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LookyLooky - Women's Wet n Sweat Rain Jacket
Women's Wet n Sweat Rain Jacket
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LookyLooky - Women's Wet n Sweat Rain Jacket
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LookyLooky Windbreaker Jackets Women

The majority of t-shirt brands tend to get lost in the delusion of having their tees striking a balance between affiliation and distinction. But there is no such balance, and if there was one, it wouldn’t be maintained by one of those labels. The Looky Looky girls don’t have so much in common with your ordinary flashy tee factory, except the t-shirts. Actually, it’s more of a Thelma & Louise thing, apart from the fact that Louise is more of a Luise, plus there is no Thelma at all. But instead of Thelma, there’s Conny and Julia. It’s a real tight-knit crew thing between both of them…a little ‘made you look’-attitude here, a little ‘big mouth strikes again’-temper there, all bound together by loads of charm, style and humor. They would be passing ideas, drafts and designs onto each other – they’re doing their own thing. At the end of the day, there’s a stock of fresh designs that’s worth checkin’ out. It’s as simple as that.

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