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Dave Davies - Kinked Record Store Day 2022 Blue & Pink Vinyl Edition
Dave Davies
Kinked Record Store Day 2022 Blue & Pink Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Green Amp)
32,39 €* 35,99 € -10%
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Kinked is a compilation of Dave Davies' work from the late '90s and early 2000s, featuring selections from the 1998 collection Unfinished Business: Dave Davies Kronikles 1963-1998, which itself contained a bunch of re-recordings from the late '90s of classic Kinks tunes. That accounts for a little under half of this 15-track collection. The rest is made up of selections from the 2000 live album Rock Bottom: Live at the Bottom Line (four tracks) and 2002's studio album Bug (two cuts), plus a couple of relative rarities -- "When the Wind Blows (Emergency)," which was written for the End Hunger Network in 1997, and a cover of George Harrison's "Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth," which was for a 2003 Harrison tribute album -- and a brand new tune, "God in My Brain," which was written and recorded in 2006, after Davies recovered from a serious stroke.

1. Unfinished Business 2. Living on a Thin Line 3. Picture Book 4. Fortis Green 5. Love Gets You 6. This Man He Weeps Tonight 7. Death of a Clown 8. Suzannah's Still Alive 9. Hold My Hand 10. Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth 11. Strangers 12. Too Much on My Mind 13. When the Wind Blows (Emergency) 14. God in My Brain 15. Rock Me, Rock You
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