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Heckadecimal - Critters
12" | 2020 | US | Original (Kajunga)
9,74 €* 12,99 € -25%
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Kajunga is proud to release unheard material from the wise and honorable Heckadecimal. “Critters” is a collection of 5 unique hardware built tracks that scurry from moody and contemplative to charged and frantic. “Bat Silk Stunt” starts the record off with resonant acid bass lines creeping through a rich forest of analog drums. “D’etre” shifts the tone into a pool of moody progressions, dissonant sequences, and syncopated grooves. Living up to it’s namesake, “Acid Tenders” provides an exciting exploration of unbridled 303 energy. “Digital Foam” picks up the pace with frantic and squiggly textures that skitter about as a deranged synth-line takes command. “The Luminous Flesh of Giants” rounds out the journey with a 4/4 crawl through wistful melodies and iridescent chords.
Heckadecimal - Murder Tape
Murder Tape
12" | 2018 | US | Original (Great Circles)
10,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
2018 played host to a bumper crop of sounds from some of Philly’s grittiest, including Great Circles mainstays M//R and Chaperone. To close out the year that was, we are pleased to present Heckadecimal’s ‘Murder Tape.’
A Minneapolis-based producer and acid auteur, Heckadecimal has been a fixture within the vibrant Midwestern electronic music community for nearly 20 years. Founder of the legendary ‘Anti-human’ events and co-curator of the ever-prolific Always Human Tapes imprint – alongside Ryan Wurst and Peter Lansky – Heckadecimal’s reputation is one of unrelenting creativity and tireless advocacy for sonic experimentation. His work has found its way to light via a slew of pseudonyms and stage monikers, including The Worm, noface and Wonder Sirens.
In short – Heckadecimal lives and breathes the sonic matter that he leaves pouring out of studio monitors, busted bar systems and finely tuned rave stacks, wherever his travels take him.
Live performance lies at the core of Heckadecimal’s practice. When he stormed through Inciting HQ in Philly earlier this summer, he took command over an arsenal of hardware that reminded us of how Octave One or Shawn Rudiman might show up. These were machines that he had lived with; touched with custom modifications, hand-drawn stickers and pockmarks incurred in battle, one got the sense that the gear was a personal extension of the artist.
Perhaps it’s a bit maudlin, but we feel a certain kinship with this project. Indeed, these tracks at times feel very much of a piece with the gnarled tonalities in which our stable typically traffics; all low-slung riddims that reach at equal lengths towards mutated IDM aesthetics and post-Packard Plant techno extrusions. These are future perfect grooves that glide along under the vast Midwestern sky, providing a fertile communication conduit with the City of Brotherly Love.
Give thanks for acid. Great Circles will see you in the New Year..
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