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Deftones - Around The Fur
Pascow - Sieben
NOFX - Punk In Drublic Orange / Blue Galaxy Vinyl Edition
Punk In Drublic Orange / Blue Galaxy Vinyl Edition
LP | 1994 | EU | Reissue (Epitaph Europe)
24,99 €*
Release:1994 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
So we wanted to go back in to Westbeach with Donnell, but it turns out now he"s in rehab, and obviously is in no shape to record us. So Mr. Brett tells me to call his friend Ryan Greene. So I call Ryan and he records what is probably our best record. It turns out Ryan has really long hair and knows a lot of metal bands, but he"s pretty cool anyway. We record at Westbeach, but mix at EMI. This record takes about 3 weeks, which is about as long as we"ve ever spent on any record. We had a bunch of weird people come in to play steel drums and flaminco guitar and stuff. We covered a Mark Curry song too, which a lot of people don"t know. ("Perfect Government") . This record turned out to be our best selling record. Without any radio or video play, it ended up going gold. Pretty neat. -nofx
Anti-Flag - Victory Or Death (We Gave 'Em Hell) Feat. Campino Of Die Toten Hosen Transparent Red Vinyl Edition
Team Scheisse - Ich Habe Dir Blumen Von Der Tanke Mitgebracht
Pisse - Lambada - 2. Auflage
Nerven, Die - Die Nerven Black Vinyl Edition
Ramones - Subterranean Jungle Violet Vinyl Edition
Subterranean Jungle Violet Vinyl Edition
LP | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Warner)
31,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Reissue as a part of the Start Your Year Off Right Kampagne von Warner. 40th Anniversary of the seventh Ramones album. Subterranean Jungle marked a return to the roots of the band. Includes "Time Has Come Today." (Original RD: February 1983)
Pisse - LP 2. Auflage
LP 2. Auflage
LP | 2020 | EU | Reissue (Phantom)
13,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
2. Auflage mit neuem Cover., aber gleicher Musik.
Pisse - Hornhaut Ist Der Beste Handschuh
Nomeansno - Dad / Revenge
Dad / Revenge
7" | 1987 | US | Reissue (Alternative Tentacles)
11,99 €*
Release:1987 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
For over thirty years, Nomeansno defined post-modern hardcore. Acclaimed by peers and adored by fans, this musically adept trio consistently thrilled sweaty crowds around the world. They were nothing less than a punk rock success story, and always on their own terms. In a word (or several), they are were at the same time intelligent, articulate, studied, thoughtful, violent, passionate, intense, playful, and they became legends. Now at long last, after twenty-two years, Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to welcome them home, starting with the brand new reissue of the Dad/Revenge 7-inch. Originally forming in 1979 by brothers Rob and John Wright after being inspired by a D.O.A. show, and guitarist Andy Kerr joining the following year, Nomeansno would go on to release eleven albums, including a collaborative album with Jello Biafra, and numerous EPs and singles. Heavily influenced by jazz and progressive rock, they created a distinct hardcore punk sound, featuring complex instrumentation, and dark, "savagely intelligent" lyrics. They are often considered foundational in the punk-jazz and post-hardcore movements, and have been cited as a formative influence on math-rock and emo. In 1985 Nomeansno entered Keye Studios to record “Sex Mad” for release on Psyche Industry Records. In 1986, the album was picked up by Alternative Tentacles Records and reissued in the United States and Europe. In order to promote that release, Alternative Tentacles released the Dad/Revenge 7-inch vinyl single in 1987. Pulling together two stand-out tracks for the release, a powerful straight up punk track “Dad”, with the anthemic rock feel of “Revenge”, it was an unforgettable release to herald the coming full length. Now for the first time in thirty-six years, Alternative Tentacles Records and Nomeansno are giving fans an opportunity to own the long out of print 7-inch as the first step in reissuing the Nomeansno catalog back on Alternative Tentacles Records. This is a perfect release to be reintroduced to the musical brilliance of the band, and to understand why their music is every bit as vital and fantastic as it was when the Dad/Revenge 7-inch was first released in 1987.
IDLES - Joy As An Act Of Resistance Black Vinyl Edition
Joy As An Act Of Resistance Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Partisan)
21,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
IDLES – bristol's punk quintet glorified by all the press – release their new album on August 31 on Partisan. On the 12 songs that make up "Joy as an Act of Resistance ." we find Joe Talbot and his acolytes who once again deliver a powerful, electric and effective record. Produced by Space and mixed by Adam Greenspan and Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kate Bush). "Joyas an Act of Resistance."puts into yoke everything related to machismo, nationalism, immigration, and class inequality all with a contagious and natural positive energy.
NOFX - Punk In Drublic
Embrace - Embrace
LP | 1987 | US | Reissue (Dischord)
19,99 €*
Release:1987 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 24.02.2023
Faith and Minor Threat broke up within months of each other in 1983. During 1983 and ‘84 there was a general malaise in the DC hardcore scene which saw a lot of the founding bands and scene makers move to the sidelines as shows became increasingly violent and the attitude became increasingly mainstream. In the summer of '85 there was renewed spirit, often referred to as "Revolution Summer," (ushered in by the Rites of Spring and members of a band that formed later called Fire Party). This "Revolution Summer" included a handful of bands who preferred smaller more intimate venues and focused on a more personal and introspective interpretation of punk rock. Embrace was part of this renewal. They were formed by ex-Minor Threat member IAN Mackaye and three of the former members of Faith. They played shows from the summer of 1985 until the Spring of 1986.
Minor Threat - Minor Threat Grey Vinyl Edition
Minor Threat
Minor Threat Grey Vinyl Edition
LP | 1984 | US | Reissue (Dischord)
24,99 €*
Release:1984 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Minor THREAT’s classic self-titled album remastered and re-released with a digital download coupon inside.
