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Run Dust - Leisure Village
Run Dust
Leisure Village
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (In Paradisum)
13,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
New from In Paradisum also the home of Mondkopf and Low Jack. This album is the most cohesive Run Dust album to date following his relocation to upstate New York. Huit powerful songs of melodic electronica for lovers of early Aphex Twin.
Mondkopf - They Fall, But You Don't
They Fall, But You Don't
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (In Paradisum)
12,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
* New from In Paradisum also the home of Low Jack and December. This album is the most straight-forward and cohesive Mondkopf album to date due to his switch to analog synthetisers. «They Fall…» has been recorded live in his room in Paris at night on the sadly memorable month of November 2016. * The record has something familiar with Mondkopf's previous output with the raw textures and half-light atmospheres, but the rest is a radical change for him. The synth pads of "They Fall... "are neither retro nor futuristic. In addition to Paul's fragile vocals, they exhale a distinct feeling of just being there. The tracks follow their own path by being focused and vital. "They Fall But You Don't" is the singular manifesto of a relationship to electronic music that leaves out the ideas of innovation and genre and more resembles the language of a new folk music; deeply evocative, powerful and free.
Roger West - En Asie
Roger West
En Asie
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (In Paradisum)
10,19 €* 11,99 € -15%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Another brilliant set of pop-meets-pop rodgerings by De Murcia of no mercy, this time riding East for inspiration, following his notable Wasted House EP from last year. Five sharp and discombobulating detournements: funny, flatulent, sexual; knockabout, unpretentious and danceable. Ace.
Qoso - Printemps - Ete
Printemps - Ete
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (In Paradisum)
15,19 €* 18,99 € -20%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Charlie Janiaut opens up a third way between physical energy and experiments on sound textures. The producer originally from Franche Comté has dusted his fingers on battle scratch and his playing with computer is totally instinct driven. Playing techno from the viewpoint of rap music, qoso’s music is entirely based on samples and feeds on mistakes, frequency translation and a piling up of effects leaving space to randomness. The tracks on Printemps Ete were composed all at once and speak more to the body than the head - they’re rhythm tracks as stated by Emotional, which opens the record where most electronic albums like to put a nice ambient track."
Somaticae - Electricité
Run Dust - Serf Rash
Run Dust
Serf Rash
LP | 2015 | UK | Original (In Paradisum)
14,24 €* 18,99 € -25%
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Luke Calzonetti, following up on the Zeckenentferner tape from Opal Tapes: eleven tracks ranging from proper songs to brutal techno, romantic melodic stuff to dystopian minimal. A unique feel for texture and storytelling holds it all together, infused with a melancholic, fragile wanderlust.
Roger West - Wasted House
Roger West
Wasted House
12" | 2015 | UK | Original (In Paradisum)
6,59 €* 11,99 € -45%
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Amédée De Murcia — of Industrial heavyweights Somaticae — slipping outside to play. He came across some dance records at his girlfriend’s, says his label rather evasively, and set about wasting them good and proper. ‘Very catchy and close to falling apart at the same time, a pretty special take on the ambiguity of the clubbing experience, the way it mixes euphoria and angst… Uchronian dance music, like the memory of a party that never existed.’ Like NHK Koyxen playing the wrong house.
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