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Wilco - Sky blue sky
Sky blue sky
2LP+CD | 2007 | US | Original (Nonesuch)
31,99 €*
Release:2007 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
includes bonus cd of the complete album!
Clannad - In A Lifetime Super Deluxe Bookpack Edition
In A Lifetime Super Deluxe Bookpack Edition
2LP+LP+4CD+7"+Book+4Cards+Poster | 2020 | EU | Original (Warner)
89,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Box including a 4CD Anthology, 2LP on black vinyl, 1 LP of Macalla, a 7", a book, 4 post cards and a poster.
Sleaford Mods - All That Glue
V.A. - Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986
Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Light In The Attic)
16,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie, Pop
When Light In The Attic released _Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986_ in 2019, it was the first collection of its kind to be released outside Japan. It proved to be just what music fans had been waiting for—a compilation of sought-after tracks that had been nearly impossible to obtain unless you were well-connected with dealers and collectors, or traveled regularly to the countless record stores in Japan. _Pacific Breeze_ included Minako Yoshida, Taeko Ohnuki, Hiroshi Sato and Haruomi Hosono among other key players of ‘70s-’80s Japanese City Pop, the nebulous genre that encompassed an “amalgam of AOR, R&B, jazz fusion, funk, boogie and disco, all a touch dizzy with tropical euphoria,” as we described it the first time around.

With _Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986_ we dig deeper into those sounds of bubble-era Japan. From the proto-City Pop funk of Bread & Butter and Eiichi Ohtaki to the crate-digger favorites Eri Ohno and Piper, the latest entry in Light In The Attic’s Japan Archival Series brings another set of sought-after tunes, most of which have never before been available outside of Japan. Tomoko Aran and Anri, also included in this compilation, are just a few of the artists who have gained popularity in recent years thanks to Vaporwave, the meme-genre that heavily samples Japanese City Pop to create its particular aesthetic.

_Pacific Breeze 2_ once again feature the artwork of renowned Tokyo-based illustrator Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have become synonymous with City Pop. Nagai’s urban tropical imagery is a perfect match for the expertly curated tunes, evoking a certain sense of nostalgia for the leisure lifestyles of ‘70s-’80s Tokyo, while simultaneously being perfectly in tune with the current zeitgeist.
Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone
Lemon Demon
Spirit Phone
2CD | 2018 | US | Original (Needlejuice)
18,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 26.06.2020
Disc 2 contains 13 bonus tracks. Enhanced CD with album commentary by Neil. Digipak case w/ art by Ming Doyle. 8-page lyric booklet. Needlejuice Records is proud to present Lemon Demon’s occult classic on CD, cassette, and 2 colored LP variants. Released digitally in 2016, this is the first time the album has been available on any physical format.

Spirit Phone is a collection of 14 deviously catchy pop songs that lightheartedly explore such macabre topics as haunted mansions, confectionery cannibalism, Lovecraftian romance and 1980s economics. Bringing to mind the playfully ghoulish work of new wave acts like Oingo Boingo, the album presents its dark themes with mischievous relish. Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop included it in his Best of 2016 list with an 8/10 rating, praising its clever lyrics, high energy, and catchy songwriting.

Available now, Spirit Phone has been remastered by experimental sound guru Mark Kramer with new original art by Ming Doyle. Along with the 14 tracks that comprise the album proper, side 4 includes 5 bonus tracks. Download card contains full album, all 13 bonus tracks from the original release, and exclusive album commentary by Neil.
Siekiera - Nowa Aleksandria
Nowa Aleksandria
CD | 1986 | EU (Mannequin)
9,99 €*
Release:1986 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
Originally released in 1986, 'Nowa Aleksandria' caught brilliantly the cold, sultry atmosphere of the dark times of last years of communism in Poland. Influenced by British post punk heroes like Joy Division and Killing Joke the album represents nowdays one of the most important records in the history of Polish rock.
Hyperculte - Massif Occidental
Massif Occidental
CD | 2019 | CH | Original (Bongo Joe)
7,79 €* 12,99 € -40%
Release:2019 / CH – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Bongo Joe calls this "trans-pop-kraut". More infos are on the way.
Claude Fontaine - Claude Fontaine
V.A. - Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986
Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Light In The Attic)
16,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie, Pop
Preorder 05.06.2020
• Cover art by famed artist Hiroshi Nagai
• Extensive liner notes and bios
• Compiled by Andy Cabic (Vetiver), Zach Cowie (DJ & music supervisor) and Mark “Frosty” McNeill (dublab)
• CD in a UV coated Digipak with over sized fold-out booklet and custom die-cut obi card
• Remastered audio

Pacific Breeze documents Japan’s blast into the stratosphere. By the 1960s, the nation had achieved a postwar miracle, soaring to become the world’s second largest economy. Thriving tech exports sent The Rising Sun over the moon. Its pocket cassette players, bleeping video games, and gleaming cars boomed worldwide, wooing pleasure points and pumping Japanese pockets full of yen.

Japan’s financial buoyancy also permeated its popular culture, birthing an audio analog called City Pop. This new sound arose in the mid ’70s and ruled through the ’80s, channeling the country’s contemporary psyche. It was sophisticated music mirroring Japan’s punch-drunk prosperity. City Pop epitomized the era, providing a soundtrack for emerging urbanites. An optimistic spirit buzzed through the music in neon-bathed, gauzy tableaus coated with groove-heavy strokes.

Pacific Breeze is an expertly compiled collection of choice cuts that range from silky smooth grooves to innovative techno pop bangers and everything in between. Long-revered by crate diggers and adventurous music heads, this music has never been released outside of Japan until now. Including key artists like Taeko Ohnuki and Minako Yoshida, as well as cult favorites Hitomi Tohyama and Hiroshi Sato, the long-awaited release also features newly commissioned cover painting by Tokyo-based artist Hiroshi Nagai, whose iconic images of resort living have graced the covers of many classic City Pop albums of the 1980s.

