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Africa Negra - Alia Cu Omali
Africa Negra
Alia Cu Omali
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Mar & Sol)
22,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Mar & Sol presents the new album of the legendary band África Negra,"Alia cu Omali". New songs and some popular classics recorded between Lisbon and S.Tomé.
This album Its a reflection of the old rumba and soukous music that this epic band of São Tomé e Príncipe got us used to. They are an icon and one of the main bands of this island, representing in their music the authenticity and culture of the former Portuguese colony on the equatorial meridian.
It is our mission to expand this culture and here it is the testimony in our series of Luso Afro music which could best represent São Tomé.
All The People - Cramp Your Style
All The People
Cramp Your Style
7" | 1972 | EU | Reissue (Blue Candle)
11,99 €*
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
2020 blue vinyl repress.

Killer funk from the Henry Stone's Miami vaults… 1972 classic repressed and remastered for 2014 in original artwork as a dinked 7". Heavy duty dancefloor nugget! Official re issue.
Americo Brito And Djarama - Nha D'stine
Americo Brito And Djarama
Nha D'stine
LP | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Mar & Sol)
21,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Continuing the Cape Verde series Mar & Sol bring this fantastic masterpiece of an LP ”Nha D’stine” from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his band Djarama. Includes insert. TIP! Originally recorded in 1983 on a private press by Américo Brito , and now in 2018 we bring it back to life with the stamp of our label, from Mar & Sol records to all the world.
Anouar Brahem - Blue Maqams
Anouar Brahem - Le Pas Du Chat Noir
Anouar Brahem
Le Pas Du Chat Noir
2LP | 2019 | EU | Original (ECM)
34,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
For the first time on vinyl! The album from 2002.

Hypnotic, magnetic new album by Anouar Brahem which adds a new dimension to our knowledge of this exceptional Tunisian musician. "Le pas du chat noir" gives the clearest indication yet of the work of Brahem as composer and features a spacious "chamber music" that resonates with the freshness of improvisation. The instrumentation is unique: oud, piano, accordion. Brahem's writing for this combination is highly evocative, meticulously controlled and sparse. Half of the magic, as he notes, resides in the not-played, in the marvellous mingling of overtones, sounds that rise from the piano to blend with the warm tones of the oud and the breath of the accordion's bellows.
Avishai Cohen Trio - Shifting Sands Black Vinyl Edition
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - 1 Thing / Hoola Hoop
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
1 Thing / Hoola Hoop
7" | 2018 | US | Original (Big Crown)
11,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Following up on the massive success of their sophomore full length “The Serpent’s Mouth”, Bacao
Rhythm & Steel Band is back with another dance floor classic.
Side A is their already infamous cover of Amerie’s smash hit “1 Thing”. Done up in what is now their
signature fashion, they take on the break originally lifted from The Meters, and believe it or
not….step it up a notch. Steel pans play her infectious vocal melody lines over the raucous and
crushing drum track. This will have the dance floor turning to the booth in amazement and wonder
as soon as the pans come in. An absolute essential for DJs across the globe.
The B Side, “Hoola Hoop” is a BRSB original tune, the stuff that B Boys dream about…Setting it off
with a killer breakbeat intro that drops into pan hits and flute flourishes, never losing the groove and
full of energy. They trade off leads from flute to steel pans while running through turnarounds and
drum fills building more energy the whole time like a snowball rolling down a mountain headed right
for the speakers.
Barbara Tucker - Think
Barbara Tucker
7" | 2017 | EU | Original (Quantize)
8,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Here at Quantize we simply love confounding expectations 'cos, guess what? We love all kinds of music and don't like to be stereotyped. But this one even surprised the hell out of us - so much so that we figured it deserved a 7" vinyl release in tribute to the original format.
"Think (About It)" was originally recorded 45 years ago in the summer of 1972 by the fiery Lyn Collins.
Produced by the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown, it barely scraped into the RnB Top 10 at the time and normally would have faded into time as just another great James Brown produced record but in 1987, it started to get sampled by a new generation of Hip-Hop artists like Roxanne Shante and Robe Base and DJ E-Z Rock.
Suddenly the world woke up to the possibilities of sampling and since that point, "Think (About It)" has been sampled 1908 times and is the No.3 most-sampled record of all time.
So we decided to cut a new version of it with real musicians and one of the few vocalists that would be capable of matching Lyn Collins firepower - Dance Music's diva supreme, the incredible Barbara Tucker.
We wanted Barbara to really cut loose on this and she didn't disappoint. And yes, those are real keyboards, real guitar and real horns. Believe us, this session was off the scale!
So when we finally got our breath back we decided we HAD to get this out on a 45 on its 45th anniversary! It seemed the most appropriate way to do justice to a record that simply jumps outta the grooves.
We believe "Think (About It)" will have universal appeal pretty much everywhere since the song is now implanted within the DNA of dance music across the world.
BeatPete - Run That - Volume 3
Big Brooklyn Red - Taking It Too Far / So Inspired
Bill Withers - Who Is He Henrik Schwarz Remix
Charly Kingson - Born In Africa
Charly Kingson
Born In Africa
12" | 1978 | EU | Reissue (Fleet)
12,99 €*
Release:1978 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Charly Kingson, (ps. for Charlie Kingue Soppo) is a legend of afro-funk who managed to shake the entire continent up with his infamous 1978 LP, Born In Africa. Often forgotten when conversations turn to Afro-dance, and the likes of Tony Allen or Fela Kuti, he has been an incredible source of inspiration to many musicians exploring the funkier side of jazz-dance, and this album itself goes way beyond any traditional notion of tropical discotheque. "Born In African" itself is a funky groover for the dancefloor and here is the original 1982 Remix, made by Dutch legendary percussionist Eddie Conard available again, featuring “Nimele Bolo” on the flip-side. Released in 1982 on Ariola/Fleet, but also pressed on the original Fleet label. The latter (remarkably with identical catalog-number) never saw daylight. But, we got them all! All in all, this hard to find 12” (at Discogs copies on the Ariola/Fleet label go for around 250 euro) was recently re-discovered, and now you can finally enjoy it again.
