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The Record Box vinyl storage

Vinyl is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion. Record Box picks up on the experience of passionate record collectors and offers a high-quality and aesthetically convincing solution for the storage of vinyl collections. Record Box enables inexpensive, space-saving and flexible storage of LPs, double LPs, 12-inch and 7-inch singles and offers protection against dust and scratches. The modular record boxes can be freely combined and are connected to one another using a newly developed construction principle. Expandable at any time, they give the user maximum space to realize their own design ideas. Of course, the space can be also used for clothes, books or folders.

Record Box

Modular system

With its innovative modular system, Record Box stands for diversity and flexibility and offers vinyl and all objects that are to be protected or shown an optimal place. The record boxes can be combined in a modular way: Thanks to different box sizes and colors, creative arrangements can be created in every room. All storage boxes, register boxes and add-ons can be stacked quickly and without any tools, creating individual furniture such as sideboards, DJ racks, highboards, roll containers, side tables and flat shelves. Best of all: the records will fit everwhere.

Record Box

Easy assembly with glue dots

A new construction principle was developed for the modular system: The glue dots supplied or ordered separately can be attached quickly and easily to the contact points of the boxes and protect against slipping or tipping. The dots can be loosened again with one hand movement and removed without leaving any residue. With the help of new glue dots, the next arrangement is possible immediately.

Record Box

Top & baseboards in two sizes

Record Box offers two sets of top and baseboards for the construction of sideboards or shelves. The baseboard is equipped with adjustable feet that can compensate for minor unevenness in the floor, while the topboard forms the upper end and thus an even surface for sideboards, DJ racks or shelves. All record boxes from Record Box are made of high-quality MDF, which is covered with a resistant surface made of melamine resin.