Many of the key City Pop players evolved from the Japanese New Music scene of the early ’70s, as heard on Light In The Attic’s acclaimed Even a Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973, the first release of the ongoing Japan Archival Series. In fact, you could say City Pop set sail with a champagne smash from Happy End, the freakishly talented subversives who included amongst their ranks Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki, both featured on this compilation. As Michael K. Bourdaghs noted in his book, Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon, this music was, “Deconstructing the line between imitation and authenticity.” Some of the best City Pop teeters in this zone—easy listening with mutant exotica, tilted techno-pop, and steamy boogie bubbling beneath the gloss.
Die Ärzte - Seitenhirsch Deluxe Box Set
Chris Cornell - When Bad Does Good White & Black Marble Colored Vinyl Edition
Chris Cornell
When Bad Does Good White & Black Marble Colored Vinyl Edition
7" | 2018 | EU | Original (A & M)
13,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited edition for Schwarzer Freitag Record Store Day 2018! Only 1 per customer!
A-side: When Bad Does Good – an unreleased, unannounced to date song found in Chris’ archive of recordings. B-side: Temple of the Dog's "Stargazer (Live at the Paramount)" on white/black marble vinyl.
Another friday dedicated to the black gold!
Spookey Ruben - Modes Of Transportation Volume 1 20th Anniversary Edition
Spookey Ruben
Modes Of Transportation Volume 1 20th Anniversary Edition
CD | 2016 | US | Original (Hi-Hat Recordings)
14,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Campaign funded and previously only available as part of the *Mega Modes Mania* on Indiegogo, we managed to get some copies from the label and are very excited about it. The CD digipak features all regular album tracks plus three bonus tracks. His hit "These Days Are Old" became the theme song of the German Television show "Zimmer Frei" and a show in Japan. "Running Away", "Wendy McDonald" and "It's Not What You Do It's You" are indie classics. We also got his newest album, Modes III in stock, which is awesome, too.
Smashing Pumpkins, The - Shiny And Oh So Bright Volume 1 No Past. No Future. No Sun
Element of Crime - Schafe, Monster und Mäuse Limited Songbook Edition
Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh - Son Of G Rap
Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh
Son Of G Rap
CD | 2018 | US | Original (TCF Music Group)
15,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Featuring Cormega. Noreaga, Meyhem Lauren, Freddie Gibbs, AZ an more. Production by The Alchemist, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Showbiz and more.
Kool G Rap doesn’t let his legend status stop him from continuing to do what he loves. Last year, the Corona, Queens veteran dropped his ‘Return Of The Don’ album, and in 2018, he’s following up the solid effort with a collaborative album full of heavy hitters behind the boards and on the mic, alongside Rochester native 38 Spesh (aka $pesh), who linked with Griselda Records’ Benny the Butcher earlier this year for the well-received ‘Stabbed & Shot’ album. ‘Son Of G Rap’ dropped digitally in July, and now it finds its way to CD. The album’s tracklisting boasts veteran features like Cormega (on the song “Dead or Alive”) and AZ (“Honest Truth”) while also brandishing newer school spitters like Freddie Gibbs and Meyhem Lauren (on “Flow Gods”) and Griselda Records’ Benny The Butcher (on “Binoculars”). Behind the boards, as mentioned, KGR summoned production akin to MCing prowess. Alchemist heads up “Land Mine” while DJ Premier and Pete Rock lay the beats for two tracks each. Album mainstays Midnite and 38 Spesh handle most of the rest of the production. Overall, the project is a lot of what you’d expect from Kool G Rap: grimy street rhymes full of stories of peril and the
beats to match. On “Land Mine,” the duo of 38 Spesh and Ransom provide a rather introspective look-back on their troubled come up while a song like “Flow Gods” reminds everyone that G and his assembly are nothing to be taken lightly when it comes to witty wordplay and velvety smooth bars.
V.A. - Des Jeunes Gens Modernes 1978-1983 Volume 2
Nikki Hill - Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
Charlotte Gainsbourg
2LP+CD | 2010 | FR | Reissue (Because)
18,99 €*
Release:2010 / FR – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Double LP in Gatefold Sleeve with CD included for the first Time!
V.A. - Rockabilly Rampage Volume 1
Rockabilly Rampage Volume 1
LP+CD | 2013 | UK | Original (Vip Vop)
20,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Classic rare Rockabilly cuts restored & re mastered. Compiled for true rockabilly fans young and old.
Coming Soon
Meridian Brothers - Cumbia Siglo XXI
Meridian Brothers
Cumbia Siglo XXI
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Bongo Joe)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 21.08.2020
After the very acoustic "¿Dónde estás María?". I decided to try a new experiment taking as a reference the legendary group "Cumbia siglo XX" which is a group who explores a futuristic vision of coastal cumbia in the 80s, together with other groups such as "Grupo folclórico", "2000 voltios" and others, mainly under the label Machuca and Felito records. This new 80s cumbia was a combination of funky basses and a further evolution of the rhythms, blending this style with disco and even rock music and superimposing the traditional versus the urban context and the modernity.

Meridian Brothers took this as a departing point and inspiration, making the same experiment but in XXI century, using the modern media of this time; all kinds of drum machines, guitars and synths, algorithmic software etc, and also taking into account the global exposition of modern cumbia in the 2010s. So all kinds of influences and genres are blended around this cumbia axis. Urban beats, synthy grooves, glitches and all kinds of swear words (and its censoship &$*/#), and all kinds of slang languaje are included in the songs of the album.

All these elements are filtered and passed through the traditional train of thought of Meridian Brothers, which is the figuration of an abstract picture of sound put it within a concrete context or cultural tendency.
Lemon Demon - Nature Tapes
Lemon Demon
Nature Tapes
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Needlejuice)
11,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 26.06.2020
4-panel digipak. Remastered by Kramer. Enhanced CD with access to stems. From the Spirit Phones of fall to the I Am Become Christmases of winter, the seasons change as ever and bring a new Lemon Demon release from Needlejuice Records.

The summer affords us all the opportunity to frolic in the splendor of nature. The beautiful sun, the chirping birds, and Neil Cicierega’s 2014 EP Nature Tapes. Containing such classics as Brodyquest, Two Trucks, Jaws, and Goosebumps*, this set of 8 catchy electro-pop songs showcases Neil’s signature blend of deft humor set to a memorable melody.

*Goosebumps is being retroactively added to the official track listing because Neil forgot about it in 2014.
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers - Vodou Ale
Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers
Vodou Ale
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Bongo Joe)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 05.06.2020
In 2016, haitian voodoo band Chouk Bwa and electronic production duo The Angströmers united to form Chouk Bwa & The Angströmers.

Chouk Bwa play traditional Haitian music; they would fit in the “Mizik Rasin” genre, alongside bands like Boukman Eksperyans, Boukan Ginen or Rasin Mapou from Azor. However, until their decisive encounter with The Angströmers, their most characteristic feature was their loyalty to the essential elements of Voodoo – therefore without any instrumental addition.

Chouk Bwa was born in 2012 in the Gonaïves under the impulsion of singer and Samba (keeper of the tradition and moral figure in the voodoo culture) Jean Claude “Sambaton” Dorvil.

Initially the band’s full name was Chouk Bwa Libète, which can be translated by “Liberty’s roots”, a reference to the famous shout uttered by Toussaint Louverture, an artisan of the Haitian revolution, who died in captivity at Fort de Doubs in 1803: “By overturning me, only the trunk of the tree of liberty fell in Santo Domingo, but it will grow again for its roots are deep and numerous”.

Following their meeting with Belgian musician Michel Wolteche in 2012, the band starts an international career that leads them to a selection for a showcase at the WOMEX 2015 and that will make them tour in more than 10 european countries (playing shows notably at the WOMAD Charlton Park, Roskilde Festival, Førde Festivalen), as well as in Malaysia (Rainforest World Music Festival), Canada (Sunfest, Vancouver Folk Festival, Calgary Folk Festival) and the USA (Savannah Music Festival). In 2015, their first album, Se nou ki la!, is released on Buda Musique.

Chouk Bwa’s music combines multiple characteristic Voodoo elements: rhythms, dances and chants. These are the roots, removed from Africa and secretly replanted in a new earth. The percussionists, going from one rhythm (and therefore one cultural reference) to another, act as collective memory smugglers, and their instruments are the material demonstration of this diversity. The dance is neither aesthetic nor premeditated, it is real; it is not about a “show” or a “choregraphy” but rather about a connexion with the drums’ spirits. On top of this, the singer’s voice ascends effortlessly above the instrumentation, which also includes bamboos and lanbi.

The setlist during a show is made up of original compositions by Sambaton as well as traditional songs rearranged by the band. As a fervent homage to the Lwa pantheon, the entire repertoire is sustained by the voodoo mystic, and throughout a song, it is sometimes the Haitian farmers’ voices, in their daily struggle for survival, that express themselves by narrating scenes of life, sometimes with the impatience of a political speech.

