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Mola - Schnee Im Sommer
Schnee Im Sommer
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Eskapaden)
20,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Whether crypto-man or crypto-substance, it will be a disastrous affair in any case. Mola's music is the unadorned antithesis to a rosy world. She celebrates herself to death, pulls you into her inner chaos and does without the usual romanticising transfiguration of the merciless disorientation that catches up with you on the way home after the last cigarette.?The album tells a dark yet fragile story of uncompromising autopilot nights that unite and divide us. Temporarily reduced to intimacy, then escalating into iconic 80s "Purpel Rain" pathos, Mola illustrates the emotional chaos that the inner dialogue of left and right brain triggers in her. With Mola, all experiences are suspiciously turned inside out to see what is hidden behind the everyday facade. She turns her inner self inside out and addresses what hurts her - undistorted, not exaggerated, approachable.?Mola describes her own low blows with defiant self-confidence, without a sentimental glaze. "Snow in Summer" could be an album by an 80s punk rock band with heartbreak, but also by an alternative band from the 90s shortly before their holiday in a Betty Ford clinic.
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