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Hear & Now - Hear & Now
Hear & Now
Hear & Now
2LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Claremont 56)
29,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Hear & Now’s story is one of friendship and a shared passion for music. It began with a chance meeting on the dancefloor at Red Zone in Perugia, one of Italy’s most legendary clubs of the 1990s. Nearly three decades on, these glassy-eyed clubbers have joined forces to deliver one of the most magical and sun-kissed albums that Claremont 56 has ever released. By the time Ricky L and Marcoradi first joined forces in the studio in 2016, both had become established producers within Italy’s vibrant deep house scene. Between them, they’d released records and remixes on such labels as Ibadan, Uomo, Reincarnation, Top Tracks, Restricted Tracks and Vega. Keen to step away from the dancefloor, they decided to simply createbeautiful music for bleary-eyed after-hours sofa sessions, lazy summer afternoons and early mornings spent blinking at the rising sun.Aurora Baleare, their debut album, follows on from a fantastic double A-side 12” for Claremont 56 in February 2017. Those two tracks take pride of place amongst an eight-track selection simply brimming with evocative workouts, gentle soundscapes and noon-bright sonic bliss. While you’ll find luscious instrumental cuts designed to inspire baggy, glassy-eyed shuffling – see the mid-tempo, spine-tingling brilliance of “Salsedine”, mind-massaging “Hirundo” and dreamy slow-house treat “Sabbia Magica” – it’s the effortless brilliance of Marcoradi’s improvised guitar playing and the duo’s atmospheric approach that really catches the ear. Check, for example, the heady horizontal shuffle of “Trasimeno”, where poignant ambient chords, jazzy electric guitar solos and deep space electronics tumble down over shuffling beats and a squeezable synthesizer bassline, and the sun-down Adriatic wonder of “Stella Dei Venti”, a track so effortlessly loved-up and blissful that you might be overcome by emotion (it certainly had us daydreaming of days spent exploring the intense natural beauty of Italy’s Adriatic coast).Moments like this, where the duo’s dreamy electronics and smile-inducing melodies seemingly shimmer across the sound spectrum, can be found dotted throughout Aurora Baleare. There’s the darting digital synthesizer motifs, sparse hand percussion and ricocheting solos of “Airone”, the Italo-disco-inspired chugging positivity of “La Marsa” and the title track’s humid beachside breeze, where intertwined electronic and acoustic lead lines seemingly glimmer like rays of sunshine bouncing off the surface of a becalmed, crystal clear ocean. Their roots may be on the dancefloor, but Hear & Now are fast becoming down tempo masters. You can dance if you want to, but you may just want to hug a stranger instead.
Hear & Now - Hirundo
Hear & Now
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Claremont 56)
12,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Ricky L and Marcoradi have been friends for as long as they can remember. They first met on the dancefloor of one of Italy’s most iconic clubs, Red Zone in Perugia, where Ricky has been a resident DJ for the best part of 25 years. Now, they’ve joined forces in the studio for the first time, uniting under the Hear & Now alias for Claremont 56. Those with a keen knowledge of Italian dance music will know their impressive track records. Both have a history of producing fine deep house records and remixes for the likes of Ibadan, Uomo, Reincarnation, Top Tracks, Restricted Tracks and Vega Records. With Hear & Now, they’ve decided to step back from the dancefloor, instead producing hazy, emotion-rich music for after-hours listening, and mornings spent blinking into the sunshine. A-side “Hirundo” is a thing of rare beauty: a gently flowering opus constructed from shuffling, mind-massaging drum rhythms, spacey pads, stretched-out organ chords and Marcoradi’s effortless guitar playing. Lilting, alien synthesizer refrains seemingly tumble from the heavens, intensifying the duo’s blissful mood.Flip for an even deeper excursion, the softly spun wizardry of “Sabbia Magica”. Here, the duo’s house influences gently rise to the surface. This is slow, deep and dreamy house from the top drawer, with jazz-flecked guitar flourishes and undulating electronics combining effortlessly with hypnotic, metronomic drums, cascading string lines and a wonderfully dexterous electronic bassline. You can dance if you wish, but you may just want a hug instead.
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