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OPM Urban Fashion Men

OPM not entirely coincidental means ORIGINALPEOPLESMIND. OPM’s goal is to create unique designs for original-minded people. Deeply rooted in hip hop culture, the skateboarding scene as well as music culture, the Koblenz, Germany-based company showcases an individual approach and an attitude that’s far from any stereotypes. While today, anybody can create his own streetwear brand and flood the market with ordinary styles, the guys at OPM chose to develop their designs with caution and love for detail and quality, so premium fabrics are usually manufactured at OPM apparel collections. It’s the great mix of subcultural references, well thought out, artful graphics plus unique silhouettes that differ OPM designs from other brands’ output. Experienced in graphic art and design, the OPM collective is known to think out of the box and keep the third eye open to make sure that originality meets quality at the highest stage. OPM or ORIGINALPEOPLESMIND – the name says it all.

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