Chris Joss - Teraphonic overdubs
DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield - Hudson
Diana Krall - This Dream Of You
Dion - Blues With Friends
Duke Jordan - Flight To Denmark
Durand Jones & The Indications - Power To The People Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Dwight Thompson - Hypocrisy
Dwight Thompson
LP | 1975 | EU | Reissue (Regrooved)
21,99 €*
Release:1975 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Dwight Thompson’s album Hypocrisy took hearts by storm in the 70's. The soulful, charismatic singer hailing from the USA released his ground-breaking Album “Hypocrisy” in 1975 on the Dutch Label Poker. A well sought after pearl of deep funk and soul on a small, misty label from the Netherlands.

After the Deeptrax/ Deepgrooves- crew met Dwight in Berlin by accident on a beautiful day in April on a sunny terrace, they kept in contact and planned a reissue of his classic album that is released now under their newfound label ReGrooved.

Pressed eco-friendly at Deepgrooves vinyl pressing plant with decent quality cover and great re-mastering. A soulful masterpiece, fetching silly money these days, that is truly worthy of a reissue to the world.

Tracklist: A1 - My Woman Is Calling A2 - Hypocrisy A3 - What Is The Meaning A4 - She Loves Me A5 - You Don´t Know Me B1 - The Lover B2 - Are You For Real B3 - Man Oh Man B4 - Love B5 - Getting Ol
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis Back To Black Edition
Esperanza Spalding - Songwrights Apothecary Lab
Fela Kuti - Army Arrangement
Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Coffin For Head Of State
Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Shakara
Flame N' King & The Bold Ones - Ain't Nobody Jivein' (Get Up Get Down) /Ho Happy Days Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Flame N' King & The Bold Ones
Ain't Nobody Jivein' (Get Up Get Down) /Ho Happy Days Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
7" | 1976 | UK | Reissue (N.Y.C.S.)
14,99 €*
Release:1976 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Perhaps one of the most enigmatic of artists on the Rare Soul scene must be Flame N' King aka Oscar Wayne Richardson Jr, who ran his various labels independently since the mid ‘60s. It was a surprise when the group surfaced again with a fantastic uptempo New York dance track in 1976 on the tiny N.Y.C.S. records. "Ho Happy Day" found immediate favour with the Modern Soul crowd, but it took the next 30 years for it to eventually become a Modern Soul anthem and cross over to a wider audience.

These days "Ho Happy Day" can be heard at numerous venues across the world and is a bigger floor-filler now than it was back in the 1970s. We're delighted to finally re-issue this classic on the original N.Y.C.S. imprint and watch it find even more audiences in 2022. An original copy will cost circa £250 these days, so there's already a heavy demand for this long-awaited re-issue.
Fruko (Y Sus Tesos) - A La Memoria Del Muerto
Fruko (Y Sus Tesos)
A La Memoria Del Muerto
LP | 1972 | EU | Reissue (Vampisoul)
21,99 €*
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
On vinyl, here's a reissue of the second album by the highly regarded Colombian group Fruko Y Sus Tesos, originally released in 1972. The album is full of energetic and tough guaguance, bomba, plena, oriza, bolero, cha-cha-cha and descarga rhythms, all blended with Latin soul elements and performed by the group featuring a trumpet and two trombones for a more robust brass attack. The material is a mix of spirited cover versions and authentically Nuyorican-sounding originals with a Colombian twist. The bonus track 'Tihuanaco' appeared on the US edition of the LP.
Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away / You Got Dat Right
Garfield Fleming
Don't Send Me Away / You Got Dat Right
12" | 1981 | EU | Reissue (Becket)
16,99 €*
Release:1981 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
A multi genre-busting release that has transcended most dance scenes from Modern Soul, Rare Groove, Crossover and Boogie to become perhaps the most in-demand '80s record on the current collectors scene. 12 Inch copies are now routinely trading hands for £300+... if you can find one!
The popularity of "Don't Send Me Away" was recently confirmed when a YouTube clip of Garfield himself, performing "Don't Send Me Away" at a Paris record stall in late 2018, went viral with over 2,000,000 views to date.
"Don't Send Me Away" is quite simply one of the most in-demand records in the world right now.
Georgia - Immute
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Ekster)
21,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
The New York duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp have been releasing music from their Chinatown studio, since 2012. Under the alias Georgia they make a sound which combines tech and tradition. Their compositions created by two hits of improvisation. Where live jams are further edited and processed. Gracing labels such as Belgium’s Meakusma, and London`s FTD. Producing super limited cassettes for France`s Good Morning Tapes, and Kashual Plastik in Germany. These global collaborations reflecting Georgia’s particular reworking of the “World Music” genre. Their approach resulting in the acclaimed All Kind Music, on NYC`s Palto Flats, and participation in Emotional Response`s respected Schleißen Series. Now comes Immute, for Ekster.
Grand Puba - I Like It / The Jam Feat. The Sunny Daze Band
Grand Puba
I Like It / The Jam Feat. The Sunny Daze Band
7" | 2021 | UK | Original (Good For You)
11,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves
In their 6 years on air, Flip The Script Radio has become the industry standard, the go-to radio show where fans and industry heads alike flock to hear the next hip hop superstars before they blow up. Steeped in the rich history of the scene, FTSR's focus on real MCs, genuine turntablism and their 'do it for the culture' approach has garnished them praise from every corner of the hip hop universe. To celebrate their 6 Year Anniversary, Flip The Script Radio has joined forces with Good For You Records and one of the greatest MCs of all time for a very special, limited edition 7" release. We are beyond excited to present this work of art by a cultural icon, one of the best lyricists of all time, Grand Puba. This special edition vinyl release revisits one of Puba's most beloved classics "I Like It", reinvented with an 8 piece band, an acoustic version, featuring freshly re-spit verses by the rap legend himself, breathing new life into this crowd favourite.
Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit
Gregory Porter
Liquid Spirit
2LP | 2013 | EU | Original (Blue Note)
31,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Blue Note Records and Universal Music Classics & Jazz have announced the signing of the phenomenal jazz and soul singer/songwriter Gregory Porter. Porter has been in the studio with his working band and producer Brian Bacchus recording his third album and major label debut, which will be released worldwide on Blue Note Records this September. In 2010 Porter released his debut album Water (Motéma Music), which earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album. His sophomore album Be Good (Motéma Music) followed in 2012 and earned him his second GRAMMY nomination for Best Traditional R&B Performance. The Huffington Post has declared Porter "the brilliant new voice of jazz," adding that he is also "heavily steeped in the passion, delivery and emotion of the best classic soul men."
Ike & Tina Turner - The Soul Of Tina Turner Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Ike & Tina Turner
The Soul Of Tina Turner Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | UK | Original (Selector Series)
26,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
A new, never pressed before selection of late ‘60s/early ‘70s gems from the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll herself, Tina Turner. Titles such as "I Idolize You", "Bold Soul Sister" and many others across a range of Turner's albums have been carefully curated to create a sought-after LP of her classics. This collection of her best funk and soul tracks is certainly one you won't want to miss, exclusive for RSD. Limited press, 500 units only.
Jack McDuff - Moon Rappin'
Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Sweet Path
Jaye P. Morgan - 1976 AOR Blue Eyed Soul Series
Jimi Entley / Placebo - Charlie's Theme / Humpty Dumpty
Jimi Entley / Placebo
Charlie's Theme / Humpty Dumpty
7" | 2018 | US | Original (Solo 500)
10,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
DILLA Inspired Beat Diggers series 45 Dedicated to Late Great Jay Dilla. Samples series.45s Crate Diggers. Vinyl only 45! VERY LIMITED Release!
Joanne Shaw Taylor - The Blues Album
Joao Donato - Quem E Quem
Joe Lovano / Marylin Crispell / Carmen Castaldi - Trio Tapestry
John Lee Hooker - That's Where It's At!
Julian Lage - Squint
Just What The World Needs - 02
Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden - Last Dance
Krewcial - Edits
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (G.A.M.M)
9,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Sometimes the best edits are the simple ones, those that still leave the core of the track intact but still extends or extract parts of the original. This is exactly what Krewcial wanted to do with this EP. Here you'll find 3 of his fave DJ tracks with some slight modifications...but all made with good taste! Ranging from Latin inspired Jazz Dance, Caribbean Funk and raw ghetto Funk you get a solid 12" with all you need to fuel up that rare groove party.
La Tribu - No Te Quiero Mas (I Don't Want You More)
La Tribu
No Te Quiero Mas (I Don't Want You More)
7" | 1971 | UK | Reissue (Matasuna)
10,99 €*
Release:1971 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
"Matasuna" returns to Mexico again - this time to the musical epicenter "Monterrey" in the north of the country. The band "La Tribu" recorded there the song "No Te Quiero Mas (I Don't Want You More)", which was released on "Polydor" in 1971. The Latin soul joint is a gem among connoisseurs and it's difficult to get the original 45. Matasuna is therefore all the more pleased to be able to release the tune for the first time as an official reissue together with a fabulous edit by "Voodoocuts". The A-side features the original of the song. "No Te Quiero Mas (I Don't Want You More)" is a killer uptempo Latin soul & funk song. The drums, horns, organ and bass create a fast-paced foundation that is enriched by the vocals of singer "Leopoldo 'Polo' Sánchez Labastida". A massive tune!

The B-side features an edit by "Voodoocuts", who has already put his musical stamp on various "Matasuna" releases. Here, too, he delivers another terrific edit that respectfully takes on the original material. His clever re-arrangement expands the song and his drums spice up the already great original. In particular, his solo drum breaks provide additional explosive moments and lead to a furious reinterpretation of the song. "Monterrey" is the capital of the northeastern Mexican state of "Nuevo León". Along with "Mexico City", Monterrey is one of the musical epicenters in Mexico. On the one hand, through "Cumbia Tropical", the Mexican version of "Cumbia". This music achieved great fame especially through the Sonideros: music lovers and DJs who played that music to the neighborhoods with their sound systems. But Rock music also has a long history in this city. One of these bands was "La Tribu", founded at the end of the 60s. Like many other rock groups of that time, they covered various songs of successful bands such as the Beatles, Chicago, Ides Of March and others. In 1969, their debut LP "Great Britains Best Sellers" was released: a compendium of cover versions of popular hits sung in Spanish. In 1971 they recorded music with their own compositions and released an EP with three songs, where "Por Perderte (For Losing You)" became the band's most famous song. The success led them to be scheduled for the "Festival Rock y Ruedas de Avándaro" held in September 1971. It was a historic rock festival that took place in the spirit of "Woodstock" in front of a huge audience and went down in the musical annals in Mexico. The participation could have greatly influenced their musical path. But for unknown reasons their place was filled at the last minute by another band. In 1972 they recorded new songs in order to regain the lost ground caused by their failure to participate at the Avándaro festival. However, the great success should remain denied to them. Also they never finished a second LP. This was certainly due to the political situation that arose in the aftermath of the "Avándaro" Music Festival. Drug use, sex and nudity were denounced in media campaigns in newspapers, radio and television and had far-reaching and harsh consequences. Rock music was censored in many places: rock clubs had to change their music program or even close down. So this music really disappeared or had to go underground. On the other hand, the death of lead singer "Leopoldo 'Polo' Sánchez Labastida" in 1974 made it very difficult for the band to record new music, so the band practically disappeared from the scene. It wasn't until the new millennium that the remaining living members got back together to sporadically perform their "hits" as well as other cover songs at events in the north of the republic - especially their hometown of Monterrey.
