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Ndikho Xaba And The Natives - 50th Anniversary Remaster 2022
Ndikho Xaba And The Natives
50th Anniversary Remaster 2022
LP | 1971 | UK | Reissue (Matsuli)
26,99 €*
Release:1971 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
• 1971 revolutionary spiritual afro jazz from exile • Fully licensed from Nomusa Xaba, and re-issued in association with Mississippi Records for the North American market • Presented with a four page insert containing unseen photographs and concert bills from Ndikho Xaba’s personal archive, together with a personal recollection from Plunky Branch and extensive sleeve notes by Francis Gooding • Audio mastered and cut for vinyl by Frank Merritt at The Carvery with heavyweight 180g vinyl pressed at Pallas in Germany

"Matsuli Music presents soul, spirituality and avant-garde jazz from South African political exile Ndikho Xaba. Its rarity has until now served to obscure both its beauty and its historical significance. Making profound links between the struggle against apartheid and the Black Power movement in the USA, Ndikho Xaba and the Natives is arguably the most complete and complex South African jazz LP recorded in the USA. It stands out as a critical document in the history of transatlantic black solidarity and in the jazz culture of South African exiles.

Ndikho Xaba and the Natives opens a fluid channel of sonic energy that courses between two liberation struggles and two jazz traditions, making them one. It is a critical statement in the history of transatlantic black solidarity, unifying voices stretching from San Francisco to Johannesburg. There is no other recording or group in which the new jazz spirituality of the late 1960s is so fully blended with an African jazz tradition."
Jackie McLean - Let Freedom Ring
I Like To Sleep - Sleeping Beauty
I Like To Sleep
Sleeping Beauty
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Rune Grammofon)
31,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
In 2021, nyMusikk's annual festival of sound, "Only Connect", commissioned an interpretation from I LIKE TO SLEEP of the first movement of Olivier Messiaen's Turangalila symphony. A project which initially led to a 15-minute piece performed at the festival, with the trio re-writing the music of Messiaen, but also rewriting the music of their own. Messiaen as a reference and compositional tool may be heard in the album for those really listening for references. With "Sleeping Beauty" the trio also explore even heavier riffs than before, seasick grooves and tempi, and deeper ambient soundscapes. Through extensive improvisation, the effects and processing of the sounds are way more extreme than before, almost awakening the sleeping beauty. During the pandemic, the band also had to find new ways to write music without the presence of every member, introducing the vibe-samples from the old Mellotron sound gallery to the band. Quarantillity, one of the themes which appears several times throughout the album - almost used in a similar way as the flower theme in the Turangalila symphony - is a direct result of sitting alone in quarantine, playing the Mellotron while listening to vibraphone extraordinaire Bobby Hutcherson. This theme could also be seen as a continuation of the previous album tracks named Pause I & Pause II from "Bedmonster" (2017) and "Daymare" (2020). Like "Daymare", "Sleeping Beauty" was recorded in Duper Studio in Bergen, co-produced with the band's all-time favourite sound wizard Jorgen Træen. It is also mixed and mastered by Træen, making the music sound as brutal, intense and intimate as experiencing I LIKE TO SLEEP in a live setting. "Infernal, scrotum-shrivelling energy sorely missing in today's music" said Jazzwise about their previous album, mentioning King Crimson, Magma, Tony Williams Lifetime, electric Miles and 60s free energy jazz as possible references. But that's only one side of the story, there are plenty of quieter moments at work here, and the dynamic range is wide. Nicola...
Fire! With Stephen O'Malley And David Sandström - Requies Single Sided 12
Fire! With Stephen O'Malley And David Sandström
Requies Single Sided 12"
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Rune Grammofon)
38,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
No two FIRE! records sound the same, but with Requies they venture into uncharted territory. Musically ever expanding and no strangers to collaborations, FIRE! this time team up with no other than the one and only Stephen O'Malley from Sunn O))) and David Sandström from legendary Swedish hardcore punk band Refused for a truly epic 21-minute ebb and flow journey starting with church bells and ending in a whirlwind of postpunk energy. Spellbinding stuff! Flip it over and discover the stunning silk screen print courtesy of Kim Hiorthoy on the B-side. Strictly limited to 1000 numbered copies, this is a most desirable object you don't want to miss! FIRE!'s debut album, You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago, was released in 2009 to wide international acclaim. "The basic strategy of pairing the expressive energy of free jazz with a sturdy sense of groove has yielded something potent and self-contained" (New York Times). Between their debut and their previous album Defeat (2021) there's been five albums, including collaborations with Jim O'Rourke (Unreleased?, 2011) and Oren Ambarchi (In The Mouth A Hand, 2012). Track Requies (21:23) Mats Gustafsson - bass sax, organ and live electronics Johan Berthling - electric bass Andreas Werliin - drums with Stephen O'Malley - guitar David Sandström - drums
Blue Mitchell - Blue Mitchell
Doomcannon - Renaissance
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella & Louis Acoustic Sounds Vinyl Edition
Valentina Goncharova - Ocean
Valentina Goncharova
2LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Hidden Harmony)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Includes a 12-page booklet, which detailly explain the album conceptual basis, background and creation context, and provides insights into unique sound recording and technical solutions adapted during album recording in 1988. Created and written with direct involvement of V. Goncharova and I. Zubkov. - My task is to allow the listener to penetrate deeper into the music. The music is wholly improvisational. It has no concept in the rational sense of the word. It’s concept is purely intuitive. It presumes The Law of Analogies: “As above so below. Man is the same as the Universe. The Universe is the same as Man.” ("Emerald Tablet” by Hermes Trismegistus"). This intuition is a kind of rephrased logic which uses many more symbols which contain not only philosophical but also imaginative meanings/ visionary interpretations. This music is a stream of consciousness in its purest form: not an imitation of a stream, as in the ‘suggestive poetry’ of the 20th century, but a stream where one flow is superimposed on another (a multilateral passage of recording). And, if we think this flow of music will be better understood under the influence of a verbal flow, then the verbal flow should also be more intuitive and associative, as objective for this short write-up you are currently reading. Ocean did not appear within the coordinate system of logical scientific thinking of the last four centuries. It can be said that it is based on an intuitive concept of representations of the world which are captured in music figuratively. Similar to how myths were created in time immemorial with only partial support from verbal associations. Ocean is an experience of passing the Human Soul and Mind through the different states of the material world: birth, development, and achievement of perfection, transformation at the points of The Way and Silence, the manifestation of the harmony of the world (Om), which until then had remained in a latent state. It is averse to both mainstream contemporary physics and fridge scientific research. It exists outside their explanatory power.
V.A. - Nu Jazz
Bennie Maupin & Adam Rudolph - Symphonic Tone Poem For Brother Yusef
Bennie Maupin & Adam Rudolph
Symphonic Tone Poem For Brother Yusef
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Strut)
27,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Strut present an exclusive collaboration between two jazz greats, Bennie Maupin and Adam Rudolph, on 'Symphonic Tone Poem For Brother Yusef', originally commissioned by the Angel City Jazz festival in Claremont, to mark the late, great Yusef Lateef's 100th birthday on 9th October, 2020. The album weaves a magical, meditative path across five movements, combining electronics, saxophone, voices and Rudolph's wide palette of percussion from hand drums to thumb pianos and gongs. Both artists bring unparalleled experience to the project. Detroit's Bennie Maupin is best known for his work with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew, Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters and Eddie Henderson. Chicago percussionist Adam Rudolph was Yusef Lateef's percussionist for 20 years and has worked with many other jazz luminaries including Pharoah Sanders, Wadada Leo Smith and Don Cherry. His work with Mandingo Griot Society during the '70s and '80s and, more recently, leading Hu Vibrational and Go Organic Orchestra constantly break new ground in the use and context of percussion.
Malachi Thompson - The Seventh Son
Malachi Thompson
The Seventh Son
LP | 1980 | EU | Reissue (Mad About)
25,99 €*
Release:1980 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
"The Seventh Son" was originally release in 1980 on RA Records and became a true Jazz Holy Grail. For anyone collecting Spiritual Jazz this reissue is simply not to be missed. Malachi Thompson moved to Chicago as a child and credited his interest in the trumpet when he was 11 years old. Malachi worked in the rhythm and blues scene on Chicago’s South Side as a teen. In 1968, he joined the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (aacm), spending some time in the Aacm big band. Thompson worked with saxophonists Joe Henderson, Jackie McLean, Frank Foster, and Archie Shepp among other musicians while living in New York City. He formed his Freebop band in 1978, and eventually relocated to Washington, D.C. Thompson also worked with Lester Bowie's Hot Trumpets Repertory Company and formed Africa Brass, a group inspired by traditional New Orleans brass bands. With a goal of preserving the Sutherland Theater on Chicago's South Side, Thompson founded the Sutherland Community Arts Initiative, a non-profit corporation, in 1991. He also wrote incidental music for a play about the theater. Informed in 1989 that he suffered from T-cell lymphoma and had one year to live, Thompson claimed he was healed by radiation and reading about jazz. He died in Chicago, Illinois from a relapse of his cancer in 2006.
Antoine Berjeaut - Chromesthesia
Seikatsu Koyji Iinkai - Seikatsu Koyji Iinkai
Seikatsu Koyji Iinkai
Seikatsu Koyji Iinkai
LP | 1975 | EU | Reissue (Aguirre)
24,69 €* 25,99 € -5%
Release:1975 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Ferocious JP / US free jazz bomb. A rare meeting between the NYC free jazz scene and the Japanese free music scene. Old-style Gatefold LP, with rare photographs & liner notes by Alan Cummings.

