaginary lyric book of non-words with Damo Suzuki, Magma or a future Liz Fr
Alain Pierre - OST O Sidarta
Alain Pierre
OST O Sidarta
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Converging at a cultural terminus that bridges Belgian electronic music, French comic book culture and the cream of the cinéma fantastique film genre, this rescued and previously unreleased multi-discipline art film soundtrack entwines unlikely links between the likes of Daniel Schell's Cos, French vampire film director Jean Rollin, Tintin, dark ambient pioneer Igor Wakhévitch, Heavy Metal magazine, Moebius, Alejandro Jodorowsky, choreographer Maurice Béjart, musique concrète legends François Bayle and Luc Ferrari, and some of the most notorious examples of pre-certificate Video Nasties and Mondo cinema. Needless to say the empty branch on the Finders Keepers family tree reserved for synthesist, sound designer and ethnological instrument enthusiast Alain Pierre is ready to bare some very strange fruit.

The recent rediscovery of this 1974 short film documenting revered cosmic comic artist Philippe Druillet and the creation of one of his finest works has given fans and enthusiasts of counter culture comic design, sci-fi pop art, and French Futurism a rare glimpse and insight into a master at work during his creative halcyon. Directed by Swiss-born Michel Jakar, the film Ô Sidarta, (named after a seminal design created for French/Belgian bandes dessinée monthly Pilote) not only explored the mind-set and applied techniques of the artist, it also witnessed the master painter in his natural habitat, at home amongst gothic decor, while seizing the opportunity to animate some of the artist’s best work via quick-fire edits and cross-fades accompanied by the all-important back drop of Alain Pierre's unique, multi-layered and potentially ground breaking space raga soundtrack.
Pierre Raph - Jeunes Filles Impudiques
Pierre Raph
Jeunes Filles Impudiques
7" | 2010 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
9,99 €*
Release:2010 / UK – Reissue
This long-lost Parisian skin flick ‘Jeunes Filles Impudiques’ (aka Schoolgirl Hitchhikers) marks a particularly vulnerable period in the career of one of the most underrated and misunderstood directors to emerge from the rising smoke of the 1968 Parisian social explosion.
From a director with early links with the Paris underground, The Letterists, The surrealists, improv theatre and the free-press comes the reclaimed audio tracks from one of his rarest celluloid moments - but lets not confuse this for high-art. Finders Keepers make no bones, this is Jean Rollin’s maiden voyage into adult entertainment, DIrected under the pseudonym of Miche Gentil with a flimsy plot, questionable acting skills and an awesome little schizophrenic soundtrack.
The Brutus Drums percussion workout, the acidic folk pastoral movements, the Cul-De-Sac-esque jazz theme and the UK library sound-alike tile-tune all make up this 5 track veritable banquet of Gallic sleaze and second-class sound providing fans of cult cinema and b-music with an unexpected glimpse into the No-No generation at its most candid.
The interests of good taste have ensured that this long-lost movie has been buried for some 40 odd years with a musical score bursting to jump out of the can and down your tone arm which has now been made possible by a recently renovated negative print and new source material. These original Pierre-Raph (of ‘Requiem For A Vampire’ infamy) compositions from the publishing Library of Paris’ Musicale Editions Dellamarre (of Acanthus/Unity fame) come straight from Rollin himself as an introduction to Finders Keepers’ new Rollinade series documenting some of the finest musical moments of the director’s career as an avant-gardener, counterculture vulture and Gallic vamp-tramp all housed in their original hand-painted promotional artwork for the first time ever on vinyl.
J.M. Pagan - Kiu I Els Seus Amics
J.M. Pagan
Kiu I Els Seus Amics
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
17,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
From the cosmic creative musical mind of Swiss/Catalan studio whizz, Zeleste Nightclub engineer, Video Nasty film composer, occasional Jaume Sisa (Música Dispersa) collaborator and future electronic music therapy pioneer comes the synthridden vocoder-loaded 1984 sci-funk soundtrack to Barcelona’s daytime TV response to the universal E.T. phenomena. Get ready to meet your new alienígena amic and the unidentified flying object of thousands of Catalonian kids affections through the 1980s as Finders Keepers present J. M. Pagan’s lost lunar modular synth score to Kiu I Els Seus Amics (Kiu And Friends aka Kiu Is Your Friend).
From the same intergalactic phenomenon that brought such delights as Turkey’s exploito cash-in “Badi” or South Africa’s lo-rent hommage “Nukie” to our unregulated small screens, and the same craze which filled international airwaves with the likes of Extra T’S electro smash single “E.T. Boogie” or the million selling Columbian “Cumbia De E.T. El Extraterrestre” smash hit... not to mention a wide range of unofficial themetune cover versions from Holland, Austria, France and Germany (lest we forget an inspired late period Lee Scratch Perry Album) the creators of the movie which inspire the music on the album you are about to hear made no bones about their intergalactic muse. In 1982 the diaspora from Steven Spielberg’s small fictional mid-American neighbourhood that played host to everyones favourite torch fingered, three toed, Skittle scoffing space goblin touched virtually every family home in every major city resulting in one of the biggest cinematic merchandise phenomenas of the 21st century, resulting in an unexpected high-demand / short-supply play-off in which bootleggers, copyists and counterfeiters rose to the challenge like never before. At the precise moment that international audiences saw that cute little baldy poke his retractable neck around the corner and started stealing beer from the fridge, demanding long distance phone calls while circuit bending kids toys and frankly not looking after the plants... the human race was hooked! and we wanted more! more! more! When Spielberg regrettably told interviewers that he had no intention of making a sequel to E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, it instantly became open-season for the imitators... but way before somebody squeezedout, Mac & Me, ALF and The Purple People Eater a team of kid’s TV executives in Catalunya were ready to fill the widening gap in the market without haste. Created in 1983 by Luna Films and Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) and screened exclusively in Catalunya, Kiu I Els Seus Amics was one of the first E.T. “tributes” to make it out of the gate, and with a crew of five individual directors and writers to ensure that the five episode, one-off series hit the wave of phone-home-fever, “Kiu” has since remained a short but sweet micro-memory in the hearts of an entire generation of Catalonian cosmonauts.
Gökcen Kaynatan - Gökcen Kaynatan
Gökcen Kaynatan
Gökcen Kaynatan
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The missing component in the history of Turkish pop and one of the earliest
exponents of Turkish electronic music alongside Ilhan Mimaroglu and Bülent Arel,
Gökçen Kaynatan electrified the rock and roll scene of the late 50s/early 60s –
sending teenagers wild with his custom built guitars and back lines – helping
charge the climate for the birth of Anatolian rock. Then, from the sanctuary of his
private studio, he revolutionised the industry with his pioneering use of electronics
whilst hanging the sonic wallpaper in the living rooms of an entire generation of
telly addicts as in house composer of choice for Turkey’s first national television
channel TRT 1. Despite having a modest discography of only four 7” singles to his
name his influence is a major current that flows through over 50 years of Turkish
pop culture.
Compiled with unparalleled access to his private studio vault, Finders Keepers
proudly presents the first-ever collection of Gökçen Kaynatan’s pioneering
early electronic works. Featuring a selection of his experimental pop and rock
recordings dating from as early as the 1968 it features both of the highly sought
after 1 Numara singles – including a never before heard extended version of Evren
– as well as previously unheard archive material and songs recorded for and
broadcast exclusively on TRT 1 – most of them never to be repeated. In helping
Gökçen end his self-imposed 44-year exile from the record industry we can now
share with you the first of these important recordings from a genuine maverick who
helped shape the face of modern Turkish music, as well as shedding some light on
the rise of one of Anatolian rock and pops must fruitful and experimental periods
that began with the arri
Andrzej Korzynski - Possession
Andrzej Korzynski
LP | 2012 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
17,99 €*
Release:2012 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
This is the first time any of this music has been released outside of the films original context!
COS - Cosmix
2LP | 2021 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
33,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Used Vinyl
Medium: Near Mint, Cover: Near Mint
Suzanne Ciani - Xenon Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Suzanne Ciani
Xenon Record Store Day 2021 Edition
7" | 2021 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
19,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Record Store Day 2021 release. Greg Kmiec’s Xenon pinball machine was released in 1980 and marked a significant milestone in pinball technology and design. The expansion of microchip technology would provide new opportunities for sound designer and synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani, allowing for basic oscillator control and a wider scope for sampling capacity which could facilitate the higher frequencies of a female human voice and entirely reshape the concept of the machine in the process. By using state of the art Synclavier synthesiser technology and an invaluable experience in film scoring and record production Suzanne would devise a complete minimal music score for the machine, then dissect the piece into separate fragments that would be triggered throughout the game play adding an extra creative dimension in player inter-activity (potentially turning the participant into their own musical arranger). By incorporating her own infamous voice box (which had been the focus of a seminal David Letterman Show feature) Suzanne’s combination of a harmoniser and a vocoder also provided the first-ever female identity to a pinball machine which in conjunction with the games ergonomic design and Paul Faris’ figurative graphics (echoing the aesthetic of Rene Laloux and Roland Topor’s La Planète Sauvage) Xenon was able to add a degree of subconscious sensuality to its performance, a feature previously unchartered in arcade development. This disc presents the full extent of Suzanne Ciani’s groundbreaking musical effects for Xenon, in their isolated form, for the first time ever heard outside of the confines of the machine which recently earned the composer her own induction to the Pinball Expo Hall Of Fame
Grame Miller & Steve Shill - The Moomins
Zdenek Liska - Mala Morska Vila (The Little Mermaid) Splatter Vinyl Edition
Zdenek Liska
Mala Morska Vila (The Little Mermaid) Splatter Vinyl Edition
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on splattered vinyl.