Misfits - Static Age
Team Scheisse - 042124192799
Team Scheisse
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (SoulForce)
22,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 24.02.2023
Fucked Up - One Day Blue In Milky Clear Vinyl Edition
Fucked Up
One Day Blue In Milky Clear Vinyl Edition
LP | 2023 | US | Original (Merge)
23,99 €*
Release:2023 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Blue in milky clear vinyl pressed color-in-color! With One Day, Fucked Up have delivered one of the most energizing and intricate albums of their entire career, a massive-sounding record that arrives in deceptively small confines. The Canadian hardcore legends have been known for their epic scale in the past, from towering concept albums to 12-hour performances-so it might be a surprise that Fucked Up's sixth studio album is their shortest to date, written and recorded in the confines of one literal day (hence the title). Don't mistake size for substance, though: The band's sound has only gotten bigger, more hard-charging, with even denser thickets of melody. If that sounds like a study in contrasts, well, that's Fucked Up for you-and you shouldn't expect, or want, anything different. The result is a record that sounds full-bodied and immediate, with music that burns brutally and passionately in a way that only Fucked Up can evoke. The guitars sound like ziggurats reaching to the sky, reaching dizzying levels of melodic interplay while always maintaining a tuneful clarity-and the musical adventurousness that marked 2018's epic, lush Dose Your Dreams is plenty present here, too. One Day is an undeniable work of confidence from a band that continues to operate at the top of their game, making music that's guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond.
Transplants - Transplants 20th Anniversary Blueberry Vinyl Edition
Transplants 20th Anniversary Blueberry Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2002 | EU | Reissue (Hellcat)
28,99 €*
Release:2002 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
THE Transplants are Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Travis Barker (Blink 182) and Rob Aston. Their sound is a highly original mix of stylistic influences that never strays too far from the home base of Punk Rock while managing to incorporate such disparate elements as blistering Hardcore Guitars, Hip-Hop and Dance Hall beats, Rap rhymes, and an overall un-wavering dedication to the spirit of Rock "N" Roll. Newly reissued on Blueberry vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album.
V.A. - Guerrilla Girls! - She-Punks & Beyond 1975-2016 Vinyl Edition
Guerrilla Girls! - She-Punks & Beyond 1975-2016 Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2023 | UK | Original
32,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
“Guerrilla Girls!”, Ace Records’ much-anticipated first release of 2023, takes us on a thrilling ride from punk’s mid-70s origins, via the left-field post-punk groups, jangly female combos, grunge bands and vigilante Riot Grrrls of the 80s and 90s, to the she-punk bands of recent years – a five-decade alternative to the macho hegemony of rock.
Johnny Thunders - So Alone Red Vinyl Edition
Johnny Thunders
So Alone Red Vinyl Edition
LP | 1978 | EU | Reissue (Warner)
34,99 €*
Release:1978 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Reissue as a part of the Start Your Year Off Right Kampagne von Warner. (Original RD: October 1978)
Lou Reed - Transformer
Lou Reed
LP | 1972 | EU | Reissue (RCA)
21,99 €*
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Legendary second solo studio album by American recording artist Lou Reed. Produced by David Bowie and arranged by Mick Ronson, the album was released in November 1972 by RCA Records. Pressed on standard black vinyl.
Tocotronic - Digital Ist Besser
Revelons, The - 1977-82
Revelons, The
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Hozac)
24,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Available on vinyl for the first time anywhere, THE Revelons are known to punk prevaricators one of best “lost bands” of the Cbgb era who simply released one earth-moving 7” single on Ork Records in 1979, didn’t get signed to a major, and shuffled back into the shadows of an ever-growing scene. Fronted by Gregory LEE Pickard, the band dug into the trenches of New York City’s seedy Bowery life and were frequent players alongside most of the top-tier punk bands of the time, becoming mainstays at not only Cbgb but Mudd Club, Danceteria, Hurrah’s and Max’s as well as incorporating a rotating cast of members that, at times featured Richard Lloyd of Television and JAY DEE Dougherty of THE Patti Smith Group in the lineup. Incorporating a brash and aggressive pop sound with a vicious edge, The Revelons teetered between Television-like sparkling minimal artistic flourishes, but with more raw & primitive delivery. To which, they solidified their street-level prowess with a tenderized toughness not many other bands could match. The Revelons also were pretty hard to pigeonhole sound-wise then as they are now, with Talking Heads comparisons generally falling short, but there were some genuine Doo Wop moments that sneak in as well, showing their deeper roots to the NYC of days long past. But the real crime here is that this previously unreleased collection of recordings has never appeared in the vinyl LP format, as it surely would have escalated The Revelons’ profile much higher in the timeline of New York Punk, and in the minds of rock’n roll historians across the globe. Its a fully-realized album overloaded with massive cuts that’s sadly been forgotten for far too long, so of course, we felt like it was our responsibility to make that happen, and we hope you enjoy this instant-classic album of 1977-82 material from one of New York City’s overlooked gems.
Fugazi - Repeater Blue Vinyl Edition
Fjort - Nichts
V.A. - Go Ahead Punk Make My Day Record Store Day 2022 Orange Splatter Vinyl Edition
Go Ahead Punk Make My Day Record Store Day 2022 Orange Splatter Vinyl Edition
LP | 1996 | Reissue (Craft)
37,99 €*
Release:1996 / Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Any ’90s punk fan will surely remember coveting a copy of Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day—a classic sampler CD from Nitro Records. Originally released in 1996, the album delivered early cuts from some of the biggest names in West Coast punk, including AFI, the Offspring, and the Vandals. Available for the very first time on vinyl, Go Ahead Punk... Make My Day features ten high-energy tracks from AFI, Guttermouth, Jughead’s Revenge, The Vandals, and The Offspring, including the latter band’s cover of “Hey Joe”—a long-sought-after fan favorite, which was previously exclusive to this compilation. Pressed on orange splatter vinyl.
Fugazi - Red Medicine
Wipers - Over The Edge
Smirk - Material
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Feel It)
31,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
As the Decline of Western Civilization comes into full focus, our ears turn once again to Los Angeles. The first proper full length from Smirk could very well be the soundtrack to a Decline pt. IV, with tracks like "Living in Hell" and "Hopeless" delivered for a whole new generation of latchkey kids. Material follows 2021's 100% Total Punk EP and 2020's LP, which collected the first two cassettes-de-quarantine that began Nick VICARIO's run as Smirk. If you've worn out your copies of those releases, then Material needs no further explanation. But if you're wondering where the magic is—let's start with pure, quality songwriting. Vicario and his revolving cast of Smirk players have really done it this time. It's punk, California, paranoia, guitars, rhythm, and a sense of humor-slash-purpose joining forces to combat reality in the truest sense. Smirk have produced an impressive punk encapsulation of the times across the web of sound on Material.