Following hot on the heels of the first, mid-sixties generation of Japanese free jazz players like Kaoru Abe, Masayuki Takayanagi, Yōsuke Yamashita, Motoharu Yoshizawa, etc., an exciting second wave of younger players began to emerge in the seventies. Two of its leading members were the saxophonist Kazutoki Umezu and multi-instrumentalist Yoriyuki Harada. Both were post-war babies and immigrants to the city, Umezu from Sendai in the north and Harada from Shimane in the west.

They first met as students in the clarinet department at the Kunitachi College of Music, a well-known conservatory in western Tokyo. Harada was already securing sideman gigs on bass with professional jazz groups and was active in student politics, making good use of his connections to set up jazz concerts on campus. It was around this time that the two began to play together in an improvised duo, with Umezu on clarinet and bass clarinet and Harada on piano. They also experimented with graphic scores and prepared piano.
Sonny Clark - Dial
Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk
Falk & Klou - Swedish Library Grooves Volume 2
Sonny Stitt - When Sonny Blows Blue
Sonny Stitt
When Sonny Blows Blue
LP | 1970 | JP | Reissue (P-Vine)
39,99 €*
Release:1970 / JP – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder shipping from 07.10.2022
Groove Diggers is delighted to present a reissue of When Sonny Blows Blue by the legendary saxophonist Sonny Stitt for the first time on limited edition vinyl. Originally released in 1970, this album featured a star-studded line-up with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Grady Tate and Ron Carter backing Stitt across a number of jazz standards. By force of its cast, ‘Summertime’ and ‘Out of This World’, have never sounded quite like this. The gold sleeve returns along with an iconic Japanese obi strip.
Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Jean Carne Black Vinyl Edition
Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Jean Carne Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Jazz Is Dead)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
For decades, the voice of Jean Carne has been a crucial part of the American musical landscape, tying together generations of Jazz, Gospel, and R&B artists. Many will recognize Carne from her output in the early 1970s, alongside her then-husband Doug Carn, for the lauded Black Jazz label. As a solo artist, backing vocalist, and vocal coach, she has contributed to and collaborated with the likes of Norman Connors, Doug Carn, Dexter Wansel, Phyllis Hyman, Lonnie Liston Smith, Michael Jackson, and many more. At 74, she shows no signs of slowing down. Her latest collaboration with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge is a clear demonstration of the continuous referencing of the past to illuminate the future.
Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra - In The Orbit Of Ra
Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra
In The Orbit Of Ra
2LP | 2014 | EU | Reissue (Strut)
21,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
2014 anthology of classics & rarities curated by longest serving member & current Arkestra leader, Marshall Allen. Newly mastered from the original tapes.
John Coltrane - My Favorite Things 2022 Remaster
Frans Elsen Septet - Norway Feat. Piet Noordijk
Frans Elsen Septet
Norway Feat. Piet Noordijk
2LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Nederlands Jazz Archif)
39,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
In the early seventies, pianist Frans Elsen (1934-2011) and alto saxophonist Piet Noordijk (1932-2011) formed a unique septet to play funk jazz. Their material was never released and is now available on a double LP. In 1970, pianist Frans Elsen spent part of the summer in Norway. Inspired by the desolate surroundings and the small towns, he wrote and arranged a 'Norwegian cycle' that he performed with his brand new electric septet. A star-studded line-up: altoist Piet Noordijk, trumpeter Eddie Engels, guitarist Wim Overgaauw and drummer Eric Ineke were members of this unique band, which was highly innovative and forward-thinking in sound and concept. At the time, they never made a complete album. However, two brilliant studio sessions have been found over fifty years later, recorded for the European Broadcasting Union and Radio Nederland Wereldomroep. The septet can also be heard live on this album performing at the International Loosdrecht Jazz Festival (1972) and – in its original line-up as a sextet – in The Hague's Pepijn theatre. With liner notes by drummer Eric Ineke. The vinyl version is mastered in high resolution. It includes an exclusive bonus track: the piece Skabu in a big band version conducted by Frans Elsen and with Jan Huydts on electric piano.
Freddie Hubbard - Music Is Here Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Freddie Hubbard - Breaking Point Tone Poet Vinyl Edition
Poliphony - Poliphony
LP | 1973 | EU | Reissue (Mad About)
23,74 €* 24,99 € -5%
Release:1973 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
In 1973, four Englishmen who loved Jazz, Rock and Groove decided to record an independent album at Zelia Studios in Birmingham. The result was Poliphony, which had few hard copies and became a rarity among Jazz Rock collectors.

The core of the jazz rock quartet Poliphony came together in Birmingham around 1971 on the initiative of the young student and pianist Dave Bristow, who invited guitarist Richard Bremmer to join the line-up that also included Bob Boucher. The last musician to join Poliphony was drummer Dave Fear. None of the members were professional musicians: Boucher was a teacher at an elementary school, while Fear was a trainee accountant. Poliphony began to gain some local notoriety by playing in pubs and universities with a few residencies at local clubs such as The Elbow Room and The Opposite Lock. The next step would be the recording of an album to consolidate and give another status to their live performances. In 1973, they finally started recording at Zella Studios. The material was recorded in 2 days maximum and most of the tracks were done in one or two takes.

Predominantly a combination of fuzz guitar and jazz, the self-titled album Poliphony is a fascinating record of progressive British jazz rock.

Drummer Dave Fear left Poliphony in late 1973, and the band disbanded completely within a year. Only pianist Dave Bristow pursued a career in music, including a stint at Yamaha, for whom he developed the factory voicing and several other synthesizers.

Officially Reissue Under exclusive license from Dave Bristow
Tungusku - Direction Of Travel
Direction Of Travel
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Before I Die)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
This is the first release from new micro label 'Before I Die' curated by Jason Boardman (Aficionado Recordings). Tungusku are a guitar based instrumental project inspired by hypnotic grooves from around the world. The duo behind the band are Phil Ratcliffe (Guitar) and James Defty (Bass) who are longtime collaborators of Manchester live hip-hop collective The Mouse Outfit. Influenced by artists such as Khruangbin, Skinshape and Tommy Guerrero, Tungusku explore a sonic landscape that takes in stoner soul, jazzy psychedelia and low-end beats. The five tracks on the EP were released on digital format and subsequently came to Jasons attention who remastered and collated them for vinyl release on this edition. Before I Die commissioned MMU graduate @deedoubleyoo to provide fine art direction for the first release to complete the package. Call it Balearic, Jazz, Funk, Soul or whatever you like, this is an accomplished debut from emerging Mancunian artists highly aware of their direction of travel.
Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene & Federico Ughi - Telepatica
Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes, Matthew Putman, Hilliard Greene & Federico Ughi
LP | 2022 | US | Original (577 Records)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
If 577 Records had a house-band, this would be it—a group of longtime friends, collaborators and established jazz musicians who are mainstays of the 577 Records’ catalogue, here playing together. The Telepathic Band named themselves after the sort of improvisational style that can only be accomplished with a decade or two of collaboration, playing a signature, boundary-pushing music between friends. Now, with their fifth album, Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet), Patrick Holmes (Clarinet), Matthew Putman (Piano, Rhodes), Hilliard Greene (Bass), and Federico Ughi (Drums) exemplify the possibilities of in-person improvisation once again. On Telepatica, the group offers extemporized performances live from the 577 Records-organized 2018 Forward Festival. This project displays their imaginative style, following previous albums Telepathic Alliances, Telepatia Liquida, Electric Telepathy, Vol. 1, and Telepathic Mysteries, Vol. 1.
Awakening - Mirage
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me 20th Anniversary Edition
John Coltrane - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye Best Of Record Store Day 2022 Sky Blue Vinyl Edition
L'Orage - Triangle
LP | 2022 | CH | Original (Orage)
13,49 €* 17,99 € -25%
Release:2022 / CH – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
L'orage lead by the drummer Nelson Schaer comes up with Triangle a second album that raises the atmospheric pressure.

Somewhere in the clouds, the music of L'Orage combines rhythms and polyrhythms with strong spiritual melodies. Ganesh Geymeier's lyricism is magnified by a creative and powerful rhythm section composed of Nelson Schaer and Fabien Iannone.

Atmospheric melody and magnetic pulsation make for stunning music!