The original orchestral/electronic score from Karel Kachyna’s 1976 Czech film adaptation of Hans C. Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, composed by Zdenek Liska (The Cremator / Fruits of Paradise) featuring Lenka Korinkova.

Liska’s legacy in the history of European cinema is huge in volume but relatively modest in it’s celebrity. Having already composed nine scores for Kachyna’s films to add to his 1976 filmography of 150 completed soundtracks.

Back in 2005, five years before Finders Keepers Records released Zdenek Liška’s soundtrack to Malá morská víla for the first time, folklore and fairy tale fanatics around the globe celebrated the 200 year anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s most celebrated children’s authors of the published era. This Danish born writer’s stories have been translated into over 150 languages and have continued to enchant and inspire children and adults, arts and crafts, film and theatre, providing a creative binding substance in modern society’s social fibre. With a life story that entwines equal measures of tragedy, mystery, intensity and majesty to that of his own written work, Hans Christian Andersen’s early years balancing contradictory roles as a weaver’s apprentice, a soprano singer, a fledgling poet and an abused grammar school pupil with speculative links to the monarchy, manifested themselves in his written world of fantasy and fiction. His running themes of mutation, metamorphosis, rebirth, prejudice and class distinction are none more prevalent than in what are perhaps his two best known tales The Ugly Duckling, first published 11th November 1843, and the bittersweet surrealist tale of The Little Mermaid, printed in the third booklet of the first volume of Eventyr, Fortalte For Børn (Tales, Told For Children) in 1837.

One of the most idiosyncratic and haunting undiscovered scores in the annals of European cinematic history, Liska’s forward thinking score has all the hallmarks of a Broadcast record, some 20 years before the band first committed sound to vinyl..

Beautifully remastered from the original mastertapes with the full cooperation of the seminal Barrandov studios in Prague and available once again since the original 2011 pressing, Finders Keepers Records are proud to present a newly updated version of this genuine first-ever as part of our 15th birthday celebratory retrospective represses.
V.A. - Daisies (Demikrasky) White With Yellow Yolk Vinyl Edition
Daisies (Demikrasky) White With Yellow Yolk Vinyl Edition
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on white and yellow vinyl.

