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Roza Terenzi - Modern Bliss
Roza Terenzi
Modern Bliss
2LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Planet Euphorique)
23,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
One of the first visitors to Planet Euphorique, Melbourne-based producer Roza Terenzi makes her triumphant return with the first LP release on the label. A playful yet cohesive collection from post-electro and extra-terrestrial techno to dreamy prog-house and low slung zingers, bumping us into the new decade. Modern Bliss, the sound of Roza Terenzi fully realized.
Never shy to experiment with unconventional sounds or mingle influences, the album presents 9 offerings to suit every flavor of raver. Opener, "Jungle in the City," takes down-tempo to a new astral plane with blushing pads and tumbling pixels, perfectly poised for a spine-tingling after hours sunrise.The title track "Modern Bliss" featuring Barcelona based singer/producer Ivy Barkakati encapsulates the dancefloor euphoria we have come to expect from Terenzi; in essence the energy of this release, contemporary jubilation and contentment amongst a chaotic world. Flickering percussion prancing above deep rolling bottom end, allowing bubbling stabs and synth sequences to lift Barkakati's intoxicating vocals to dizzy heights. “Exactly where I need to be, my thoughts create reality” truer words…
Flipping it over to the B side things heat up, “Yo-Yo” chimes in immediately with a tough onslaught of metallic polyrhythms and a pulsating melodic bassline coaxing you down a path less travelled and preparing you for the sexy sub action that demands your attention, "That Track (Rewired Mix)", buckle up to sweat. Sweet relief comes with the C side “Exhale”, dipping in tempo; esoteric atmospheres to fill your ears, something fresh to absorb with each listen. To close off the record, something old and something new, “Eternal Lust” a delicate ode to the lovers and from the vaults “My Reality Cheque Bounced (Feat. DJ Zozi)” - a raucous party starter serving up that label defining sound, futuristic and bombastic, tipping its hat to the break.
With subconscious salutes to the astrological world of OG maven Fiorella Terenzi, “Modern Bliss” invites you into an encapsulating, electronically ethereal universe. A record to summarize the myriad of diverse and evolving sides to Roza Terenzi, the full length allowing her to capture a moment in time with possibilities to transcend dance music expectations. It’s the listeners' decision whether to take a personal introspective journey through the sounds - or share the bliss with friends, united strangers and all those who dance in harmony on the tiny Planet Euphorique...
Sleep D - Smoke Haze
Sleep D
Smoke Haze
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (Planet Euphorique)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Off the back of their debut LP, Sleep D continue to thrive and refine their production skills, this time with the 10th EP on Planet Euphorique, “Smoke Haze”w. 2020 - the future is now, the 4 tracks each offer a glimpse into a distant yet looming world of dark, driving atmospherics; outer worldly electronics perfect for club use. Sticking true to their deep, cosmic constructions, the Australian duo feel to have fully come into their sound, ever progressive and evocative, whilst never forgetting the filth, jack and grit that drives us to move.
A1 “Freezer”, wastes no time, diving in with militant metallic flair, elevated above ground through the syncopated stabs and swirling synthesis. Continuing to build throughout the track with delicate, imperative percussion and rolling delays, bubbling analog voices slipping in and out of consciousness to contrast the 4/4 steadiness. “Green Pond”, the A2 takes off from the opener, bringing a naughty tech-house energy, making it impossible to stand still as the sleazy bass locks in with the drums. Winding high-end technicality balances the playful lows, muffled vocal hooks and decaying leads evoking a sense of hedonism, snapped back to reality by the fierce snare programming.
On the B side “King Tide” teases a slightly lighter mood, with energized melody and floating bounce. Utilizing familiar tones and percussion, whilst experimenting with filters and resonance to take you on a sonic exploration. A state of hypnosis, occasionally interrupted by subtle unexpected contrast, those special desired moments on a dance floor. “Bugger”, the final track on the record, presents a skin crawling anthem destined for the darkest of corners, murked shadows engaging in a heavy stomp. Bass focused, blurring genres, total sludge with a whiplash - commanding your attention.
Each track brings its own unique mastery and mature sound design, built upon a trusted foundation of rolling elation. As the Melbourne X Planet Euphorique partnership continues to develop, the pairing feels particularly ideal, linking in harmony to deliver an innovative, polished record primed to cause havoc.
Psychedelic Budz - Faerie Stomp
Psychedelic Budz
Faerie Stomp
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (Planet Euphorique)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Preorder available from 07.08.2020
Pe012 is a label friends & family junction, a 12” summoning the distant yearning of otherworldly sonic release. Ciel and D. Tiffany unite as new collaboration Psychedelic Budz, long time friends who share a mutual affinity for prog and a desire for elevated states; offering Faerie Stomp, it’s internal reworking plus remixes from Ludwig A.F. and Adam Pits. The aural synergy of the record is laced throughout, tripped out spooky tech-trance, evocative dark imagery conjured at different speeds and energies. Like most of the Planet Euphorique catalogue, these tracks can duly be heard echoing throughout the night sky through forest or bush, as bodies flicker and move in hypnotized, unleashed states. The A side; the Origin Mix of Faerie Stomp and the Enchanted Mix by the Psychedelic Budz themselves sets the tone; tweaked atmospherics and field recordings, scurrying textures creating rhythmic collage. Drama and tension build through drones and bubbling 303 lines, villainous cackling and delay consuming the introduction in anticipation as the track develops into a stomping four to the floor promenade. Snares roll and chop in dizziness, encouraging your surrender to the lucid melodic synth lines, twirling in transfixion. The alternative mix could almost fit entwined into the original, slightly murked and more rhythmically rigid with metallic snares cutting through the denser timbre. Overall an expanded aura and creative opportunity for the deejays and those inhibiting dance space. Flip to the B side for the remixes, firstly Ludwig A.F.’s Haunted rendition. Keeping the eerie attitude in check he morph’s Faerie Stomp into a bombastic bass heavy club anthem, playing with build ups and stripping back elements for effect, the track is always propelling forward, shuffling shakers and scratches making it impossible not to move with it. Adam Pits also maintains the essence of the original whilst offering a whole new translation for his Undergrowth Mix, gargling baselines and whip crack percussion - buckle up for a hard and fast trip to new heights. Sweet relief is brought from floating stabs and melodic subtlety, softer break chops rolling over the brutal low end before the end of the record dissolves down to the encompassing swirling modulation and charging drum work. Four different devilish dance workouts for this unprecedented time. The power lies in the mesmerization. Lose yourself to the supernatural environment in the sonic texture.
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