Triangle is a 100% analog album recorded and mixed on a eight-track tape recorder.
Martin Denny - Exotica Volume II Colored Vinyl Edition
Martin Denny
Exotica Volume II Colored Vinyl Edition
LP | 1957 | EU | Reissue (Jackpot)
26,59 €* 27,99 € -5%
Release:1957 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Coming hot off the heels of his iconic debut, Martin Denny’s follow-up to the original Exotica is the ultimate companion piece. Originally released in mono in 1957—mere weeks after the first Exotica album kick-started the new lounge craze—Exotica Volume II further demonstrated Denny’s unique imagination as both a musician and an entertainer. Jackpot Records’ limited edition reissue of Exotica Volume II is pressed on tropical green color vinyl, and brings Denny’s unique space age twist on Pan-Asian and Polynesian music direct to your stereo. With featured tracks like “Singing Bamboos”, “Rush Hour in Hong Kong”, and “Soshu Night Serenade”, Exotica Volume II is equally fitting as a breezy lounge listen or to set the mood for your very own tiki bar cocktail hour.
Dorothy Ashby - Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp Of Dorothy Ashby Clear Vinyl Edition
Dorothy Ashby
Soft Winds: The Swinging Harp Of Dorothy Ashby Clear Vinyl Edition
LP | 1961 | EU | Reissue (Sowing)
17,99 €*
Release:1961 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limited Clear Vinyl edition, 300 copies! Dorothy Ashby album from 1961 that also features female vibes player Terry Pollard. Comes with a version of The Skatalites 'Guns of Navarone' which is a pretty surreal listening experience. From the original liner notes: "Dorothy Ashby may not be the first jazz harpist (Caspar Reardon) or the first female jazz harpist (Adele Girard), but her good feeling for time and ability to construct melodic, guitar-like lines, mark her as the most accomplished modern jazz harpist (...) Accompanying her was another Detroit girl, Terry Pollard. Terry's main instrument is the piano and she is one of the best in the country, bar none. She is also a pretty fair country vibraharpist and in this set, Miss Pollard plays vibes exclusively. With them is still another Detroiter, Herman Wright, who like Miss Pollard has worked with Terry Gibbs and Yusef Lateef, and who also served as Miss Ashby's regular bassist. (...) Completing the quartet is Jimmy Cobb, drummer for the Miles Davis group. During the proceedings, Cobb travels between brushes and sticks without upsetting the equilibrium of this essentially quiet set. There is wide range of material presented here, from blues like Benny Goodman's title number, 'Soft Winds', and Miss Ashby's 'With Strings Attached', to movie themes such as 'Laura', 'Wild Is the Wind', and 'The Guns Of Navarone'. Then there are works by such superior writers of standards as Kurt Weill ('My Ship'); Gershwin ('The Man I Love' and 'Love Is Here To Stay')"
Don Cherry - Brown Rice Brown Vinyl Edition
Don Cherry
Brown Rice Brown Vinyl Edition
LP | 1975 | EU | Reissue (Klimt)
19,99 €*
Release:1975 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Brown Rice is probably the most accessible entry point into Cherry's borderless ideal, jelling into a personal, unique, and seamless vision that's at once primitive and futuristic in the best possible way. Its title track is a sensual fusion of various styles and sounds from the African, Indian and Arabic traditions. It also represents the spiritual multiculturalism that Cherry was interested in exploring during this creative period. With ex-Ornette Coleman cohorts on board – Billy Higgings on drums and Charlie Haden on double bass (also heard on electric) – the album (originally released in Italy in 1975) is a cult on its own.
John Carrol Kirby - Conflict
John Carrol Kirby
LP | 2021 | US | Original (Stones Throw)
25,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Conflict is a collection of piano-based pieces that was spontaneously released April 2, 2020, in response to the escalating global crisis.
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Into Forever
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra
Into Forever
LP | 2015 | UK | Reissue (Gondwana)
23,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Over the course of five albums, Manchester based trumpeter, composer, arranger and band-leader Matthew Halsall has carved out a niche for himself on the UK music scene as one of it's brightest talents. His languid, soulful music has won friends from Jamie Cullum and Gilles Peterson to Jazz FM and Mojo as well as an ever-growing international following. His new album Into Forever, puts the spotlight on Halsall the composer, arranger and producer. Halsall draws on a diverse range of influences from Alice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby, Phil Cohran and Leon Thomas to the more contemporary sounds of The Cinematic Orchestra, Max Richter and Nils Frahm to deliver his most complete recording to date. Into Forever features renowned Manchester based soul poet Josephine Oniyama and rising star vocalist Bryony Jarman-Pinto (Werkha) as well as regular collaborators, flautist Lisa Mallett, harpist Rachael Gladwin, koto player Keiko Kitamura, pianist Taz Modi, bassist Gavin Barras and drummer Luke Flowers (The Cinematic Orchestra) and two percussionists Sam Bell and Chris Cruiks. The result is arguably Halsall's finest record, asublime melding of stripped back soulful funk and deep, minimalist, spiritual jazz, that will take you on a journey deep into forever!
Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones - Tinted Shades
V.A. - DJ Muro presents Groove-Diggers Box
DJ Muro presents Groove-Diggers Box
3x7" | 2022 | EU | Original (P-Vine)
49,49 €* 54,99 € -10%
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
P-vine is thrilled to present the limited box set from our most proud reissue series "Groove Diggers''. All tracks selected by DJ Muro, who is one of the most known DJ/producer and vinyl diggers in Japan, will be pressed on 7 inch format for the first time. Erik Tagg "Living Off The Love" is first time pressed on vinyl format though it has been included just in the Japanese edition CD as a bonus track. Funky soulful gem “Summer Love” by Prince Billy Mahdi Wright, and 2 beloved tracks from Billy Wooten's album "In This World (1979)" are also finally available as 7"ep. From<ULTIMATE TSG Survey> series, Spice and 1619 Bad Ass Band compiled with their finest tunes.
Jothan Callins & The Sounds Of Togetherness - Winds Of Change
Jothan Callins & The Sounds Of Togetherness
Winds Of Change
LP | 1975 | EU | Reissue (Mad About)
25,99 €*
Release:1975 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Rare Spiritual Jazz Funk masterpiece reissued for the first time ever worldwide with the original 4 page booklet. Jothan Callins had played with Olatunji in the late 1960s, he both joined the Sun Ra Arkestra and founded his own Sound of Togetherness. The incarnation of the band featured on this 1975 New York recording includes Cecil McBee, Norman Connors, Joseph Bonner and Roland Duval. “Winds of Change” is generally compared to the Strata East style of Jazz. Under exclusive license from Amadi Aziliwe.
Nick Walters - Singularity
Nick Walters
LP | 2022 | UK | Original (D.O.T.)
19,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Nick Walters returns to his D.O.T. Records imprint with a suite of forward thinking, cosmic, electronic-jazz experiments, inspired by Nasa & the concept of gravitational singularity. Each track on “Singularity”, his first home studio produced album, is built around an audio sample recorded by Nasa in space, then expertly transported back to earth by Walters via some magical trumpet and synth work on his newly purchased Juno-106. The album features key contributions from Ruby Rushton drummer Tim Carnegie, 22a Music’s Tenderlonious on flute and some sublime guitar work from Thibaut Remy
Les Demerle Transfusion - Transcendental Watusi!
Les Demerle Transfusion
Transcendental Watusi!
LP | 1979 | JP | Reissue (P-Vine)
39,99 €*
Release:1979 / JP – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Hot on the heels of reissuing Les Demerle’s debut album in 2021, Groove-Diggers keeps up pace with this reissue of Transcendental Watusi!, the first album he released under his Les Demerle Transfusion moniker in 1979. Across these six tracks, the drummer delivers his trademark Jazz-funk sound, spanning the aural terrain of horn-infused ballad “Once Upon a Time” to the darting bass and percussion-driven sounds of penultimate track “Daggerpoint”. The album’s crisp and intimate sound is indebted once again to its live recording at Howard Rumsey’s Concerts By The Sea in Redondo Beach, California - the same iconic jazz club that hosted his previous year’s live album. P-vine is thrilled to be producing the reissue on its Groove-Diggers imprint with a limited edition LP pressing, and an iconic Japanese obi strip attached.
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Acoustic Sounds Edition
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Acoustic Sounds Edition
LP | 1963 | EU | Reissue (Impulse)
41,99 €*
Release:1963 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
This beloved 1963 Impulse! LP is a career highlight for both Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane. Hartman was apparently Coltrane's suggestion for the recording date, and his deep, dark voice meshes perfectly here with Coltrane's tenor. The material is well-chosen, including definitive readings of 'My One and Only Love' and 'Lush Life.'

McCoy Tyner fills out the chords, augmenting the harmonies and keeping the tone of these ballads respectful but not overly sentimental. All the players get to the deep structure of the songs and are not afraid to play in the most essential and elegant manner.

Verve’s Acoustic Sounds Series features transfers from the original analog tapes mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at QPR. The series is supervised by Chad Kassem, CEO of Acoustic Sounds, and releases are presented in deluxe gatefold tip-on packaging.
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (Acoustic Sounds)
Blue Lab Beats - Motherland Journey
Joe Pass - For DJango Tone Poet Vinyl Edition
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The - The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
2LP | 2006 | EU | Reissue (Denovali)
40,84 €* 42,99 € -5%
Release:2006 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
2022 Reissue of the The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble s/t debut album from 2006.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble formed in 2000 as a project to compose new music for existing silent movies. Jason Köhnen and Gideon Kiers, both graduates of the Utrecht School of Arts, combined their audio and visual skills to reinterpret classic movies by F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu) and F. Lang (Metropolis). That such an intention ends in quality should be clear from the start.