Back in the latter half of the 1960s the burgeoning idiosyncratic group of alternative filmmakers coming out of (then) Czechoslovakia known as the Czech New Wave were taking art house cinemas in Western Europe and America by storm. The hour long films that came out of the infamous Barrandov production house played a competitive rival to that of the French and Italian New Waves with their very own immaculate and spellbinding takes on cinema verité, film noir, surrealism and cinema concrète. But after the Soviet Union invaded Czech in August 1968 the clampdown on non-conformist creative arts saw over seventy films either banned or withdrawn from production in a mass culling of film reels until 1970.

It is not until recent years that the genre has become widely recognised as a veritable and virtually untapped source of inspiration for fans of experimental cinema, psychedelic cinematography, baroque costumes and scenery, music and graphic design.

Daisies pulls together what you might call the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the Czech New Wave – director Vera Chytilová, costume and set designer Esther Krumbachová, and cinematographer Jaroslav Kucera – arguably the three most forward-thinking and truly experiMENTAL minds in the whole of the CNW collective. Witness Les Petites Margeurites (original French theatrical title) as they mischievously flutter through Prague’s finest restaurants accompanying middle-aged men on flamboyant double dates in gastronomic ménage à trois – “If the world spoils itself, then we shall be spoiled as well” decide the two bikini clad button-cute Maries in the films opening scenes.

The radical and experimental nature of Daisies is further enhanced by its erratic score which consists of the juxtaposition of various non-melodic elements and sound effects, laden with a broad palette of samples and snippets of choral and classical vintage recordings spliced with concréte effects, traditional brass band music, Disney style exotica, Charleston dance standards and token 60’s beat tracks.

Originally prepared for public consumption by Finders Keepers in 2007 and available once again as part of our ongoing (and slightly disrupted) 15th birthday celebrations this immaculate release was taken from the original reels and compiled in close accordance to the original storyline and comes complete with unseen archive images, original international poster designs and new and extensive sleevenotes.
V.A. - Daisies (Demikrasky) Black Vinyl Edition
Daisies (Demikrasky) Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Standard black vinyl edition.

Back in the latter half of the 1960s the burgeoning idiosyncratic group of alternative filmmakers coming out of (then) Czechoslovakia known as the Czech New Wave were taking art house cinemas in Western Europe and America by storm. The hour long films that came out of the infamous Barrandov production house played a competitive rival to that of the French and Italian New Waves with their very own immaculate and spellbinding takes on cinema verité, film noir, surrealism and cinema concrète. But after the Soviet Union invaded Czech in August 1968 the clampdown on non-conformist creative arts saw over seventy films either banned or withdrawn from production in a mass culling of film reels until 1970.

It is not until recent years that the genre has become widely recognised as a veritable and virtually untapped source of inspiration for fans of experimental cinema, psychedelic cinematography, baroque costumes and scenery, music and graphic design.

Daisies pulls together what you might call the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the Czech New Wave – director Vera Chytilová, costume and set designer Esther Krumbachová, and cinematographer Jaroslav Kucera – arguably the three most forward-thinking and truly experiMENTAL minds in the whole of the CNW collective. Witness Les Petites Margeurites (original French theatrical title) as they mischievously flutter through Prague’s finest restaurants accompanying middle-aged men on flamboyant double dates in gastronomic ménage à trois – “If the world spoils itself, then we shall be spoiled as well” decide the two bikini clad button-cute Maries in the films opening scenes.

The radical and experimental nature of Daisies is further enhanced by its erratic score which consists of the juxtaposition of various non-melodic elements and sound effects, laden with a broad palette of samples and snippets of choral and classical vintage recordings spliced with concréte effects, traditional brass band music, Disney style exotica, Charleston dance standards and token 60’s beat tracks.

Originally prepared for public consumption by Finders Keepers in 2007 and available once again as part of our ongoing (and slightly disrupted) 15th birthday celebrations this immaculate release was taken from the original reels and compiled in close accordance to the original storyline and comes complete with unseen archive images, original international poster designs and new and extensive sleevenotes.
Miquela - I A De Sars
I A De Sars
LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
17,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Weaving a fragile thread through collectible outsider genres such as acid folk,
French jazz, Braziliana and world music it is virtually incomprehensible that
this incredible one-off solo album by mononymous Occitan language singer,
songwriter and activist Miquela.

Released and well-received in incredibly small numbers by a supportive and
emotional Occitan fan base, this would be Miquela’s only ever solo LP.

Captured via a humble makeshift studio set-up in a classroom in 1977, this
startlingly crystalline recording is one of the best examples you are likely to
hear, not shying from ambitious small string arrangements and intimate Gallic
jazz infusions this LP represents the quiet storm erupting from the pride and
protection of the ancient “romance” language known as Occitan, as spoken by
less than 1.5 million people in Southern France.
V.A. - Strain, Crack & Break - Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume One (France)
Strain, Crack & Break - Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume One (France)
2LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
21,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
After years of mythology, misinterpretation and procrastination Nurse With Wound’s Steven Stapleton finally chooses Finders Keepers Records as the ideal collaborators to release “the right tracks” from his uber-legendary psych/prog/punk peculiarity shopping list known as The Nurse With Wound List, commencing with a French specific Volume One of this authentically titled Strain Crack Break series. Featuring some Finders Keepers’ regulars amongst galactic Gallic rarities (previously presumed to be imaginary red herrings) this deluxe double vinyl dossier demystifies some of the essential French free jazz and Parisian prog inclusions from the alphabetical “dedication” inventory as printed the anti-bands 1979 industrial milestone debut.