Cramps - All Aboard The Drug Train Green Vinyl Edtion
All Aboard The Drug Train Green Vinyl Edtion
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Cramped)
19,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Recorded live at The Stone, San Francisco, California on the 13th of May 1980. One of the final shows with Bryan Gregory.
Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 40th Anniversary White Vinyl Edition
Bad Religion
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 40th Anniversary White Vinyl Edition
LP | 1982 | EU | Reissue (Eptaph)
23,99 €*
Release:1982 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
With this album a fuse was lit, leading to an explosion that spawned a new religion: Bad Religion. How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, their second record and first LP is nothing short of genius. Shattered-glass guitar riffs, fast, furious drums, and a 16 year old Greg Graffin"s voice for the ages. The coalescence of lyrical intellect and savage music make for a sound seldom (if ever) heard before. The impact of this record still resonates to this day. Classic tracks like "Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell," "American Dream," and "The Voice Of God Is Government" are as crucial and socially lucid as the day they were created in a southern California garage. When the greatest punk records of all-time are discussed, How Could Hell Be Any Worse? is sure to be mentioned. Reissued on clear & black marble vinyl to celebrate the 40th anniversary!
Anti-Flag - Lies They Tell Our Children
Deftones - Adrenaline
LP | 1995 | EU | Reissue (Warner)
23,99 €*
Release:1995 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
The debut album now available on 180g vinyl ... yeah!
Soul Jazz Records presents - Punk 45: I'm A Mess! D-I-Y Or Die! Art, Trash & Neon: Punk 45s In The Uk 1977-78
Soul Jazz Records presents
Punk 45: I'm A Mess! D-I-Y Or Die! Art, Trash & Neon: Punk 45s In The Uk 1977-78
2LP | 2022 | UK | Original (Soul Jazz)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 17.02.2023
Initially released in a deluxe vinyl-only edition (totally sold out), Soul Jazz Records' 'punk 45: I’m A Mess' is now being released in standard double album vinyl (and for the first time on CD). Soul Jazz Records’ long-lasting Punk 45 series are high-quality editions of early punk 45s. While previous editions have focused on the early days of punk in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Akron, France, and proto-punk, this new edition focuses on mainly do-it-yourself, or self-released 45s, all made in the UK in the early days of punk. While only a handful of Punk 45s were released in 1976, the following two years produced an avalanche of them. Aside from the few punk bands who signed to major labels, many of these singles were self-released private press 45s or independent label 45s. With limited distribution and access to the media, many of these sunk without trace and were lost in history. This album features many of these independent punk 45 gems, lost nuggets of gold from the sea of time! The bands featured here come from all across the United Kingdom. Here you will find The Drive, Scotland’s answer to the New York Dolls, Dansette Damage from Newcastle, Stormtrooper from the Isle of Wight and many more – a snapshot of some of the finest private-press 45s ever made. Other bands include Cybermen, The Exile, Neon as well as the early punk incarnations Johnny and The Self-Abusers (who later became Simple Minds) and The Killjoys (led by Kevin Rowland who later formed Dexy’s Midnight Runners). These are all one-off and super rare releases from bands that you have probably never heard of – totally hidden gems from the wastelands of the early days of punk! Totally in keeping with the spirit of the time, this is high-octane, righteously-independent – DIY or die!
Moss Icon - Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fky Black Vinyl Edition
Moss Icon
Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fky Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 1993 | US | Reissue (Temporary Residence)
24,99 €*
Release:1993 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 31.03.2023
Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly was the one and only full-length album by experimental post-punk innovators, Moss Icon . Recorded in 1988, Lyburnum would not be released until 1993 - several years after Moss Icon 's demise. Originally released on Vermiforn - the esoteric noise label founded by Sam McPheeters of Born Against - the vision that Moss Icon 's Tonie Joy had for Lyburnum failed to manifest in its finished product. Of the process of preparing Lyburnum for its eventual release, Joy recalls, "My creative mind was well into its next chapter, onto an apocalyptic order [referring to Joy's post- Moss Icon band, Universal Order of Armageddon ]. Getting Lyburnum to look like what I envisioned in my mind became an uphill battle that involved misplaced photos, misunderstood instructions by the printer, increasing apathy, and lack of advanced printing knowledge (on my part), amongst many other technical and creative issues. With a deadline near it ended up being an it-is-what-it-is situation. Some corrections were attempted for the second pressing the following year, but a further lack of coordination between various parties saw it losing even more of the original vision." Despite these challenges and shortcomings, Lyburnum Wits End Liberation was instantly cherished as a feral masterpiece - a singular entity that would become a defining influence on post-hardcore and emo in the 1990s and beyond. Nothing before sounded like this, and nothing since has quite captured the same mysterious fury. Now, finally, Moss Icon 's seminal Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly LP will be released exactly as it was always intended to look, sound, and feel. The artwork has been fully restored, and includes previously unpublished photos that were inadvertently missing from the original release. Brilliantly remastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, the vinyl has been newly cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, and pressed onto audiophile-grade vinyl at Record Technology Inc.
Stiffs - Singles Collection 1979 To 1985
Singles Collection 1979 To 1985
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Projectile Platters)
31,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The Stiffs were a top caliber UK Punk Rock/ Power Pop/Mod band hailing from Blackburn, Lancashire. A favorite of Radio 1 DJ John Peel, the bands singles got loads of attention on Peel’s show as well as other BBC Radio shows such DJ Mike Read show. This collection compiles all their sought-after collectable singles from 1979-1985. This will be the first time these have been available on vinyl in over 20+ years and this is the first Stiffs vinyl LP compilation, previously everything had been CD.
GG Allin - Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies Shit
GG Allin
Freaks, Faggots, Drunks And Junkies Shit
LP | 1988 | EU | Reissue (Aware One)
22,99 €*
Release:1988 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Vinyl version of "the best" GG Allin studio album, originally released in 1988 pressed on shit colored vinylVinyl edition of what is probably GG Allin's greatest studio album. This was GG's fourth album when it was originally released on Homestead Records in 1988."Die When You Die" is arguably the most famous GG Allin song and this album features the original, best version of the live warhorse. . It also includes GG's rewrite of David Allen Coe's "Longhair Redneck" titled "Outlaw Scumfuc." The punkest man alive (at the time) at his peak. Pressed on shit colored vinyl, well obviously...
