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Nirvana - In Utero
Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao - Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei
Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao
Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei
LP | 1972 | UK | Reissue (Mr Bongo)
25,99 €*
Release:1972 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Rubinho E Mauro Assumpção's 'Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei' has to be up there as one of the finest Brazilian-psych-folk-MPB records we know. Unfortunately, it's very hard to find in the wild; even on digging trips to Brazil, an original copy rarely shows up, and when it does, it comes with a hefty price tag.

This highly sought-after rarity was released on the Brazilian label Tapecar Records in 1972 and is the one and only album by the sensational pairing of Rubinho and Mauro Assumpção. Effortlessly blending folk, MPB, funky-psych, rock, and relaxed, swaggering samba, this record ought to be heralded as a true Brazilian classic. However, maybe due to its scarcity and the previous reissue predominantly being only available to the Brazilian market, it has not had a chance to fully shine and find the wider audience it deserves. Through our reissue we hope to put things right. Fans of records by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges are sure to enjoy the same magic and allure in 'Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei'.

In addition to being the album’s songwriters, Mauro Assumpção took on the role of producer and Rubinho was co-producer as well as playing piano, organ, acoustic guitar and performing vocals. The record features the drummer Gegê who worked with Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo, Nana Caymmi, Dom Um Romão and more. It also features guitarist Rick Ferreira, who played with Erasmo Carlos, Gal Costa and other greats. Rounding off the players on the album are Darcy Da Cruz and Formiga who have graced many a fine recording on horns.

'Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei' is a truly stunning work that washes over you with beauty. Delve in and savour.
Ak'Chamel - A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand
A Mournful Kingdom Of Sand
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Akuphone)
25,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The cabalistic duo Ak’chamel strikes again with a second record called A Mournful Kingdom of Sand. Following the publicly and critically acclaimed The Totemist (aku1023) released in 2020, this album sucks the listener into another esoteric journey which - according to the band - is a perfect soundtrack for the desertification of our world.

Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness is an enigmatic duo from a border state. Fourth World Post-Colonial Cultural Cannibalists Circumcising The Foreskin of Enlightenment. Performing in homemade costumes and masks, they have played festivals in various cities around the U.S gaining international attention from Vice, The Wire, Tiny Mix Tapes, Consequence of Sound, and many more. They have amassed over 10 cassette albums and 1 VHS full length film.
The Murder Capital - Gigi's Recovery Indie Exclusive Clear Pink Vinyl Gatefold Edition
The Murder Capital
Gigi's Recovery Indie Exclusive Clear Pink Vinyl Gatefold Edition
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Human Season)
24,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The Murder Capital’s second studio album Gigi’s Recovery, will be released on 20 January, 2023 via Human Season Records (distributed through Ada). Gigi’s Recovery, the follow-up to 2019’s When I Have Fears, is produced and mixed by John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Angel Olsen, The Walkmen, Grammy® winner for St. Vincent). Gigi’s Recovery is a positive ensemble of life after darkness, and only good things. Painting by Peter Doyle and designed by Aidan Cochrane. First single “Only Good Things” released on 20 July with second