The singularity of this music lies in the fact that it offers a “material” very close to ceremonial music (without any significant addition) and organizes it and, in a way, concentrates it in a shape that gives it an powerful impact, accessible to a large public, however without ever distorting nor polishing it.
The Angströmers, an electronic music duo consisting of Nicolas Esterle and Frédéric Alstadt, constitute one of the artistic emanations of the label The Angströmers.

Founded in Toulouse in 1998, the label organizes events, co-produces cine-concerts with the Toulouse film library and produces one or two albums per year. In 2007 the structure is refounded in Belgium, and starts concentrating its activity on the mastering studio and the

label. Following the premature death of one of the founding members near the end of 2008, the label is put on standby, and only a few albums continue to get released episodically. The studio becomes a well-known actor of the alternative Belgian scene, specialized in vinyl mastering.

As musicians, certainly fed by their engagement in the label and the mastering, The Angströmers spread their music full of bass and echos, influenced by dub and drone music, all over the underground European stages. All along their encounter with the voodoo culture, they learn to expand their sound by immersing themselves into complex polyrhythms. They develop an electronic psychedelic music, free of all the codes of binary, 4/4 standards that dominate the club world.
Interstellar Funk - Artificial Dancers - Waves Of Synth
Interstellar Funk
Artificial Dancers - Waves Of Synth
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Rush Hour)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance, Pop
Preorder 26.06.2020
Birthed at the turn of the ‘80s, synth and wave music has remained a constant force over the last four decades, with a recent spike in interest in the sound offering further proof of its’ timeless, out-of-this-world quality. It’s against this backdrop that Dutch DJ Interstellar Funk presents his celebration of the style, “Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth”.
A bumper compilation bristling with obscure and hard-to-find gems, the set sees the Artificial Dance label founder joining the dots between synthesizer and drum machine-driven tracks in a variety of subtly different styles. It’s the result of hundreds of hours spent digging through dusty old records, tapes, and the Bandcamp accounts of DIY musicians who have been active since the sound’s first boom in the early 1980s.
The 11-track set draws on tracks made and released at different times over the last 40 years, with the earliest cut committed to tape in 1978 and the most recent in 2018. While the tracks date from the ‘80s, ‘90s, noughties and 2010s, the showcased cuts are united by a primitive but futuristic quality that makes dating them difficult. In many cases, it’s hard to tell which tracks were made in the early 1980s and which were conjured up in 21st century studios.
As you’d expect, highlights are plentiful with a number of the most unknown or sought-after cuts appearing on vinyl for the first time. In this category you’ll find the Human League’s odd but inspired early number “4JG”, a near mythical 1982 live version of Liasons Dangereuses’ “Dias Cortas” (previously only available on a VHS video) and Chris and Cosey’s “Hybrid C”, a brilliant mid-’90s cut plucked from their CD-only album “Skimble Skamble”. You’ll also find a rare demo version of Clan of Xymox’s Dutch darkwave classic “Stranger”, which became a club smash across Europe in 1983.
Interstellar Funk has also chosen to showcase tracks by a range of DIY producers and lesser-known artists. These include Californian band Batang Frisco, who self-released a sole private press album in 1986 (their contribution, “Sewing Machine”, is dedicated to founder member Bill DiMichele, who passed away this year), Matthias Schuster’s Im Namen Des Volkes project – which contributes the previously unreleased 2014 track “Alles Ist Gewinn” – and Zahgurim, a short-lived early ‘80s act who reunited in 2018 to record their first new material since 1983.
If that wasn’t enough to set pulses racing, the compilation also showcases a solo track by sadly departed Psyche member Stephen Huss. Nobody is quite sure when Huss recorded “Infinity Sign”, but we can confirm this is the first time that one of his solo productions has ever appeared on vinyl.
V.V. Lightbody - Make A Shrine Or Burn It
V.V. Lightbody
Make A Shrine Or Burn It
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Acrophase)
9,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 12.06.2020
What does belonging to yourself look and sound like in 2020? For Chicago’s V.V. Lightbody, it’s following her 2018 debut “Bathing Peach,” with a break-up and breakthrough sophomore LP Make a Shrine or Burn It – a masterclass in self-reflection and female autonomy. Produced herself, the album finds the singer/songwriter folding her oceanic, nap rock sound into the musical kaleidoscope of Laurel Canyon folk-pop and floaty, improvisational psychedelia; inviting the listener into the complex yet controlled chaos of it all. Recorded at noted Chicago recording studios including Decade Studios, Public House and Pallet Sound, McConnell produced the album herself and teamed up with the city’s go-to engineer Dave Vettraino (Lala Lala, Makaya McCraven, Deeper, Melkbelly). Building upon lush harmonies and textured rhythms - featuring Ohmme’s Sima Cunningham on vocals and Macie Stewart on violin, and saxman Wills Mckenna among others – “Make a Shrine or Burn It” is an adventurous uptick in the dreamy, signature V.V. Lightbody soundscape.
Nun Attax / Five Go Down To The Sea? / Beethoven - Hiding From The Landlord
Nun Attax / Five Go Down To The Sea? / Beethoven
Hiding From The Landlord
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Allchival)
17,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 03.07.2020
Next on Allchival is a compilation tracing the musical pursuits of Cork’s (via Belfast) Finbarr Donnelly and his trilogy of bands – Nun Attax, Five Go Down To The Sea? and Beethoven - before his untimely death by drowning in London’s Hyde Park in 1989. From the post punk of the first band via the discordant indie of the second to the chaos of Beethoven’s short lived existence this compilation shines some light on one of Irelands most enigmatic frontmen over a ten year period. Released on 18th April [Record Store Day] on a 15 track LP and an expanded CD version with 24 tracks. Featuring tracks released on Setanta, Creation, Kabuki & Abstract plus previously unreleased Fanning Sessions, the LP also comes with a fanzine with detailed liner notes and ephemera.
Nun Attax, formed in the late 70s, are synonymous with the Downtown Kampus at Cork’s Arcadia Ballroom, the lynchpin of the city’s post-punk music scene. Their live performances being the stuff of Southern legend - unforgettable, incendiary events, examples of which can be heard on the tracks here [White Cortina, Reekus Sunfare]. In the early-80s the band changed its name to Five Go Down To the Sea? and recorded the Knot A Fish EP 7’’ for London–Irish label Kabuki Records and soon after the band left recession-ridden Cork for the UK capital.
Squatting south of the River, working on building sites and collecting welfare under several aliases recording and gigs were sporadic but by 1984 they had hooked into the early Creation scene, and played gigs at Alan McGee’s Living Room club. Working with The Mekons Jon Langford they release The Glee Club on Edward Christie’s Abstract Sounds label. Following it up with the last of their three releases as Five..on Creation itself the band’s chaotic existence led to its demise only re-emerging in 1988 as Beethoven. Down to two original members – Donnelly and guitarist Ricky Dineen – plus two new additions their only release – a 12” on the fledgling Setanta records – features a cover of “Day Tripper” backed with original tracks and was NME’s Single of the Week in the summer of ‘89 when such things carried weight. The planned second single doesn’t go ahead after Donnelly’s death.
Darth Frogger - Fun Gothic
Darth Frogger
Fun Gothic
CD | 2018 | EU | Original (Musikfladen)
15,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
Preorder 12.06.2020
Midnight Pine, The - Live At A.D.
Midnight Pine, The
Live At A.D.
CD | 2020 | US | Original (The Redwoods Music)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 05.06.2020
Part retrospective, part metamorphosis, The Midnight Pine Live at A.D. finds a band fully realizing itself with searing, updated interpretations of its carefully produced studio recordings. When The Midnight Pine first appeared in 2013, it established an ethereal take on western Americana, the sound of acoustic strums and humming organ keys channeled by the cool night air, adorned by rattling chains, hand-claps, and transistor radio sweeps. Against this backdrop emerged the staggering talent of Shelbi Bennett, who’s preternaturally practiced voice reveals a combination of sweetness and power rarely seen since the days of Dusty Springfield and Cass Elliot. Over the course of three albums, the psychedelic folk of those first stirrings has evolved, as has the band itself. Since signing with the Redwoods Music label in 2015, The Midnight Pine has increasingly drawn from The Redwoods’ collective of accomplished Southern California musicians, swelling to seven members, who’ve added layers upon layers of vintage tones and fleshed out percussion to build on the songs penned by prolific lyricist and co-founder of the band, Alfred Howard. Recorded live at the Audio Design recording studio, where most Redwoods Music recordings are produced using analog equipment, these updated tunes represent The Midnight Pine as it currently stands, with more spirited rock underpinnings informed by electric guitar tones, chewy basslines, and the timeless vibe of Rhodes organ. The new arrangements also give Bennett a chance to build on her own performances. Working with familiar material embellished over countless live performances, her vocals on this new release are less constrained, yet at the same time more refined, offering tantalizing glimpse of the direction this young singer and band are heading.
Tracy Mcneil & The Goodlife - You Be The Lightning
Greg Dayton - Sailing For The Sun
Greg Dayton
Sailing For The Sun
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Modern Icon/Ropeadope)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 19.06.2020
While he was inducted into the NY Blues Artist Hall Of Fame, Greg Dayton’s new album highlights his songwriting and storytelling expertise. Appearances include Adrian Harpham, Anthony Robustelli, Steve Bernstein, Dave Inniss, Anson Jones, Max Rifkin, Josh Solomon, Towera Smith, Clayton Bryant on this record, some powerful names in their own right. Sailing For The Sun is accessible for blues lovers and fans of classic rock and soul.
Chris Poland - Resistance
Chris Poland
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Ropeadope)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Chris Poland is an American jazz fusion guitarist and creator/co-founder of the the Heavy Jazz/Rock/Fusion power trio OHM. Poland started playing from high school in New York, and later replaced Richard “Max” Maxfield in the rock/jazz group Welkin. In 1977, he moved to Los Angeles and formed the The New Yorkers with Robertino 'Pag' Pagliari, Gar Samuelson and Stu Samuelson. Poland and Gar Samuelson were then recruited by Megadeth and were crucial members of their early line-up. Poland worked on their first two albums “Killing is my Business...and Business is Good!” and “Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?” Poland quit Megadeth shortly after the second album. After Megadeth, Poland went on to perform as a bass player for the Circle Jerks on a whim and released two solo albums, “Return to Metalopolis” and “Chasing the Sun,” along with “Rare Tax,” a companion album. Once again, Chris would be asked to be the founding lead guitarist for another band - ‘Damn the Machine’. The band would release an album and go on a world tour. In 1997, Poland and Pagliari came together once again to form OHM with Koko Bermejo on the drums. They have since worked with drumming legends like Kofi Baker, David Eagle, and Nick Menza, and are going strong. In 2009, Poland and Pagliari created an offshoot of OHM known as OHMphrey along with Jake Cinniger, Joel Cummins, and Kris Meyers. Chris has appeared on Ropeadope recordings with Saxophonist Frank Catalano, and now he is set to release Resistance; a deep journey into the idiom of Jazz from a composer and player with an edge. Poland’s compositions are like narrations of all the complexities of life, both beauty and challenge are equally embraced in the process.
Ron Wood - I've Got My Own Album To Do Red Edition
Ron Wood
I've Got My Own Album To Do Red Edition
LP | 1974 | US | Reissue (Friday Music)
43,99 €*
Release:1974 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 12.06.2020
In 1974, The Faces lead guitarist and future Rolling Stone, Ron Wood found some time from his very busy career to record what would be a superstar collective masterwork known as “I’ve Got My Own Album To Do.”