Cloud Rat - Threshold
Cloud Rat
LP | 2022 | CA | Original (Artoffact)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / CA – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The new masterpiece from grinders Cloud Rat is next level! Guitarist Rorik Brooks believes Threshold to be the pinnacle of his band's career thus far: "To me, Threshold feels like a response to all of our earlier material. I think we finally have a successful distillation of all our seemingly disparate influences, into what I feel is our best work so far." Pressed on Blue vinyl.
Bobby Ramone - Rocket To Kingston Pink Vinyl Edition
Bobby Ramone
Rocket To Kingston Pink Vinyl Edition
LP | 2020 | EU (Hey Suburbia)
18,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
Originally Released IN 2020 AND Widely Acclaimed AS ‘the Record OF THE Year’ IN THE Punk Rock Community Worldwide, Bobby Ramone’s Legendary Self Titled Debut Gets THE HEY Suburbia Reissue Treatment Color Vinyl, Printed Inner Sleeve, 500 Only.
Pascow - Alles Muss Kaputt Sein Red Vinyl Edition
Dropkick Murphys - Do Or Die White Vinyl Edition
Dropkick Murphys
Do Or Die White Vinyl Edition
LP | 1997 | EU | Reissue (Hellcat)
23,99 €*
Release:1997 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
A culmination of Irish inspired folk and Boston punk rock that put The Dropkick Murphys on the map, this record opened the world"s eyes to the band"s driving intensity and bar room chants. One of Hellcat Record"s early releases, Do or Die is one of the best punk rock albums of the "90s and features original lead singer Mike McCoughlin. Produced by Rancid guitarist/vocalist Lars Fredericksen.
C.O.F.F.I.N - Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway
Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Erste Theke)
15,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
C.O.F.F.I.N’s forthcoming album and proudest work so far since they first recorded as young teenagers.
The self titled record ‘Children Of Finland Fighting In Norway’ was recorded and produced by Frenzal Rhomb’s Jason Whalley at his studio The Pet Food Factory (NSW), mixed by Clem Bennett at Black Mountain Studios (ACT), and mastered by Mikey Young
NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written Black Vinyl Edition
Clash, The - Sandinista!
Fugazi - Steady diet of nothing
Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight
Bikini Kill - The Singles
Bikini Kill
The Singles
Tape | 1998 | US | Reissue (Bikini Kill)
16,99 €*
Release:1998 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 17.02.2023
Received a perfect 10 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork. Bikini Kill Records is excited to reissue of The Singles, on both vinyl and compact disc. This is the first time that it has been released as a 12-inch (special note for all you vinyl fanatics, we managed to keep it at 45rpm for better sound quality)! The Singles was initially released in 1998 as a CD only compilation of all of Bikini KILL's 7”s. Once called "their defining document" by Pitchfork it includes Bikini Kill's legendary collaboration with Joan Jett on the New Radio (1993) single as well as the long out of print Anti Pleasure Dissertation (1995) and I Like Fucking (1995) singles.
Sludgeworth - Losers Of The Year
Losers Of The Year
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Red Scare Industries)
19,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
For the uninitiated, Sludgeworth are Chicago punk pioneers from the 1980’s that released a posthumous collection/discography album on Lookout Records back in the day - and it sold tens of thousands of copies, which was impressive for a defunct band. With members of Screeching Weasel, they had obvious leanings towards melodic punk, but they also had a quintessential Midwest sound mixed in with some post-punk. Think Naked Raygun and Fugazi. And now, for the first time ever, Red Scare brings you Losers of the Year on vinyl. Their first and only LP! And we didn’t stop there: we’ve added two unreleased songs to the CD version of this album. Wild, right?! The band actually broke up in the studio (drama!) during a recording session, but we’ve managed to salvage some of that unheard material for this milestone release. Once again, it’s Red Scare to the rescue!"
Second Layer - Courts Or Wars
Second Layer
Courts Or Wars
LP | 1987 | EU | Reissue (1972)
27,99 €*
Release:1987 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 10.02.2023
Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey might be better known as members of legendary post-punk group The Sound, but the two were childhood friends and had been playing together even earlier in The Outsiders, and continued their deep musical rapport as a duo, creating these intense and engaging songs as Second Layer at the same time as their higher profile band output. Combining their early recordings, including the 1979 Flesh As Property EP and 1980 State Of Emergency EP, Courts Or Wars takes its title from the first song that served as the pair’s introduction to listeners. Right from the beginning you are enveloped in what The Quietus described as, “a monochrome worldview morbidly obsessed with the dehumanizing effect of war, nuclear weapon annihilation, and the fracturing and negation of the self within an increasingly d istorted and technologically mediated society.” Where The Sound fit snugly next to Echo And The Bunnymen, Second Layer had far more in common with the pulsing menace of Suicide. Borland’s familiar vocals and sense of melody hold a connection to his other songwriting, but within these songs he takes far more risks in his guitar work to suit the subject matter. What really drives everything is Bailey’s propulsive bedrock, formed by his homemade pre-drum machine rhythm generators, creating an innovative mechanical approach that somehow inserts a jittery neurotic touch that merges perfectly with his electronic layers driven by the wasp synth, various unique effects boxes or tape loops. Adding in Bailey’s own distinctive bass playing, the results feel personal and experimental, pointed and harsh, while also bracingly accessible and covered in dark manic energy. Over forty years later, these recordings feel shockingly appropriate. In painting a bleak reality and frightening future, there is real desperate beauty here.
Faith / Void - Split
Faith / Void
LP | 1982 | US | Reissue (Dischord)
19,99 €*
Release:1982 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 17.02.2023
The classic split album of legendary DC hardcore, plus the side by THE Faith.
Rubs, The - Dust
Rubs, The
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Hozac)
21,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Oh how we’ve missed THE Rubs, let us count the ways! One of the finest of Chicago’s last wave of rock’n roll resuscitation of the late 2010s, who uprooted the whole project for greener pastures in Kansas City, MO, yet still continues to churn forth incredible hooks by the bucketload, no matter where they land. Here we have the anxiously awaited third long-player, still entirely written, composed, and performed by the one-man-army that is Joey Rubbish, and still creating those invigorating waves of euphoria you’ve come to know and love from this essential hit-machine. After settling into a new living situation in a new city, the hits just kept pouring out, and as the dust settled after several reconfigurations over the next years, the Dust LP finally took its final, gleaming form, as the LP you have here. Another knockout collection of pristine pop bangers laced with mesmerizing guitar and/or sizzling mellotron solos, woven into impossibly contagious harmonies that should effectively put the CDC on high alert.