track “A Thousand Lives” out 22 September.
NOFX - Double Album
Rozi Plain - Prize
Rozi Plain
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Memphis Industries)
20,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Don"t ask Rozi Plain to explain her spellbinding fifth album Prize. Its ten, magical tracks exist as if in another realm, where feelings matter more than meanings, where thoughts have room to roam and where you can live in the moment for as long as you like. Rozi"s signature, free-floating sound was set with her 2015 breakthrough Friend and cemented with 2019"s globally adored What A Boost ("Like slipping between cotton sheets" was Pitchfork"s description). Prize builds on both, but takes its cues from elsewhere. By a stretch, it"s Rozi"s most upbeat and daring album to date. Electroncia, jazz and saxophone treated to sound like strings, synths and harp all play a part. Economy is key - every sound has an impact out of proportion to its size, every texture pays dividends. Rozi"s bewitching vocals are bolder and brighter than ever before. Male and female backing vocals feel like friends dropping by.
Gaye Su Akyol - Anadolu Ejderi
Dina Ögon - OAS
Dina Ögon
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Playground)
25,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Dina Ögon is like a bumblebee - big and fluffy, and it should be impossible for it to fly, but it does it anyway - quite simply as well. Anna Ahnlund, Christopher Cantillo, Daniel Ögren and Love Örsan have had forty fingers involved in an unnumerable amount of Swedish rock, jazz, soul and pop projects, recordings and tours and all kinds of hush hush. Between themselves they've played in different constellations and played back up for each other, assisted even more in one form or another for more than a decade. But now they've formed a more remarkable quartet than what transpired from any of all the shenanigans they've previously been involved with. When such seasoned musicians themselves get a shot at it, it's not supposed to be able to fly or cause sensation according to conventional ways of marketing scheming, but this_ well for one thing it's so self-evidently great, secondly the new album Oas sounds exactly like the sum of what's lacking in Sweden musically in the 2020ies. And for too many decades before that as well, one could add, at least in this natural form. Oas is bubbling in a way few albums do, but without bursting. It's held together by their curiosity, they're searching through so many musical corners without going astray, and the skillful playing welds it together. Dina Ögon are checking all the nutrients from black music and pop, but it's no pretentious show off, only a hella rewarding listen.
Fugazi - Repeater Blue Vinyl Edition
Ben Howard - The Burgh Island Ep 10th Anniversary
Lance Butters - Sommer EP
Paramore - This Is Why Clear Vinyl Edition
Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age Black Vinyl Edition
Queens Of The Stone Age
Queens Of The Stone Age Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 1998 | EU | Reissue (Matador)
25,99 €*
Release:1998 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Rerelease From The First Queens of the Stone Age Album. The landmark, debut album from Queens of the Stone Age is back in print for the first time in 10 years, restored to its original sequence with artwork by Frank Kozik. Featuring obi-strip designed by longtime collaborator Boneface and pressed on standard black and limited-edition Opaque Orange vinyl. Featuring: Josh Homme, Victor Indrizzo, Nick Oliveri, Van Connor
Dope Lemon - Smooth Big Cat Picture Disc
Phoenix - Alpha Zulu Indie Variant
Arctic Monkeys - The Car Black Vinyl Edition
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
King Buffalo - Regenerator
Tortoise - TNT Green Vinyl Edition
TNT Green Vinyl Edition
2LP | 1998 | US | Reissue (Thrill Jockey)
35,99 €*
Release:1998 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited Edition 2022 reissue of TNT now available in Jalapeno Green, this record continues to sell out in all LP formats. TNT is the third full length studio album released by Tortoise in 1998 1998 : Tortoise's third studio album TNT is released. In and out of print over the past decade we are happy to finally give everyone what they have been asking for - TNT on vinyl again! Pressed on high quality virgin vinyl, the two LPs are packaged in a deluxe old-style tip?on gatefold jacket fully replicating the original artwork and includes a download coupon for the first time! Tortoise's third full-length release, TNT, was written and recorded during a 10-month interval in 1997. This longer-than-usual writing/production schedule was purposefully undertaken by the group in the hopes of crafting an expansive, diverse, yet thematically coherent offering. TNT builds upon the spare, instrumental framework of the group's first, self-titled album, and the extended edits, melodic adventures, and klangfarben of the subsequent full-length release, Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Further to this, Tortoise's interest in the possibilities offered by the remixing of tracks was realized within the actual production of TNT; individual elements, sections, or sometimes whole compositions mutate within the album's shifting framework. These techniques were suitably realized thanks in part to the use of non-linear digital recording and editing methods, the first example of such work for the group
Farm - Farm Black Vinyl Edition
Farm Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 1971 | EU | Reissue (Guerssen)
25,99 €*
Release:1971 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Originally released as private pressing in 1971, the Farm album is highly sought after and revered by collectors. Recorded by this Southern Illinois band in 1971 at the legendary Golden Voice studios, it’s full choc of jammy, bluesy guitar psych with heavy dual guitars, organ, congas, harp… Recommended if you like Quicksilver, Allman Brothers, Canned Heat, Ten Years After…
The Beths - Expert In A Dying Field Yellow Vinyl Edition
The Beths
Expert In A Dying Field Yellow Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Carpark)
25,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
On The Beths’ new album Expert In A Dying Field, Elizabeth Stokes’ songwriting positions her somewhere between being a novelist and a documentarian. The songs collected here are autobiographical, but they’re also character sketches of relationships – platonic, familial, romantic – and more importantly, their aftermaths. The shapes and ghosts left in absences. The question that hangs in the air: what do you do with how intimately versed you’ve become in a person, once they’re gone from your life?

The third LP from the New Zealand quartet houses 12 jewels of tight, guitar-heavy songs that worm their way into your head, an incandescent collision of power-pop and skuzz. With Expert, The Beths wanted to make an album meant to be experienced live, for both the listeners and themselves. They wanted it to be fun -- to hear, to play -- in spite of the prickling anxiety throughout the lyrics, the fear of change and struggle to cope.

Most of Expert was recorded at guitarist Jonathan Pearce’s studio on Karangahape Road in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland, New Zealand) -- and sometimes in the building's cavernous stairwell at 1am -- toward the end of 2021, until they were interrupted by a four-month national lockdown. They traded notes remotely for months, songwriting from afar and fleshing out the arrangements alone, the first time they’d written together in such a way. The following February, The Beths left the country for the first time in more than two years to tour across the US, and simultaneously finish mixing the album on the road. That latter half felt more collaborative, with everyone on-hand to trade notes in real time, until it all culminated in a chaotic three-day studio mad-dash in Los Angeles. There, Expert finally became the record they were hearing in their heads.

Expert is an extension of the same skuzzy palette the band has built across their catalog, pop hooks embedded in incisive indie rock. The album’s title track “Expert In A Dying Field” introduces the thesis for the record: “How does it feel to be an expert in a dying field? How do you know it’s over when you can’t let go?” Stokes asks. “Love is learned over time ‘til you’re an expert in a dying field.”

The rest is a capsule of The Beths’ most electrifying and exciting output, a sonic spectrum: “Your Side” is a forlorn and sincere love song, emotive; while “Silence is Golden,” with its propulsive drum line and stop-start staccato of a guitar line winding up and down, is one of the band’s sharpest and most driving. “When You Know You Know” skews a bit groovier, pure pop and a natural addition to the band’s live set. “Knees Deep” was written last minute, but yields one of the best guitar lines on Expert. There’s a certain chaos across the 12 tracks, the palpable joy of playing music with long-time friends colliding with the raw nerves of pain.

