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G-Shock x STASH - GA-100ST-2AER
G-Shock x STASH
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G-Shock x STASH - GA-100ST-2AER
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G-Shock Watches Men

With the launch of its first timepiece in November 1974, we’re talking about the legendary Casiotron, Casio entered the wristwatch market at a time when the watch industry had just discovered digital technology. As a company with cutting-edge electronic technology developed for calculators, Casio entered this field confident that it would be able to develop watches that would lead the market. Rather than simply creating the digital version of a conventional watch, the company thought that the ideal wristwatch should be something that shows all facets of time in a consistent way. Based on this, Casio created the aforementioned Casiotron, the first watch in the world with a digital automatic calendar function. Fast forward to 1983, the year Casio launched the groundbreaking G-Shock, a shock-resistant watch. Using a triple-protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-Shock offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. Thanks to its unique design and functionality, the G-Shock became a very popular item amongst action sports enthusiasts, lifestyle dudes and nerds all over the world.

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