The 2X Rock Hall of Famer gathered a treasure trove of great songs, plus a star studded cast of legends to work with him on this debut smash including the kick off rocker “I Can Feel The Fire” featuring Mick Jagger and “Far East Man” with George Harrison.

Thanks to rock radio airplay, songs like 'Am I Grooving You” “Mystifies Me” & “Shirley” would also become AOR staples and kept the album in the rock charts before joining up with The Rolling Stones in 1975.

Friday Music is no stranger to the legendary music and artistry of Ron Wood, therefore we are very pleased to announce the first time ever 180 Gram Translucent Red audiophile vinyl release of his Warner Records classic “I’ve Got My Own Album To Do.”

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Ron Wood/Faces) from the Warner Records tapes at Friday Music Studios, the super limited 180 Gram LP will also be presented in its striking original artwork presentation, featuring all the original artwork elements of the 1974 release.
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya Gold Edition
Stick It To Ya Gold Edition
LP | 2020 | US | Original (Friday Music)
43,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 12.06.2020
After providing their musical expertise with former Kiss guitarist’s Vinnie Vincent Invasion, heavy metal veterans Mark Slaughter (lead vocals/guitars) and Dana Strum (bass guitar) decided to branch out on their own and form the supergroup Slaughter.

Their success was immediate upon release of their debut smash hit “Stick It To Ya.” As radio played their first hit single “Up All Night”, the fans reacted in unison as the album propelled further to the top of the charts with their huge hit “Fly To The Angels.”

“Stick It To Ya” didn’t stop there…..more hits like “Up All Night” “Mad About You” and “Spend My Life” all became radio favorites and moved this album into double platinum territory.

Produced by Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum, this hard rockin’ event catapulted this band well into the upper rungs of super stardom as it was nominated Best Metal Album of The Year 1991 by the American Music Awards…plus all the hit video rotation on MTV truly made their career a very important chapter in the history of metal and hard rock music.

As compact discs were all the rage in 1990, the vinyl album release of this magical album was a rare commodity and has been now for almost 30 years….that is until now!

To celebrate their upcoming 30th Anniversary, Friday Music is very pleased to announce the Slaughter 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their multi-platinum chart topping 'Stick It To Ya' for the first time ever on 180 Gram Vinyl.
Slaughter - Stick It To Ya Red Cover Edition
Stick It To Ya Red Cover Edition
LP | 2020 | US | Original (Friday Music)
43,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder 12.06.2020
After providing their musical expertise with former Kiss guitarist’s Vinnie Vincent Invasion, heavy metal veterans Mark Slaughter (lead vocals/guitars) and Dana Strum (bass guitar) decided to branch out on their own and form the supergroup Slaughter. Their success was immediate upon release of their debut smash hit “Stick It To Ya.” As radio played their first hit single “Up All Night”, the fans reacted in unison as the album propelled further to the top of the charts with their huge hit “Fly To The Angels.” “Stick It To Ya” didn’t stop there…..more hits like “Up All Night” “Mad About You” and “Spend My Life” all became radio favorites and moved this album into double platinum territory. Produced by Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum, this hard rockin’ event catapulted this band well into the upper rungs of super stardom as it was nominated Best Metal Album of The Year 1991 by the American Music Awards…plus all the hit video rotation on MTV truly made their career a very important chapter in the history of metal and hard rock music.
As compact discs were all the rage in 1990, the vinyl album release of this magical album was a rare commodity and has been now for almost 30 years….that is until now!
To celebrate their upcoming 30th Anniversary, Friday Music is very pleased to announce the Slaughter 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their multi-platinum chart topping 'Stick It To Ya' for the first time ever on 180 Gram Vinyl.
Damien Jurado - What's New, Tomboy?
Herod - Sombre Dessein
Minor Threat - Complete Discography
Who, The - Woodstock '69
Naoki Asai - Aber Heidschi
Naoki Asai
Aber Heidschi
CD | 2020 | JP | Original (P-Vine)
38,99 €*
Release:2020 / JP – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Preorder 19.06.2020
First-ever reissue of the cult classic 1988 private press album
Limited edition Japanese import
Faithful reproduction of the original packaging