Stokes strings it all together through her singular songwriting lens, earnest and self-effacing, zeroing in on the granules of doubt and how they snowball. Did I do the wrong thing? Or did you? And are we still good people at the end of it? She isn’t interested in villains, but instead interested in just telling the story. That insecurity and thoughtfulness, translated into universality and understanding, has been the guiding light of The Beths’ output since 2016. In the face of pain, there’s no dwelling on internal anguish - instead, through The Beths’ music, our shortcomings are met with acceptance. And Expert In A Dying Field is the most tactile that tenderness has been.
Distillers, The - Sing Sing Death House Neon Yellow Vinyl Edition
Distillers, The
Sing Sing Death House Neon Yellow Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Hellcat)
25,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Improving on their very fine, self-titled debut album, Sing Sing Death House, is battle-scarred and resolute, but Brody's tough voice is more expressive than your average punker's and especially affecting when she flaunts the full range of her throaty snarl. On "Seneca Falls," an appreciation of the women's suffrage movement set to chugging guitars and a thumpity-thump bass, there's an exceptional, goosebump-inducing though unintelligible chorus, which soars above the music because of the emotional quality of Brody's howl. Otherwise, the music is quite stirring, coming from a gang of gutter-punks with lip piercings. New colored vinyl pressing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band's iconic album!
Osees (Thee Oh Sees) - A Foul Form Black Vinyl Edition
Osees (Thee Oh Sees)
A Foul Form Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | US | Original (Castle Face)
17,54 €* 26,99 € -35%
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
“Brain stem cracking scum-punk recorded tersely in the basement of my home. After a notoriously frustrating eon, the knee-jerk song path was aggressive and hooky. This is an homage to the punk bands we grew up on—the weirdos and art freaks that piqued our interests and pointed us on the trail head to here / now. Bad times make for strong music is something I agree with. I would say that is evident by the past few years of output from the underground. Transmissions have been all over the map: scanning…searching...sweeping out in the darkness looking for a foot hold.“[OSEES] A Foul From represents some of our most savage and primal instincts. Fight or flight. And the importance of a sense of humor in the darkest hour. Nothing wrong with keeping it snappy in the meantime. For fans of Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Screamers, Abwarts, Stooges and all things aggressively tilted towards your face. You can lean back but don’t flinch…it’s a brief foray into the exhausting pogo pit, so stiffen your back and jerk with your knees. Enjoy.” —John Dwyer
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Heart Beating A One 25th Anniversary Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition
Yo La Tengo
I Can Hear The Heart Beating A One 25th Anniversary Opaque Yellow Vinyl Edition
2LP | 1997 | EU | Reissue (Matador)
29,99 €*
Release:1997 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
The eighth Studio Album by the Band, released on April 22, 1997. It was produced by Roger Moutenot and recorded at House of David in Nashville The Album expands the guitar-based pop of its predecessor Electr-O-Pura to encompass a variety of other music genres, including Bossa Nova, Krautrock and Electronic Music. Most of the Songs on the Album deal with melancholy emotions and range from short and fragile Ballads to long and open-ended dissonance.
Interpol - The Other Side Of Make Believe Red Vinyl Edition
The Other Side Of Make Believe Red Vinyl Edition
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Matador)
20,79 €* 25,99 € -20%
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
If fate didn’t quite ordain the circumstances for Interpol’s seventh album, it was at least fortunate that the band had happily concluded their Marauder cycle on stage in front of 30 thousand-odd Peruvian fans. Rather than be sent scrambling like so many other musicians on tour or promoting new music, when lockdown clamped in March 2020, Interpol quickly got into a productive mood. Coming from a group whose early work was characterised by Polish knife-wielders and incarcerated serial killers, you might expect Interpol’s pandemic record to be an emotional tar pit — doubly so, given the presence of towering producer-engineer duo Flood and Moulder on the boards. But Banks felt the call to push in a “counterbalancing” direction, with paeans to mental resilience and the quiet power of going easy. “The nobility of the human spirit is to recover and rebound,” he says. “Yeah, I could focus on how fucked everything is, but I feel now is the time when being hopeful is necessary, and a still-believable emotion within what makes Interpol Interpol.”
Angel Olsen - Big Time Pink Vinyl Edition
Angel Olsen
Big Time Pink Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2022 | US | Original (Jagjaguwar)
28,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Fresh grief, like fresh love, has a way of sharpening our vision and bringing on painful clarifications. No matter how temporary we know these states to be, the vulnerability and transformation they demand can overpower the strongest among us. Then there are the rare, fertile moments when both occur, when mourning and limerence heighten, complicate and explain each other; the songs that comprise Angel Olsen's Big Time were forged in such a whiplash. Big Time is an album about the expansive power of new love, but this brightness and optimism is tempered by a profound and layered sense of loss. During Olsen's process of coming to terms with her queerness and confronting the traumas that had been keeping her from fully accepting herself, she felt it was time to come out to her parents, a hurdle she'd been avoiding for some time. "Finally, at the ripe age of 34, I was free to be me," she said. Three days later, her father died and shortly after her mother passed away. The shards of this grief - the shortening of her chance to finally be seen more fully by her parents - are scattered throughout the album. Three weeks after her mother's funeral she was in the studio, recording this incredibly wise and tender new album. Loss has long been a subject of Olsen's elegiac songs, but few can write elegies with quite the reckless energy as she. If that bursting-at-the-seams, running downhill energy has come to seem intractable to her work, this album proves Olsen is now writing from a more rooted place of clarity. She's working with an elastic, expansive mastery of her voice - both sonically and artistically. These are songs not just about transformational mourning, but of finding freedom and joy in the privations as they come.
Rolling Stones - More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) Record Store Day 2022 Colored Vinyl Edition
Rolling Stones
More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) Record Store Day 2022 Colored Vinyl Edition
2LP | 1972 | Reissue (ABKCO)
37,99 €* 39,99 € -5%
Release:1972 / Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited to 7200 copies.