In 2004 UK trombonist Hilary Jeffery and Swiss cellist Nina Hitz joined Tkde to record this self-titled debut album which was released in May 2006. The ensuing tour saw Eelco Bosman and Paris based vocalist Charlotte Cegarra join, making the ensemble a sextet. London based violinist Sadie Anderson joined in 2008 to supply the group with extra power on stage.

Due to the vast possibilities within the band, the sound spectrum of Tkde is really hard to capture within one specific composition. Moreover, the project leaned towards various styles depending on the respective members working together at a given time - a good mix between atmosphere and technique always was the strong basis for a Tkde composition. The highly praised debut album of the Dutch cult ensemble finally available again on cd & vinyl.
Jeff Parker - Forfolks Cool Mint Vinyl Edition
Jeff Parker
Forfolks Cool Mint Vinyl Edition
LP | 2021 | US | Original (International Anthem)
27,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Jeff Parker's Forfolks - a new album of solo guitar works - was recorded by Graeme Gibson at Sholo Studio in Altadena, California (aka Jeff's house) over two days in June 2021. It includes interpretations of Thelonious Monk's "Ugly Beauty" and the standard "My Ideal," plus six original compositions including "Four Folks," "La Jetée" (a tune he recorded with Tortoise in 1998), and four totally new loop-driven, stratiform works that marry melodic improvisation with electronic textures. "It's a particular thing to hear Jeff play solo," writes veteran Chicago musician and longtime Parker collaborator Matthew Lux in his liner notes for Forfolks. "He is an unusually selfless improviser, oftentimes laying out and highlighting the contributions of his band mates... On this recording, however, he is by himself, joined only by his own ideas, looped or frozen, to flesh out the music he's creating in his mind. Hearing him craft entire sound worlds on these eight selections gives us an opportunity to really see how Parker orders sound." Forfolks follows Parker's critically acclaimed 2020 record Suite for Max Brown, which Pitchfork called an "effortlessly detailed album, full of tradition and experimentation that spans generations ... It lives at the vanguard of new jazz music." The album went on to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's Current Contemporary Jazz Chart.
William S. Fischer - Akelarre Sorta
William S. Fischer
Akelarre Sorta
LP | 1972 | EU | Reissue (Elkar)
23,99 €*
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Pello Joxepe is in the bar, but this time he's moving his hips to the sound of Curtis Mayfield's Superfly funk-soul groove. These are the kind of psychedelic visions created by this esoteric "Akelarre Sorta", an unparalleled gem. The African-American saxophonist, pianist and composer William S. Fischer, who worked in the 1950s with stars of the stature of Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Joe Zawinul and Roberta Flack, in 1972 made an album of catchy, funky versions of popular tunes. And that's it, as simple as it is mysterious and surprising. Little more has ever been known about this recording or about the reasons behind William's visit to the Basque Country. So here it is, ready to attract a new audience to join the cult following it has gradually built up over nearly 50 years.
Robin Jones Quintet - Denga
Robin Jones Quintet
LP | 1971 | EU | Reissue (Jazz Room)
22,99 €*
Release:1971 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Often affectionately referred to as the "Godfather of British Latin music" Robin Jones was truly one of the great performers on the international Latin scene.
Denga, his first recording from 1971 is a scintillating fusion of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazillian rhythms laden with heavy Fender Rhodes sounds and no less than three Afro-Latin Percussionists. The hard-to-find album has now been reissued by legendary London jazz DJ Paul Murphy's Jazz Room Records imprint. It should be an essential purchase for anyone who loves Latin jazz.
Feature's Robin's personal favorites including "Goodbye Batucada" which rightfully lays claim to be the first Brazilian Jazz Samba tune recorded in the UK and the Worldwide Sound standard setters "Denga" and "Africa Revisited".
Sir Edward - The Power Of Feeling feat. Harold Vick
Sir Edward
The Power Of Feeling feat. Harold Vick
LP | 1973 | EU | Reissue (Jazz Room)
22,99 €*
Release:1973 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
One of the great unsung saxophone hero's: Harold Vick worked as a sideman with Hammond Legends Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Big John Patton, and Larry Young. He played on and off with Walter Bishop, Jr. and also worked with Philly Joe Jones, Howard McGhee, Donald Byrd and Ray Charles and appeared with Dizzy Gillespie, King Curtis, and from 1970 to 1974 with Aretha Franklin. He played in Jack DeJohnette's jazz-rock band Compost from 1971 to 1973,recording with them in 1972 which is about the same time as this recording and that is probably the reason it is under the pseudonym of "Sir Edward". Add to that an absolutely top notch band, including bassist Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb, Jumma Santos on percussion and the mellow vibes of Omar Clay and this is a must have soulful jazz outing.
The music is a funky mix of some of the big Soul tunes of the day, with versions of Donny Hathaway and The Stylistics and a nod to the CTI stylings of the day with a get down version of "People Make The World Go Round".
With original copies now changing hands for 3 figure sums Jazz Room Records are pleased to present the first re-issue from Funky Drummer Bernard Purdies short lived Encounter Label.
Jazz Room Records. The Re-Issue label of the year!
Timo Lassy - Mountain Man Exit / Orlo Blue Vinyl Edition
Timo Lassy
Mountain Man Exit / Orlo Blue Vinyl Edition
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (We Jazz)
11,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Timo Lassy follows up his new album "Trio" on We Jazz Records by sharing two non-album cuts from the same sessions on a new 7" vinyl single / digi release. "Mountain Man Exit" is a stormy number featuring the trio of Lassy (tenor sax), Ville Herrala (bass) and Jaska Lukkarinen (drums) in full flight plus Tuomo Prättälä (of Ilmiliekki Quartet) on synth duties. Album track "Orlo" gets a new treatment, edited for the 7" and taking shape as a tough-as-nails mix breaking new ground here without the string section.
Walter Bishop, Jr. - Soul village
Sons Of Kemet - African Cosmology Black Friday Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Sons Of Kemet
African Cosmology Black Friday Record Store Day 2021 Edition
12" | 2021 | EU | Original (Impulse)
14,39 €* 15,99 € -10%
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
This Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive features two never-before-heard b-sides hailed from the same sessions as the globally acclaimed new Sons of Kemet record “Black To The Future”. / “Myth Science” showcases Kemet at their most realized, a rich arrangement coupled with driving, inter-woven percussions and lyrical horn playing. / “Rites of Passage” is an 11 minute exploratory, contemplative composition led by Shabaka Hutchings’ colorful melodies
Sven Wunder - Natura Morta
Sven Wunder
Natura Morta
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Piano Piano)
31,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The US edition is out of stock for a while, but we got the EU version with a slightly different artwork now.

The highly anticipated follow-up to Eastern Flowers and Wabi Sabi US pressing The staff used on Natura Morta is the following: 9 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos, 1 flute, 1 piano, 1 electric piano, 1 cembalo, 1 twelve-string guitar, 1 electric guitar, 1 trumpet, 1 flugelhorn, 1 tenor horn, 1 marimba, 1 electric bass, drums and percussions / On Natura Morta, Sven Wunder is exploring art as a bridge between nature and the human ability to judge and observe in eleven musical compositions with brightly colored textures and an emphasis on vibrant melodies.

Throughout human history, we have depicted the world we live in through art. By reworking what we see in the world, the simplest things have helped us understand the beauty of nature and to evaluate the material world that we have created around us, as a window to a constantly changing reality, through our own perception. It is that absolute reality that appears in the seam of human and nature and that can be revealed through art.

Still life painting, also referred to as Natura Morta (”dead nature”) in Italian, stretches back to ancient times. Some of the earliest works, found in Pompeii, depict commonplace objects such as fresh autumn fruits alongside man-made objects such as a small amphora and a small terracotta heap with dried fruits. These two-thousand-year-old paintings give a snapshot of Roman life, and also creates a link to time and space. A slice of life has been created by binding the earth’s pigments with extracts of oil, made from nuts and seeds, painted with brushes, made from a variety of fibers, such as trees and hair from animals. While life wanes with each brushstroke, by shifting reality into the past, art exists to make us come alive, being a living image of a dead thing, a surface and a symbol with symbolic powers of its own. Still life works celebrate material and ephemeral pleasures by returning to nature as the ultimate source for our standards in art as well as in life itself.

Natura Morta collects pieces from a continuous variety of melodies — supported by a decisive rhythm section — creating a musical kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors. Sven Wunder brings life into this rich assortment of musical implications by fusing and combining melodic instruments with each other in a setting that spans from a classical to a modern idiom. The author evokes this panoramic portrait by articulating an instrumental dialog between a chamber orchestra and a jazz ensemble. The result is a musical celebration of material pleasures that also serves as a reminder of the brevity of human life. This album was produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.
Brendan Eder Ensemble - Cape Cod Cottage Blue Vinyl Edition
Brendan Eder Ensemble
Cape Cod Cottage Blue Vinyl Edition
LP | 2021 | US | Original (Jazz Dad)
26,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Welcome to the world of Edward Blankman, a retired dentist who wrote elegant, minimalist jazz in obscurity circa 1970.

At least that’s the story. In truth, Edward Blankman’s Cape Cod Cottage is the 2021 concept album from Echo Park composer Brendan Eder. A tender, wistful follow up to 2020’s To Mix With Time, the Cape Cod Cottage sound evokes the spirit of Erik Satie, Miles Davis with Gil Evans, and Stevie Wonder, balanced with the accessibility of 1960s lounge-exotica.

