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Sélène Saint-Aimé - Mare Undarum
Sélène Saint-Aimé
Mare Undarum
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Komos)
20,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Picture Sélène, a young schoolgirl, walking through the aisles of the Django Reinhardt festival at Samois sur Seine, near Fontainebleau in the Parisian suburbs - just a stone’s throw from the village she lives in. She is just fourteen, or fifteen, and is working as a volunteer among all these musicians who compose a world she is not yet fully aware of. Of course, she seems intensely drawn to this music she has become acquainted with over the passing years. Her spirit and fingertips have been set in motion, her interest in the guitar has peaked (which seems obvious, seen the place!) but she is lacking genuine conviction. “And then, at 15, at a concert, I fell for the double bass. Why at this exact moment? I really don’t know. But it was love at first sight. In hindsight, it’s easier for me to explain – you can play the double bass, even as a complete beginner, and this is impossible with a violin; you always need a base with jazz; and ultimately, it’s a magnificent instrument. I like the wood, the shape, the size, the sound - everything.” After leaving school, Sélène Saint-Aimé registered at the Paris College of Music and the Conservatoire de Boulogne where she studied jazz, classical music and bowing technique – the repertoire of the double bass opened its doors wide. In July 2016, she met Steve Coleman, then in residence at Montreuil. This was a revelation. She felt attracted to his demanding brand of jazz music, made of improvisation, music thanks to which she felt she could readily express her creativity. Now picture Sélène, aged around twenty, conquering yet discrete, upon her arrival in New York following the advice of Steve Coleman. She has been to the most prestigious jazz clubs under the benevolence of highly esteemed elders. She is watching, listening, observing and learning. She has attended classes taught by Ron Carter. And followed Steve Coleman during his residencies and master classes. You could do worse when it comes to mentoring and honing your art. This period of her life was very rich - she shared her time between France and the US, between work and play, between an intense present and an emerging future. Finally, picture Sélène, back in Paris, determined to play, to play once more, above all to play. She is looking for the right formation, the right music, the right colours and vibrations. She did end up finding them. “I took part in a lot of concerts back in Paris: I played with several musicians. I saw what worked, what didn’t. I’d change as I moved forward. My work is highly intuitive. I taught myself composition. I hope that soon, I’ll manage to work with the formation that suits me best: a basic string trio, double bass, cello, viola or violin.” In June 2019, Antoine Rajon, head of jazz label Komos at Astérios Spectacles, suggested Sélène Saint-André record an album of her own compositions. Her first. She was given free reign and her inspiration was limitless. Mare Undarum was born between the walls of the Studio Pigalle during galvanizing recording sessions where composition and improvisation made such great bedfellows – a combined effort.
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Nakara Percussions - Nakara Percussions
Nakara Percussions
Nakara Percussions
LP | 1984 | EU | Reissue (Komos)
17,99 €*
Release:1984 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Hypnotic percussion tracks and organic soundscapes drawing on African, Asian, Indian & South American traditions, recorded deep in the French countryside in 1984. First-time reissue of a much sought-after French private press rarity at the intersection of jazz, percussion and experimental sounds - long a secret dancefloor weapon for open-minded DJs.