Exclusive limited edition package for Record Store Day, celebrating the 50th anniversary of this landmark double album release. This iconic collection is a must-have release by the ‘world’s greatest rock and roll band’…!! More Hot Rocks…offers hits, some of the best deeper cuts, and a whole LP side’s worth of rarities that hadn’t yet been available in the United States when this compilation was released.Originally released in 1972, this indispensable 25-track, collection features Not Fade Away, It’s All Over Now, The Last Time, Lady Jane, Dandelion, She’s a Rainbow, Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?, Out of Time, Tell Me, and We Love You. The rarities include their 1963 debut single Come On, early R&B covers of Fortune Teller and Bye Bye Johnnie, great slide guitar on Muddy Waters’ I Can’t Be Satisfied, (recorded at Chess Studios and in stereo here) and the soulful 1966 U.K. B-side Long Long While. Also included is the stereo version of the psychedelic non-LP B-side Child Of The Moon, previous to the 1972 release, was only heard in mono. This iconic collection is a must-have release by the ‘world’s greatest rock and roll band’…!!
Chisato Yamada - Suite Nihonkai Black Vinyl Edition
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake Demos
Iron Maiden - From Here To Mexico
Iron Maiden
From Here To Mexico
LP | 2021 | EU | Original (Outsider)
23,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
1992 historical south-american appearance from the Nwobhm stars , during the ‘Fear Of The Dark’ worldwide tour
Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You Black Vinyl Edition
Big Thief
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You Black Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2022 | UK | Original (4AD)
28,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You is a sprawling double-LP exploring the deepest elements and possibilities of Big Thief. To truly dig into all that the music of Adrianne Lenker, Max Oleartchik, Buck Meek, and James Krivchenia desired in 2020, the band decided to write and record a rambling account of growth as individuals, musicians, and chosen family over 4 distinct recording sessions. In Upstate New York, Topanga Canyon, The Rocky Mountains, and Tucson, Arizona, Big Thief spent 5 months in creation and came out with 45 completed songs. The most resonant of this material was edited down into the 20 tracks that make up Dnwmibiy, a fluid and adventurous listen. The album was produced by drummer James Krivchenia who initially pitched the recording concept for Dnwmibiy back in late 2019 with the goal of encapsulating the many different aspects of Adrianne’s songwriting and the band onto a single record.
Grant Green - Idle Moments
Depeche Mode - Live In Basel 1984
Hypnosonics - Someone Stole My Shoes: Beyond The Q Division Sess
Mini Skirt - Casino
Kikagaku Moyo - House In The Tall Grass
Kikagaku Moyo
House In The Tall Grass
LP | 2016 | JP | Reissue (Guruguru Brain)
29,99 €*
Release:2016 / JP – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
* Their music incorporates elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk, and 70s Rock. * Most importantly their music is about freedom of the mind and body and building a bridge between the supernatural and the present. * Improvisation is a key element to their sound.
Like a long journey this record unfolds itself through many layers. Fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm Sitar but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s songwriting and their delicate execution. Side A begins with a pair of travelling songs where the interplay between the vocals, guitar, and sitar lift and suspend you on an unexpected journey. The patient listener is rewarded by tracks like “Trad” and “Silver Owl” that demonstrate the masterful balance the band has between soft and loud; chaos and order, or being both cold and tender at the same time. “House in the Tall Grass” takes the listener by the hand on a comfortable quest through destinations both familiar and unknown. It is a natural step forward for the band and perhaps the most refined example of their style to date.

Kikagaku Moyo started in the summer of 2012 busking on the streets of Tokyo. Though the band started as a free musiccollective, it quickly evolved into a tight group of multi-instrumentalists. Kikagaku Moyo call their sound psychedelicic because it encompasses a broad spectrum of influence.
Sweeping Promises - Hunger For A Way Out
Bad Nerves - Bad Nerves
Tom Petty - Wildflowers & All The Rest
Tommy Guerrero - Sunshine Radio Black Vinyl Edition
Mamaleek - Come & See
Come & See
LP | 2020 | US | Original (Flenser)
24,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Mamaleek seeks to weaponize the tropes of blues, jazz and black metal through an understanding of their respective formal structures. Known for flouting genre conventions, the band’s newest album Come & See, marks yet another degree of separation from their black metal roots. Here Mamaleek draws inspiration from post-war public housing—specifically Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green housing project—seeking to analyze the emotional impact of the spaces one occupies, the surreal forces behind the appearance of physical reality, and the residues they leave behind. This is the band’s third full-length album for The Flenser, and their first release written and recorded with a full band.

