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Sun Ra - Nuclear War
Sun Ra
Nuclear War
10" | 2016 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
19,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Nuclear War,' Sun Ra's groove-infested x-rated warning, was an early '80s underground hit when it appeared on a 12-inch (plus the Saturn album 'A Fireside Chat With Lucifer'). Also featured are 'Outer Reach Intense Energy' and 'Twilight', originally unreleased works that sonically extend the radioactive theme. 'Outer Reach' (1977) is a soundclash of explosion and fallout, planetary screams, whistling missiles, eternal agony, detonation and damnation. 'Twilight', recorded at the Tip-Top Club in 1963, exhibits Sun Ra's xylophonic electric piano laced with clouds of mournful horns, teetering on madness, an impossible circus, bordering on redemption in the wilderness of the Sun's possible return.
Claudia Thompson - Goodbye To Love
Claudia Thompson
Goodbye To Love
LP | 1959 | US | Reissue (Modern Harmonic)
29,99 €*
Release:1959 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
A vinyl reissue of the sole, ultra rare album by Claudia Thompson. Originally issued in 1959, this mysterious crate diggers' classic offers a wonderful collection of sultry and sophisticated jazz-pop featuring a stunning vocalist. This reissue has been pressed onto gold coloured vinyl and is wrapped in a restored sleeve that captures the beauty of the era.
Sun Ra - El Is A Sound Of Joy / Black Sky & Blue Moon
Sun Ra - Saturn / Mystery Mr Ra
Barney Kessel - Live At The Jazz Mill
Barney Kessel
Live At The Jazz Mill
LP | 2016 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
17,99 €* 29,99 € -40%
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Recorded on a tape recorder by young jazz fan Jack Miller, this 1954 live recording catches Barney Kessel in the middle of his run at the Jazz Mill with a great four-piece band. The collection, gleaned from a couple of nights' best recordings, features Kessel's spirited take on such Songbook classics as 'Get Happy' and 'Stardust,' not to mention the Gershwin great 'Embraceable You.' This reissue is pressed on red vinyl and wrapped in a sleeve which captures the unique vibe of jazz graphics of the 1950s. Get with Barney Kessel, and get with a true pioneer of the jazz form!
John Cage & David Tudor - Variations IV
Sun Ra - Thunder Of The God
Sun Ra
Thunder Of The God
LP | 2017 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
33,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
A new Sun Ra LP touches ground in the earthly bins, 50 years after its creation!Sun Ra is still trying to get our attention 50 years after dispatching this transmission. Humanity’s path since then makes his message even more urgent today. Years after Herman Poole “LeSony’r Ra” Blount “left the planet” he’s still trying to reach us, to wake us up and to change our destiny.Sun Ra and the Arkestra weren’t a traditional studio band, and every star in the vast galaxy of their discography reflects this. The origins of these records can be hard to pinpoint at times, but when it comes to Thunder Of The Gods, it’s a bit easier. “Calling Planet Earth – We’ll Wait For You” was discovered on tapes from Ra’s, Universe In Blue, believed to be recorded in ’71. The raucous title track and “Moonshots Across the Sky” are unearthed from the ’66 Strange Strings sessions. Modern Harmonic has once again paired Ra’s sonic art with the visual art of “The Father of Modern Space Art,” Chesley Bonestell, whose 1952 work ”Formation of the Earth’s Continents” spralls across the front and back covers.
Slim Willet - Texas Oil Songs
Jimmy Raney - Visit Paris
George Barnes - Country Jazz
Sun Ra - Space Age Is Here To Stay
Sun Ra & His Arkestra - At Inter- Media Arts
Sun Ra & His Arkestra
At Inter- Media Arts
3LP | 2016 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
58,49 €* 64,99 € -10%
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limited edition for Black Friday RSD 2016!On Nov. 25, for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event, Modern Harmonic will release across three premium RTI LP pressings—or on two compact discs—the complete performance of Sun Ra & His Arkestra’s Sun Ra at Inter-Media Arts, 1991, a live event recorded in New York on April 20, 1991 by the radio station WNYC.Recorded two years before Sun Ra’s death, Sun Ra at Inter-Media Arts, 1991 includes previously unreleased tracks featuring June Tyson, Michael Ray, T.C. Carney, James Jacson and John Gilmore.The limited-edition triple-LP is packaged in tri-fold chipboard jackets, complete with comprehensive liners by jazz critic-author Howard Mandel and wrapped in a design by album-art icon Jim Flora.
Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds
Attilio Mineo
Man In Space With Sounds
LP | 1962 | US | Reissue (Modern Harmonic)
35,99 €*
Release:1962 / US – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Recorded in 1951 but only released in conjunction with the 1962 Seattle World's Fair as the musical accompaniment to the Bubbelator, a transparent, spherical elevator that carried as many as 150 passengers, Attilio Mineo's Man in Space with Sounds remains one of the most foreboding and complex records in the cosmic exotica canon. A dark, dissonant exploration of interstellar travel rooted in the avant-garde ethos of Cage and Stockhausen, this is music that's alien not only in its presentation but also in its orientation, fusing traditional instrumentation and sound effects to the point that one becomes indistinguishable from the other. Electronic elements pulse, hum, and sputter their way to complete domination of Mineo's sonic palette, depicting a bleak, sterile future where mankind gives way to machinery. Man In Space With Sounds is one of those legendary LPs. A rare souvenir of the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair, this music served as the soundtrack to a ride called the Bubbleator, which transported fair visitors through an overview of the future, a technological utopia where science and space travel promised solutions to all of humanitys plights. Needless to say, that future never arrived and this music (actually recorded in the early 1950s) still sounds as futuristic today as it must have back then. The all-original compositions fall somewhere between nervous Philip Glass and 1950s sci-fi movie music, arranged with string orchestra in a sometimes rhythmic, polyrhythmic, or merely ambient cloud of odd electronic space noises. Despite its intended technological optimism, the music is quite heavy and menacing, and the future ultimately feels pretty scary. Regardless, this recording proves Attilio Mineo to have been an unbelievably progressive and underappreciated composer and arranger. The amazing aural and visual content of this endearing package transcend everything.
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra - The Lady With The Golden Stockings
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra
The Lady With The Golden Stockings
10" | 2016 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
19,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The Lady With The Golden Stockings' possesses a propulsive, forthright groove. It's a decisive, deep-space, pre-dawn party jam, emitting golden sparks from the black hole center which begat 'Africa' and 'Watusa.' The B-side 'Spontaneous Simplicity' is a centerpiece among the gently blissful, tender works in the Sun Ra canon, heard here in a "missing link" super rare, compact version, freshly excavated from the '58-'59 era. This is the first appearance of the tune (pre-dating the stretched-out live version first known from 'Pictures Of Infinity' by a decade).
Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Rocket Number Nine
Sun Ra & His Arkestra
Rocket Number Nine
10" | 2016 | US | Original (Modern Harmonic)
19,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Among Sun Ra's most famous and jet-propelled anthems, 'Rocket Number Nine' is heard here in one of its earliest renditions, taped during a marathon session in June 1960 and including a staggering, swaggering, hip-bop beat. The track is joined by unknown recordings, including the driving, bossa nova-infused 'Ankhnation' from 1959 and 'Project Black Mass' from 1962.
Margo Guryan - 29 Demos
Tak Shindo - Mganga!
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