The wondrous psychedelic/guitar pop private press artifact left behind in 1988 – Aber Heidschi is the work of Naoki Asai, a Tama Artr School student at the time. The album was recorded quietly with help from friends in rental studios around Kichijoji and Musashino, all the while Asai kept himself busy playing with a band around Shimokitazawa. Its impossibly pretty and pure sounds may bring to mind The Smiths, Pale Fountains, Stone Roses, or Galaxie 500. But Aber Heidschi is altogether more intimate and dreamy – the fleeting jangly guitars, high-toned vocals that bring to mind Masato Tomobe or Toshiaki Chiku, and lyrical world influenced by Lewis Carroll and surrealism. Not to mention the deep, perhaps too deep, sea of reverb. The rawness, the sweetness, the weakness, the sorrowfulness, the delicateness…all fused together perfectly. Perhaps the music was made just for me? It’s the type of ultimate private pop music that will certainly make you think that way.

Almost completely forgotten soon after its release, Aber Heidschi gradually became a sought-after cult album, helped in part by a post on a Scandinavian blog in 2011. The following year an American digger who had managed to find an original copy posted about it on his own blog – which soon turned into a worldwide phenomenon amongst a certain set. Producer Yuji Shibasaki, meanwhile, had been planning and researching the album for a potential rerelease. Through various contacts and acquaintances he was finally able to reach Asai himself – which led to the reissue of Aber Heidschi. These days Asai is producing intimate music under the moniker Kaska Guitar, and performing as a singer/songwriter under the name Vocalo P.
Body Count - Carnivore Limited Box Edition
Body Count
Carnivore Limited Box Edition
2CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Sony)
36,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The limited box contains:
- the album as digipak version with 2 bonus tracks
- bonus CD with instrumental versions
- Beanie with swen-on label
- metal logo pin
- double sided poster
V.A. - Uzelli Elektro Saz
Uzelli Elektro Saz
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Uzelli)
16,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Uzelli Kaset was established in 1971 by Muammer and Yavuz Uzelli in Frankfurt, Germany. Their music resonated not only with the longing that Gastarbeiter (guest workers) felt for the homelands and families they had left behind and the melancholy brought by their difficult living and working conditions in Germany, but also with the joy that welled up at village weddings on their days off, and the long car or train journeys home. Reaching the remotest corners of Germany as well as Turkey, Uzelli Kaset was soon more than just a music company; it became a companion to Turkish workers living far from home. Not counting the handful of 8-track tapes and 14 LPs released in the early days, the catalog consisted entirely of cassettes.
When they opened their Istanbul office in 1977, Uzelli moved beyond production and became successful in the areas of reproduction, distribution and marketing. Taking the catalogs of other production companies under its umbrella, it continued its rapid growth.
The 90s became the CD decade, and because Uzelli Kaset had not released its catalog in CD format, hundreds of albums remained unavailable to an entire new generation. Because the albums had not been released in LP form either, musical explorers ran into the same problem. Remaining active and serving in various areas of the music industry, Uzelli carefully preserved its visual, audio and document archives, ensuring their survival to the present day.
After an immense amount of work, this catalog, which had long awaited discovery by new generations, was finally released in digital format. For record collectors seeking the spirit of those times, we also began offering this special selection of compilation albums in vinyl format. As we created this series, our goal was to guide listeners toward new discoveries, and open new pages for music lovers to explore. Leaving our rich, multifaceted catalog to genuine musicians, curators and artists, our desire became to approach the recordings of that period from a different perspective.
We are overjoyed to know that our continuing meticulous work will bear fruits whose taste and aroma have been long forgotten.
Kal- El - Ecosphere
Sterne, Die - Die Sterne
Mujigae Quintet - She's So Cool
Mujigae Quintet
She's So Cool
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Beat Ball Music)
26,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
First reissue of the one of Korean rock obscurity from 1974
Remastered from the original master tapes
Includes two singles released in 1975 under the name ‘Mujigae Sound’

Mujigae Quintet (Rainbow Quintet)’ was a project band formed by composer Lee Kyung-seok while he worked as an arranger at Four Seasons Production(not to confuse with Frankie Valli’s). The album starts off with the funky hard-rock number ‘She’s So Cool’, featuring the soulful vocals of Jang Sung-hwan, who would later become a member of ‘Sarang-eu-Saem (Wellspring of Love)’. It is packed with other well-crafted tunes in the folk rock style, like ‘As Autumn Ends’ and ‘Love in the Rain’. Lee Kyung-seok who was both a classically-trained musician and member of a rock band, was encouraged by the producer at his production company, Eom Jin (who also produced ), to begin work on a record by drawing on his musical ideas and network of musicians. The result was a debut album that was unheard of – in that it featured a project group – in gayo history, which deftly brought together heavy rock n’ roll, folk, Latin pop, and gayo melodies. At the same time, Mujigae Quintet were given the opportunity to participate in the recordings of other Four Seasons Production artists, such as singer Yoon Hang-gi and folk singer Han Dae-soo.

However, when the title track ‘She’s So Cool’ was banned shortly after the album’s release, the band was unable to continue its activities. The project group, Mujigae Quintet, transformed into the vocal group, Mujigae Sound, after undergoing some member changes. This reissue LP also includes two singles that were released under the latter moniker immediately following this album. After the group disbanded, Lee Kyung-seok continued a prolific career in music for ads (Lotte Confectionery) and also as a gayo arranger (working with Bae In-sook, Kim Soo-hee, and Lee Hwa).