Founded in 2008 in the Bay Area by two anonymous brothers, Mamaleek has explored a vast sonic territory on the edge of a genre often renown for its aversion to change. Their expert utilization of left-field samples and unconventional instrumentation, and their insistent drive to experiment continues to set the band apart from their peers.
Beirut - The Flying Club Cup
The Flying Club Cup
LP | 2007 | EU | Reissue (Pompeii)
20,99 €*
Release:2007 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
The Flying Club Cup is the second studio album by Balkan folk-influenced band Beirut, originally released on October 9, 2007.
Live - Throwing Copper 25th Anniversary Edition
De Ambassade - Duistre Kamers
De Ambassade
Duistre Kamers
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (Knekelhuis)
23,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
Something was brooding in the furthest outskirts of Amsterdam. The isolated concrete suburbs of the western part of the city constituted the ideal dwelling place for the writing of De Ambassade's debut album Duistre Kamers.
Pascal Pinkert, accompanied by bass player Timothy Francis, searched for new horizons and managed to find them on this next chapter in the evolution of De Ambassade. Icy electronics display a love for NDW, ragas and raves. Beneath the surface lies a deeper Dutch language narrative celebrating free speech and thought, starkly in opposition with a world where alienation and solitude create ever more distance between all beings.
After releasing two, by now classic 7" ep's, a long player will shine brightly. The album release will feature a long awaited live performance with additional band member Mian.
Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires
Joy Division - Live At University Of London Union 1980
Joy Division
Live At University Of London Union 1980
LP | 2019 | EU | Original (DBQP)
19,54 €* 22,99 € -15%
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The University of London Union show took place on February 8, 1980, just a few months before Ian Curtis's death. The 12 song set list was mostly based on songs that would end up on Closer (the band's second and final studio album) but also on classic singles such as “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Digital”. The band was in fine form with Curtis leading the charge into their own gloomy, psychotic, atmospheres. A quintessential live album and a real treat for any Joy Division fan.
Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
IDLES - Joy As An Act Of Resistance Black Vinyl Edition
Joy As An Act Of Resistance Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Partisan)
21,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
IDLES – bristol's punk quintet glorified by all the press – release their new album on August 31 on Partisan. On the 12 songs that make up "Joy as an Act of Resistance ." we find Joe Talbot and his acolytes who once again deliver a powerful, electric and effective record. Produced by Space and mixed by Adam Greenspan and Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kate Bush). "Joyas an Act of Resistance."puts into yoke everything related to machismo, nationalism, immigration, and class inequality all with a contagious and natural positive energy.
Parcels - Parcels
Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge
Billy Idol - Idolize Yourself (Greatest Hits)
Sepultura - Chaos A.D. Expanded Edition
Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog Black Vinyl Edition
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Flying Microtonal Banana Black Vinyl Edition
Kikagaku Moyo - Kikagaku Moyo
Kikagaku Moyo
Kikagaku Moyo
LP | 2013 | JP | Reissue (Guruguru Brain)
22,99 €*
Release:2013 / JP – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Repress! This Tokyo band started channeling the spirits of the Japanese psychedelic underground in the Summer of 2012, quickly developing the sound of '60s psychedelia to a breathtaking degree. The band's s/t debut exerts an elemental power. Enlivening its sound with sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and ethereal vocals, the band manages to sound powerfully spacious and lazily serene all at once.
AC/DC - Live In Cleveland August 22, 1977
Pink Floyd - The Wall Remastered Edition
Soundgarden - Down On The Upside
Down On The Upside
2LP | 2016 | EU | Original (A&M)
33,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The album “Down on the Upside” by the popular American rock band Soundgarden is now available again on vinyl. “Down on the Upside” is their fifth studio album, originally released on May 21, 1996. The album topped the New Zealand and Australian charts and debuted at number two on the United States' Billboard 200, selling 200,000 copies in its opening week and spawning the singles "Pretty Noose", "Burden in My Hand", "Blow Up the Outside World", and "Ty Cobb". All recordings were mastered from the original tapes and for the first time the vinyl is pressed to 180g double vinyl.
Radiohead - The Bends
The Bends
LP | 1994 | UK | Reissue (XL Recordings)
28,99 €*
Release:1994 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Pablo Honey in no way was adequate preparation for its epic, sprawling follow-up, The Bends. Building from the sweeping, three-guitar attack that punctuated the best moments of Pablo Honey, Radiohead create a grand and forceful sound that nevertheless resonates with anguish and despair -- it's cerebral anthemic rock. Occasionally, the album displays its influences, whether it's U2, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., or the Pixies, but Radiohead turn clichés inside out, making each song sound bracingly fresh. Thom Yorke's tortured lyrics give the album a melancholy undercurrent, as does the surging, textured music. But what makes The Bends so remarkable is that it marries such ambitious, and often challenging, instrumental soundscapes to songs that are at their cores hauntingly melodic and accessible. It makes the record compelling upon first listen, but it reveals new details with each listen, and soon it becomes apparent that with The Bends, Radiohead have reinvented anthemic rock. - allmusic.com