Limboos, The - Limbootica!
Limboos, The
LP | 2017 | EU (Penniman)
14,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU
Genre:Organic Grooves
On the second full-length the band continues its journey to the heart of the rhythm, a journey to the center of the best roots music, investigating and growing at every turn of the road.
Little Bob And The Lollipops - Nobody But You
Little Bob And The Lollipops
Nobody But You
LP | 2017 | US | Original (Mississippi)
20,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Great retrospective of Lil Bob And The Lollipops' discography. Classic Louisiana swamp soul / R& B, recorded in the early to mid 1960s. Includes the popular dance floor fillers "I Got Loaded" and "Stop," as well as some real beautiful obscurities. Ballads and stompers to make life better. Old school "tip on" cover.
Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet - Leeward
Mabumi Yamaguchi Quartet
LP | 2020 | Original (Le Très Jazz Club)
24,99 €*
Release:2020 / Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Leeward, released in 1978 on Union record, is the second album by tenor and soprano saxophonist Mabumi Yamaguchi. Already in quartet formation for his previous album, "After The Rain", released two years earlier, Mabumi Yamaguchi changes musicians here to surround himself with Ikuo Sakurai on bass, Hideo Sekine on drums and Ichiro Doi on piano and electric piano.

Leeward opens with "Dawn" a long and slow piece led by a Fender Rhodes played in flanger mode, on which Mabumi Yamaguchi expresses a certain melancholy, which we also find on “Dewdrop”, a duet piece with Ichiro Doi at the piano. The rhythm picks up on "Distant thunder", a kind of jazz-funk samba in which Mabumi Yamaguchi lets each of his musicians take a long chorus before ending by taking up the haunting theme of this superb piece. The beautiful "Leeward" closes the album in a slightly more traditional but equally mastered style. It is not known if the cover of this album contributed to its lack of success when it was released, but it is almost impossible today to find an original pressing of this record. A reissue was therefore more than necessary !
Mad Voice - Drogen / Ohne Liebe Leben
Mad Voice
Drogen / Ohne Liebe Leben
7" | 1982 | EU | Reissue (Wiener Brut)
13,99 €*
Release:1982 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
If ever talking about a „ghost“ of an Austrian record, both in terms of getting info about and getting your hands on, the only output of short-lived band „Mad Voice“ would be a prime example of such. It took a couple of years to track original band members and the master tape down, which in the end made for Wiener Brut being able to carry out an exclusive re-release of this 7 inch. Get ready for a perfect blend of minimalistic Pop, Synthwave and NDW!
Main Ingredient, The - Work to Do / Instant Love
Main Ingredient, The
Work to Do / Instant Love
7" | 2018 | EU | Original (RCA)
9,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Limited Edition for Record Store Day 2018! Main Ingredient's fantastic take on the Average White Band's original funky classic - for the first time ever on 7" too.
Backed with a Main Ingredient track that's shot-up in popularity over the last few years - welcome to the long 7" version of "Instant Love" previously only available on the U.S. promo 7" which will set you back circa £80 large.
7 inch vinyl with a large dinked centre hole.
Mandisa - Summer Love
Summer Love
7" | 1981 | EU | Reissue (Discs Of Fun And Love)
11,99 €*
Release:1981 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
London reissue label Discs of Fun and Love are back after the overwhelming success of their previous two releases and are excited to announce DFL003. A reissue of Mandisa’s “Summer Love”.
Originally recorded in 1980 at Omega Studios in Chicago, Mandisa’s “Summer Love” is another deep crossover glider with the deep and obscure jazzy floater “Love’s Dream” on the flip side. Both sides of the original 7 were versions of tracks taken from Prince Billy Madhi Wright’s album “You Got Dat Wright” and added Maggie “Mandisa” Epting on vocals. The players on the original 7inch session were Billy Madhi (William Wright) on Saxaphone, The Plaxico brothers on Bass and Drums, Bruce Jones on Keyboards and Gensia Williams on backing vocals
The record has been almost impossible to find in the last few years so we are incredibly pleased to release a fully licenced and remastered issue to the world.
Fully licenced from William Wright (Allibra Music) and Maggie Epting and remastered by Grammy nominated mastering house the Carvery. This elusive record is ready to set fire to dancefloors across the globe.
Discs of Fun and Love is a reissue label run by DJs and diggers Miche, Spiritland’s programmer and Frederika, a resident at Spiritland. It’s also a party, due to run regularly on some of London’s top soundsystems, focusing on modern soul, boogie, jazz funk and more.
Martin Freeman & Eddie Piller - Pres. Jazz On The Corner Two
Maxwell - Embrya 20th Anniversary Edition
Milton Wright - Spaced
Milton Wright
LP | 1977 | UK | Reissue (Alston)
17,99 €*
Release:1977 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
2020 white vinyl repress.