Eder created Blankman’s story to channel his own grief, with bittersweet tenderness. Read the liner notes (or watch the mini-doc), and you’ll be transported to the quiet shores of Cape Cod, where a lonely retiree mourns his late wife, Natalie, with walks in nature and evenings at his Wurlitzer.

The story is brought to life with a meticulously crafted package sporting classic liner notes, faux 1970s photographs documenting Edward with the musicians (taken during the actual session), a make-believe jazz label, and a commissioned oil painting of Edward’s cottage.

Eder brought together a dream line up with a ton of chemistry for the project; drummer Christian Euman (Jacob Collier), saxophonist Josh Johnson (Jeff Parker, Leon Bridges), and bassist Alex Boneham (Billy Childs), who all studied together at the Hancock Institute of Jazz. Rounding out the group is flutist Sarah Robinson, a recurring player in Eder’s ensemble, and Edward Blankman (Brendan) on the Wurlitzer.

The cast was booked for a single date with coveted engineer Michael Harris (Kamasi Washington, Angel Olsen) at famed Electro-Vox Recording Studios. To create realism for Edward’s story, the charts were purposefully withheld from the musicians until they arrived at the studio. The result is an authentic and natural performance delivered by players at the top of their game, captured on lauded vintage equipment including the legendary Neve-8028 console.
Chet Baker - Chet Transparent 'Beer' Vinyl Edition
So Much Soul Players (Chris Read & Rob Barron) - Happy Hammond
So Much Soul Players (Chris Read & Rob Barron)
Happy Hammond
7" | 2021 | UK | Original (Dinked)
6,49 €* 12,99 € -50%
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
‘Happy (Hammond)’ is the second release from London based Funk & Soul outfit the So Much Soul Players (aka Chris Read & Rob Barron), a gritty, instrumental Hammond Funk take on Pharrell Williams’ ubiquitous feel-good Pop/Soul cut ‘Happy’. Harking back to the raw stylings of 60s/70s Funk, this dancefloor oriented rendition of the popular song features driving drums, funky Hammond licks and crunchy, overdriven organ lines galore.
Misa Blam - Misa Blam I Oni Koji Vole Funky
Misa Blam
Misa Blam I Oni Koji Vole Funky
12" | 2021 | EU | Original (Discom)
18,99 €* 19,99 € -5%
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
An official edition of the group who pioneered jazz-funk in the former Yugoslavia: Misa Blam i Oni Koji Vole Funky. This 12" record on 45 RPM contains three songs from impossible to find EPs from the 70's and one fantastic previously unpublished track ! Mihailo "Misa" Blam (December 15, 1947, Belgrade, Yugoslavia - June 19, 2014, Belgrade, Serbia) was a Yugoslavian, Serbian and Jewish jazz musician (double bass player, arranger, composer), concert producer and publicist. Leaving a career in classical music (he was the only Yugoslavian musician who played in Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert von Karajan), he achieved a significant musical career as a jazz bassist- double bass player in New York, Munich, Israel, Dominican Republic, and Uganda (in Ini Amini’s court) and in Yugoslavia He played with Chet Baker, Frank Mantooth, Clark Terry, Ernie Wilkins, Alvin Queen, Hannes Beckmann, Tony Scott ... During the period between 1982 and 1999, he has been involved in 16 recording sessions in the field of jazz. Under his own name he published the EP ’’Misa Blam I Oni Koji Vole Funky’’ (Diskos), 1975, LP album ’’Secanje”, (Beograd Disk) 1979, and cassette ’’Good Old YU Days” (1993). The record opens with a song called "Dobro Jutro " (Eng. Good Morning), a track you will get in love with when you hear the opening 4 bars with Misa's bass funky licks and Slobodan Markovic's incredible ARP Odyssey riffs. Effective drums breaks, well structured electric piano solos and consistent funky rhythm-a good old 70's jazz funk production.. In the same groove we continue in לילה טוב eng. (Eng. Good Night), a song which is releasing here for the very first time. Two new instruments appear: congas and guitars developing the initial groove and enriching the sonic landscape. This progression is even more exciting in the next song "Laku Noć" (also means Good Night) when the magical sounds of ARP Odyssey and it's percussion responses are added to the same rhythmic pattern. However, the groove culminates in the final song "Gorila" (eng. Gorilla) on B side, a fantastic playing by a group which shows off its lavish talent in full color: finest drumming in tandem with smooth Fender jazz bass figures, fulfilled with five amazing solos: on tenor saxophone, guitar, electric piano, Wah bass and inevitable ARP Odyssey at the end! A gig that could easily open the performance of some of the jazz rock giants such as Billy Cobham & George Duke Band on Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976 for instance. Those who are not familiar with rare jazz funk groove records from Eastern Europe, will welcome this album with surprising enthusiasm and admiration. Others will enjoy the quality sound of the 45 RPM record which is cut directly from original master tapes and appreciate that they can finally afford the gem they have searched for years.
Pharoah Sanders - Rejoice
Pharoah Sanders
2LP | 1981 | UK | Reissue (Pure Pleasure)
55,99 €*
Release:1981 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder shipping from 07.10.2022
A two-LP set on Theresa, "Rejoice" features Pharoah Sanders in excellent form in 1981. Sanders sounds much more mellow than he had a decade earlier, often improvising in a style similar to late-'50s John Coltrane, particularly on "When Lights Are Low", "Moments Notice", and "Central Park West". The personnel changes on many of the selections and includes such top players as pianists Joe Bonner and John Hicks, bassist Art Davis, drummers Elvin Jones and Billy Higgins, vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, trombonist Steve Turre, trumpeter Danny Moore, a harpist, and (on "Origin" and "Central Park West") five vocalists. The music always holds one's interest, making this one of Sanders' better later recordings. Scott Yanow
Archie Shepp - Live In Paris 1974 - Lost Ortf Recordings
Archie Shepp
Live In Paris 1974 - Lost Ortf Recordings
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Transversales Disques)
25,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Transversales Disques proudly presents Archie Shepp – Live In Paris (1974), a never released before Ortf recording performed live at Studio 104, Maison de la Radio (Paris), remastered from the original tapes. The musicians at the recording session were Archie Shepp (Saxophone), Noël McGhie (drums), Bob Reid (Double Bass), Pablo Kino (Percussion) ans Siegfried Kessler (Piano). These exclusive recordings will be available as Deluxe Gatefold Tip-On Vinyl LP
Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellow Black Vinyl Edition
Emma-Jean Thackray
Yellow Black Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2021 | UK | Original (Movementt)
30,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
“I approached the record by trying to simulate a life-changing psychedelic experience, an hour where we see behind the curtain to a hidden dimension, where the physical realm melts away and we finally see that we are all one,” she explains.
Don Cherry - The Summer House Sessions
Don Cherry
The Summer House Sessions
LP | 2021 | UK | Original (Blank Forms Editions)
29,69 €* 32,99 € -10%
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
In 1968, Don Cherry had already established himself as one of the leading voices of the avant-garde. Having pioneered free jazz as a member of Ornette Coleman’s classic quartet, and with a high profile collaboration with John Coltrane under his belt, the globetrotting jazz trumpeter settled in Sweden with his partner Moki and her daughter Neneh. There, he assembled a group of Swedish musicians and led a series of weekly workshops at the ABF, or Workers’ Educational Association, from February to April of 1968, with lessons on extended forms of improvisation including breathing, drones, Turkish rhythms, overtones, silence, natural voices, and Indian scales. That summer, saxophonist and recording engineer Göran Freese—who later recorded Don’s classic Organic Music Society and Eternal Now LPs—invited Don, members of his two working bands, and a Turkish drummer to his summer house in Kummelnäs, just outside of Stockholm, for a series of rehearsals and jam sessions that put the prior months’ workshops into practice. Long relegated to the status of a mysterious footnote in Don’s sessionography, tapes from this session, as well as one professionally mixed tape intended for release, were recently found in the vaults of the Swedish Jazz Archive, and the lost Summer House Sessions are finally available over fifty years after they were recorded.

On July 20, the musicians gathered at Freese’s summer house included Bernt Rosengren (tenor saxophone, flutes, clarinet), Tommy Koverhult (tenor saxophone, flutes), Leif Wennerström (drums), and Torbjörn Hultcrantz (bass) from Don’s Swedish group; Jacques Thollot (drums) and Kent Carter (bass) from his newly formed international band New York Total Music Company; Bülent Ates (hand drum, drums), who was visiting from Turkey; and Don (pocket trumpet, flutes, percussion) himself. Lacking a common language, the players used music as their common means of communication. In this way, these frenetic and freewheeling sessions anticipate Don’s turn to more explicitly pan-ethnic expression, preceding his epochal Eternal Rhythm dates by four months. The octet, comprising musicians from America, France, Sweden, and Turkey, was a perfect vehicle for Don’s budding pursuit of “collage music,” a concept inspired in part by the shortwave radio on which Don listened to sounds from around the world. Using the collage metaphor, Don eliminated solos and the introduction of tunes, transforming a wealth of melodies, sounds, and rhythms into poetic suites of different moods and changing forms. The Summer House Sessions ensemble joyously layers manifold cultural idioms, traversing the airy peaks and serene valleys of Cherry’s earthly vision.