New Found Glory - Make The Most Of It Clear Vinyl Edition
New Found Glory
Make The Most Of It Clear Vinyl Edition
LP | 2023 | US | Original (Revelation)
33,99 €*
Release:2023 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The forthcoming acoustic album Make The Most Of It by NEW Found Glory tackles the last year head-on with their most emotional and cathartic collection of songs to date. Written in the wake of guitarist Chad Gilbert’s cancer diagnosis and mixed by Mark Trombino (blink-182, Jimmy EAT World), Make The Most Of It is a rumination on what it means to grieve, to live, to approach every day with appreciation and a sense of fulfillment. There’s gratitude for the CPR Gilbert’s wife performed on him (“Mouth To Mouth”), for the doctors who got him back on the road in time to celebrate the landmark 20th anniversary of Sticks & Stones (“Get Me Home”), and for life in general - the opportunity to wake up every day in this beautiful, messy, heartbreaking world (“Kiss The Floor”). “Even though the songs are sadder, they’re still hopeful,” Gilbert says. “You hear so much online about mental health and fear and anxiety. I feel proud that we can release an album with joy and honesty in a way that will hopefully make people less fearful of life. A lot of times we punish ourselves for things that might never happen. I’m going through something that did happen, but doing it with hope and joy and a greater appreciation.” Gilbert and his bandmates - vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, and drummer Cyrus Bolooki - are all husbands and fathers, and as elder statesmen of the pop-punk genre (though still able to incite a circle pit with ease), Make The Most Of It finds the quartet contemplating the future, what they hope their loved ones will hang on to and how they’ll be remembered. It’s all there on “Watch The Lilies Grow,” the record’s centerpiece dedicated to Gilbert’s daughter, Lily, and the most poignant NEW Found Glory song ever.
Baboon Show, The - God Bless You All With The Baboon Show 2023 Calendar
Alien Nosejob - Stained Glass
Alien Nosejob
Stained Glass
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Total Punk)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Much loved, relentless rocker, Jake Robertson is back yet again with the next instalment of his ridiculously productive solo project, Alien Nosejob. Jake’s got a brand-new bag of tricks and I ain’t gonna beat around the bush; it sounds like Ac/dc! Stained Glass may be his finest and most stylistically suited work to date. Ironically, and to quote his own sarcastic lyrics from the album’s second track, he definitely fits this shoe. Not only does Jake have the high-pitched pipes while many others don’t (obviously a vital part in this sound), but the guitar chops to pull off the sweet, sustained lead breaks of this particular style. And he does so in great fashion as you’ll be made immediately aware from the scorching solo on album opener, “Beatles vs, Stones”. Trust Jake to write a song with that title! But alas! it’s not all Bon Scott’s and Angus Young’s. Some Rikk Agnew guitar lines shine through on album closer, "Mouldy Dough". "Shuffle Boogie" marks Jake’s first ever stab at the shuffle backbeat - which he says is him knicking from Rose Tattoo what they knicked from Ac/dc - but it also kinda sounds like a sped up Jean Genie or some lost Bowie boog. "rnr Rubbish Bin" stomps its way through five minutes of electrified solo’s and witty lyrics. Even Brian Johnston makes an appearance on the Ausmuteants sequel, “Coastal Living 2”; about growing up on the NSW Central Coast. The bulk (backing tracks) of Stained Glass were recorded by Mix Master Mikey (Young), over a Friday / Saturday in October last year - but by the sounds of it they spent just as much time eating Guzmen y Gomez, talking shit and hanging out as they did recording. Jake took the beds for the eight tracks home, tucked their sheets in tightly and the record was complete before years end. Some may think it’s a touch too much, some might shoot him down in flames, but I say this rock ’n’ roll singer’s got rhythm.
A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy
A Day To Remember
Common Courtesy
2LP | 2013 | EU | Reissue (Eptaph)
28,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Common Courtesy is the fifth album from A Day to Remember and is reissued on both CD and double LP vinyl for the first time since 2016. The newly packaged vinyl includes updated cover art and pressed on lemon and clear color in color vinyl with die-cut album packaging. Since its initial release in 2013 Common Courtesy has gone on to amass over 500k in total consumption and includes some of the bands biggest hits including “Right Back At it Again” and “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail”. Over the course of the past several years, each of A Day To Remember’s releases have hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Rock, Indie and/or Alternative Charts, they’ve sold more than a million units, racked up over 400 million Spotify streams and 500 million YouTube views, garnered two gold-selling albums and singles (and one silver album in the UK) and sold out entire continental tours, amassing a global fanbase whose members number in the millions.
But Alive - Bis Jetzt Ging Alles Gut Purple Vinyl Edition
Distillers, The - Sing Sing Death House Neon Yellow Vinyl Edition
Distillers, The
Sing Sing Death House Neon Yellow Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Hellcat)
25,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Improving on their very fine, self-titled debut album, Sing Sing Death House, is battle-scarred and resolute, but Brody's tough voice is more expressive than your average punker's and especially affecting when she flaunts the full range of her throaty snarl. On "Seneca Falls," an appreciation of the women's suffrage movement set to chugging guitars and a thumpity-thump bass, there's an exceptional, goosebump-inducing though unintelligible chorus, which soars above the music because of the emotional quality of Brody's howl. Otherwise, the music is quite stirring, coming from a gang of gutter-punks with lip piercings. New colored vinyl pressing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band's iconic album!
IDLES - Ultra Mono Black Vinyl Edition
Ultra Mono Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2020 | UK | Original (Partisan)
21,99 €*
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
If "Joy As An Act Of Resistance" was meant to detail the band's manifesto, the band's highly anticipated third album, "Ultra Mono," is the sound of IDLES heading to the front for these principles, ram in hand. Musically constructed to capture the feel of a hip-hop album (Kenny Beats has also participated in programming on several tracks) the songs have a double language, mixing vitriolic sneers with a direct social comment on the band's past work. Not far below the surface of the slogan they gave themselves, is a deeply complex and brutally relevant album that chews clichés and spits them out in the form of great art for the masses. Active presence and self-acceptance are also at the heart of "Ultra Mono" whose most songs were written in the recording studio, and the phrase "I am I" serves as a lyrical and spiritual mantra. Ultimately "Ultra Mono" is a celebration of the community, the one on which IDLES has been striving to build itself since its beginnings, to form something bigger than itself. As their audience grows, initially attracted by a sense of non-belonging, they create together a diverse congregation of people that offers each of them their place.