When Steven Stapleton, Heman Pathak and John Fothergill’s anti-band Nurse With Wound decided to include an alphabetical dedication to all their favourite bands on the back of their inaugural LP the notion of creating a future record dealers’ trophy list couldn’t have been further from their minds. By adding a list of untravelled European mythical musicians and noise makers to their own debut release of unchartered industrial art rock they were merely providing a suggestive support system of existing potential likeminded bands, establishing safety in numbers should anyone require sonic subtitles for Nurse With Wound’s own mutant musical language. Luckily for them, the record landed in record shops in the midst of 1979’s memorable summer of abject apathy and its sound became a hit amongst disillusioned agit-pop pickers and artsy post-punks, thus playing a key role in the bourgeoning “Industrial” genre that ensued. On the most part, however, the list , like most instruction manuals, remained unreadable, syntactic and suspiciously sarcastic… As potential “real musicians” Nurse WIth Wound became an Industrial music fan’s household name, but in contrast many of the names on The Nurse With Wound List were considered to be imaginary musicians, made-up bands or booby traps for hacks and smart-arses. It took a while for the rest of the record collecting community to catch on or finally catch up.
Durul Gence - Black Cat
Durul Gence
Black Cat
7" | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Unintended for commercial release Finders Keepers proudly present these previously
unheard demo recordings recorded following the demise of Turkish percussionist Durul
Gence’s ill-fated Asia Minor Mission group.
Suzanne Ciani - Flowers Of Evil
Suzanne Ciani
Flowers Of Evil
LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
19,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
As a genuine vanguard of electronic music composition at the forefront of the modular synthesiser revolution in the late 1960s, Suzanne Ciani’s forward-thinking approach to new music would rarely look to the past for inspiration, which makes this unheard composition from 1969 a rare exception to the collective futurist vision of Ciani and synthesiser designer Don Buchla. In choosing to adapt the controversial prose of French poet Charles Baudelaire, Suzanne would join the ranks of ongoing generations of pioneering musicians like Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Serge Gainsbourg, Etron Fou Leloublan, Celtic Frost and Marc Almond (not forgetting Star Trek’s William Shatner!), all equally inspired by the 19th century writer’s works of “modernité” (modernity), a self-coined term dedicated to capturing the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, best exemplified in his symbolic, erotic and macabre ode to Parisian industrialisation, Les Fleurs du mal (Flowers Of Evil).
In her varied career that would combine art gallery installations, major film soundtrackings and commissions for Atari, Suzanne Ciani’s earliest experiments remain some of her most challenging, beguiling and timeless... Flowers Of Evil ticks all the above boxes and flicks switches that would power-up a new uncharted universe of her own musical modernité. For the many enthusiasts that have already drawn the parallels between Baudelaire’s writings and experimental/electronic music (a relationship rivalled only by the likes of J. G. Ballard and Aldous
Huxley) some might instantly recognise an unconscious sistership between this recording and another 1969 electronic adaptation of Flowers Of Evil by celebrated female electronic composer Ruth White. An interesting distinction of White’s excellent version of Flowers Of Evil (released via Limelight records, home to the likes of Fifty Foot Hose and Paul Bley) is that its dark tone generation and vocal manipulation was created with a Moog synthesiser, the commercially triumphant
rival to Suzanne and Don’s Buchla Systems (Buchla and Moog’s historic, simultaneous, neck-and-neck synth developments are well documented.) The fact that Ciani’s version was never intended for commercial release (not unlike her 1975 Buchla concerts, which could easily have taken Morton Subotnick’s Bull by the horns!) is also poetically reflective of the nature of Ciani and Buchla’s alternative perspective. The choice to present this extract from Flowers Of Evil in its intended French language further distances Ciani’s faithful reaction from some of its better-known variations. Having attempted to voice the poem herself, the multilingual Italian-American composer’s French accent did not meet her own standards, resulting in the request for a fellow unnamed French student who lived on campus at Mills College in Oakland to accurately verbalise the section of Baudelaire’s collection entitled Élévation.
Jean-Claude Vannier - OST La Bete Noire Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Jean-Claude Vannier
OST La Bete Noire Record Store Day 2019 Edition
7" | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Lost and presumed missing for decades the soundtrack tapes to this lesser-known
1983 French thriller captures the revered composer and arranger embarking on a
darker exploration of free jazz.
The Insolitudes group comprises a crack team of Palm/Futura/Actuel/Saravah
regulars such as saxophonist Philippe Maté (Acting Trio/Maté-Vallancien/Tacet)
alongside drummer Bernard Labat (Mad Ducks) and legendary Arpadys/Voyage
rhythm masters Marc Chantereau and Pierre-Alain Dahan (Brutus Drums) all of whom
alongside Michel Zanlonghi.
Zdenek Liska - Ikarie Xb-1
Zdenek Liska
Ikarie Xb-1
LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
With this previously unreleased 1963 score for Jindlich Polák’s Ikarie XB-1,
Finders Keepers present our third dedicated soundtrack by Zden k Liška.
Beautifully remastered from the original tapes with the full cooperation of the
National Film Archive in the Czech Republic.
In a climate where previously lesser-known off-kilter master composers such
as Vannier, Kirchin and Axelrod have become widely revered, it is perhaps the
perfect time for discerning listeners to advance above the feeding trough and
seek out this truly pioneering and revolutionary Eastern European composer.
Guy Skornik - Tusk
Guy Skornik
LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
19,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
From Guy Skornik, the composer and arranger behind Popera Cosmic and Pour
Pauwels, comes the enigmatic instrumental cues for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s
rarest and most overlooked feature film, Tusk.
Cherry-picked from pre-recorded synthesiser fuelled cosmic pop sessions by
Skornik, these compositions provided Tusk with arabesque new age synthesis
alongside full-blown ambitious electro rock
As part as Finders Keepers ongoing dedicated Jodorowsky soundtrack series
we present the first ever release of the original film edits from the 1979 studio TRACKLIST sessions featuring Steve Hillage (Gong) and members of Cossi Anatz.
Denis Wise - Wize Music
Denis Wise
Wize Music
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Perhaps one of the most unique and unlikely exponents of the highly collectible genres of ambient electronics, experimental tape-music and PINA (Private Issue New Age) this English born Jamaican raised sound designer, artist and existentialist furrowed his own ublinkered path through lesser chartered electronic fields for many moons before eventually teaming up with Bill Laswell (with Material) and Daevid Allen in New York to bring self-taught synthesis to Gong during their most oblique periods. Creating two impossibly rare self pressed vinyl LPs of conceptual inner-visionary outer-galactic angular tonal-dronal alien-art soundscapes in the process, the man known under figure shifting guises such as Dennis Wise/Denis Weise/Dr. Wise etc, combined a culture of sound system circuitry and radiophonic trickery adding Tea-pot poetry and sci-fidelity future-folk to his magnetic mesh! Presented here as the first ever dedicated ize Music collection this record combines compositions spanning 1979-1984 in both a solo capacity as well as small-group projects featuring members of the Emerald Web band.

