Bonus items are items that are available in exchange for so-called Bonus Coins. You will earn Bonus Coins by ordering regular items that you put into your shopping cart. For a merchandise value of 10.00 to 14.00 Euros you will receive 10 Bonus Coins, for 25.00 to 29.00 Euros you will receive 25 Bonus Coins and so on…

In order to be able to order bonus items, you will first need to select other items that you wish to order. The amount of Bonus Coins you have collected will show in your shopping cart. Depending on the number of coins available you will be able to choose one or more items from the bonus program.

To jump to the bonus items from different product categories, click on the orange link “Bonus Coins”. To add items that are exclusively available in exchange for Bonus Coins – for example posters – simply click on the button “Add to Cart”. For items that are available in exchange for Bonus Coins but may also be purchased for the indicated price, you will be required to select one of these options when adding the item to your cart.

Warning: Bonus Coins will not be saved after completion of your order and will expire immediately. For this reason you should try to redeem as many coins as possible. Bonuscoins serve as an order incentive, please consider this in any returns.
Please also note: Bonus items have nothing to do with Special Deals. You will find an overview of all our Bonus items here.