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Colored Vinyl Edition
Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love Limited Edition
Suicide - First Rehearsal Tapes
First Rehearsal Tapes
LP | 2017 | US | Original (Superior Viaduct)
20,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
“On Suicide’s First Rehearsal Tapes, recorded in 1975, Alan Vega and Martin Rev create minimalist aural structures, traces of which would surface on their eponymous debut album, released on the Red Star label in late 1977.

“These songs are not a sketchpad of semi-formed ideas. The First Rehearsal Tapes comprise an audio diary of two men out in the ether, measuring themselves as evolving individual artists and as a unit who would rely on inseparability to realize their unique and often confrontational mass in the decades to come. What the tapes also reveal is that Vega and Rev were compositionally ambitious, capable of melody and form, while resisting definition as they headed further into uncharted territory.

“The First Rehearsal Tapes afford the listener a glimpse into the creative process of two groundbreaking, true art warriors with their swords and shields leaning against the practice room wall. To understand the absolute brilliance of Suicide’s first album as well as their sonic adventures that followed, you have to start here with their earliest recordings.”

—Henry Rollins (excerpt from the liner notes)
Offspring, The - Smash
Iggy Pop - The Idiot
Iggy Pop
The Idiot
LP | 1977 | EU | Reissue (Universal)
22,99 €*
Release:1977 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
“The Idiot” is the debut solo album by American rock singer Iggy Pop. It was the first of two LPs released in 1977 which Pop wrote and recorded in collaboration with David Bowie. Drawing on the electronic sounds of German groups such as Kraftwerk, “The Idiot” is a departure from the hard rock of Pop's former band the Stooges, and has been compared to Bowie's contemporaneous "Berlin Trilogy" of albums in its treated instrument sounds and introspective atmosphere. Sessions for the album were begun prior to the recording of Bowie's Low (1977), and “The Idiot” has thus been called the unofficial beginning of Bowie's Berlin period.
Lagwagon - Trashed
Fugazi - In On The Killtaker
Bad Brains - The Youth Are Getting Restless Blue Vinyl Edition
Bad Brains
The Youth Are Getting Restless Blue Vinyl Edition
LP | 1990 | US | Reissue (ORG Music)
32,99 €*
Release:1990 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 03.02.2023
The Youth Are Getting Restless is a live album from Bad Brains, recorded at the Paradiso Theater in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1987 by the Vpro. The show was part of the band's I Against I tour. This reissue marks the sixth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains' recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing.
Bikini Kill - Reject All American
Pinhead Gunpowder - Compulsive Disclosure
Kepi Ghoulie & Friends - Full Moon Forever
Kepi Ghoulie & Friends
Full Moon Forever
LP | 2023 | US | Original (Pirates Press)
24,99 €*
Release:2023 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
What kind of image does “Full Moon Forever” invoke to you? Slightly gothic feels with a sense of timelessness? Good! Then Kepi Ghoulie and friends have succeeded! When Ara Babajian of the Slackers approached Kepi about having an all new challenge, Kepi jumped at the chance to work with his long time friend and drummer hero! Bass player? B-face!!!! With solid rhythm section secured, they started selecting songs that they loved! Years of long backstage chats revealed a common love of some of the “darker” songs of rock’s pop, goth, and new wave eras… the Cure, Cars, Lords of the New Church, Nick Cave all entered the conversation and a group of tunes was selected! Who would produce? Ara wanted to go somewhere new to him, so Kepi and Bface rounded up their old friend Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana studios in Lafayette, IN, a colleague who had produced some of Lookout records music in the 90’s and early 2000’s... With 10 songs, also including selections by Nick Cave, Peter Murphy, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, this little project was actually taking shape! They realized that if they just added David Bowie’s “Heroes” and Trex’ “Cosmic Dancer”, they would have a personal ‘desert island disc’, so they did! The record includes contributions from Ian Fowles (Aquabats, Gerard Way), Prima Donna’s Aaron Minton and Kevin Preston (also currently playing in Green Day), and several other friends, with artwork by artist Tom Neely.
Harry Pussy - You'll Never Play This Town Again
Harry Pussy
You'll Never Play This Town Again
2LP | 2008 | US | Reissue (Palilalia)
44,99 €*
Release:2008 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 10.02.2023
Limited double-LP version of the 2008 CD originally issued on Load, compiling the best live and studio recordings by the final iteration of this group. "60 second bursts of chaotic rock 'n' roll that barbarize whole histories of freakout style, from free jazz through classic hardcore, boogie, blues, Black Flag, Germs, most explicitly through Beefheart, but all hyper-condensed into ultra-kranky riffs that Orcutt plays at hallucinatory speed, compressing Zoot Horn Rollo style avant confusion into lighting runs and metallic two note knock-outs. Hoyos's style is so primitive that it's wildly avantgarde, with an instinctive feel for time that confounds the most advanced improvisatory strategies with the most hysterical. And her vocals are post-Yoko in the truest sense, not directly informed by her but sharing the same spontaneous energy and a-musical appeal, sometimes breaking from songs completely to expand on barely articulated vocal rants and fever pitched bouts of screaming. The whole group existed in a zone that was constantly beyond technique. The arc of their career was perfect, the mission truly accomplished, and all that's left is this amazing series of recordings, a body of work that has had a disproportionate effect on the minds, if rarely the actual sound of the underground."—David Keenan , The Wire, December 2008
Turning Point - It's Always Darkest ... Before The Dawn Orange Vinyl Edition
Turning Point
It's Always Darkest ... Before The Dawn Orange Vinyl Edition
LP | 1990 | US | Reissue (Revelation)
29,99 €*
Release:1990 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
From the very beginning, Turning Point was unique and not what you’d expect from a hardcore band. They expanded on the sounds of bands like Youth OF Today and Chain OF Strength, and brought in more melody while taking inspiration from 7 Seconds to push more emotion in their lyrics. Their impact was immediate. Originally released in 1990 on hardcore powerhouse NEW AGE Records, It’s Always Darkest… Before The Dawn, would be Turning Point’s only full-length. While the band only existed for a very short time, over 30 years later, its influence is still being felt. Revelation Records is proud to bring back It’s Always Darkest… in its original, stand-alone form as the third installment of reissuing the band’s out-of-print catalog
Electric Chair - Act Of Aggression
Lexicon - Devoid Of Light Orange Vinyl Edition
Es War Mord - Die Utopie Der Kosmonauten
Comeback Kid - Outsider
Theatre Of Hate - Westworld Red Vinyl Edition
Theatre Of Hate
Westworld Red Vinyl Edition
LP | 1982 | EU | Reissue (Audioplatter)
26,99 €*
Release:1982 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Westworld is the first studio album by English post-punk band Theatre of Hate. It was originally released in 1982 by record label Burning Rome, prior to the band's dissolution in 1983. It was produced by Mick Jones of the Clash.