In the Swedish Jazz Archive quite a few other recordings from the same day were to be found. Some of the highlights are heard as bonus material on the CD edition of this album. The octet is augmented by producer and saxophone player Gunnar Lindqvist, who led the Swedish free jazz orchestra G.L. Unit on the album Orangutang, and drummer Sune Spångberg, who recorded with Albert Ayler in 1962. The bonus CD also includes a track without Cherry featuring Jacques Thollot joined by five Swedes including Lindqvist, Tommy Koverhult, Sune Spångberg, and others.

With liner notes by Magnus Nygren and album art featuring a cover painting by Moki Cherry: Untitled, ca. 1967–68.

Organized in conjunction with Organic Music Societies, a Blank Forms project that also includes a book, art exhibition, and performance series.
Henryk Debich - Monika / Zabawa W Ciemnosci HHV Exclusive Yellow Vinyl Edition
Henryk Debich
Monika / Zabawa W Ciemnosci HHV Exclusive Yellow Vinyl Edition
7" | 2021 | EU | Original (Astigmatic)
13,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
HHV exclusive edition on yellow vinyl, limited to 500 copies. 300 copies available at HHV and 200 copies available at Astigmatic Records.

In the seventies, the Polish Radio and Television Orchestra in Łódź, despite over twenty years of experience, was rediscovering itself and sounding more modern and interesting with each successive year. Depending on the piece, forty to seventy people were taking part in it! The orchestra efficiently moved between funk and disco genres, touching on illustrative music or jazz. Despite the huge amount of recorded songs from this period, only a handful of them was published in 1975 on the album "String Beat". Moreover, the achievements of Henryk Debich and the Polish Radio and Television Orchestra from 1978 were recently released by the GAD Records label on the album "City". The rest of the recordings are still waiting to be discovered.

That is why Astigmatic Records will present not only an LP full of groove, pulsating drums, powerful brass sections and unconventional, previously unpublished compositions but also two seven-inch vinyl. Before the LP will be released, "Closeup", a limited seven-inch disc will be available to warm up, a format that is inseparably associated with this genre. The album will include two previously unreleased songs "Monika" and "Fun in the dark", which will open an important year for Henryk Debich.

While closing the project, it turned out that 2021 will be a year of many anniversaries. On January 18, the legendary conductor, founder of the Lodz Polish Radio and Television Orchestra celebrated his 100th birthday. In July it will be the 20th anniversary since his passing. To these round anniversaries, it should also be added that Radio Łódź - which has been for almost half a century the second home to H. Debich, celebrates its 80th anniversary, while 30 years ago the Orchestra, which he led until the very end, was dissolved.
44th Move (Alfa Mist & Richard Spaven) - 44th Move Clear Vinyl Edition
44th Move (Alfa Mist & Richard Spaven)
44th Move Clear Vinyl Edition
12" | 2020 | UK | Reissue (Black Acre)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves
Multifaceted musicians Alfa Mist and Richard Spaven announce identities behind their 44th Move project and drop their debut self-titled EP on Black Acre.

The pair are two of London’s most hotly tipped Jazz artists, and both have a broad range of influences. Alfa Mist is a self-taught piano player with his early album ‘Antiphon’ becoming an international fan-driven success, receiving more than 6 million streams on youtube alone. Since then he has continually moved on to straddle many genres with recent projects such as ‘Structuralism’ and ‘On My Ones’, both experimenting with solo piano, neo-classical and hinting at his roots in Hip Hop.

Meanwhile, Spaven’s accolades includes three studio albums, such as the acclaimed ‘Real Time’ LP on Fine Line, working with The Cinematic Orchestra, Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Flying Lotus, Jose James, Jameszoo and Jordan Rakei, not to mention selling out venues like Camden’s Jazz Cafe with Richard Spaven Trio. The pair now team up together for a poignant debut release as 44th Move.

“Creating the sound was just a coming together where we discovered that we shared a lot of the same influences. We got to writing straight away - before we really got to know each other. I found it easy with a ton of inspiration. Ideas kept coming and we were on the same page. In retrospect we want 44th to have an edge - it’s a ‘heart on your sleeve’ project where we can express all those hip hop and broken beat records.”​ - Richard Spaven

‘Little Techno’ opens with an essence of melancholy and emotional connection emphasising loose drums, pulsing keys and delicate chords. ‘Fly’ then superbly merges contemporary glitches and samples with organic percussion while ‘Hope’ fuses Alfa Mist’s vocal-work with elegant brass, keys and an undercurrent of subtle rhythmic delight.
On the flip, ‘Broken’ flows with soft Rhodes sequences and Spaven’s signature crisp-sounding snares, giving a sophisticated edge to its arrangement before ‘Two Nil’ slants towards a broken-beat lane with distant keyboards, syncopated beats and dystopian-like harmonies.
Art Blakey - Moanin'
Art Blakey
LP | 1958 | EU | Reissue (Blue Note)
25,99 €*
Release:1958 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
More than any other album in the canon of Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, 1958’s Moanin’ — featuring the great drummer with trumpeter Lee Morgan, tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, pianist Bobby Timmons, and bassist Jymie Merritt —was the perfect crystallization of the band’s bluesy, soulful sound, and it still stands today as perhaps the most quintessential hard bop recording of all-time.

Originally self-titled, the album was later renamed Moanin’ due to the popularity of Timmons’ unforgettable opening track. The album also introduced several indelible Golson compositions that would become standards of the jazz songbook including “Along Came Betty” and “Blues March.”

This Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition is all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.
Antti Lötjönen & Koma Saxo - Erzeben Strasse / Erzeben Koma
Antti Lötjönen & Koma Saxo
Erzeben Strasse / Erzeben Koma
7" | 2021 | UK | Original (We Jazz)
6,59 €* 10,99 € -40%
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Helsinki bassist Antti Lötjönen follows up his 2020 We Jazz Records debut LP with a new 7" introducing a fresh version of key album cut "Erzeben Strasse" and throws in a wild treatment by Petter Eldh's Koma Saxo on the flipside. "Erzeben Strasse" presents Lötjönen's Quintet East lineup in fine form, swinging steadily but also adding enough sideways movement to blur the lines just a little bit. The band features a stellar Finnish cast in Lötjönen (bass), Verneri Pohjola (trumpet), Mikko Innanen (baritone sax), Jussi Kannaste (tenor sax) and Joonas Riippa (drums). The Koma Saxo treatment of the track, dubbed here as "Erzeben Koma" is full of fire. Uplifting, a bit hectic, beat-driven and jubilant, Eldh's band of brothers double the ensemble heard on Side A, both sampling and adding new recording into the mix. The entire Koma Saxo live band is featured here: Eldh (bass/production), Otis Sandsjö (tenor sax), Jonas Kullhammar (tenor sax), Innanen (alto sax) and Christian Lillinger (drums). The modern sound of Helsinki meet Mauerpark Liquid Jazz.
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Inspiration Information
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen
Inspiration Information
2LP | 2009 | EU | Reissue (Strut)
25,99 €*
Release:2009 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Back in October 2009, Strut’s Inspiration Information series was in fullswing. Following an acclaimed collaboration between Mulatu Astatkeand The Heliocentrics, Finnish maverick Jimi Tenor hit the studio for amouth-watering head to head with Afrobeat drumming legend, TonyAllen. Tenor had already built a reputation as a fascinating enigma inmodern day music. Consistently one of the most inspired andunpredictable live artists around, his work since his breakthroughalbum ‘Intervision’ (Warp, 1997) had involved open-minded projectsranging from live film soundtracks and orchestral pieces to a series ofAfro-based albums with his band Kabu Kabu. Enjoying a burgeoningrevival, Tony Allen had continued to attract new fans. Celebrated asthe creator of the Afrobeat rhythm and a lynchpin of Fela Kuti’s Africa70 band, his work at the time of this recording had included the firstalbum as The Good, The Bad & The Queen with Damon Albarn and hisdebut recording for World Circuit Records, ‘Secret Agent’. Recorded at Lovelite Studios in Berlin during November 2008 withfurther sessions in Finland and Paris, the Tenor / Allen collaborationwhipped up a raw, heavy analogue sound mixing the full range ofAllen’s Afrobeat repertoire with Tenor’s off-kilter brew of dark humour,tongue-in-cheek lyrics and tight, firing musicianship. The sessionsinvolved key members of Tenor’s Kabu Kabu band and Berlin-basedguest MC Allonymous with tracks evolving naturally from jammingideas together over five intense days of recording, fuelled by plenty ofAfrican food and whisky. Tenor’s trademark range of home-madeinstruments rubbed shoulders with vintage keyboards and traditionalAfrican percussion.
Byard Lancaster - My Pure Joy HHV Exclusive Blue Vinyl Edition
Byard Lancaster
My Pure Joy HHV Exclusive Blue Vinyl Edition
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Strut)
23,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
"From A Love Supreme to The Sex Machine!" The personal musical mantra of the late Philadelphia reedman Byard Lancaster informed an open-minded and varied lifetime in jazz. Strut presents one of Lancaster's lesser known classics, 'My Pure Joy', recorded in 1992 for Black Fire. Lancaster had initially cut his musical teeth with the avant-garde on New York's Lower East Side in the 1960s (famously on sessions with pianist Dave Burrell and drummer Sunny Murray) and in Paris during the '70s after an appearance at the Actuel festival but, throughout his career, his path was built around community engagement, positivity and "the Philly jazz sound, Germantown style." He became an ambassador for the music of the City Of Brotherly Love, starting his own Dogtown label, helping launch the Philly Jazz imprint and campaigning tirelessly to improve the circumstances of the city's street musicians. Originally delayed by three years because of cashflow issues within Black Fire, 'My Pure Joy' eventually surfaced as one of the label's final CD releases in 1995.
Henry Franklin - Skipper
Vitor Assis Brasil - Desenhos HHV Summer Of Jazz Exclusive White Vinyl Edition
Vitor Assis Brasil
Desenhos HHV Summer Of Jazz Exclusive White Vinyl Edition
LP | 1966 | EU | Reissue (Mad About)
25,99 €*
Release:1966 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limited edition of 300 copies for HHV Summer Of Jazz 2022!