* ‘As Autumn Ends’ to be featured in an episode of the new Netflix show
Tool - Fear Inoculum Expanded Book Edition
Sterne, Die - Anfang Verpasst (1992-1999)
Blood Orange (Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion of Test Icicles) - Angel's Pulse
Mark Kozelek & Petra Haden - Joey Always Smiled
Mark Kozelek & Petra Haden
Joey Always Smiled
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Caldo Verde)
12,59 €* 13,99 € -10%
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Mark Kozelek teams up with violinist and singer Petra Haden for a
new LP called Joey Always Smiled. Along with Haden, it features
contributions from Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley, character actor Kevin
Corrigan, regular Kozelek collaborator Ben Boye, and more. And
following six originals with very Kozelekian song titles, the record
closes out with a folky, beautifully spare cover of Huey Lewis & The
News' immortal Back To The Future soundtrack hit 'The Power Of Love"
Cigarettes After Sex - Cry
Lindemann - F & M Special Hardcover Book Edition
Status Quo - Backbone Limited Deluxe Box
V.A. - Welcome To The Nightmare - A Tribute To Alice Cooper
Amber Run - Philophobia
Amber Run
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Easy Life)
13,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Philophobia, n. (from Greek "φιλος" (love) and "φοβία" (phobia)) The fear of falling in love or emotional attachment.Whether platonic or romantic, unrequited, unconditional or ugly, every human experiences some kind of love to some degree. At its very best, love – whether from a parent or child or a partner – can give you purpose. It can make you feel more whole and complete than you ever thought possible. It can make life worth living. At the same time, it can totally and utterly destroy you. That conflict – and the delicate balance between the two – is something that Amber Run explore thoroughly on the 10 beautiful, soul-searching songs that make up Philophobia, their third record. Yet while that aversion is the central focus the new record from the Nottingham trio – consisting of lead vocalist Joe Keogh, bassist Tom Sperring and keyboardist Henry Wyeth – its songs also explore the nature of love in all its many different, complex facets and forms to bring that complex tornado of emotions and feelings to life.
Lite - Multiple
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Topshelf)
9,74 €* 12,99 € -25%
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Multiple is the sixth full length record by the prolific maximalists known as LITE. Over the past 16 years, the Japanese quartet has established itself as one of the most influential groups across a host of subgenres. Though usually referred to by touchstones such as "math-rock" or "post-rock," LITE has developed an uncanny ability to fuse their influences into their own unmistakable dialect that defies generic genre classification.At times, Multiple's compositions find themselves at unlikely stylistic intersections. Conversating funk riffs will interweave with challenging rhythmic phrasing, blurring the lines between lead sections, obscuring where passages begin and end. LITE's distinct voice is emphasized in tracks such as "Double" and "4mg Warmth,"where melodies meander incessantly, constantly taking the listener to new territory.While many LITE songs unfold at breakneck pace, others entertain entirely different worlds altogether. In songs "Ring" and "Blizzard," the band tests the limits of their abilities with slowed-down, genre-bending forays into hip-hop and dub. On "Ring," LITE collaborated with rapper Maco Marets and singer Utena Kobayashi, where the latter's talents were also tapped for the song's ethereal steelpan section. As LITE has shown over nearly two decades, there exists no style that they cannot master or otherwise weave into their designs.
Tijuana Panthers - Carpet Denim
Tijuana Panthers
Carpet Denim
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Innovative Leisure)
15,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The Tijuana Panthers are back and this time they’re all grown up (kind of). Combining their signature surf rock with new experimentations in sound, Carpet Denim is the culmination of nearly three years of work and the band’s subconscious evolution into deeper, more personal places.

Taking concepts that have long been percolating, this album is the musical version of a beachside, drop-top cruise -- punctuated by deeply human lyrics. Carpet Denim hits deep notes of introspective darkness with songs like “You Died,” a ballad-y jam that delves into the complex emotional wreckage of a father’s passing, and the album’s single, “Path of Totality,” about a close friend of the band’s who lost the fight against alcoholism.

These soulful forays are offset by Tijuana Panthers singular, upbeat sound, with the playful jam “Little Pampelmousse” that celebrates fatherhood and refers to Phil’s nickname for his new, beloved baby.

Then there’s “710,” a spirited coast down memory lane that embodies the band’s signature sunniness - all while reminiscing about growing up in Long Beach.

The culmination of the band’s many years on the road and making noise, Carpet Denim falls deeper into their weird and wild tendencies (there’s even a synthesizer that makes an appearance). It’s inspired by everything, from politics to the guys’ personal lives, Haruki Murakami and Twin Peaks. There’s the perfectly dissonant “TV People,” a creepy little number that combines simple guitar with a roving bass to create an abstract jam that’s hard to forget.

This album is the same garage-y Tijuana Panthers you love, but this time, they channel their unbridled energy into a moody maturation of their music. The band returned to their hometown of Long Beach, CA to record Carpet Denim at Jazzcats studio. Unlike earlier albums such as Poster and Wayne Interest - which were recorded in a flash-bang, marathon sitting, the band’s latest album was methodically assembled by Jonny Bell over multiple days. Pouring over production, Carpet Denim is a collective deep breath that weaves together years of songwriting -- all jam-packed with summertime vibes, peaks of punk rock and Tijuana Panthers’ signature oddball adventures.
Pelican - Forever Becoming 2019 Remix
Why? - Aokohio
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Joyful Noise)
13,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Yoni Wolf has spent the last two decades traveling the remote sonic terrain where underground hip hop, avant-pop, and psych-rock meet. Some of Yoni’s most compelling and critically-praised musical experiments have been issued under the moniker WHY? and his latest entry is no exception. On AOKOHIO Yoni condenses the essential elements of WHY? into a stunningly potent musical vision.

AOKOHIO finds Yoni rethinking fundamental aspects of his approach to creating and delivering his music. The album is presented as six movements comprised of two to four songs each, with some segments appearing as brief fragments that dissolve within seconds. The concept of sharing AOKOHIO in segments over time has been preserved with the release of an accompanying visual album. “I think it's a very artful way of putting the music out there,” Yoni explains. "In terms of what it is, it's a piece of art. I put blood, sweat, and tears into this album, and struggled through the creative process as I always do. As far as where this sits with the rest of my albums? I can't answer that. I just know that my career is a lifelong career, and I’m working it. Every time it feels right, it makes me feel good.”
Thom Yorke - Anima
Laissez Fairs - Marigold
Laissez Fairs
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Rum Bar)
12,74 €* 14,99 € -15%
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
THE LAISSEZ FAIRS...John Fallon and Joe Lawless...the team...the dream...singers, songwriters. mult-instrumentalists, record producers...for the love of it...for the art of it...that is why. Cromm Fallon and Aaron Archer are there, as well, making it all happen. Yes, John was in The Steppes and that was a golden moment...but that was then and this is very now...thanks to Joe Lawless and his magic studio. This is but half of the equation. The Laissez Fairs are an explosive live band...the sound of a psychedelic pressure cooker set on 11...colours everywhere...pretty and hard. NEW single...2 early clue to the new direction...PHANTOM STRANGER / REDUNDANT BEACH...perfectly harvested and tasty fruit for the blender of your mind...try it, you'll like like to travel?...this will take you there!
THE LAISSEZ FAIRS..."Marigold"...their 4th album. 16 tracks. All sorts of tunes...fat, skinny, loud, and inside this album...let it happen. Did Neil Armstrong bring this back from the moon in July 1969?...not so much a white album...rather a lovely shade of MARIGOLD.
Keane - Cause And Effect Limited Super Deluxe Book Edition
Rantanplan - Rudeboys Von Der Reeperbahn
La Dispute - Panorama
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres - Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres Deluxe Edition
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres
Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres Deluxe Edition
2CD+DVD | 2019 | UK | Original (Strap Originals)
20,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited edition double CD with DVD.

Peter Doherrty has a new Band, The Puta Madres. And they are set to release an album by the end of April which is described as “a devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss and being lost” and was recorded in a French fishing village across four consecutive days last summer. The debut sees Doherty and his new bandmates heading back to his garage rock roots for a selection of eclectic songs that have all been road-tested over the last 18 months.
National, The - I Am Easy To Find
National, The
I Am Easy To Find
CD | 2019 | UK | Original (4AD)
13,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
On 3rd September 2017, director Mike Mills emailed Matt Berninger to introduce himself and in very short order, the most ambitious project of the National’s nearly 20-year career was born and plans for a hard-earned vacation died. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker was coming off his third feature, 20th Century Women, and was interested in working with the band on... something. A video maybe. Berninger, already a fan of Mills’ films, not only agreed to collaborate, he essentially handed over the keys to the band’s creative process.

