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Mister Joshooa / A.Gracia & M. Kretsch - The Cat Lover EP
Mister Joshooa / A.Gracia & M. Kretsch
The Cat Lover EP
12" | 2021 | US | Original (Cryovac)
14,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Cryovac Recordings recognizes and recruits artists with individualism and creativity to add to its list of collaborators. Cryovac has evolved into a project that is brought to life by craftsmen, musicians and visual artists that give their time and effort for a common cause. Cryovac aims to weave a thread between the varying sonic approaches that describe a direction techno must go. A. García tends the cryovac from conception to press; combining with Mike Kretsch to create a unique minimal sound. Mr. Joshooa has the tools and know how to describe his personality as his work. He swims the Detroit techno-sphere wearing many hats, and is always pushing techno forward by any means necessary. Cryovac is a vehicle for the rebel spirit; we hope you listen to it. The Cat Lover E.P. starts with Mr. Joshooa taking his time weaving a slow funky grind. “Horse Hockey’ is the name of this 4/4 two step that gallops and bangs its way through cinematic synth rises, heroic harmony, and crunchy to smooth samples. Mr. Joshooa's mischievousness is on full display with his second jam “fuck around”. Tumbling samples form a bop that is maneuvered playfully through a hectic arrangement. Side 2 is a. garcia and Mike Kretsch’s domain. Their first effort minimally clicks and rings into a soulful melody; popping rhythm holds your body to terra firma so your mind can “spacetravel”. B2 ,”meerkat”, opens with a raw kick on top of marmic synth evolving into a dramatic techno drive turning and shaking along a desolate road.
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