Baboon Show, The - God Bless You All
Minor Threat - Try Not To Forget - Live 1983
Minor Threat
Try Not To Forget - Live 1983
LP | 2022 | EU (Vinyl Ink)
16,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
On the 2nd January, 1983 Minor Threat played the "555" Show at the 9.30 Club which comprised of Minor Threat, Faith and Marginal Man. This was the first time all 3 bands played as a 5 piece. Songs 1-17 are from Minor Threat's first set and shows what a powerful force they were. Songs 18-21 were recorded at the Lansburgh Center 29th March, 1983, where Minor Threat played with the Big Boys. It was pretty obvious the spark had gone and this was the last show Minor Threat ever played. This show was notable as it was the only time they played all 3 songs from The Salad Days 7".
Pogendroblem - Alles Was Ich Noch Hab Sind Meine Kompetenzen
Dazey And The Scouts - Maggot
Sick Of It All - Wake The Sleeping Dragon! Black Vinyl Edition
Sick Of It All
Wake The Sleeping Dragon! Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2018 | EU (Radiation Reissues)
18,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
Reissue for the 2018 album by Nyhc pioneers Sick Of It All. Wake the Sleeping Dragon is not sensitive, subtle, nuanced singer songwriter fare. Aggressive, angry and in your face old school Lower East Side hardcore punk. Sick Of It All have made another career and genre defining album. Don’t sleep on Wake the Sleeping Dragon.
Refused - Pump The Brakes Black Vinyl Edition
Pump The Brakes Black Vinyl Edition
12" | 1993 | EU | Reissue (Startracks)
14,99 €*
Release:1993 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
“This is how it all started. Refused debut studiorecording from January -94. The released as Cd-single as the first ever release on Startracks. A classic single who is now released on vinyl for the first time. A-side with music and b-side with etched art. Comes with sticker with text and picture of the etchning. Limited edition 1000 copies worldwide.”
Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud Sing Proud White Vinyl Edition
Dropkick Murphys
Sing Loud Sing Proud White Vinyl Edition
LP | 2000 | EU | Reissue (Hellcat)
24,99 €*
Release:2000 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Sing Loud, Sing Proud! from 2001 is the third studio album from Boston punk rock band the Dropkick Murphys. The album featured a brand new lineup for the Dropkick Murphys compared to their previous album. The album features collaborations with Shane MacGowan, vocalist of The Pogues, and Colin McFaull of Cock Sparrer and an updated version of the old Murphys classic "Caps And Bottles".
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin'
Minimal Compact
Statik Dancin'
12" | 1981 | UK | Reissue (Fortuna)
19,99 €*
Release:1981 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
An unbelievable post-punk shuffler from 1981, by Tel-Aviv-Brussels band Minimal Compact! This tune is one of our favorite tracks ever and we've been wanting to reissue it since day one. But this is no ordinary reissue! The 12'' includes an unreleased instrumental version plus a spaced-out extended dub mix by the living legend, Mad Professor!

Killer stuff as ever from the Fortuna Records crew!!!
Wipers - Land Of The Lost Yellow Vinyl Edition
Land Of The Lost Yellow Vinyl Edition
LP | 1986 | EU | Reissue (Jackpot)
28,99 €*
Release:1986 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Wipers were a punk rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1977 formed by guitarist/songwriter Greg Sage. The group’s tight song structure and use of heavy distortion were hailed as very influential by many critics and musicians alike.

Land of the Lost is the band’s fourth studio album. It was very well received, with Maximum Rocknroll praising the title track for being “heavier and riffier” than the band had ever sounded before. Spin Alternative Record Guide called the album “the most definitive Wipers record for sound and songwriting”.

Land of the Lost remains a highly sought-after album, but now there’s a chance to get a hold of it again. It’s a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies on yellow coloured vinyl
Pennywise - Straight Ahead Red / Black Galaxy Vinyl Edition
Straight Ahead Red / Black Galaxy Vinyl Edition
LP | 1999 | EU | Reissue (Epitaph)
26,99 €*
Release:1999 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Pennywise have remained doggedly faithful to the ideas and inspiration that launched them. On their sixth record, Straight Ahead, the band's stated goal was to create an album that would satisfy their long-time fans as well as take chances with different material, using social and political issues for inspiration. "My Own Country" explores the individual desire for autonomy, "Might Be A Dream" and "Still Can Be Great" seek to inspire courage and determination, while pointing out the flaws within our culture. The result of almost 5 months of constant work, Straight Ahead is the strongest and most diverse album to-date, with songs like "Alien," which received tons of radio airplay in Southern California. At the same time, Pennywise played a sold-out show at the Long Beach Sports Arena, an unheard-of feat for a local punk band from Hermosa Beach CA.
Verstörte Becker - Der Mann
Keine Zähne Im Maul Aber La Paloma Pfeifen - Postsexuell Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Kumikristus - 85 - 86
85 - 86
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Queer Pills)
27,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The complete discography from short lived Finnish Punk / Hardcore band that was around from 1984–1987. Fast furious hardcore punk played by teenage kids, loaded with hooks and tight playing.