Vitor Assis Brasil is the best Brazilian jazzman ever, praised internationally by renowned Jazz musicians such like John Coltrane, Phil Woods and many others. Vitor has passed very early, with the age of 36, when he was at his peak. Caetano Rodrigues provided this record to Loronixers, which is Victor Assis Brasil debut LP and it is necessary to say it is an unique opportunity, this is a very hard to find album and this music was taken from the master tapes and is provided to us loose less, better than any other vinyl conversions take from other media.
This is Vitor Assis Brasil – Desenhos (1966), original on Forma, next reissue on Mad About Records, featuring the sax of Victor with the accompaniment of Tenório Júnior (piano), Edson Lobo, with the age of 19 (bass) and Chico Batera (drums). Victor had 19 years old at this recording session.
Sven Wunder - Wabi Sabi
Sven Wunder
Wabi Sabi
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Piano Piano)
29,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
By welcoming the beauty of imperfection and simplicity, Sven Wunder applies the timeless wisdom of wabi sabi on this musical journey. What you can hear is filtered through Ukiyo-e (which translates as “pictures of the floating world”), which illustrates everyday life, as well as through Japonism, the study of Japanese art, and more specifically its influence on European works. The result is a surface that creates an illusion by sound. The infusion of Min’y? with jazz rock, this hazy scene evokes the landscape of Monet’s ”The Water Lily Pond”, which depicts the painter’s Giverny garden, with a Japanese bridge, bamboo, ginkgo trees and the reflection of the sky in the pond. This illusion constructs both time and space.

The surface of the music, like the canvas of the painting, invents a journey between now and then by interpreting the idiom of folkloric and western art instruments. In this composition, the sound of the Western concert flute, which stretches back to the Renaissance and Baroque periods, evokes the sound of the bamboo-flute (”shakuchachi”), which reached its peak during the Edo period. The guzheng, also known as the Chinese zither, with a more than 2,500 year history, joins traditional Japanese folk melodies with modern pop percussion and 20th century electronic instruments such as the Moog synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano and electric bass.

This is the illusion that celebrates the fleeting nature of all things. A journey. A deep inhale and a slow exhale. It has a mix of jazz (both funky and progressive), East Asian and South Asian sounds. The idea of fusing these styles and reframing them with the aesthetic of wabi sabi is to reconnect with nature and concentrate on asymmetries and emphasize ornamentation to generate new ways of looking at the world, here and now.

This record is produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council.
Andrew Hill - Smoke Stack
Hiromasa Suzuki - High-Flying
Hiromasa Suzuki
LP | 1976 | JP | Reissue (Nippon Columbia)
81,99 €*
Release:1976 / JP – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder shipping from 07.10.2022
Hiromasa Suzuki is a composer / arranger / key player who has been active in the Japanese music world, including jazz as well as movies, television and commercials. In the late 60's and mid 70's, he was deeply involved in the works of Terumasa Hino, Akira Ishikawa and Jiro Inagaki in the most radical times. The album “High-Flying,” recorded in 1976, showed his innovativeness, which was always one step ahead of the times, in the overall financial results.
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out Blue Vinyl Edition
Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else Blue Vinyl Edition
Comet Is Coming, The - The Afterlife Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Comet Is Coming, The
The Afterlife Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
12" | 2019 | EU | Original (Verve)
25,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limitation: 1000. RSD Limited Run. The Comet Is Coming is: Danalogue (keyboards/electronics), Betamax (drums) and King Shabaka (saxophone) and they follow up their critically acclaimed Trust in The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery with The Afterlife EP.

“The two records can be seen as companions, that cannot exist without each other, like day and night, light and dark, creation and destruction. They were made together, at the same time, and have always been intended to be experienced together,” says Danalogue. “The Afterlife has been a topic of deep consideration and one of the keys to spiritual mythology around the world for millenia… The idea of a form of continuation of consciousness from our perceived reality into another state brings an extra dimension of meaning into the gravitas of our actions in this life, our respect and reverence for our ancestors, as well as the sense of a continuum of life over an infinite, timeless void.”
Matthew Halsall - Sending My Love
Matthew Halsall
Sending My Love
2LP | 2019 | UK | Original (Gondwana)
28,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Remixed and remastered with bonus material and released on vinyl for the first time.

Deluxe 2LP editions with artwork re-imagined by Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic.

"If I could watch any jazz band in the UK, any, I would choose Matthew Halsall's band, just love what he's been doing over the last few years... It's always high level, spiritual jazz music" Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 1

Matthew Halsall (born September 11, 1983, in Manchester, England) is a Worldwide Award winning and MOBO nominated trumpeter, composer, producer and DJ. Since 2008, Matthew has released seven critically acclaimed studio recordings and has been a key figure in the rise of a new jazz sound in the UK. In addition to his own releases Halsall has collaborated with many DJs and producers, most notably DJ Shadow and Mr. Scruff, and in 2013 Matthew's music was selected by Bonobo for his Late Night Tales compilation. Halsall is also the founder of Gondwana Records, a genre bending independent record label featuring a wealth defining albums by the likes of Portico Quartet, GoGo Penguin, Hania Rani and Mammal Hands. His own rich music draws on the spiritual-jazz of Alice Coltrane and Phaorah Sanders, contemporary electronica and dance music alongside his travels in Japan, the traditional art and music of which, has left a lasting impression on his compositions.

Sending My Love (2008) and Colour Yes (2009) were his first releases and document Halsall's first great bands featuring the likes of flautist Chip Wickham, saxophonist Nat Birchall, harpist Rachael Gladwin, bassist Gavin Barras and drummer Gaz Hughes. Joyful, life-enhancing albums, drawing on UK jazz and spiritual jazz influences but with a decidedly modern bounce, they introduced Halsall's music to the world gathering support from the likes of Gilles Peterson and Jamie Cullum, Mojo, Straight No Chaser and beyond. But Halsall was never completely happy with how the records were presented and as part of Gondwana Records 10th anniversary decided to revisit the recordings, meticulously remixing and remastering them for vinyl and commissioning new artwork from Ian Anderson, one of his favourite designers. These then are the definitive editions of the records. Sending My Love comes complete with the beautiful bonus track This Time, while Colour Yes features the equally striking It's What We Do and Ai.
Reuben Wilson - Blue Mode
Reuben Wilson
Blue Mode
LP | 1970 | US | Reissue (Blue Note)
21,99 €*
Release:1970 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
This Blue Note 80 Vinyl Edition is all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.
Aldorande - Aldorande
Miles Davis - Miles In The Sky
Athletic Progression - Dark Smoke
Athletic Progression
Dark Smoke
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Super Bad Disco / HHV)
17,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves
"Dark Smoke" is the debut release from the Danish Jazz & Hip Hop outfit Athletic Progression. 9 tracks with the help of Minna Forouzandeh, Isatta Sheriff and Blacc El.

"When we recorded Dark Smoke in late 2016, Athletic Progression was a quartet featuring our main man Ole Koefoed Larsen on guitar. Our group composition and sound has changed since then, but reflecting our common background in hiphop, Dark Smoke is where our story began, and a fitting introduction to our musical universe." - Athletic Progression
Leifur James - A Louder Silence Black Vinyl Edition
Paul Desmond - Easy Living
Paul Desmond
Easy Living
LP | 1966 | EU | Reissue (Speakers Corner)
35,99 €*
Release:1966 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Why should you buy this LP? 1. Because of its super sound? Of course! 2. Because Paul Desmond and Jim Hall are playing? Naturally! 3. For "Easy Living"? Surely one of the best numbers in one of the most multifaceted versions! 4. Because you missed out on the first release in 1966? Well, don’t make the same mistake in 2018!
Not everyone wants to purchase all Victor recordings by Paul Desmond and Jim Hall with umpteen alternate takes in a voluminous CD Box, to listen to it all, and to find it just wonderful to show off on the record shelf. The eight numbers on "Easy Living" constitute the height of Desmond’s career anyway after he had at last managed to take his leave from Dave Brubeck’s group. And the change from purely chordal playing and single notes from Jim Hall is more airy and more inspiring than the meaty piano clusters of his former boss. And don’t forget either that half of the Modern Jazz Quartet, namely the bassist Percy Heath and the drummer Connie Kay, deliver an exquisite skeletal structure over which the musicians can improvise brilliantly.
LPs are, and remain, unbeatable, both as regards sound and feel. And happily they are also a safe investment – maybe not all, but "Easy Living" with Paul Desmond and Jim Hall most definitely!