Gojira - Magma
Faith No More - Angel Dust
Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love EU Stereo Version
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
Black Keys, The - Turn Blue
Black Keys, The
Turn Blue
LP | 2014 | US | Original (Nonesuch)
30,99 €*
Release:2014 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
8th studio album by the one and only Black Keys! Including poster and CD !
King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
King Krule
6 Feet Beneath The Moon
2LP | 2013 | EU | Original (XL Recordings)
28,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
This might be the flavor of the month right now but it's really something different and dope, so jump on the hype and enjoy!
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
LP | 2013 | US | Original (Jagjaguwar)
21,99 €*
Release:2013 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Fantastic three piece from American and New Zealand with their 2nd full length!
Blur - Think Tank Special Edition
Wipers - Youth Of America
Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime
Caetano Veloso - Transa
Caetano Veloso
LP | 1972 | EU | Reissue (Vinyl Lovers)
23,74 €* 24,99 € -5%
Release:1972 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
remastered reissue of the 1972 album on 180g vinyl
Radiohead - In Rainbows
John Frusciante - The Empyrean 10 Year Anniversary Reissue
John Frusciante
The Empyrean 10 Year Anniversary Reissue
LP | 2009 | EU | Reissue (Record Collection)
34,99 €*
Release:2009 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 16.06.2023
Repress of 10 year anniverssary vinyl reissue of "The Empyrean" By John Frusciante cut for the original analog tapes at Bernie Grundman's mastering. THE EMPYREAN is the eighth solo album by JOHN FRUSCIANTE. It was originally released in January of 2009 and contains contributions from RHCP bandmate FLEA and former guitarist of The Smiths Johnny Marr. Empyrean starts out with a fantastic instrumental called "Before the Beginning": a great minor key guitar solo, replete with echoplexed drums that was surely inspired by "Maggot Brain." After that, it's back to the kind of introspective songs that have characterized much (but not all) of Frusciantes solo work. His singing is actually pretty remarkable considering his initial forays into vocals. He sounds confident and assured, even as the subject matter wrestles with dark thoughts and doubt. The songs tend to be fairly spare with guitar, electric piano, bass and drums with strings adding some lushness towards the end. The guitarist, singer, composer, and producer may be best known as the guitarist of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He recorded six plus studio albums with them and was inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME. Frusciante has an active solo career, having released many solo albums and EPs; his recordings include elements ranging from experimental rock and ambient music to new wave and electronica.
Black Angels, The - Passover Grease Vinyl Edition
Quicksand - Slip: 30th Anniversary Edition
Bell Witch - Future's Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - Teenage Jesus & The Jerks Pink Vinyl Edition
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks Pink Vinyl Edition
LP | 1979 | EU (Radiation Reissues)
19,99 €*
Release:1979 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
During the late 1970s, after No Wave pioneer Lydia Lunch met saxophonist James Chance, she began setting her angry and disjointed poetry to anti-music, founding her ground-breaking band Teenage Jesus and The Jerks with Lunch’s shouted lyrics matched by her non-conventional use of electric guitar. The group’s self-titled debut EP is a fast and furious affair, produced by Robert Quine of the Voidoids/Lou Reed, with future Nick Cave drummer Jim Sclavunos on bass and Bradley Field on minimalist percussion; steeped in aggression and audacity, it’s an awesome disc that rebuffs punk’s easy cliches and refuses to be categorized. This reissue also includes the ‘Pre’ EP and the tracks from the legendary No New York compilation. Essential!
The Hives - The Death Of Randy Black Vinyl Edition
The Hives
The Death Of Randy Black Vinyl Edition
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Disques Hives)
20,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 11.08.2023
Undisputed icons of rock and roll The Hives are back, channelling the electrifying energy of the group’s greatest hits with their first new album in over 10 years. Their colossal new album, The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, reignites the band’s lore in arresting fashion, exploring the disappearance of the band’s mysterious sixth member Randy Fitzsimmons. Having gone missing some time ago, the band are without their best man, and things are not well in the manor. Maybe, just maybe, the release of new music will get Randy’s attention and bring him back from the void…
Eels - Blinking Lights And Other Revelations Crystal Violet Vinyl Edition
Nusantara Beat - DJanger / Borondong Garing
Night Beats - Rajan Jade Green Colored Vinyl Edition
Night Beats
Rajan Jade Green Colored Vinyl Edition
LP | 2023 | UK | Original (Fuzz Club)
21,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 14.07.2023
As Night Beats, Texas-born, LA-based artist Danny Lee Blackwell creates music like one might assemble a puzzle. The Western psychedelic auteur builds his work from one moment, an initial spark, that must fit a certain criteria: it must give him goosebumps. If that sensation arrives, Blackwell will pursue the idea relentlessly until he has a new song; if not, he moves onto the next moment, constantly looking for the perfect molecule of a song.