Released during the late 1970's Disco era, Milton Wright's sophomore long player has always stood out as a singular, innovative example of the deepest, rarest grooves known to underground Soul lovers all over the globe. This often overlooked body of work has found a whole new audience who revisited the man's work retrospectively, pushing the LP into the domain of "holy grail" status amongst Black music lovers and Funk fanatics. "Spaced" has been at the top of the wants lists of serious music lovers for decades, often unattainable and commanding stellar collectors prices on-line, sometimes fetching amounts of upwards of £400. This unique LP could be perceived as being Wright's most personal work, tragically overshadowed by the burgeoning successes of his then label mates on Miami's Alston Records imprint. The sheer craftsmanship and songwriting prowess on show is undeniable, as is the top level musicianship and production, sounding ridiculously fresh almost some 40 years later. Above Board distribution has collaborated with Alston / TK Records to ensure the quality of this fully legitimate repress of this long lost Soul / Funk classic has been maintained. Remastered, reissued and represented with the full cooperation of the license holders for 2016. Do not pass up the chance to own a true gem, a pivotal, lost LP like "Spaced", now made available again to be enjoyed by all. "Magic Music".
Mr. K - What Can You Do For Me? / Messin' With My Mind
Mr. K
What Can You Do For Me? / Messin' With My Mind
7" | 2019 | US | Original (Most Excellent Unlimited)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Best known to the world at large for their disco evergreen “Lady Marmalade,” the powerhouse trio of Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx and Patti LaBelle are revered in the deeper dance underground for a couple of epic soulful rock workouts that have been known to provoke life-changing moments on the dance floor. With New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint producing and leading an all-star band with the Meters at its core, “What Can You Do For Me” and “Messin’ With My Mind” crackle with energy and rise to thunderous crescendos that rival a gospel revival. Mr. K’s edits acknowledge these songs’ long history in NYC DJ culture, dating from the Gallery and the Loft in the mid-‘70s and running unbroken to today, with masterful extensions that push the inherent energy even further without ever becoming repetitive or obvious. Most Excellent Unlimited is proud to present these sure shots on loud and carefully mastered 7-inch pressings, an essential addition to any gig box or collection.
Nautilus - Expansions DJ Koco & Ryuhei The Man Edits
Nepumuk - Das Chaos Ist In Ordnung
New York Disco Orchestra - Reverie
New York Disco Orchestra, The - Reverie Black Vinyl Edition
New York Disco Orchestra, The
Reverie Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 1978 | EU | Reissue (Espacial Discos)
21,99 €*
Release:1978 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Sought-after disco / funk / boogie album from the US, 1978!! Pro-sounding recording with top level musicianship and perfect sound quality, comparable to any other major album of the time (think Love Unlimited Orchestra!). Mixed by Disco legend Joaquin J. Lopes and featuring brothers John & Rocco Giamundo. Mostly instrumental with superb arrangements (string, keys and even the Vako Ochestron on one track) and surprising occasional fuzz/effects electric guitar. Originally released as a promo album in blank sleeve (now impossible to find) on the band’s own Artemis label, it was subsequently issued in Belgium (under the Reverie – Get Up And Dance title) and Japan, both housed in picture sleeves. Including club / rare-groove classics like “It’s True” (compiled on “Under The Influence Vol. 2 by Paul Phillips), “Get It On And Dance”, “The Way We Were” (a disco-symphonic version of the Barbra Streisand movie hit) and more… Here’s the first ever reissue featuring new artwork (based on the band’s original idea for the intended but never finished US cover) and master tape sound.
Nichelle Nichols - Know What I Mean / Why Don't You Do Right? Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Nichelle Nichols
Know What I Mean / Why Don't You Do Right? Record Store Day 2019 Edition
7" | 1967 | EU | Reissue (Epic)
11,99 €*
Release:1967 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Star Trek to soulstress - Lieutenant Uhura aka Nichelle Nichols was a groundbreaking actor, singer and trailblazer and these two standout tracks sound as sweet as they did over 50 years ago.
A valuable collectable must for Soul, Northern fans & well as any true Trekkie...original copies are changing hands for £250+.
Remastered and reissued on 7 inch with large / dinked centre hole in Epic generic paper sleeve.
Ole Teigen - Aske Og Jord
Ole Teigen
Aske Og Jord
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Apollon)
24,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Two brothers, but only one left. In a desperate attempt to right an unrightable wrong, the little brother dives into combining several unfinished compositions into a cohesive piece of work, in loving tribute. "Aske og Jord" (Ashes and Earth) is an artistic response to a tragedy. When his big brother committed suicide, Ole sought refuge in music. He wanted life to continue, that the meaningless should have meaning, and that the pain should be love. The music on this album was first performed at a memorial exhibit featuring the art of both Ole and Karl Teigen. The inner sleeve/booklet for the album contains one artwork from each of them.
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man Clear Silver & Gold Specs Vinyl Edition
Patrick Cowley
Megatron Man Clear Silver & Gold Specs Vinyl Edition
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Unidisc)
29,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Megatron Man is the second studio album by American disco producer and musician Patrick Cowley, released in 1981. Highlights include the vocoder-driven title track and the relentlessly funky "Get A Little." Cowley is most famous for his collaborations with American disco vocalist Sylvester. He is regarded as a pioneer of early electronic music, having influenced acts such as Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Lime, and more.
Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You
Patti Jo
Make Me Believe In You
7" | 2016 | UK | Original (BGP)
9,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
These were produced by Curtis Mayfield. They have been reissued and remixed several times as this proto disco masterpiece has remained in demand over the last 15 years. The ultimate versions were these two Tom Moulton mixes from the Sceptre LP “Disco Gold”. This 33 1/3 rpm release sees them make it to 7” for the very first time.
Peter Brötzmann Group - Alarm
Peter Brötzmann Group
LP | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Cien Fuegos)
24,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Another crucial Brötzmann albums, finally re-released on vinyl. One time pressing of 750! Recorded during the 164th NDR-Jazzworkshop on November 12th, 1981 at the Funkhaus Hamburg. Originally released on FMP in 1983. Musiciansd: Harry Miller - bass, Louis Moholo - drums, Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano, Peter Brötzmann - saxophone, Frank Wright - saxophone, Willem Breuker - saxophone, Toshinori Kondo - trumpet, Alan Tomlinson - trombone, Hannes Bauer - trombone.
