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V.A. - This Is Frafra Power: New Music From Bongo, Bolgatanga, Ghana - Upper East Region
This Is Frafra Power: New Music From Bongo, Bolgatanga, Ghana - Upper East Region
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Makkum)
16,14 €* 18,99 € -15%
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
"A new compilation with music from the Upper East of Ghana where Frafra is the regional language. All artists are from in and around Bongo, the town where Ghanaian star King Ayisoba was born and raised. This is a collection of styles, all recorded in Francis Ayamga's Top Link studio. Ayamga is also drummer in King Ayisoba's band and creates beats and bass for the new Bongo stars.

Bongo is a small town and is the capital of Bongo District, a district in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It’s a twenty minute drive to the border of Burkina Faso; “we share water” one of King Ayisoba’s band members once said. King Ayisoba, one of Ghana’s most famous musicians, was born and raised in Soe, a small village just outside Bongo; a fifteen minute drive on a sand road. Each time I visit the Bongo District, I have to visit King Ayisoba’s family too and pay my respects. Ayisoba’s father and mother are old but vital, they still work the land. I heard that during the harvest time everyone is a farmer. Young people come back home from the big cities like Accra and Kumasi to help with the harvesting and most of them have herded cows and goats when they were young.

Sitting on the back of Francis Ayamga’s motorbike we make many stops. Francis plays the traditiona drum in King Ayisoba’s band and he runs a studio in Bongo. He knows most of the people in Bongo, and there is always something new going on. Of course he has to explain why he has a white man on the back of his bike. The people in Bongo are proud of all the musicians and especially of King Ayisoba and his band who play the whole world and bring the Frafra tradition to all the continents. Actually he is teaching the world some Frafra along the way since King Ayisoba is well known for his powerful shouts and interaction with the audience.

During one of the King Ayisoba tours Francis gave me a pendrive full of music he recorded in his studio. I listened through all and heard a lot of great music. I made a selection, sat down with Francis and King Ayisoba and then came the idea to make a compilation that represents the music from the Upper East, focused on Bongo, all in Frafra and full of variation: rap, gospel, kologo and traditional chanting, it’s all there. I spent a week at Francis’ Top Link studio and met many great musicians. One of them was Zenabu, a traditional singer who brought her whole women group. They did not fit in the studio so we recorded them outside and it sounds beautiful.”
Ayuune Sule - We Have One Destiny
Ayuune Sule
We Have One Destiny
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Makkum)
19,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Noch vor wenigen Jahren stand sie symbolisch für die Musik der "Hüttenmenschen" und Bauern aus dem
Norden des Landes, heute ist sie aus Ghanas Popkultur nicht mehr wegzudenken: die Kologo. Hierbei
handelt es sich um eine zweisaitige Laute, die eng mit dem Banjo verwandt ist. Ursprünglich kam das
Instrument bei Feiern, Hochzeiten und Beerdigungen zum Einsatz. Doch seit Guy One, Atongo Zimba und vor
allem King Ayisoba begannen, mit Hilfe der Kologo die populärsten ghanaischen Genres der Vergangenheit
(Highlife) und Gegenwart (Hip-Hop) zu kreuzen (Hiplife), stiegen die Kologo-Musiker zu Superstars auf.
Inzwischen schwappt die Welle auch nach Europa über, woran King Ayisoba und sein fulminantes Album
"1000 Can Die" nicht ganz unschuldig sind. Und damit auch Ayuune Sule, der zu King Ayisobas Band gehört
und deren Konzerte häufig mit Soloauftritten eröffnet. Er stammt aus Kumasi, der nach Accra zweitgrößten
Stadt Ghanas. Sie liegt in der nördlichen Ashanti-Region und bildet gewissermaßen die Kologo-Kapitale des
Landes. Nach einer 2015 veröffentlichten 7" ist "We Have One Destiny" Sules europäisches Debütalbum. Auf
diesem mengt er den angesagten Hiplife-Sound mit den Rhythmen des Nordens. Charakteristisch sind dabei
das repetitive, rhythmische, präzise und rasend schnelle Kologo-Spiel, das er analog mit rauchiger Stimme
King Ayisoba - Wicked Leaders
King Ayisoba
Wicked Leaders
LP | 2014 | EU | Original (Makkum)
17,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
This is the first album of King Ayisoba with a full band, creating a total new high energy powerful sound with traditional acoustic instruments. This is the traditional music from the future. King Ayisoba is a 21st century songwriter, singing in English, Frafra and Twi, playing all over the world, living in megapolis Accra but never forgetting his Northern Ghanaian roots. King Ayisoba is a big star in Ghana and is ruling the pop charts with his unique and catchy sound. Winning the Ghana music award for best popular song with his big number one hit single 'I Want To See You My Father', a traditional kologo song, hit all hip life, high life, R&B and hip hop lovers in West Africa with surprise. King Ayisoba is changing the music scene again with his 2014 full length album called 'Wicked Leaders' holding no leave in front of his mouth and addressing all who need to hear what is going on and what is going wrong in Ghana, in Africa and in the world. These songs are not love songs, these are songs with a message inside and it is coming out loud and clear, while standing still is out of the question, so we all better put power in our bodies and move with King Ayisoba. While on tour with his band in Europe in 2013 King Ayisoba decided he wanted his new album recorded with only acoustic traditional instruments to put the energetic live sound on LP and CD and let the whole world hear what traditional music can sound like in the 21st century.
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