Imagine a comic book where a Funkenstein monster called “Laraaji-Scratch Perry” invaded your record shelf while Komendarek and Holger Czukay kept lookout… Dr. Dennis might be the only one Wise enough to outsmart all of them with his powerful amorphous anaesthetic.
Karel Goeyvaerts - Pour Que Les Fruits Mûrissent Cet Été / Op Acht Paarden Wedden
Karel Goeyvaerts
Pour Que Les Fruits Mûrissent Cet Été / Op Acht Paarden Wedden
LP | 2013 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
15,99 €* 19,99 € -20%
Release:2013 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Karel Goeyvaerts was born in Antwerp in 1923.
After having received a humanistic education in Antwerp, he took courses at
the Lemmens Institute in Malines. From 1943 until 1947 he studied at the Royal
Flemish Conservatoire of Antwerp. From 1947 until 1950 he studied composition
with Darius Milhaud, music analysis with Olivier Messiaen and was in addition the
pupil of Maurice Martenot at the “Conservatoire
National” in Paris. In 1949 he was awarded the 2nd Prize for Composition and the
Lili Boulanger Prize at the same Conservatoire. He obtained the Halphen Prize in
During the winter of 1950-51, he wrote the “Sonata for two pianos”. Because of
its decisive and total stylistic novelty he designated this work as “Composition
No 1”, thus rejecting all his former work. With this sonata he created a structural
synthesis of the dodecaphonic system of Anton Webern and the teachings of
Olivier Messiaen and laid the foundations for generalized “punctual” serialism. He
demonstrated the application of this technique on the electronic medium in his
compositions Nrs. 4, 5 and 7. During the period 1951-1956, he influenced directly
through personal contact and intensive correspondence the musical creativity of
Karlheinz Stockhausen, whom he met during the summer-courses of 1951 in
Darmstadt. In 1953, Goeyvaerts and Stockhausen produced the first electronic
music in the studio of the NWDR in Cologne.
In 1 970 th e BRT app oin ted h im as pr oducer at th e “Institute of Psychoacoustics
and Electronic Music” (IPEM) in Ghent. Since 1974 he is in charge of the New Music
productions for BRT-3 in Brussels. Karel Goeyvaerts received several awards,
such as the Koopal Prize in 1967 and the Visser-Neerlandia Prize in 1969. He
also was given commissions by the BRT, the Festiv al o f Fland ers and the NOS
(Nede r- lan ds e Omroepstichting). His works have been performed in several
European countries, in Canada, the United States, Japan and at the festivals of the
“International Society for Contemporary Music” (ISCM) Brussels 1950, Oslo 1953,
Graz 1972 and Bonn 1977.
Les Esclaves - Popera Cosmic
Les Esclaves
Popera Cosmic
LP | 1969 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:1969 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
For the few people lucky enough to have heard the entire album in the five
decades since its release, the mythical POPERA COSMIC LP is now considered
to be France’s first dedicated psychedelic album and the shrouded blueprint for
the hugely influential Gallic concept album phenomenon that followed – including
Spearheaded by FRANÇOIS WERTHEIMER (songwriter for VANGELIS, BARBARA
and BYG RECORDS), composed with future JODOROWSKY soundtracker
and genius all-rounder GUY SKORNIK, and based on an embryonic concept
co-conspired by a teenage JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, this instantly deleted 1969
recording is a true essential for any outernationalradicalised record collection.
With credentials that mark the birth of the cosmic funk (later disco) that helped
shape the influential sound of France today, this LP also includes the first pressed
instrumentals by members of SPACE ART, some of the best orch rock arrangements
by WILLIAM SHELLER (Lux Aeterna, Eriotissimo) and orchestrator PAUL PIOT
(Jean Rollin), as well as sitar psych benchmarks courtesy of uber legend SERGE
FRANKLIN – all pinned down by the rhythm section that would later be known to
prog aficionados as ALICE.
Subtitled LES ESCLAVES (The Slaves), this street theatre/rock opera (influenced
by the work of Julien Beck’s Living Theatre) now celebrates its 50th birth-day
standing firmly as a sonic tome to the birth of the no-no era (that rebuked
France’syé-yé” hamster wheel) leading directly to the thematic progressive
network of WAKHÉVITCH, MANSET and MAGMA while comprising an inter-Gallic
intergalactic super group from the early annals of France’s pop psych revolution.
Imagine a rock opera where the cast of MISTER FREEDOM perform CLASH OF
THE TITANS at the foot of THE HOLY MOUNTAIN – then pinch yourself...
Emerald Web - The Stargate Tapes
Emerald Web
The Stargate Tapes
2LP | 2013 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Sharing social circles and spiritual ideologies with artists such as Iasos,
Connie Demby and Deuter, whilst splitting label release schedules with
Laraaji, Laurie Spiegel and Wendy Carlos, the unique Florida raised soul mate
duo known as Emerald Web released their privately pressed debut LP at an
axis where post-prog rock met proto-new age and ambient electronic music.
At the turn of the 1980s Bob Stohl and Kat Epple embarked on a ten-year spiritual
journey playing at planetariums and laser shows above the same
Californian silicon city that devised the early computer music software, unifying
their state of the art modular synth soundscapes and organic compositions
of flutes, bells and field recordings and furnishing a self-pressed cassette