Robin S - Show Me Love Emmaculate 7
Robin S
Show Me Love Emmaculate 7" Mix Clear Orange Vinyl Edition
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Reel People)
16,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Robin S's 90's anthem 'Show Me Love" gets a classic disco soul makeover by Chicago native producer Emmaculate. After topping the Traxsource charts for four weeks at the end of 2021, and with support from the likes of Louie Vega, Danny Krivitor or Todd Terry, this very much in-demand release is now available for the first time in a physical format.
Ronnie Foster - Two-Headed Freap
Ronnie Foster - Two-Headed Freap
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Lonesome Cowboy
Roy Ayers
Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Lonesome Cowboy
7" | 2021 | UK | Original (Dynamite Cuts)
17,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Dynamite Cuts has unleashed perhaps one of the greatest, if not, the greatest, summer time soul classics. The legendary Roy Ayers has written many gems over the years, loads of club and dance tracks and some killer down tempo songs but, one stands up above all the rest. It’s been issued as a 7” before, back in 1975 and now sells for big bucks - if you’re lucky enough to find one.

A - “Everybody loves the sunshine” - I would say needs no introduction, just check youtube 11.5 million people can’t be wrong, it’s simple, timeless and oh sooo needed to be on 7” again!

B - “Lonesome Cowboy” First time on 7” vinyl. This mid-tempo vocal funk vibe, includes a classic old school ultimate breaks and beats sample and is one for the DJs.

This release not only includes the wonderful classic iconic yellow sleeve, but on this release, we have included an inner sleeve just like the original LP, true homage
Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza
Rudy's Midnight Machine
La Cadenza
12" | 2019 | EU | Original (Faze Action)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza EP The Five track EP kicks off with a slinky jazz funk, balearic mover entitled "Camera Dans La Nuit" that weaves the influences of Wally Badarou, and early Brit Funk bands such as Freeez and Light Of The World into a melodic affair that could've come straight out of the summer of 1981. In fact the second cut ("Une Vie Elegante") wouldn't have been out of place on Level 42's Early Tapes if Wally Badarou had taken said band to sunny climes to record it. The B Side eases us in with the phasing pads and circling arpeggios that we've come to expect from Rudy's Midnight Machine. Taking more of a Pat Metheny influence and combining it with a steady early 80s Jazz Funk feel ,which is all underpinned by Robin's thumb bass line. It's the bass that get's the main feature in the middle cut on the B Side. "Secret Garden" is a melodic and reflective track with bold bass guitar melodies being held up by the ebb and flow of piano arpeggios. The finale, entitled "Shifting Sands", harks back to the previous two EPs with more electronic synth bass and drum machine textures, with a guitar solo giving us the required organic relief. With early DJ support from Hunee this release is set to be the sound track of the summer.
Samora Pinderhughes - Grief
Samora Pinderhughes
CD | 2022 | US | Original (Stretch Music / Ropeadope)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Composer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist Samora Pinderhughes’ highly anticipated new album Grief is an integral element of Pinderhughes’ years-long multimedia effort on loss, structural violence and possibilities for healing and liberation, The Healing Project, which consists of three parts: a physical exhibition, a digital archive and finally an album. Grief is the most personal part of The Healing Project for Pinderhughes, who wrote all the songs and makes his official debut as a singer on the album. Written in the spirit of music from the ’60’s and ’70s by artists like Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield who made powerful statements about life and social justice through their music, Grief aims to evoke feeling through texture and harmony by underlining the human voice as a bonding agent.
Shadow - Sweet Sweet Dreams
Sweet Sweet Dreams
LP | 2016 | EU | Reissue (Analog Africa)
21,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
When it came out in 1984 the far-out album 'Sweet Sweet Dreams' by Trinidad & Tobago's Shadow (aka Winston Bailey) was
described as "way ahead of its time". Undeservedly it was panned by critics and, unable to reach markets, disappeared
into the dusty record collections of a few music aficionados. Now, more than three decades later that cosmic dance-floor UFO
is about to take off again, change all that and set the record straight. Remastered and cut by Frank Meritt at The Carvery the album is truly a masterpiece.
Skull Snaps - Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps
Skull Snaps
LP | 1973 | US | Reissue (GSF)
19,99 €*
Release:1973 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Colored Vinyl, one of the tuffest drum breaks ever originates from this LP!
Son Swagga - Dark Magic
Son Swagga
Dark Magic
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Super Sonic Jazz)
14,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Led by the light of imagination, Son Swagga creates a musical realm of magic and wonder. The nine-headed kinship tells tales of warring tribes, forces of nature and cosmic sorcery.
Clanleader Felix Back draws upon his repertoire of funk-fusion, spiritual jazz and videogame music to create a sound that has never been heard before. Backed up by the tightest, most energetic rhythm section Amsterdam has to offer and spearheaded by a powerful horn section Son Swagga fanfares the coming of a new age in rhythm music.
Following their 2017 debut ‘Fires of Quidel’ Son Swagga are releasing their second full length album ‘Dark Magic’ on Super-Sonic Jazz Records on May 7th. Performance highlights include Bimhuis, Paradiso, Melkweg and Womex World Music Festival.
Son Swagga ‘Dark Magic’ is already the fifth physical release on the rising Amsterdam based Super-Sonic Jazz Records. Runned by Dutch DJ KC The Funkaholic (a.k.a. Kees Heus) and brothers Tenzers (a.k.a. Vincent & Siemen Tenzer), the Super-Sonic Jazz recordlabel, their six day festival, monthly concerts and exquisite clubnights becomes a serious movement within the Dutch musical landscape.
Kees Heus was also responsible for the running the Dutch imprint Kindred Spirits, that released records by international heavyweights, while championing local pioneers simultaneously.
