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Ras Kass - Soul On Ice 2
Ras Kass
Soul On Ice 2
LP | 2019 | US | Original (Mello Music Group)
28,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
t’s been nearly a quarter century since Soul of Ice and they still can’t handle the truth. In fact, the intervening decades since Ras Kass dropped his classic debut have only validated the poisonous and panoramic vision of the waterproof MC, who was immediately hailed as the West Coast’s answer to Nas. And with the nature of the threat growing more real by the minute, there couldn’t be a more necessary time for Soul on Ice 2.

In nearly half a century of rap, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone as venomous, cerebral and creatively fearless as Ras Kass. His lyrics are like a form of alcohol that ruthlessly kills all toxic germs. Real hip-hop that aims for the jugular. The best music takes risks and Soul on Ice 2 is so determined to expose uncomfortable truths that in another era it would’ve ended up on a banned albums list. It finds the Watts and Carson-raised seer determined to apply disinfectant and pressure to the ever-expanding list of American atrocities; this time accompanied by a hall of fame lineup of rappers and producers including Diamond D, Pete Rock, Snoop Dogg, Immortal Technique, Justice League, Cee-Lo Green, DJ Green Lantern, Everlast, Styles P and M.O.P.

From the first track, Ras Kass lays his mission statement in visceral and unyielding terms. The nature of the threat remains more relevant than ever. Hate crimes are multiplying. There are Christians in red hats preaching zero tolerance. In a sly aside, Ras cracks the irony: “Jesus never said that.” The beat, courtesy of Twiz the Beat Pro operates in communion with Ras’ semi-automatic-wrapped-in-sandpaper voice, flipping a sample of the phrase “it’s been such a long long time.”

What’s stark is how little has changed. The ghosts of America’s original sins continue to haunt, but they’re now twinned with a variety of new indignities from minor to major. They range from trust fund kids pretending to be broke and plasticine women to weed being legal but the police will still kill you. Then Ras punctuates his flurry of bars by adding that he’ll probably be underrated for life. It’s a claim that underscores exactly why his music has continued to matter: it’s unvarnished and intelligent, devoid of gimmicks or overwrought plays for radio. These are anthems for seekers and the curious, those who refuse to adhere to the easy answers and dim lies disseminated by the sinister and the simple minded.

There is “Grammy Speech,” where Ras imagines what he’d say if he was ever called up the Staples Center podium. Over a stomp-your-life out beat that recalls Diamond D’s late 90s collaborations with Pharoahe Monch, Rass spits a life story in a matter of minutes. He unloads about being feared and snubbed, corrects popular misconceptions, attacks the slithering nature of the music industry and accepts the award for all the real MCs.

Consider “Midnight Sun,” where Cee-Lo adds red clay soul to a fulmination about the false construction of race. The thundering “White Power,” where Immortal Technique and Ras eviscerate the tenets of white supremacy and chronicle the grotesque litany of evils committed by this demonic colonizer mentality. Yet for all the rage, it finishes with a message of unity -- the notion that all races are really one -- and the only hope for the future is to overthrow the yoke of antiquated thinking.

"Guns and Roses” finds Ras wrecking a dusty psychedelic flip with M.O.P and Styles P. It’s a classic four alarm, bring-the-big-guns assault. A tunnel banger for the second decade of the 21st Century. “LL Cool” brings Snoop Dogg to Carson so the duo of West Coast legends can conjure a pimped-out low-riding cruise in silk shirts and open collars. The finale is the harrowing “Opoid Crisis,” where Ras threatens to murder Republicans before connecting the threads between the CIA flooding inner-cities with crack and evil corporations getting the entire populace addicted with the tacit support of the U.S. government.

None of this is for the faint hearted, but Ras Kass never made music for the soft-handed and headed. On his latest opus, you realize exactly what a dramatic influence he’s has had on everyone from Kenrick Lamar and Ab-Soul to Dead Prez and Jay Electronica. Another gem burnishing the indelible legacy of the one of the greatest rappers to ever incinerate a microphone. This is eternal soul, ice-cold but somehow never less than searing.
Ras Kass - Miami Life / Goldyn Child
Ras Kass
Miami Life / Goldyn Child
7" | 2019 | EU | Original (HHV Boombap 45s)
11,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Strongly limited edition of 300 copies of the 10th release in our »HHV Boombap 45's« series.

This time we present another classic cut from the mid-90's on 7", "Miami Life" by Ras Kass from his debut album "Soul On Ice". The b-side includes "Goldyn Child" produced by DJ Premier!
Ras Kass - Soul On Ice 2
Ras Kass - SOI2 The Leaks
Ras Kass
SOI2 The Leaks
7" | 2018 | US | Original (Blackhouse)
15,99 €* 19,99 € -20%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Ras Kass, legendary in his body of work, has outdone himself on this very limited exclusive single. With the highly-anticipated upcoming release of “Soul On Ice 2”, this 2 track offering is comprised of two tracks that will not ever be found on any other release, nor any other physical or digital format ever. Featuring work by the Infamous Mobb, Apollo Brown, Omid G. and featuring exclusive original watercolor artwork by Alex WuKang, this work of art is just that; a work of ART. Not only that, every copy will come with a red and gold foil seal on the back, to be hand
numbered, personally addressed to (those that pre-ordered at his Bandcamp site), and signed by Ras Kass himself. A limited run of 500 copies. Limited edition vinyl release of 500 copies available on black vinyl. This will not be available on any other digital or physical format and will not be repressed.
Ras Kass - Intellectual Property (#SOI2)
Ras Kass
Intellectual Property (#SOI2)
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Goon Musick)
18,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Devised as a two-part album to mark two decades since the release of his classic début “Soul On Ice”, “Intellectual Property” is the first slice of Ras Kass’ crowd-funded vision. Since this offering is supposed to invoke Ras’ original masterpiece it’s hard not to compare it with his first album, but when you do that, you’re putting a classic next to a classic. Produced by DJ Lethal, Snowgoons, Statik Selektah, etc. Features RZA, Bun B, Bumpy Knuckles, Ony, Sean Price, A-F-R-O and many more. If you are a fan of Ras Kass you will get Ras Kass on Intellectual Property plus much more.
Ras Kass - Pre-Soul On Ice Demos
Ras Kass
Pre-Soul On Ice Demos
12" | 2014 | US | Original (Dope Folks)
21,99 €*
Release:2014 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
The 60th Dope Folks release is from legendary west coast lyricist Ras Kass! The "Pre-Soul On Ice Demos" EP is 6 tracks of demos and rare tracks from Ras Kass' underground beginnings and truly essential stuff, taken from Ras Kass' own personal archives! The demos are cleanud up as much as possible, to give you the best versions of these rare tracks. Limited to 350 copies worldwide!
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