tapeography of inimitable Emerald Web music for their self-funded Stargate
label. Having first communicated via the medium of music as flute players at
a South Florida jam session the future space music luminaries would be instrumental
in assisting synthesiser companies via feedback and consultancy in
developing instruments such as the Lyricon wind synth (favoured by Suzanne
Ciani and Bruno Spoerri) and various sponsored machines for Arp, Buchla,
EML, Computone and Orchestron. Named after a laser show formation and
combining influences from science fiction films, fantasy novels and a broad
musical spectrum including Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, It's A Beautiful Day
and Goro Yamaguchi, Bob and Kat would balance day jobs as synth programmers
as well as TV and film soundtrackers under the moniker BobKat
Productions (counting microscope nature documentarian Carl Sagan amongst
their clients) with evening synthesiser shows at galleries, spiritual centres and
even punk clubs. This compilation album comprises early tracks from Emerald
Web’s debut vinyl release and the following four rare cassette only albums on
Stargate Records from 1979-1982 before the band recorded their bestselling
(and Grammy nominated) albums for labels affiliated with Germany’s Kuckuck
and Larry Fast before Bob Stohl’s sad and untimely death in 1989.
Taken from original master tapes and recorded using revolutionary and prototypal
music technology many of these tracks have never been on vinyl or CD
until now. Finders Keepers are proud to have worked closely alongside Kat
Epple as part of an ongoing Emerald Web/BobKat archival project making
these important early electronic/organic musical hybrids available for fans of
ambient krautrock, electronic soundtracks, musique concrete,
Lubos Fiser - OST Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders Black Sleeve Variation
Lubos Fiser
OST Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders Black Sleeve Variation
LP | 2006 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2006 / UK – Reissue
It has been exactly ten years since Finders Keepers Records first liberated Luboš Fišer’s
immaculate soundtrack music for Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (Valerie A Týden
Divu) from the vaults of the Barrandov Studio in Prague. As the inaugural release of
an ongoing discography of previously unreleased scores from the hugely creative “Film
Miracle” that occurred during and after the Czech New Wave (CNW), this score will always
retain a special place in the heart of the label as well as our listeners who consistently
request an updated repress of this significant vinyl milestone. Having grown in status
from an obscure and misunderstood socialist-era art house oddity, via the hands of
risqué foreign fluff merchants, to finally find its rightful audience as a bona fide surrealist
cinematic masterpiece of world class standards, this 1970 film adaptation of Vítezslav
Nezval’s 1935 avant-garde novella (a film that literally cross-pollinated Max Ernst’s A
Week Of Kindness and Lewis Carols Alice In Wonderland) has garnered widespread
critical acclaim. Inspiring ongoing generations of visual artists, musicians, writers and
filmmakers - all of whom regard this truly individualistic and inimitable surrealist film
poem to be an indelible influence - Valerie continues to impregnate their daily artistic
referential fabric.
Commonly considered to be the swansong of the CNW, following a huge paranoia fuelled
government film cull in 1969, owing to the fact it is last government approved feature film
of the post-Prague Spring era to combine the efforts of controversial filmmakers from
the FAMU (Filmová A Televizní Fakulta Akademie Múzických Umení) film school, Valerie
would also be the first of an exciting and essential new fertile strain of Czech made
cinema fantastique. Successfully condensing the final drops of CNW lifeblood through a
series of presumed apolitical scary/fairy tales, directors like Jaromil Jireš and Juraj Herz
used surrealism, traditionalism and fantasy to rejuvenate the creative energy of apathetic
filmmakers evading government scrutiny via creatively coded artistic allegories. By
strategically choosing to adapt a pre-war surrealist melodrama written by a communist
convert author called Vítezslav Nezval and based in a non-specific traditional era, the
previously censored filmmaker Jaromil Jireš was able to craft what many consider his
finest filmic hour and what would later become his most universally received achievement.
Enlisting the individual talent of some of the CNW’s most formidable stalwarts, in what
might have been their most creatively challenging roles, Jireš managed to unintentionally
establish a new genre format that was both stylistically and sonically tuned to the trends
of the impending decade thus future-proofing his caree
Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins - All Sorts Of Heroes
Martin Hannett & Steve Hopkins
All Sorts Of Heroes
7" | 2018 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
9,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Recorded in 1976 by Invisible Girls’ Steve Hopkins and Martin Hannett for a truly
bizarre stop-motion animation called All Sorts OF Heroes, this hard edged funk
instrumental theme reveals another side to this versatile production team joining the
hidden dots between ESG, Gyro, A Certain Ratio and Afro Express.