Open your mind and nurture your imagination, because Son Swagga’s Dark Magic will spin mystic fiction into vivid reality.
Special Touch - Garden Of Life
Special Touch
Garden Of Life
LP | 1991 | EU | Reissue (Heels & Souls)
20,99 €*
Release:1991 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
When you talk about UK Street Soul, and the sounds that define it, it’s impossible to look past Special Touch’s first and only album, Garden of Life. A shining example of this often retrospectively termed genre, which loosely categorised black, soul-inspired music with a DIY, bass-driven aesthetic from the late ‘80s to early-mid ‘90s, this impossibly rare record from cult label Top Secret Recordings weaves a unique brand of positivity and musicality across nine uplifting tracks. With original copies never having traded hands for below £100 on Discogs, this fully licensed, remastered reissue for Heels & Souls Recordings debut release will be a welcome sight for many.
Splendor - Take Me To Your Disco / Special Lady
Take Me To Your Disco / Special Lady
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Columbia Disco Series)
10,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Another much welcomed reissue of the late 70's funk laden, disco two tracker from Splendor. The A side 'Take Me To Your Disco' is emblematic of disco records from that golden era where big bands and big budgets were rife. Yet there's an interplanetary twist to this one, with the mysterious, eerie, spacecraft sounding intro paving the way for a tale of extraterrestrials wanting to get down at one of planet earths discos. You can tell this came from an era were disco really was taking over
Flip it over and you've got the mighty Special Lady. With Philip Bailey, of Earth, Wind and Fire fame, on production his style comes through strong in the vocal arrangement with the level of feeling and power he squeezes out of each voice.
A chance to add these two anthems to the collection!
Stance Brothers, The - Commercial Music
Stance Brothers, The
Commercial Music
7" | 2021 | EU | Original (We Jazz)
11,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Drummer/producer Teppo "Teddy Rok" Mäkynen shares two unreleased cuts by his alias The Stance Brothers on We Jazz Records. The 7" color vinyl single goes by the title "Commercial Music", as both tracks are originally commissioned for promotional purposess. The tough-as-nails A-sider "Hard Deal" is an old-school Stance groover made for the Finnish clothing brand Samuji's men's Spring/Summer collection 2015. Stance fans will recognice the signature Teddy Rok groove which cooks and rocks, and displays nice depth as well. The drum break is pure fire like only Teppo can deliver. "Dwayne's Shuffle", known to local Finnish jazz aficionadoes as the opening theme of the popular Yle Radio 1 "Jazzklubi" show is slightly more mellow offering, yet the full swing and intensity is right there in the pocket. The crunchy guitar and minimalist vibraphone melodies carry the tune way beyond your average radio show jingle into a full existence of its own.
"Commercial Music" by The Stance Brothers is released by We Jazz Records on color 7" vinyl single, delivered with heat-pressed old school labels and a stylish plain brown sleeve.
Thelonious Beats / Black Cash & Theo - Summer In The City / Epilog Drum Break Edit
Thelonious Beats - You Don't Have To Worry / Save Their Souls
Thelonious Beats
You Don't Have To Worry / Save Their Souls
7" | 2020 | US | Original (Galaxy Sound)
13,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Side A. Re Mastered and Re 1967 -You Don't have to worry Lost classic , sampled by so many.. 50cent, Common, Wu Tang , Royce 5'9 Such killer vocals right out of the gate. If you are not familiar with this song its gonna flip your wig!!! Must Have !!!

Side B. Bohannon - 1973 Save Their souls Remastered Re edited Sampled by Jay z, Large Professor, Musiq Soul child, Craig Mack, Jay Dilla , Primo, Pete Rock.. Funk-filled tune timeless classic..
Thundercat - Golden Age Of Apocalypse
Golden Age Of Apocalypse
LP | 2011 | UK | Original (Brainfeeder)
18,99 €*
Release:2011 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Suicidal Tendencies bassist Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner is set to release his debut album The Golden Age of Apocalypse this fall on Brainfeeder. Produced by Flying Lotus!
Tony Simmons / Soul Shack - I Can't Let You Go / Galactic Funk
Tony Simmons / Soul Shack
I Can't Let You Go / Galactic Funk
12" | 2021 | EU | Original (Record Shack)
12,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Brit Funk at it’s finest! Tony Simmons eye-wateringly expensive ’83 jam ‘I can’t let you go’ backed with Soul Shack’s cosmic masterpiece ‘Galactic Funk’ from 1980, reissued for a new generation. Stepping up first ‘I can’t let you go’, slaps a smile on your face before you’ve even got 30 seconds in. Harnessing that raw, live instrumentation energy that made up so much of Brit Funk’s charm, a recipe for happiness via a killer drumbeat, heavyweight bassline, dazzling guitars and uplifting vocals. With originals trading hands for close to £200 this reissue will be welcome sight for many. On the flip, a cosmic kaleidoscope in the form of Soul Shack’s ‘Galactic Funk’. Slap bass at boiling point, synth lines to tingle the spine and raucous chants to send your head to another dimension. Two Brit Funk gems that you need in your life!
V.A. - A Slap Around The Bass EP
A Slap Around The Bass EP
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Z Records)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Dave Lee presents an EP of brand new slap bass heavy tracks for this exclusive vinyl release. Slapping the bass string hard with the thumb to create a twanging sound is a technique developed by Sly & the Family Stone’s Larry Graham in the early 70s. It’s been used by the likes of Stanley Clarke, Mark King, Marcus Miller and the worlds greatest bass players ever since. All the tracks on the Slap Around The Bass EP feature the legendary UK bassist Julian Crampton (Incognito, Down to the Bone, Sunburst Band) who delivers some serious Slap, Pop and Funk to the proceedings. From the opening Earth Wind and Fire esque ‘Magnificent Mango’ by The Sunburst Band featuring Xan Blacq, through to Bah Samba’s conscious lyrics, Brit funk style ‘Save Our Freedom’ and finishing off with the boogie synth fuellee ‘In the Mood’ by Foreal People the whole EP is laced with killer live bass lines. Expect some serious air slap bass moments on the dancefloor.
