Assassins - The Year That Never Came Red Vinyl Edition
A1The Year That Never Came
A5Singers And Seethers
B1Gonna Go Out Right
B3Dead Is Dead/ Armageddon
B4Is U Stuck On Glue
B5This Can’t Go On

The Year That Never Came Red Vinyl Edition

Machines Make Us | Item No: 994750
Vinyl LP | 2023 / UK – Original | New
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Item Description
Assassins did what many bands do: they grabbed a moment out of the air and slammed it onto tape machines and hard drives with relentlessness, cunning, and an attitude.

It was in Chicago, mid 2000’s, and though there was energy in the music scene, it wasn’t coalescing into anything you could use as a heading in the musical encyclopedia. Drag City, Thrill Jockey, Bloodshot, Tortoise, Andrew Bird, 90 Day Men – amazing labels and bands, but discrete and siloed and separated by boundaries that weren’t very real.

In the midst of that complicated morass, Assassins generated a collection of songs that became the album YOU Will Changed US. And it did.

There was confidence built into the fabric of the project: 5 members, 2 singers, massive synced video walls and samples streaming from laptops swirling in three dimensions around the stage. They could go from subtle atmospheric moments to a gargantuan wall of sound instantly. It was hard to do- months in cold practice rooms troubleshooting sections of songs or reworking synthesizer patches put the band through a self-imposed boot camp. And it brought them together as a sort of hive-mind focused on one thing: that these songs could connect. They could cut through the noise and share a state of mind with other human beings.

And it worked. Those early shows were mind bending. It was fun, loud, drunken, and rewarding- that time together, before the record deal, before the tragic let down of being traded and gobbled up by the major label system. The years after that got more difficult, more complicated, more human.

Leading us here: the musical journey of the Assassins has ended. With the up-coming release of their second and final album THE Year That Never Came, we finally get to hear, and feel, the final statements of their inspiring chemistry.

In July of 2021, founding member, songwriter and singer Joe Cassidy unexpectedly passed away. THE Year That Never Came is the culmination and end point of a collaboration that started in the early 2000’s with a chance meeting and excited conversation with Aaron Miller at a gig in Chicago. Quickly joined by David Golitko on keyboards, Merritt Lear on vocals and guitar, and Alex Kemp on bass.

It was Miller who saw Joe Cassidy’s song writing in a new context. Cassidy had been known for his beautiful, post- pop inflected Butterfly Child, a thoughtful, regal project where Joe’s emotions could soar. Miller saw a different context for that voice- not dreamy, but immediate, not just hopeful, but demanding. He took Joe’s open hand and suggested that it could be a fist, raised in the air, with a crowd of other people doing the same.

At the time of his death legendary composer and songwriter Jimmy Webb (who wrote such hits as ‘Wichita Lineman and MacArthur Park) said Joe ‘was a creative and generous producer but, more importantly, he was a creative and generous friend.’

With the release of THE Year That Never Came, this band, this relentless creative force, has to finally relent. No one in the band could see a future Assassins that doesn’t include Cassidy. So in one last act of will, for the love of their friend, they did the rigorous work of finishing the songs that they had started together for the second album.

Assassin’s obsession with the notion of time, from YOU Will Changed US to THE Year That Never Came, flows from the most natural question we all have to ask ourselves: what do I do now? Because: how we react today to life’s unpredictability - that is the tomorrow we build for ourselves.
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Item No:994750
Titel:The Year That Never Came Red Vinyl Edition
Label:Machines Make Us
Format:Vinyl LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressing:UK – Original
Release Date:2023
Genre:Rock & Indie
Style:Indierock | Alternative
Price:26,99 €
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