The result is I Am Easy to Find, a 24-minute film by Mills starring Alicia Vikander, and I Am Easy to Find, a 68-minute album by the National. The former is not the video for the latter; the latter is not the soundtrack to the former. The two projects are, as Mills calls them, “Playfully hostile siblings that love to steal from each other” -- they share music and words and DNA and impulses and a vision about what it means to be human in 2019, but don’t necessarily need one another. The movie was composed like a piece of music; the music was assembled like a film, by a film director. The frontman and natural focal point was deliberately and dramatically sidestaged in favour of a variety of female voices, nearly all of whom have long been in the group’s orbit. It is unlike anything either artist has ever attempted and also totally in line with how they’ve created for much of their careers.
Madalitso Band - Wasalala
Madalitso Band
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Bongo Joe)
15,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Intuitive, authentic, and full of ruthless rhythms, Malawian Madalitso Band has taken Europe by storm. Madalitso will make you clap, dance, smile, and rethink everything you thought you knew about African sound and instrumentation. Madalitso is authentic to the core and coming to Europe once again after demand from clubs and festivals everywhere.

The traditional duo from Malawi, who in the last year have been featured on BBC Africa, and performed at such festivals as Roskilde in Denmark, were first discovered by a local producer busking outside a shopping centre in Lilongwe in 2009. The connection that the musicians gained with each other through living this way for 10 years is evident in the way they burst onto the scene, after their very first performance outside Malawi, in 2017, at Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar. 6 months later and they were on an aeroplane for the first time in their lives, to do a 2 week European tour, and wow audiences with their down-toearth nature, and raw on-stage energy. A new album is being released in March 2019 under Bongo Joe Records, a label from Geneva, who instantly fell in love with the Madalitso ethos, when the music inside is so strong that it says, “so what that we can’t afford instruments, we’ll build our own.” The music inside Madalitso Band is SO strong, and it comes out effortlessly, full of syncopated rhythms, lush harmonies and a solid back beat. The band are planning another tour for next summer which hopes to include USA and Canada as well as Europe.
Floating Points - Late Night Tales
Floating Points
Late Night Tales
CD | 2019 | UK | Original (Late Night tales)
16,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
Sam Shepherd pulls from "global soul, ambient, jazz and folk" genres on the 17-track mix, according to the press release. It features four new tracks, including one from Floating points himself: a cover of Kenny Wheeler's "The Sweet Time Suite, Part I - Opening." Sarah Davachi, Toshimaru Nakamura and Lauren Laverne also contribute exclusive material, plus music by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, British jazz trio Azimuth and recent Resident Advisor feature star Kara-Lis Coverdale.

"The music is a selection of the kind of records I play to set the tone when DJing all night long," said Shepherd.
Nat Freedberg - Better Late Than Never
Nat Freedberg
Better Late Than Never
CD | 2019 | US | Original (Rum Bar)
14,99 €*
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Nat Freedberg is a singer, guitar player and songwriter based in Allston (a neighborhood of Boston, formerly known as “Allston Rock City”).
Nat is best known in the Rocque ‘n' Roll community as the front man of the Upper Crust (see the call-out by the Supersuckers on their latest single). He
has fronted many legendary Boston-based punk and hard rock projects and now is stepping out into the spotlight on his own.
Nat began his musical career with a trio called the Flies in 1981, moved on to the harder-rock, duel-guitar Titanics in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s (which later
morphed into the devil-rock-themed Satanics), and then joined a nautical-themed rock outfit called the Clamdiggers, which in turn spawned the
aristocratic-themed Upper Crust in ’95 or so. The Upper Crust survived more than a quarter century and released a bunch of stellar albums, earning Nat
a reputation as a talented songwriter who, for whatever reason, preferred to play comedic rock in costume.
Now he has stepped out from behind the wig and makeup and made a solo record, working with some of the finest musicians in Boston (including
two-time Grammy winning producer and drummer Ducky Carlisle) to back up original material that is not themed about anything in particular… love
songs, sad songs, and songs about the devil—to whom we owe our thanks, not only for this record, but for all music. Hail Satan! The record is called
Better Late Than Never.
Die Ärzte - They Have Given Me Schrott! - Die Outtakes
Hovvdy - Cranberry
Lambchop - This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)
Frittenbude - Rote Sonne
Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum (TCHIK), The - Bitchlifecrisis
The Kasai Osharaku Preservation Society & Others - Oshakaru Special Double Album Book Edition
The Kasai Osharaku Preservation Society & Others
Oshakaru Special Double Album Book Edition
2CD+Book | 2019 | JP | Original (EM)
23,39 €* 25,99 € -10%
Release:2019 / JP – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Comes in large format duo-case with 60 page booklet. Osharaku is a traditional Japanese form of musical entertainment, featuring mainly voice, shamisen and percussion, with a repertoire of folk and popular songs, performed by farmers and fishermen for local audiences. This compilation, 28 tracks compiled by Riyo Mountains, is the fourth release in the EM Records/Riyo Mountains Japanese folk series. These recordings feature legendary Osharaku masters, recorded in their homes, brilliantly capturing the casual warmth and vitality characteristic of the style. Osharaku is unique in its use of shamisen, originally an “uptown” urban instrument, in a “downtown” non-urban setting. These joyous tracks, all recorded in the 1960s and 70s, are available as a 2CD set or a single 12” vinyl LP, with English translations and rare photos. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi (Soi48).