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. More information under www.pure-analogue.com.
All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid.

Recording: June 1963, July and September 1964, June 1965 at RCA Studio, New York City
Production: George Avakian
Pat Martino - Consciousness
Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon
Tullio De Piscopo
Stop Bajon
12" | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Best Record Italy)
16,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Originally released in 1983 Stop Bajon (Primavera) became a favourite in Rimini Discotheques, Balearic Islands and even Chicago during the early house days. It was an anthem on what went on to become the Italo Disco movement. The vocal mix is still revered and played to this day by DJ's such as DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising night at Pikes, Ibiza. This special limited edition release from Best Record Italy features for the first time the original acapellas (tracked down during tape restoration) plus the song Stadera that was available only on the first italian pressing and of course the original extended club vocal and instrumental.
Thelonious Monk & Sonny Rollins - Brillant Corners Gatefold Sleeve Edition
Tony Allen - Black Voices
Tony Allen
Black Voices
2LP | 1999 | EU | Reissue (Comet)
21,99 €*
Release:1999 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Comet presents the reissue of Black Voices (1999), featuring remastered versions and “Ariya (Psyche Juju Mix)” as bonus track, which was not part of the original release.
Tony Allen completely rewrote the books on what was possible within the AfroBeat genre with his stunning 1999 album, Black Voices. When one considers exactly "what" is going on throughout Black Voices, it is quite mind boggling, as it is almost impossible to associate a minimalist, electronic feel with the massive walls of sound which Allen was known to create.
Yet these walls of sound are still very present, yet they gain an entirely new feel due to the presence of the producer, Doctor L. He takes the mesmerizing rhythms that Allen creates and he spins them into a stunningly modern sound. While Doctor L's production work throughout Black Voices is truly fantastic, it is clear that the genius behind the album lies within the mind of Tony Allen. With the absolutely mesmerizing, funky grooves that Allen creates, it comes a little surprise that the vocal collaborations are handled by members of one of the funkiest bands in history: Parliament-Funkadelic.
For almost two decades, Black Voices has remained a stunning example of the fantastic results that can occur when seemingly unrelated genres clash.
Avishai Cohen - 1970
Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
Miles Davis
Kind Of Blue
LP | 1959 | US | Reissue (Columbia)
34,99 €*
Release:1959 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
This is a limited edition reissue. It is remastered, mono, and on 180g vinyl.
Thelonious Monk - Criss-Cross
Herbie Hancock - Crossings
Herbie Hancock
LP | 1972 | EU | Reissue (Speakers Corner)
35,99 €*
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
In the 1970s, Herbie Hancock’s "Crossings" was to be found on every IKEA record shelf in the student pads of jazz-fusion fans. The cover, with its psychedelic touch, also contributed significantly to its popularity – although it was unclear where the crossing was going to take us …
Nevertheless, the excellent trumpeter Eddie Henderson – often underestimated as an improviser and composer, and Benny Maupin – who like Hancock had grown up under Miles Davis’s wing, present a wide range of sound-generating instruments – as was all the rage in those days. Synthesizer and Mellotron (a polyphonic tape replay keyboard and as such practically the prototype of the sampler) were permanent members of the group – and even produce here melodic arches of sound! Whether Bennie Maupin’s "Quasar" launches the group and us into extraterrestrial territory (as stated in one review) is a moot point.
This LP is a contemporary historical document, though it certainly doesn’t sound antiquated. That’s why younger listeners too will find pleasure in this experiment from the previous millennium.

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid.

Recording: February 1972 at Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo, CA., by Patrick Gleason
Production: David Rubinson
Painkiller - Execution Ground
Execution Ground
LP | 1994 | EU | Reissue (Karl)
25,99 €*
Release:1994 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
When PAINKILLER started in 1991, their first two albums “Guts Of A Virgin” and “Buried Secrets” (both released on extreme metal label Earache) were heavy attacks blending grindcore and free jazz that brought together the musical backgrounds of the three protagonists: drummer MICK HARRIS had just left grindcore legend NAPALM DEATH, JOHN ZORN explored new extremities with his NAKED CITY project while BILL LASWELL had as a member of roaring free jazz quartet LAST EXIT ( PETER BRÖTZMANN / SONNY SHARROCK / RONALD SHANNON JACKSON) proven that he was not only a visionary producer but also an accomplished bassist. But it is their 1994 double album “Execution Ground” that remains the opus magnum of the brilliant trio: ZORN’s unmistakable shrieking saxophone, HARRIS’ pounding drums and LASWELL’s growling sub-bass lines were given heavy mixing desk treatment, resulting in extended tracks that are no less intense than their early works but display the full range of the musicians’ skills. Soaked with reverb and delay, avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres - even more so in the ambient versions of disc 2.
Mastered and cut by RASHAD BECKER at D&M Berlin, “Execution Ground” is now available on vinyl for the very first time as 2x 180gr LP incl. a download code and insert in a limited edition of 500 items.
Don Cherry - Organic Music Society
Grover Washington Jr. - Winelight
Grover Washington Jr.
LP | 1980 | EU | Reissue (Music On Vinyl)
25,99 €*
Release:1980 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Winelight (1980) is a Grammy Award winning album by revered Jazz musician Grover Washington Jr. It received the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance in 1982. The album also includes the Grammy Award winning hit "Just the Two of Us" sung by Bill Withers.

180g vinyl.
Steve Kuhn - Steve Kuhn
Steve Kuhn
Steve Kuhn
LP | 1971 | EU | Reissue (Ascensionale)
39,99 €*
Release:1971 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
It’s among the hardest of Kuhn’s albums to find so this reissue is most welcome. Luxuriate in the glow of Kuhn’s Fender Rhodes and the pliant funky bass of Ron Carter; immerse yourself in the percussive interplay of Moreira and Cobham, a pairing that has rarely sounded so good. This is such an exquisite album; you will lose yourself in its delicate power and find yourself coming back to it again and again.
Donald Byrd - Byrd In Paris
Donald Byrd
Byrd In Paris
LP | 1958 | UK | Reissue (Sam)
37,99 €*
Release:1958 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
»They’d been living in Europe for months. They’d appeared in Cannes and at Knokke (…) yet the only thing missing was the consecration that a great concert in Paris would bring. They won that last battle with astounding brio, in front of an audience of connoisseurs. There were many there who thought modern jazz had never been so well-served in Paris.« (Jazz Magazine). Hard bop had arrived! Hallelujah! On its first French appearance, in July ‘58 at the Cannes Festival – the first and only Cannes jazz festival – the Donald Byrd Quintet had brought the house down. Yet four of its five members were relatively unknown in France … The French knew that the leader had replaced Kenny Dorham in the Jazz Messengers, that Doug Watkins was the Messengers’ bassist, and that pianist Walter Davis Jr. was still only 18 when he’d played with Charlie Parker. As for Art Taylor, even if his name meant something to fans, it was still difficult for people to have a more precise idea of his musical qualities. Only Bobby Jaspar was well-known to Paris audiences, and the tour marked the return of the prodigal son, the musician who’d decided, after setting the Club St. Germain on fire, to try his luck in the States early in 1956 – J.J. Johnson had hired him, and then Miles Davis (for a short spell) before Donald Byrd brought him into the group he was taking to Europe. This new tour would climax at the Olympia theatre during one of the “Jazz Wednesdays” that were organised there, ever since the "Jazz At Carnegie Hall” tour – Zoot Sims, JJ. Johnson, Lee Konitz, Phineas Newborn – had inaugurated the series a little earlier. Byrd and his band took pains not to disappoint a Paris audience they knew to be particularly fickle, and they astutely varied the public’s pleasures throughout the evening. The complicity that united the rhythm section – Walter Davis Jr., Doug Watkins and Art Taylor – was much in evidence on Ray’s Idea; mistrusting the traps of the spectacular at all costs, Donald Byrd, producing brilliant inventions on the trumpet, took the lion’s share of the honours on a theme that was then much in fashion, "Dear Old Stockholm", adapted from a Swedish traditional song; on "Flute Blues", Bobby Jaspar proved he was still a specialist on that instrument, and Paul’s Pal showed that, on tenor, the playing of Sonny Rollins hadn’t gone unnoticed. It must be said that it didn’t have much effect on the discreet lyricism underlying the choruses he played during his “St. Germain” period. The Olympia spectators weren’t sparing in their applause for the five musicians. How else could they have reacted, faced with the fire the band showed during a tune like "The Blues Walk"? It wouldn’t take much for us to applaud, too, even if it is fifty-five years later…
Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream
Thelonious Monk
Monk's Dream
LP | 1963 | EU | Reissue (Music On Vinyl)
25,99 €*
Release:1963 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Monk's Dream is the first album jazz musician Thelonious Monk released on Columbia Records. Jazz scholars and enthusiasts alike also heralded this combo as the best Monk had been involved with for several years.

180g audiophile vinyl.
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