Isolationsgemeinschaft - Der Tanz Geht Weiter
Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies Red Vinyl Edition
Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies Red Vinyl Edition
LP | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Munster)
29,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Suicidal Tendencies's debut has been regarded by critics as one of the most influential punk rock albums of all time and has inspired an untold number of influential musicians. "Suicidal Tendencies" has also been cited as an influence or favorite album by each of the "big four" of thrash metal (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) as well as California punk bands such as The Offspring and Nofx. Red colored vinyl includes original lyric sheet. In 1982 Suicidal Tendencies emerged from Venice, CA, with a dedicated audience among area skaters and surfers. As they established themselves on the Los Angeles punk scene, the group released their self-titled debut on Frontier Records with songs like 'Institutionalized,' 'Fascist Pig,' and 'Suicide's an Alternative.' "Suicidal Tendencies" became the bestselling American punk album of all time and launched the band into their long-lasting career. 'Institutionalized' has been referenced in many other songs, mostly its quote "all I wanted was a Pepsi". It is referenced in the Sage Francis song 'Slow Down Gandhi,' Limp Bizkit also referenced it in the song 'Stuck', also the lines "All I wanted was a Pepsi " are also quoted near the ending of the Cypress Hill song 'How I Could Just Kill a Man,' and Body Count recorded a cover version of 'Institutionalized', with new lyrics written by singer Ice-T, called 'Institutionalized 2014.' Suicidal Tendencies became the chameleons of aggressive rock 'n' roll. Starting with their debut album on Frontier Records in 1983, the band progressed from the punk rock genre into heavy metal/thrash. Throughout this transformation, singer, founder, and leader Mike Muir broadcast his own message with wit and wisdom to anyone that would listen. After the video for 'Institutionalized' broke through the MTV airwaves as the first hardcore video for the channel, the song gained further notoriety on the soundtrack for the cult film "Repo Man" in 1984. The original album continues to be a perennial punk rock best seller due to its wide appeal and catchy tunes. Every song on it is great. It's a perfect crossover between hardcore punk and metal.
Stiff Little Fingers - BBC Live In Concert Record Store Day 2022 Pale Blue & Off-White Vinyl Edition
Stiff Little Fingers
BBC Live In Concert Record Store Day 2022 Pale Blue & Off-White Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2022 | UK | (Parlophone)
32,79 €* 40,99 € -20%
Release:2022 / UK –
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited to 4500 copies.

Stiff Little Fingers "bbc Live In Concert" features two high energy performances from these very influential Northern Irish punk rockers, recorded for the BBC. Fronted by singer and guitarist Jake Burns, the first LP of this 2LP set kicks off with "Roots, Radicals, Rockers & Reggae" from their "Go For It" album, recorded at London’s Paris Theatre in 1981, a venue used for many classic BBC In Concerts. The second LP features an equally raucous show captured at Norwich’s University of East Anglia in the UK in front of a highly appreciative crowd. Recorded a year after the Paris Theatre show, the 1982 set starts with "Tin Soldiers" and ends with "Gotta Getaway."
V.A. - Get It Right: Afro Dub Funk & Punk Of Recreational Records '81-'82
Get It Right: Afro Dub Funk & Punk Of Recreational Records '81-'82
2LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Emotional Rescue)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie, Reggae / Dancehall
Emotional Rescue returns to what it does best by unearthing musical gems of the British post punk scene with a double pack compilation of Bristol's short lived Recreational Records. Teaming up with Bristol Archive Records, 10 songs are remastered, reissued and cut loud for DJs and collectors. What is most striking is, although created in the space of just two years, with a disparate collection of artists, musicians and producers coming together, the music holds a considerable cohesive sound. Set up in 1981 by Bristol based shop, Revolver Records, Recreational was formed as an independent label with its own distribution, as part of the co-operative, Cartel. The label was a natural progression from the shop's punk's DIY aesthetic, acting as a hang out and inspiration for local artists from Mark Stewart to later staff member, Daddy G. 'Get It Right' starts with a one-off project in Scream + Dance, who similarly, alongside local bands Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy and Rip Rig & Panic, explored post-punk with funk and jazz all underpinned with heavy tribal and dub influenced rhythms. 'In Rhythm', with its infectious groove, acts as a call to arms for the compilation, coming in two parts, the latter dropping away to explore the links with dub. Next is possibly the label's biggest band in Talisman, going on to be active up to today, their release 'Run Come Girl / Wicked Dem' are both featured in long 12" mixes that explore the classic 'discomix' of vocal and dub in longform. Animal Magic lead with the pack's title, 'Get It Right' a short-driven punk funk burst that captures the label's sound to perfection. However, much of the compilation is given over to the more experimental side of the bands, with a high percentage the B sides where they headed to the mixing desk for echo chambered dub inspired versions. X-Certs' 'Untogether; Electric Guitars' 'Don't Wake The Baby' and Animal Magic's 'Trash The Blad' are culled from the flips of various 7" singles and all are a fusion of percussive rhythms, studio trickery and dub inspired techniques, played out against the "Do it Yourself" aesthetic of the time. To complete is London based, soukous, kwela and afrobeat inspired collective, Ivory Coasters' 'Mungaka Makossa' and two rhythmic curveballs by Scream + Dance in 'Giocometti Wicked Mix)' and their riotous (and short) closer, 'In Pink & Black'. "Get it right this time, get it right!".
Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life Red Vinyl Edition
Tim Armstrong
A Poet's Life Red Vinyl Edition
LP | 2007 | EU | Reissue (Epitaph)
24,99 €*
Release:2007 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Tim Armstrong, guitarist and frontman of Rancid, took a different path on his 2007 solo debut, with able backing from L.A. reggae revivalists The Aggrolites, Armstrong crafted a grooving, fun-filled modern reggae album, influenced by ska, rock steady, roots reggae, and dancehall and filtered through a modern pop-punk attitude. The sound of the record (nimble, jumped-up, and retro but fully modern) impresses instantly, but as the record goes on, Armstrong's voice emerges as the star. His raspy croon, staccato toasting, and ragged shout fit the reggae sound surprisingly well.
Anxious - Little Green House Butterfly Vinyl Editoin
Little Green House Butterfly Vinyl Editoin
LP | 2021 | US | Reissue (Run For Cover)
23,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Since the inception of Anxious in 2016, the band has always acted with purpose. This may seem like a simple premise, but for five kids still in high school at the time, it's quite an accomplishment. Early songs were packaged in limited run demotapes with accompanying zines and hand-dyed t-shirts. Weekends were filled with regional runs of shows outside of their Fairfield, Connecticut homebase. With this amount of effort it's no wonder that within a few years of graduation, Anxious has built a solid foundation for their debut album to flourishupon. On Little Green House, Anxious explores what it feels like to enter adulthood in unflinching detail. The Connecticut band unpacks struggles, joys, and hard-earned realizations in a way tha...
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