V.A. - Attack The Dancefloor Volume 18
Attack The Dancefloor Volume 18
12" | 2021 | UK | Original (Z Records)
12,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Doug Willis returns with a club banger in the form of “The Mighty Douglas”. A euphoric ride in the sky with live gospel organ-led instrumentation, whilst vocals are provided by Taka Boom (Chak Chak Chaka Khans Lil sis). Hallelujah! We then have Mr Basejam delivering one of his groovy chugging mid-tempo mixes of this forthcoming ZR release by Mr Wrightangle. Live strings, syncopated clav and overly loud organismic dog howls are the order of the day here. On the flip we have the prolific Atjazz who turns his hand on that classic Jakatta track ‘American Dream’. He reconstructs it elements with great precision as he lays out swinging drums & sparkling percussion to back up a seriously groove led bassline and slick synth work. The legendary US soul funk act of “Come Go With Me” fame release a brand new song in the shape of optimistic gospel tinged “Work It Out”. Dave Lee works his magic on the mix to tease in some of their classic old sound into the instrumentation.
V.A. - Lost Train Blues
Lost Train Blues
LP | 2016 | US | Original (Jalopy)
21,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Lost Train Blues' features 22 selections from the vast holdings of the American Folklife Center at the Library Of Congress, 13 of them never issued before. The record includes work songs, ballads, blues, political and union songs, guitar, banjo and fiddle music and Native American vocal music, recorded in the period 1933-1950. The record demonstrates the groundbreaking work of Alan Lomax and his father John Lomax.
The LP comes with liner notes by Alan Lomax archive curator Nathan Salsburg, as well as a 14-page booklet with photographs and original research about each song, artist and folklorist. The cover features an original lithograph by artist Jeff Tocci. Each selection has been retransferred from original discs and tapes and has been carefully remastered.
V.A. - Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 1
Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 1
2LP | 2016 | UK | Original (Mr Bongo)
24,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The first instalment in our new ‘Mr Bongo Record Club’ compilation series – a
selection of favourites, recent discoveries and sought after obscurities, which
form the basis of our DJ sets and our radio show of the same name. Including
cuts by Claudia, Cortex, Dave Pike Set, Fruko, Neno Exporta Som, Connie
Laverne, Barbosa and more.
The original concept for ‘Mr Bongo Record Club’ was a radio show that allowed
us to air our treasured record collections, recorded and broadcast once a
month. We wanted to create an outlet free from any genre or BPM restrictions,
not constrained by the need to beat-mix every record, a space where we could
play latest finds alongside favourites. The only self-imposed rule being that
it had to be played from vinyl.
We have always DJ’d across-the-board, but playing in an eclectic way hasn’t
always been easy. Recently DJ’s such as MCDE, Floating Points, Nick The Record,
Leon Vynehall, Four Tet, Jeremy Underground, Antal (Rush Hour), Sassy J and
Young Marco – to name a few – have opened things up with very diverse sets to
younger audiences; Brazilian samba-rock, next to modern soul, highlife, disco,
boogie, jazz, house, techno and beyond.
We’re seeing a rare groove like sensibility. A shift towards the attitude of
legendary club nights hosted by the likes of Mr Scruff and Gilles Peterson,
where you could hear house, hip hop, Turkish funk, boogie, jazz, dub and Latin
back to back. At the same time it isn't a nostalgic or retro movement, people
have a progressive attitude and a thirst for new-old music. It is a vibrant and
exciting time – we are proud to be a part of it.
V.A. - Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 3
Mr Bongo Record Club Volume 3
2LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Mr Bongo)
22,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Volume three in the Mr Bongo Record club series. Another showcase of recent vinyl finds and favourites from our DJ sets and radio shows. This is an extra special one however, as it lands in 2019, the year that we celebrate 30 years since it all began way back in 1989.
In celebration of the 30 years of Mr Bongo, 2019 will see a host of exciting events and even more releases. We take over Brighton Dome on the opening weekend of the Brighton Festival in May, an in-store takeover at Rough Trade East, in July a week long ‘Album Club’ at Spiritland, more at RAPPCATS in LA, record fairs in Utrecht and New York, alongside the digging (and no doubt surfing!) trips to Brazil, India, Australia, Portugal and France…
We’re releasing brand new music from punk-reggae superstars, The Skints; the previously undiscovered 25-year old master composer & arranger, Kit Sebastian; and crossover UK hip hop live show dons, Jungle Brown, this year.
Compiled by David Buttle and Gareth Stephens, assisted by Graham Luckhurst and Gary Johnson.
V.A. - Sam Records Extended Play - Volume 3
Sam Records Extended Play - Volume 3
2x12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Nervous)
27,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
SAM Records was one of the labels at the forefront of the Disco Genre when the format was at its creative peak. This was the late 70’s and early 80’s, when the producers and artists involved were all using top notch professional recording studios with live instrumentation and their focus was on songs and rhythms that would make the dance floor move. Sam Weiss the founder of SAM was involved with various aspects of the music industry in addition to his role running the label, but the Sam Records imprint was his greatest passion, and that energy comes through in the songs that make up the catalogue. In this compilation we have engaged some of the world’s premier producers of the current disco inspired sounds that are blowing dance floors worldwide. They have used their talents and appreciation of the genre to mix, edit and master these classic jams into disco inspired productions that are fully equipped to ignite DJ sets and dancefloors worldwide.
V.A. - You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul 1964-1967 Record Store Day 2021 Edition
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