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Across the globe, people are using brands to define their style and identity. The brands you associate with, define the kind of person you are or want to be as well as the way people look at you. These brands can be linked to all kinds of products, but within the fashion world, accessories became more important within the last years. The accessory segment is usually divided by a choice between expensive products with high brand value and cheaper products with low brand value. Komono injects innovative accessory trends into the mainstream by offering early adopters a choice of affordable yet quality products with high brand value. Komono accessories are quality products offering wearable, zeitgeist designs at smooth prices. Komono combines carefully curated retro and contemporary elements to create accessible designs. It’s an important side benefit that Komono makes their clients feel part of the Komonist community. The only collaborations are made with artists and brands that can make Komono part of their own story. They must understand and respect the Komono movement. Their own philosophy must coincide with the Komono goals. Komono is witty and intelligent, but doesn’t take itself too serious. Komono is inspirational, too. Be different, think beyond the basic, break boundaries. Stay true to yourself.

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