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astat - Grüner Record-Film

Grüner Record-Film

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Item Description
astat was founded in the mid-90s in Wandlitz, Germany. Thanks to the experience of 25 years of developing clean-up tools, astat has an impressive range of cleaning products by now. Most interesting for vinyl heads is astat's green record-film that helps to clean records efficiently while protecting the grooves. The astat record-film is made in Germany and 100% bio-degradable, and an earlier version of it enjoyed great popularity amongst record collectors. Currently, astat reintroduced an improved version of the green record-film that's available at over here.

Just put the astat grüner Record-Film on the horizontal vinyl record and make sure that the whole surface is covered with it. Then you have to wait for approximately one hour. The result is a bio-degradable latex layer that’s ready now to get removed carefully with adhesive tape or something similar. Then the vinyl is clean of dust, fat and other stuff that affects the sound.


1. Place the vinyl on a horizontal, anti-static surface.
2. Put the astat grüner Record-Film on the vinyl and make sure that the whole surface is covered with it.
3. Wait until the liquid is dry and transformed into a latex film (it takes about 60 minutes, dependent on room temperature and thickness).
4. Remove the bio-degradable latex layer carefully with adhesive tape or something similar. Make sure to not touch the vinyl surface!
5. After the latex layer has been removed, the record is ready to get some spins on your turntable.


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Item Details
Item No:662036
Item:Grüner Record-Film
Available since:22.08.2019
Format:1 Piece, Accessories, Cleaning Untensils
Price:24,99 €
Weight:500g (plus 250g Packaging)
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