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Soul Explosion - Soul Fire
Soul Explosion
Soul Fire
LP | 1968 | EU | Reissue (Granadilla Music)
17,99 €* 19,99 € -10%
Release:1968 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
One of the great mysteries of late '60s psychedelic soul music! Though only released on the German exploitation market in 1968, this exceptional album may very well be the work of an American studio outfit (or Americans living in Germany?), performing exclusive songs written by well known US composers s.a. Martin Siegel and Scott English. The material is rather diverse, but most of the music here is high quality soul music, often -especially on Side 2- with scorching psychedelic guitarwork and/or swirling organ parts. But there also are traces of pop and you even get a Dylan-esque slice of folk-rock. Odd, exciting and unique!
Little Boy Blues, The - In The Woodland Of Weir
Little Boy Blues, The
In The Woodland Of Weir
LP | 1968 | EU | Reissue (Granadilla Music)
19,99 €*
Release:1968 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
A vinyl reissue of the 1968 album from these Chicago garagerock legends, who showcased a move towards psychedelia on their LP. The material on 'In The Woodland Of Weir' reveals strong sonwriting and traces of '60s fuzz punk, organ driven psych, soul, jazz and tripped out bluesrock. This reissue comes with no less than eight bonus cuts, including the non-album garage classic 'The Great Train Robbery'. For fans of US bands s.a. The Seeds, Music Machine and Third Bardo, and Englishmen à la Troggs, Who and Yardbirds.
AKA - Do What You Like
Do What You Like
LP | 1970 | EU | Reissue (Granadilla Music)
16,79 €* 23,99 € -30%
Release:1970 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late 60s and early 70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. 'Do What You Like' is a colorful album with a diversity of moods. Of course you find hard driving, wild grooving rock with simmering guitars and pumping rhythms. Go to the next song and some gentle, nearly ethereal dreamy psyche pop will alter your mind. Another step ahead on the tracklist and some easy and melodic 60s beat makes you want to dance the night away. The special factor of this album is the musical flavor of Indonesian pop that all of the songs sung in their native tongue show, while the few English tracks can compete against all of the popular hits from those days from American or European acts. AKA know how to heat you up with their psychedelic sound explosions and eruptive beats. They also know how to calm you down again and lay your soul to rest in a flow of gentle harmonies. Fans of 60s power pop with a regional feel presented by bands such as Omega from Hungary and of the 60s US west coast psyche and pop scene will go crazy about this record. Limited to 500 copies.
Silver Birch - Silver Birch
Silver Birch
Silver Birch
LP | 1973 | EU | Reissue (Granadilla Music)
12,79 €* 15,99 € -20%
Release:1973 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Remastered! This cutie actually should be one of the crown jewels of British Folk music from the early 1970s but as things sometimes happen, the greatest art often gets its deserved praise not before the second spring. This is the case with Silver Birch, a group which is still active in a different incarnation up to today. Their only album from 1973 was a beautiful affair with clearly structured folk tunes, mostly traditionals, based on haunting vocal arrangements and an all acoustic but very rich instrumentation with fiddle, acoustic guitars, harmonium, tambourin and bells for the rhythms, mandolin, weaving a fine-meshed lattice of melodies on which the enchanting vocals can find a solid footing. Close your eyes while you take a listen and get on a journey from the royal courts of King Arthur to the smokey pubs where the peasants celebrate their joy of life. SILVER BIRCH prove their dedication to this music with their vivid, passionate and often steaming performance, even in the most fragile moments. A grand piece of classic, song driven folk music that is highly recommended to everybody who loves acts such as Mellow Candle, Dulcimer or the great late Gwydion Pendderwen.
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