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SlowPitch - Ghost Fossil
Ghost Fossil
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SlowPitch - Ghost Fossil Tape
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Phonosaurus Music

Phonosaurus Records is a record label from Laval, Canada that launched in april of 2012. Nico and Maël are the two founders of Phonosaurus Recs, also known as Berry Weight when they make sounds together. Whereas Nico and the label are based in Laval (Quebec, Canada) Maël is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. The story of Nico and Maël is kind of spezial: though they live thousands of miles apart from each other, they started their band Berry Weight not even a week after their first meeting on the internet. They released their first album by themselves and decided to share the little bit of money they made with other artists and friends (the original Phonosaurus roaster: Astrid Engberg, Berry Weight, Dirty Art Club, Marina Quaisse, Mattic, Raycord). The artists are from many different countries: Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, USA, France. The original label idea came around 2007, working more seriously on the Phonosaurus project for the last two years before launching. It all began with two friends passionate about music needing a platform to share their sounds, some of wonderful artists and friends who just needed the same. Nico and Maël learned, talked and dreamed a lot. And shared their ideas and brainstormed with a bunch of musicians and art lovers. Beyond they had a few ridiculous offers from labels. Sales from Berry Weight first album »Music for Imaginary Movies« helped making it possible. They intended to run a record label because they wanted to share their favorite music with the world and they wanted to help artist and friends they love. And Nico and Maël intented to be the only creative director of their music, leaving all freedom of expression to the artists, taking their destiny and ‘career’ into their own hands, making their own rules (to some extent), sharing knowledge and learning with artists, building a platform to release their music. Phonosaurus Records is releasing electronic, hip hop, jazz, soul, world, trip hop, downtempo, experimental, psychedelic…all kinds of beats and musical creativity that stimulates the senses of the Great Phonosaurus, how they fondly call their label.

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