Randy Kerber & Jowee Omicil - Y Pati
Randy Kerber & Jowee Omicil
Y Pati
2LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Komos)
21,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder available from 11.12.2020
They were fated to meet. No doubt about that. But planet jazz is sometimes so vast it is hard to cross paths at the right time - all you can do is take your time and the blue notes will do the rest - those on the Komos label, for example. Randy Kerber was born in 1958 in Encino, California, and began the piano at a very young age. At 19, he embarked on a tour alongside Bette Midler. Then came tours with Lionel Hampton and Don Ellis, two major figures in jazz, rapidly introducing him to this music on the most sumptuous of stages (North Sea Jazz, Montreux, Juan Les Pins …). He then accompanied artists such as Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, B.B. King, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox and Frank Sinatra. Yet it is in the world of cinema that Randy Kerber made a name for himself and his fingers by participating in over one thousand (1000 !) full length features. He played the solo in Forrest Gump, was featured in Titanic, in La la Land, and notably, orchestrated Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Dark Knight, The Legend of Zorro and The Color Purple. In total, he spent forty years at the service of others until taking part in The Eddy, a series on jazz by Damien Chazelle, in which he plays Randy, the pianist. This made perfect sense - he lives in Paris. Jowee Omicil, was born in 1977, in Montréal and is of Haitian descent. His mother passed away when he was five years old. His father, a pastor, encouraged him to attend music school when he turned 15. He began by studying the piano but quickly turned his attention to reed-based instruments - soprano and alto saxophone, clarinet…He has played with musicians such as Branford Marsalis, Richard Bona, Marcus Miller and Wyclef Jean. In total, he has released five albums as a band leader or in his own name, right up to The Eddy, Damien Chazelle’s series on jazz, in which he plays Jowee, the saxophonist. This made perfect sense - he lives in Paris. So Paris is where the two crossed paths. Crossed paths? It would be better to say that their worlds collided. “It was immediate”, remembers Jowee, “I had never experienced this before. It’s very hard to explain.” Randy adds: “With other musicians, we held back, things stayed on the surface. With Jowee, we listen, get on and understand each other, it’s mutual.” Antoine Rajon, from the Komos label suggested Jowee record a duet album with a pianist. Jowee jumped on the occasion: “There were two pianists I wanted to play with, Keith Jarret and Randy Kerber.” Randy accepted straight away: “I had been working for others for so long, that it was high time for me to play for myself. One collaboration led to another so quickly throughout all these years, that I never really had time to settle down. It’s different now that I live in Paris.” The two men joined forces at the Studio Pigalle in early July. They had composed but a few notes for three of the thirteen tracks which make up the Y Pati album. The rest is pure improvisation - fleeting moments, the desire to play, long dialogues, rambling duos, jazz antics, blues fantasies - a quick nod to Miles, a tribute to Jowee’s father and a tip of the hat to Randy’s daughter. Randy is sometimes sitting at the piano but more often on the Chamberlin, Osmose or the Continuum Fingerboard. As for Jowee, he has harnessed the sax - tenor, alto or soprano – the clarinet, cornet, piccolo flute and also sings, on occasion. The pieces have been recorded as they were improvised and imagined, without overdubs or retakes. Each track has a story which unfolded when it was created, stories recalled upon meeting again in September just before the release of the album. The Long way Home for example, revisits a piece imagined for The Eddy. It is the first track on the album. “Randy played it on the piano for the series, it appeared in my mind, so we worked from that memory.” On Grenadié, Randy opens fire on the Chamberlin before Jowee bounces in. “When we begin, we never really know where we’re headed”, insists Jowee. “But ‘Grenadié à l’assaut’ (get ready for action, grenade thrower!) was one of my dad’s expressions. A way of fighting for freedom. His approach inspired the track”. Lumière au bout du tunnel (Light at the End of the Tunnel) was constructed in the manner of a film scene. “In the end, the album was conceived as cinematic jazz, explains Randy. Soundtrack music without a film. Every time, we wanted there to be an incarnation, an evocation, images. On this piece, we have conjured up a progression leading from the shadows into the light.” J.C.O. is a tribute to Jowee’s father, Joseph, C. Omicil. “Randy deciphered the notes I had scribbled down and extended the piece. What Randy has played is marvelous. This is the first ever piece I have dedicated to my father. Up until then, I hadn’t reached his level. He would have approved of this one. Thankyou Randy.” Then, the two men go on their way, talking, smiling, as if they have always known each other. Randy kerber : piano and keys (Fender Rhodes, Chamberlin, Continuum Fingerboard and Expressive E Osmose). Jowee Omicil : vocals, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, cornet, piccolo flute and Fender Rhodes.
Sibusile Xaba - Ngiwu Shwabada
Sibusile Xaba
Ngiwu Shwabada
2LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Komos)
17,59 €* 21,99 € -20%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Charismatic guitar savant Sibusile Xaba reframes maskandi and the avant garde into his own humanist manifesto.
With a vocal style that is part dreamscaping and part ancestral invocation, Xaba divines as opposed to plainly singing. Combined with a guitar style that is rooted in expressive picking, Xaba’s music shatters the confines of genre, taking only the fundamentals from mentors such as Madala Kunene and Dr Philip Tabane and imbuing these with a mythology and improvisational intensity all of his own. The song Tribute to Bafo that features on this new record is an homage to Madala “Bafo” Kunene.
Maskandi, malombo, the desert blues and jazz all figure in Sibusile Xaba’s expansive vocabulary, albeit through a magnetic individual filter.
After the acclaimed release of ‘Open Letter to Adoniah’ in 2017, Sibusile’s second album NGIWU SHWABADA was recorded in one continuous take at Studio Pigalle in Paris, France, in May 2019. It features his long-time musical companion Naftali on additional vocals.
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