On his sixth Night Beats album, 'Rajan', the songwriter is at his strongest, creating works that shine with captivating melodies and hypnotic rhythms, but are underscored by subtle choices of craftsmanship that can only be achieved after countless hours in the studio. Blackwell creates a work that lands somewhere between Spaghetti Western film score and psych-pop opus, a career-defining album that reveals much about Danny Lee Blackwell’s artistic philosophy while keeping that ever crucial air of mystery intact.
Heavenly - Le Jardin De Heavenly
Le Jardin De Heavenly
LP | 2022 | EU | Original (Skep Wax)
28,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
'Re-issue album includes relevant single releases, a 7" booklet with lyrics, and new sleeve notes by the members of the band. LE JARDIN DE HEAVENLY - the second album. By the time their second album was ready to roll Heavenly were an established part of the Sarah Records stable in the UK and honorary members of the International Pop Underground in the USA, where Le Jardin De Heavenly was released by K Records. The songs on the album are rich with pop melodies and complex harmonies but the band aren't holding back - Mathew's drumming is intense; Peter's guitar flourishes are sharp-edged and loud. There are still elements of the gentler twee sound that had become the band's hallmark (or curse): Different Day and So Little Deserve are winsome, delicate pop songs. But there are also swirls of early shoegaze - Starshy is a dreamy, atmospheric confection heavy with reverb and harmony. And there's a defiant attitude in there too: I'm Not Scared Of You is the sound of a young woman refusing to be cowed by a male bully. It's not hard to see how Heavenly ended up as part of the riot grrrl scene in the US (an encounter that would have a profound influence on the band's later output). At the heart of the album, 'C Is The Heavenly Option' feels like a perfect celebration of Heavenly's transatlantic existence, and the marriage of two indie traditions: Amelia's English pop voice duets with Calvin Johnson's gravelly American baritone while the band alternate between cute melody and all-out thrash. It's a joyous combination. The eight-track album was released by Sarah Records and by K Records. The Skep Wax re-issue of 'Le Jardin De Heavenly' includes Heavenly's third Sarah Records single - So Little Deserve/I'm Not Scared Of You' and the first K Records single - 'She Says/Escort Crash On Marston Street'.
Danzig - 777: I Luciferi
Les Abranis - Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983
Les Abranis
Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Bongo Joe)
27,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Over 11 electrifying tracks, Amazigh Freedom Rock 1973-1983 highlights their legacy as the underground kings of Kabyle rock. Les Disques Bongo Joe return to the scorching Kabyle rock of Abranis, the pioneering Algerian band that blended traditional Berber music with western rock, folk, disco, and funk, all the while proudly celebrating their Kabyle heritage. Amazigh Freedom Rock is a comprehensive look into their discography, from the garage-rock experimentations of their early days to their lushly orchestrated North African fusion masterpieces of the 1980s.
Silverchair - Diorama
Bettie Serveert - Palomine 30th Anniversary Orange Vinyl Edition
Bettie Serveert
Palomine 30th Anniversary Orange Vinyl Edition
LP+7" | 1992 | EU | Reissue (Matador)
29,99 €*
Release:1992 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Bettie Serveert"s debut, Matador Records has announced a limited transparent orange LP + 7" of "Palomine." Heralded in its original four-star review by Rolling Stone as "untamed and free as pop gets," the "90s classic will see its first pressing by Matador since the album"s original release in 1993. The LP package will be accompanied by a 3 Track three "Brain-Tag" 7" with newly remastered versions of the "Kid"s All Right," "Palomine," and "Tomboy" music videos on YouTube. "Palomine" is featured as the first installment of Matador"s Revisionist History catalog series in 2023.
Opeth - Morningrise Abbey Road Half Speed Master Green Vinyl Edition
Scorpions - Love At First Sting Special Vinyl Edition
Maya Ongaku - Approach To Anima
Maya Ongaku
Approach To Anima
LP | 2023 | EU | Original (Guruguru Brain)
28,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 09.06.2023
Hailing from the seaside communities surrounding Enoshima, a small island located 50 km southwest of Tokyo, Maya Ongaku is a ragtag collective of local musicians whose brand of earthy psychedelia transcends widely beyond the roots of their inner souls. The name derives not from any kind of ancient civilization, but rather a neologism defined as the imagined view outside one’s field of vision. The band—currently a trio of Tsutomu Sonoda, Ryota Takano, and Shoei Ikeda—finds sanctuary at the Ace General Store, a beachy vintage shop and salon-like space just hidden from sight from the bustling, touristy riverside Subana Street. Between discussions on music and art, curating the vinyl section and manning the register, and chatting up with locals young and old, the members find time to jam and record their spontaneous ideas in the studio tucked away in the back. It’s in this unlikely setting where Maya Ongaku finds its origins, the culmination of what Sonoda describes as 自然発生 (shizen hassei), meaning spontaneous generation, or the supposed production of living organisms from nonliving matter.

