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12 Inch Deco Display - Deko Display for 5 x 12
HHV - 7
7" Single Puck 45 RPM Adapter (halbrund) (Edelstahl)
11,99 €*
The curved 7 Inch Single Puck is the companion piece of your big hole 7 inch records, made with high-grade steel. As a reminder that you can get the hottest beats and vinyl releases at HHV, the 7" Single Puck 45 RPM Adapter also features our branding at the bottom.

• Weight: approx. 140 g.
• Ø 37 cm
• Height: ca. 23 mm.
Sou'laes Audio x HHV - HHV Vinyl Stabilizer
Sou'laes Audio x HHV
HHV Vinyl Stabilizer
44,99 €*
Matte black HHV edition edition vinyl stabilizer by Nous'klaer offshoot Sou'laes Audio. This neatly shaped vinyl stabilizer, also known as record weight, will hold your record firmly in place while playing in a club, festival or at home. Using the stabilizer improves all frequencies of the sound greatly, especially low end and bass. It also helps a great deal in stabilising your slightly warped records. Each stabiliser weighs 500 grams, is milled of solid aluminium and comes with an antislip foam patch on the bottom to protect your record label. The box also includes a soft pouch for protecting your stabilizer from scratches.

• Dimensions: 80 x 40mm
• Weight: 500 g
HHV - HHV Logo Slipmat
HHV Logo Slipmat
120Bonus Coins
Bonus Coins
Made from 21 oz FattEz™, the HHV Logo Slipmats are perfect for precise DJing activities. This 12" slipmat is made from the highest quality poly felt material that's very similar to the thick felt of old school Technic slipmats. The HHV Logo Slipmats are dense, but still soft to the touch on both sides without the glazed bottom surface. Perfect for the mix/club DJ as well as turntable and audiofile enthusiasts.

• Weight: 21 oz;
• thickness: 0.125 inch.
• 100% polyester felt.
• Made in USA
7 Inch Deco Display - Deko Display for 5 x 7
7 Inch Deco Display
Deko Display for 5 x 7" Single Vinyl
5,99 €*
Available Sizes:190 x 1000 x 0.15 mm
Im 7 Inch Deco Display-Schallplattenaufhänger kannst du fünf 7" Vinyls mit Cover untereinander gesteckt aufbewahren. Durch den beidseitigen Einschub sind die Platten leicht zu wechseln und immer griffbereit. Quasi ein 5-fach Bilderrahmen für deine Lieblingsstücke. Durch das glatte, transparente Material sind die Cover sehr gut zu erkennen. Einfach aufzuhängen an zwei stabilen Ösen am oberen Rand sind die Platten darin wie in einer Schutzhülle vor Staub geschützt. We take care of your vinyl!

• Material: transparenter Polyethylen Kunststoff
• Folienstärke: 150µ
• Maße : 190 x 1000 x 0,15 mm
• Maße pro Fach: 18,5 x 18,5 cm
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