Like much of the lost and unreleased projects that stalled on the peripheries of early
proto-Madchester, including the disco-pogo music of Spider King, Gerry And The
Holograms, The 48 Chairs, Naffi and The Mothmen, this record has been frozen in
time waiting for the wider marathon of independent pop to catch up!

Pressed here by Finders Keepers for the first time on vinyl.
Suzanne Ciani - Help, Help, The Globolinks
Suzanne Ciani
Help, Help, The Globolinks
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Previously unreleased music from one of the most important and influential composers in
the history of multi-disciplinary electronic music.

Originally written and performed in 1968, and gaining worldwide acclaim throughout the
1970s, Gian Carlo Menotti would update and revise his play for the turn of the 80s which
called for a new approach to the music and sound effects - Suzanne Ciani was the perfect
candidate as demonstrated with her other cosmic cinematic itches with android music for
The Stepford Wives and The Incredible Shrinking Woman.
Emma De Angelis - Emma De Angelis
Emma De Angelis
Emma De Angelis
7" | 2017 | EU | Original (Finders Keepers)
8,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
As one of the most enigmatic figures of the 1970s Italian soundtrack and library music network Emma De Angelis and her short recording career provides thirsty fans of speedball psychedelic rock and drum heavy instrumental funk with a tight discography rivalling many of the long-standing bastions of the otherwise male-orientated business.
Born in Rocca di Papa, near Rome, into a flourishing musical environment, Emma was the younger sister of future award winning composers Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, a duo who, under names like Oliver Onions and Dream Bags, would write chart-topping lyrical theme tunes for a wide range of Italian crime, Giallo and Spaghetti Western films featured alongside full scores by Ennio Morricone and the Magnetic System composers (Bixio Frizzi Tempera).
With encouragement from her brothers, Emma, who would also write music under the pseudonym of Juniper, would record a tight clutch of solo-penned material and seldom credited studio contributions to Guido And Maurizio’s film commissions, such as the score for Giuliano Carnimeo’s ‘Simone e Matteo: Un gioco da ragazzi’ (aka ‘Convoy Buddies’). While simultaneously pursuing a career as an illustrator and set designer the De Angelis family contacts would lead Emma to the offices of Romano Di Bari, whose up-and-coming Flirt label was finding success providing custom-built mood music for use in TV and film. Alongside important composers like Alessandro Alessandroni, Gerardo Iacoucci and A. R. Luciani, the young Emma Di Angelis would record a small number of tracks for a compilation called ‘Underground Mood’ (credited in the small print to E De Angelis - not to be confused with Italian singer Edoardo De Angelis). It is from this rare LP that the record you are now holding is compiled. Within the Flirt family of labels Emma De Angelis would also share schedules with other important female composers such as Daniela Casa and Giulia ‘Kema’ De Mutiis - both of whom have appeared on dedicated Finders Keepers releases.
The tracks on this record provide us with a rare glimpse into Emma De Angelis’ short musical career before she became a full time visual artist. With an unknown personnel or studio date it is easy to speculate a potential family jam in Piero Umiliani’s Sound Workshop studio in 1972. One only has to take a listen to Guido And Maurizio’s instrumental theme ‘Gangster Story’ from Enzo G. Castellari’s 1973 thriller ‘High Crime’ (which later appeared on Tarantino’s ‘Death Proof’ soundtrack) or the trippy title theme to Paolo Poeti’s kinky 1976 drama Inhibition to spot the family resemblance.
Nahid Akhtar - I Am Black Beauty
Nahid Akhtar
I Am Black Beauty
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
17,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
“I am black beauty... love me!” A forthright enough request, one would think, from an artist whose music was indeed loved, revered and which played a hugely influential and omnipresent role in Lahore’s vibrant cinematic patchwork that covered the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, until now, it seems that this lost love letter to a potential global audience of millions of sonic suitors has been caught up in the pesky Pakistani postal system. Nahid Akhtar needs a connection.
Don’t blame the Khyber Mail. In a neat and tidy career that spanned exactly ten years, Nahid Akhtar came, saw and conquered, then relatively disappeared without even thinking about buying the t-shirt. Disrobing the vibrant finery that interweaved textures of Ghazals, classical music, Punjabi folk songs and Qawwalis (not forgetting a wide range of progressive pop music penned for the Pakistani picture house) from which this records track list is lovingly gathered.
It is virtually unfathomable that the multifarious music of Nahid Akhtar – combining textures, tempos, technologies, global in fences and multicultural languages (and all this within the opening seconds of a song!) – didn’t open the door to international stardom to match that of Asha Bhosle or Lata Mangeshkar from India. In the last few years the music of Lollywood’s golden era has enjoyed a marked resurgence amongst outernational music fans, with labels like Finders Keepers remastering and compiling the work of the Tafo Brothers and M. Ashraf for a global market with wide critical acclaim. Hopefully, with this collection as a sturdy stepping stone to a widely rewarding expanse of further listening, the music of Nahid Akhtar can find a place alongside your favourite international songbirds and her
Maria Teresa Luciani - Sounds Of The City (Suoni Di Una Citta)
Maria Teresa Luciani
Sounds Of The City (Suoni Di Una Citta)
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
17,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Welcome to the parallel musical universe of Miss Maria Teresa Luciani, a landscape of sonic architecture and theoretical composition constructed by a family of engineers that reinvented the wheel before the vehicle even began the journey. Imagine, if you will, the musical equivalent of Peter Cook’s Archigram group or the soundtrack to Charles and Ray Eames’ private sketchbooks, hinting at a new municipal, utopian metropolis just hours before the blueprints are suspiciously misplaced by the courier and mainstream pop building regulations piss on our asbestos bonfire. These 1972 constructions of progressive, cyclic, proto-industrial colour music were never intended for public habitation. These are the Sounds Of The City in a galaxy far, far beneath our radar and above your expectations that was never built. Pseudo-futurist pop music? Cubic folk? Tape-op-art? Sì, grazie!