Riyo Mountains are a Japanese folk song research team formed by Mood Yama and Takumi Saito. They are resident DJs at the renowned party "Soi48" at Be-Wave, Tokyo, featuring music from all over the world. They produced the Japanese folk song mix-CD series entitled "Riyo Mountains Mix" and also direct the reissue series of Japanese folk music on EM Records, including the releases "Yumi-kagura", "Sakai Ishinage Odori”, and "Kizaki Ondo”. Riyo Mountains have appeared as DJs at many events/programs including NTS (London) and Japanese Bon-Odori traditional dance festivals. Their articles about Japanese folk music are now published serially in the Japanese web magazine “boid".
EMIGRATE - A Million Degrees
Ed Motta - Criterion Of The Senses
Spookey Ruben - Alone At The Zoo
Spookey Ruben
Alone At The Zoo
CD | 2003 | US | Original (Hi-Hat Recordings)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2003 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Limited Numbered and Signed Edition.
Odd collection of almost finished works and raw demos. Tracks 1, 6 & 11 are Demos for the Animation Feature "Heidi". Tracks 2, 3, 5, & 8 were recorded in 5 days at Soma Studios in Chicago by John McEntire. All other tracks recorded at the Dome by Spookey Ruben.
Spookey Ruben - Bed & Breakfast
Spookey Ruben
Bed & Breakfast
2CD | 2006 | US | Original (Hi-Hat Recordings)
18,99 €*
Release:2006 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Double CD release of both 'Bed' and 'Breakfast'.
Spookey Ruben - Modes III
Spookey Ruben
Modes III
CD | US | Original (Hi-Hat Recordings)
14,99 €*
Release:US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Rare CD pressing of the newest Spookey Ruben album. Featuring Geneva Jacuzi and Esthero, mastered by Daddy Kev. Includes the should-be hits "Mr. Everywhere" and "Headlock" as well as "When Your Heart Says Yes (Don't Ever Let It Go) featuring Geneva Jacuzi. Don't miss out on this.
Jeff Buckley - Live On Air Volume 1
John Butler Trio - Home
Shleu-Shleu - Back To Stay
Back To Stay
CD | 2018 | US | Original (Rotel)
16,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Early 80s release from the Haitian compas band, first formed in 1965 in Bas-Peut de Chose, Port-au-Prince by former members of the groups Lorenceau and Memfoubins. In 1970 they were invited to NYC where they stayed in the Haitian diaspora remaining active well into the 90s
White Denim - Performance
Everlast - Whitey Ford's House Of Pain
Sean Price & M-Phazes - Land Of The Crooks New Bonus Edition Blue Green Swirl Vinyl Edition
Sean Price & M-Phazes
Land Of The Crooks New Bonus Edition Blue Green Swirl Vinyl Edition
LP | 2018 | US | Original (Coalmine)
20,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Coalmine Records is pleased to relaunch ‘Land of the Crooks,’ the collaborative extended play project from the late Sean Price and Melbourne’s go to producer, M-Phazes. The project finds the longtime underground legend lending his distinctive, Brownsville-bred grimy vocals over Phazes’ rich tracks full of dramatic pianos, rich bass-lines, swinging horns and hard drums.
The A-side includes the main passes, comprised of four original tracks with the addition of the Small Professor Remix for ”Murdah Type Thinkin (feat. Guilty Simpson).” For this special edition rerelease, Coalmine has also added the Divided Souls Ent. & DJ Pain 1 Remix of “Land of the Crooks,” which was only previously made available on the label’s remix compilation, ‘Remineded,’ which first dropped back in January of 2015.
The B-side includes the instrumental passes of all of the original tracks, as well as the Small Pro Remix, in addition to the “Crookapella,” which includes various scratch stems taken from the EP, in addition to various isolated drum sounds, sound effects, and acapella of the “Land of the Crooks” single.
Additional features on LOTC include Roc Marciano, Billy Danze (of M.O.P.), Maffew Ragazino, Loudmouf Choir and the Dilated Junky, DJ Babu.
Vinyl is manufactured on classic black discs, and comes complete with the Andres Guzman designed artwork, inspired by the vintage ‘80s movie, ‘Crocodile Dundee.’
Sean Price was Hip-Hop’s Gray Hulk, a barbarian with the pen, with the sharpest of wits. A true Brooklyn legend...riP!
Stalley - Tell The Truth Shame The Devil
Tell The Truth Shame The Devil
CD | 2018 | US | Original (Next)
17,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Hailing from Massilon, Ohio, rapper Stalley has a well-deserved reputation for being a potent on-stage presence, and a force of hip-hop lyrical acumen. Throughout his career he has lent his distinctly Midwestern take on Dirty South-style rap to collaborations with veterans like Scarface, Curren$y, Ski Beatz, Paul Wall, and Rick Ross, with whom he has had a longtime association with, from his time as a signee of Ross' own Maybach Music Group label. Now in 2018, Stalley finds himself riding solo once again, and unrestrained by a label, and creatively free. This lack of inhibitions comes out in full force on his new EP Tell The Truth Shame The Devil. Produced largely by Supah Mario (Drake, Young Thug, 2 Chainz), Tell The Truth takes an emotional detour from the familiar club anthems of his previous works, touching on issues of vulnerability, suicidal thoughts, artistic freedom, and more intense lyrical fare. (Which is not to say the album is completely free of freewheeling, boastful party rap goodness.) Featuring guest spots from the hip-hop rapscallions of Migos, and freestyle aficionado Young Scooter, Tell The Truth Shame The Devil is uncompromising, filled equally with starkness and bare honesty as it iswith revelry and ostentation.
V.A. - Saigon Supersound Volume 2
Saigon Supersound Volume 2
CD | 2018 | EU | Original (Saigon Supersound)
14,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Saigon Supersound Continues… to present more interesting tunes of a musical era that has long been obscured. With the well-received Volume 1, we are very delighted to dig deeper and share with you the beautiful music of a short but significant period in Vietnam‘s history.
Much like the country itself, the music of Vietnam has endured many twists. As the result of the Geneva Accords in 1954, Vietnam was divided into two. From the North, the Nationalist forces fought to reunite Vietnam as a Communist State, while the American troops backed the government of the South. This caused a mass migration of Northerners to the South, which includes many Tân Nhạc (Modern Music) singers and songwriters. Often characterized by its emotive, poetic and prolific personality, Tân Nhạc continued to freely develop in the South and progressively vacating from the influences of its main inspiration, French music. In the North, the Resistance music, or the so-called Nhạc Đỏ (Red Music), which promoted socialism, patriotism and anti-capitalism was the only genre allowed on national radio. Tân Nhạc was something new to the South Vietnamese repertoire. Between 1954–1960, the theme of hometown (quê hương) was a main inspiration for many songwriters such as Hoàng Thi Thơ, Lam Phương and Nguyễn Hữu Thiết. The 9th title of the compilation, “Thôn Trăng Mở Hội Trăng Tròn” showcases a variety of images that were often described in this genre: the harvest moon, playful children, old mother…
Every recording made in this era is then an organic combination of human experiences, communications and uniqueness. In 1965, the first American troop landed in Vietnam, bringing with them the musical influences of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley… The Vietnamese people quickly integrated it into the repertoire with hope to further diversify the music of Vietnam. Constantly changing and learning from different cultures, the modern music of Vietnam cuts a window into the soul of a Vietnamese person and the country’s history as a whole. With that, we hope that Saigon Supersound Volume 2 would take you on a trip back to the unique atmosphere of Saigon through the many different palettes of music that this beautiful place offers.
New Electric Ride - Ballon Age
Sleaford Mods - Bunch Of Kunst Documentary /Live At So36
Azhaar & Global - Original Love
Azhaar & Global
Original Love
CD | 2018 | UK | Original (Azhaar & Global)
14,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Azhaar Saffar resurfaces with her inspiring new project Global Wave, described as New world jazz . She will be releasingthe debut album, ''Original Love" on May 4th in Frome, Somerset! The songs were inspired by amazing journeys in Latin America.

With a great line up the band do just what the label says, world rhythms, funky grooves, jazz textures, songs from the heart - Just what we need to surf this unpredictable new world!
Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Talco - And The Winner Isn't
Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Scheitern Und Verstehen
Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Bleiben Oder Gehen
Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Sturm & Dreck
Deutsche Elektronische Musik - Volume 3 - Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-81
Deutsche Elektronische Musik
Volume 3 - Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-81
2CD | 2017 | UK | Original (Soul Jazz)
14,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
This latest instalment in Soul Jazz Records’ successful Deutsche Elektronische Musik series delves deeper into the German nation’s vaults to bring a fascinating new collection that again brings together a selection of classic German electronic and rock groups, including Neu!, Cluster, Popol Vuh, La Düsseldorf, Agitation Free, alongside a host of rare tracks by lesser known artists which includes Michael Bundt, Bröselmaschine, Dronsz, Achim Reichel and others.
The music of Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 ranges from the introverted pastoralism of Hans Joachim Roedelius and Bröselmaschine, to the angular and futuristic electronic experimentations of Klauss Weiss, Pyrolator, Deuter, Michael Bundt and others, to the proto-punk of La Düsseldorf and the heavy space, progressive and cosmic rock of Missus Beastly, Niagara and Dyzan.
The music on Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 was all recorded in the 1970s up to the early 1980s, at a time when forward-thinking German electronic and rock groups were searching for a new musical identity in order to separate themselves from both the cultural legacy of post-world war two Germany as well the ‘cultural imperialism’ of USA and UK rock. In this process German groups created some of the most unique and inspired music, the defining motorik beat alongside a host of ethno-musical influences from far afield – including Turkey, India, Brazil – as well as the musical and futurist possibilities of developments in electronics and technology itself.
Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 is released as a heavyweight 3xLP, deluxe double CD pack and digital release. The new extensive sleevenotes are by David Stubbs, who is the author of the acclaimed book, ‘Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany’ (Faber & Faber).
Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Under The Moon Of...
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