Approach to Anima, the group’s debut album released on Guruguru Brain, finds Maya Ongaku building a foundational groove while tapping into their innermost psyche. Sonoda’s malleable guitar and vocals, Takano’s sinuous bass lines, Ikeda’s floating woodwinds, and a sprinkling of delicate percussion—all coalesce into an aural experience that’s assertive yet abstract, calm but unsettling. The slow building, sax-laden “Approach” serves as an introduction to Maya Ongaku’s world, while the appropriately-named “Water Dream” floats its way toward the gentle finale of “Pillow Song.” It’s a concise distillation of their many interests and influences, from Neo-Dada and Fluxus, to where contemporary art intersects with the development of modern recording technology in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

As the title suggests, Approach to Anima is not intended to be a terminus; it’s merely the beginning of an exploration. The three childhood friends that comprise Maya Ongaku are always looking beyond the confines of the idyllic but rapidly gentrifying enclave of their beloved Enoshima. Feeding off of the energy that still radiates from the triumphant, decade-long journey of their label bosses’ band Kikagaku Moyo, who rose to global prominence from scrappy beginnings busking on the streets of Takadanobaba, they hope to go wherever inspiration takes them, to anywhere around the globe where their music can find a home.

Ultimately, Maya Ongaku’s uninhibited world-building will make it possible for us to see the unseen, expand the possibilities of the naked eye—all through the unbridled vibrancy of their music.
Explosions In The Sky - The Erath Is Not A Cold Dead Place Red Vinyl Edition
Explosions In The Sky
The Erath Is Not A Cold Dead Place Red Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2003 | US | Reissue (Temporary Residence)
38,99 €*
Release:2003 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 01.09.2023
Anniversary Edition, first time ever on colored vinyl for this release. Originally released in the fall of 2003, "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" was a watershed moment for Explosions In The Sky, and a landmark album for underground and experimental music. Its iconic sound would become a touchstone in film and television as it inspired a generational sea change towards introspective art rock in lieu of traditional orchestral scores. Artfully remastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place - Anniversary Edition" is packaged in a stunning triple gatefold with restored and expanded original artwork, housed in a heavyweight slipcase. Exquisitely pressed onto colored vinyl for the first time ever, this is the soundtrack to our everyday lives in full panoramic wonder.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
LP | 2005 | US | Reissue (Cyhsy, Inc)
23,99 €*
Release:2005 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 30.06.2023
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is the eponymous debut studio album by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the musical project of American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Alec Ounsworth, active since the early 2000s in and out of Philadelphia. Produced and mixed by Adam Lasus, the album and the band rose to fame after buzz and attention built up on various MP3 blogs and a very positive ("9.0/10") review from influential music website Pitchfork. The album cover was created from a drawing by artist Dasha Shishkin and was designed, colored and lettered by group member Robbie Guertin.
Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse Abbey Road Half Speed Master Blue Vinyl Edition
Opeth - Orchid Abbey Road Half Speed Master Red Vinyl Edition
John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer - A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence
John Frusciante & Josh Klinghoffer
A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence
LP | 2004 | EU | Reissue (Record Collection)
31,99 €*
Release:2004 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
"A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence" is the fifth album in a series of six solo efforts that John Frusciante undertook from June 2004 to February 2005. It is an album of mostly electronica based material, and was a joint collaboration between John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer, who following Frusciante and joined the RHCP as guitarist in 2010, staying until 2019. Both of them perform vocals; John Frusciante sings lead vocals on "Afterglow", "Walls" and "My Life", and shares vocals with Josh Klinghoffer on "Surrogate People". Josh Klinghoffer performs lead vocals on "Communique", "At Your Enemies" and does the backing vocals for "Walls". John Frusciante calls Sphere in the Heart of Silence "a record of electronic music," but it's not nearly as "electronic" as that statement makes it sound. It's really more an allusion to the fact that his other releases of this year have been mostly comprised of guitar, bass and drums, and that there is some programming, synth-work and overdubbing on this one.
Corpus - Creation A Child
Creation A Child
LP | 1971 | EU | Reissue (Akarma)
27,99 €*
Release:1971 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
A vitriolic quartet from Corpus Christi, Texas, considered by experts to be pivotal in the evolution of blues to heavy rock. The one album recorded in 1972 for little Acorn highlights a resounding jam attitude tied double-string to the Allmans' southern blues, peppered later with psychedelic influences. Richard Deleon's warm voice frames a picture that bewitches for the variety of its colors, at times dark and bleak, at times more vivid and sunny, but undoubtedly the protagonists of a beautiful work. The band's technical proficiency is sunny and unquestionable, just listen to the interweaving solos by Deleon and the other guitar harnessed by William Grate, but not to be outdone are James Castillo on bass and Frudy Lianes on drums, both of whom give an excellent performance
Altin Gün - On Yellow & Red Splatter Vinyl Edition
Adam Green - Friends Of Mine Black Deluxe Edition
Adam Green
Friends Of Mine Black Deluxe Edition
2LP | 2003 | EU | Reissue (Capitane)
29,99 €*
Release:2003 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder shipping from 30.06.2023
On june 9th 2023 Capitane Records will re-issue the 20th Anniversary of Adam Green's Friends of Mine. For fans of Green and his band The Moldy Peaches, it may be hard to believe that it has been twenty years since those early days of the 2000s when the indie rock world was set ablaze by a new generation of artists, composers, and songwriters. Within what felt like only a few months, bands like The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Libertines, and The Moldy Peaches, provided indie music audiences with fresh iterations and interpretations of the rock and roll canon, with influences that included both standard bearers like The Velvet Underground, Television, The Stones, The Doors, The Stooges, Leonard Cohen, The Modern Lovers, and Bob Dylan, and also more recent artists like Beck, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Will Oldham, Pavement, and The Silver Jews. The results varied between straight up rock and roll and punk rock with a songwriting, folk-inspired, consciousness. Gone were the ripped-up jeans and flannels of yore. Tight trousers and leather jackets ruled the day.

It was on the heels of the success of his band The Moldy Peaches (who signed along with The Strokes to Rough Trade Records in 2001 and subsequently toured alongside them) that Adam Green wrote and recorded Friends of Mine, the seminal album that would define a new direction in his career. Diverging from the home-recorded, 8 track-analog framework of his previous albums, Green adopted what then seemed like a distinctly hi-fidelity sound, complete with a full band, crooning vocals, and a string section (with arraignments by Jane Scarpentoni). Friends of Mine drew on the work of Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, and Frank Sinatra, while its lyrical content felt as if derived from symbolist poetry and the surrealism of Brecht and Dylan. The result was something altogether new, a record that could feel both touchingly sad but also sardonic, satirical, louche, and even laugh-out-loud funny. Songs like "Jessica" would become anthems to a new generation of young indie rock fans both in the United States and Europe.

Capitane is proud to release Friends of Mine as a double LP, with a second disc of outtakes, B-sides, and live versions. This deluxe edition features notes on the songs by Green, a text which provides new insights into his often cryptic lyrical methodology along with anecdotes from the days when these songs were composed. Also featured is a conversation between Green and Dan Myers (producer), Steven Mertens (bass player), Matt Ramono (drummer) and Larissa Brown White (Adam's manager at the time). The five old friends do a deep dive into the production of Friends of Mine, as reflect more broadly on that bygone era. The 2023 edition of Friends of Mine is a testament to an artist and an album that stand the test of time.
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