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AIAIAI - TMA-2 Studio (preset)
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TMA-2 Studio (preset)

Item No: 827024
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Item Description
TMA-2 Studio
- Professional modular studio headphones
Product Description.
Professional modular studio headphones with
AIAIAI signature audio and enhanced comfort.
This is a headphone for the discerning music
makers. HIghly detailed audio from the signature
bio-diaphragm driver ensures a precise and
reliable audio for your creative process. Enhance
comfort from super soft and resilient ear cushions
covered in Alcantara, prevents fatigue through
long listening or creative sessions.
Part of the TMA-2 modular headphone system,
notorious for its sturdy build and responsible
design - Designed to last.

Key features.
Trusted by professionals.
Developed with professional artists across a variety of genres. Trusted for music creativity and in the most vigorous environments - in the
studio, on the road, and on stage.
Signature AIAIAI sound tuned for clarity and detail.
Critically acclaimed sound specifically designed for studio use with a clear and highly detailed sound representation.
Enhanced comfort with Alcantara®.
Ultra soft over-ear memory foam cushions covered with resilient, CO2 neutral, and highly comfortable Alcantara® ideal for longer sessions.
Bio-diaphragm speaker for enhanced accuracy.
Diaphragm precision-grown from bio-cellulose making it stiffer lighter and stronger than regular PET speaker units.
High quality cable.
High quality coiled cable extending up to 3.2m for flexible and lossless experience.
Responsible modular headphones - designed to last.
Upgrade and expand as technology or needs evolve to extend the functional lifetime of the product and create less waste for the planet

The Bio-cellulose diaphragm
The bio-cellulose speaker diaphragm in S05 is made of a bacterial
cellulose which is an organic compound that is grown using certain
types of bacteria. Bio-cellulose is a really interesting material for
many reasons it’s renewable biodegradable and it has great
acoustic properties.
The role it plays when listening to music
If music is played through a poorly designed headphones that
produce a high amount of harmonic distortion it will simply sound
wrong and unnatural. This is because the harmonic distortion
changes how we perceive the timbre and tonality of the sound
which is obviously really problematic when producing music or
mixing a track. The biocellulose diaphragm on the other hand is
able to reproduce the music faithfully with great clarity even at
high volume levels.
For the S05 we paired the biocellulose diaphragm with a high grade
neodymium magnet which resulted in a speaker unit that offers a clear
mid-range better dynamics and a more natural overall tonality. When
tuning the speaker unit we paid special attention to the clarity in the
mid-range without compromising the extension in the bass range. This
results in a very wide sound stage with great instrumental separation. The
music maker is able to extract and enjoy every little detail in the music.

Driver diameter.
40 mm.
SPL at 1kHz.
117 dB
80 Hz
32 Ohm
Diaphragm material.
Magnet type.
High grade Neodymium
Rated power.
40 mW
Max power.
100 mW
Item Details
Item No:827024
Item:TMA-2 Studio (preset)
Available since:20.07.2021
Format:1 Piece, Headphones, DJ, Studio Headphones
Price:229,00 €
Weight:1500g (plus 250g Packaging)
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