Before the needle hits the first groove, the story of Maria Teresa Luciani reads like an Alphaville caper full of foreign intrigue, low intensity identification fraud, secret codes, family bonds, mistrust and wanderlust... Naturally, you are holding a genuine
Finders Keepers article. To say this rare Italian concept album is “unbelievable” is justified on multiple levels. This multi-storey storage facility of found sounds, radiophonic samples, tape loops, early electronic music experiments, mechanical
folk, cinematic vision, sound design, educated music theory, political pop and high concept art-as-noise successfully layers more musical ideas within its unique structure than one would think possible for a solo artist within any musical genre.
This is why Sounds Of The City presents us with a brand new genre defying compositional framework, pre-dating sampling culture, cut ‘n’ paste plunderism and industrial music in the process. Pre-digital, indefinable and genuinely
unbelievable. But who is Maria Teresa Luciani? On hearing this record respected collectors and enthusiasts have suggested “the female answer to Basil Kirchin,” or “the Italian Daphne Oram”. Both with justified cause. Mystery, myth, legend,
teacher, artist, inventor, author, musician, psychologist, daughter, and (possibly most importantly) sister.
Gerardo Iacoucci - Le Avventure
Gerardo Iacoucci
Le Avventure
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
14,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Combining all the traits of an international superhero or intrepid comic book adventurer, the true identity, whereabouts and history of the spectacular Italian composer known as Gerardo Iacoucci has been a mystery to record collectors for many years. As a result of the best efforts of secretive archivists and DJs as well as and the overprotective force field that surrounds the clandestine world of Italian library music, the commanding experimental psychedelic pop music made singlehandedly by this early pioneer of the anti-genre time after time rises to the top of collectors’ want lists, commands huge ransom notes, ignites dancefloors and decimates genre tags before returning to its mythical status as one of the kings of the underworld without removing his mask. Despite the fact that original Italian copies of records by Gerardo Iacoucci are amongst the rarest, enigmatic fixtures of European psychedelia, his music simply refuses to be ghettoised and as the name of this album suggests the history of this artist reads like the memoirs of a genuine musical adventurer as well as a well-travelled prophet of experimental music and unsung pillar of Italian jazz and sound design. Recorded in early 1970, Iacoucci's wide-eyed L'Avventura suite spanned 6 sides of loud, heavyweight monophonic vinyl for Romano Di Bari's Deneb label and created an epically detailed blueprint for independent mood music companies whilst sharing release schedules with likeminded workaholics Alessandro Alessandroni and A. R. Luciani. However, Gerardo's adventure didn't begin here…
Stefano Marcucci - Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incen Si E Ciliici
Stefano Marcucci
Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incen Si E Ciliici
10" | 2017 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
16,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The mythical, mysterious and misfiled transcription disc of a lost Italian demonic religious rock opera recorded at Pierre Umiliani’s Sound Workshop by Stefano Marcucci - beat group veteran, Fernando Arrabal collaborator and Libra affiliate.

Featuring members of the wider Casa/Ducros family and future Federico Fellini collaborators, this previously commercially unavailable mini-LP features embryonic Minimoog, ecclesiastical organs and chorus alongside a tight psych funk rhythm section from Italian library music’s golden era.

Imagine Jean Pierre Massiera’s Visitors restoring a scene from Juliette Of The Spirits, backed by a skeleton staff from Jean-Claude Vannier’s Chorale des Jeunesses Musicales de France on a foreign exchange program; on Halloween, in the Vatican…

Continuing our mission to shine light on the genuine anomalies of 70’s Italian production music, Finders Keepers Records resurrects another unlikely transcription disc from the vaults of one of Rome’s most esoteric library music archives. This bizarre one-off theatrical project, composed and recorded at Umiliani’s studio, was commissioned for a short-run demonic religious performance entitled Tempo Di Demoni, Papi, Angioli, Incensi E Cilici under the musical direction of former Italian psychedelic beat-group member Stefano Marcucci.

Instantly recognised by Flower Records founder Romano Di Bari as having commercial potential beyond its handful of church and small theatre performances in the early months of 1975, Marcucci agreed that they should commit these bizarre recordings to vinyl as a form of preservation with hope of attracting a wider commercial audience through Di Bari’s Television and Films synchronisation contacts. Sitting slightly ajar to the custom-made projects of its label bedfellows (swapping schedules with experimental theme-music by Alessandro Alessandroni, Gerardo Iacoucci and Anthonio Ricardo Luciani) and confusingly sharing an identical catalog number to another collectable Flower release called Ritimico by (close friend) Paolo Ferrara (LEW 0551) this album has slipped under the radar of many Library label completists over the years attracting confusion, scepticism, polarised opinion but nothing short of astonishment at the bizarre hidden synth-ridden psychedelic concept pop found behind some of the most striking duo-tone artwork to come out of Italy’s most experimental era.
Billy Green - OST Stone
Billy Green
OST Stone
LP | 1974 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:1974 / UK – Reissue
Meet Stone. The trailer says it all. A deep Australian drawl narrates the scene over a psychedelic swamp-funk rhythm section doused in electronic percussion and treated keyboards. “Stone Is A Trip… The grave diggers are on the move – a new breed of motorbike gang” The screen fills with images of slo-mo bike accidents, hallucinogenic trips and a death defying cliff stunt which could easily mistaken for a doppelganger scene in Psychomania. “Vietnam veterans with their own style of life, their own rules, their own religion.” The scene swathes to a satanic ritualistic burial at the hands of a denim-clad crew of outlaw bikers with strangely familiar faces.

To many global record collectors, DJs, music producers and general retrophiles living outside of Australia “Stone” was primarily known for its electronic sound effects, psychedelic guitars, cosmic soundscapes and funky bass lines… In the 80s and 90s, before the global DVD boom, Stone to many people was first and foremost a Soundtrack… The kind of soundtrack that makes you wish you could see the film but it’ll probably never happen. The LP artwork alone was beyond enigmatic with its contradicting embroider logo (designed by sandy) alongside its striking futuristic airbrushed chrome insignia (designed by comic artist Peter Ledger and realised by airbrush whizz Errol Black). The huge parade of brand new Kawasaki bikes inside the gatefold looked like something from the future compared to the classic full-dresser Harleys from the American Hells Angels movies. And when the needle drops into the groove and the freakish blend of didgeridoo and Moog (played by Johnny ‘Didge’ Matthews and synth expert Andy Cohan) blended with unidentified clicks belches and pops fly out the speakers it is literally impossible to put a date, never mind a story line, to this acid fuelled soundscape. The use of confusing and contradicting musical influences alongside bizarre noises is actually the secret sauce in this concoction and when the swampy psychedelic funk rock rhythm section kicks-in you are left with a 45 minute programme of skewed. Forward-thinking avant-pop that would stylistically fill a very lonely section in the record shop racks. There are not many records quite like Stone.
Emerald Web - Whispered Visions
Emerald Web
Whispered Visions
LP | 2014 | UK | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2014 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Finally committed to vinyl thirty years since its original cassette only release!
Don Gere - Werewolves On Wheels
Don Gere
Werewolves On Wheels
LP | 2011 | UK | Reissue (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2011 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limited edition reissue of 500 on deluxe red vinyl!
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