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Silicon Scally - Crushed
Silicon Scally
12" | 2021 | UK | Original (20/20 Vision)
11,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Carl Finlow has been a prominent name in UK electro since the mid-90s, releasing music at an astonishing rate under a variety of monikers. Silicon Scally defines his most strictly electro-oriented project, reflective of the Kraftwerk era and the emerging electro-scene, with releases on respected labels such as Cultivated Electronics, CPU and of course 20/20 Vision, with music from a variety of Carl's monikers being amongst the labels earliest releases. 'Crushed' is a sought after album project originally self-released on Finlow's Bandcamp during the 2020 lockdown. We felt the release was to important to be overlooked without a much deserved run of vinyl, so have pressed a limited run of records featuring futuristic electro highlights and the best unreleased cuts. 'Proton Mass' kicks things off with perfectly crafted robotic funk, solid mechanical breaks and mind bending glitches, setting the landscape for a journey into the abyss with Silicon Scally unshakeably at the helm. 'Centronix' follows up with razor-sharp rocking beats, squelchy bass and jarring grooves as if designed for high pace no nonsense club sets from the likes of DJ Stingray or Helena Hauff. On the flip side 'Axiom' takes us deeper into the void with dark basslines, complex drums and unapologetically disorientating frequencies. A track that makes us question if Finlow has transcend to a future state where he is more machine than man, sending psychoactive messages in the form of killer electro cuts. 'Cascade Lasers' wraps up this epic dose of electro with interstellar energy, driving things home with deep bass wobbles, high octane breaks, wrapped grooves and tormenting yet playful synth licks. Yet another release that has us convinced the late great Andrew Weatherall was indeed correct! "For quite a number of years now I have been convinced that Mr Finlow is a conduit for musical transmissions beamed from a parallel universe, sometime in the future" - Andrew Weatherall
Silicon Scally - Revelations
Silicon Scally
12" | 2021 | UK | Original (Central Processing Unit)
10,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Since debuting on Central Processing Unit with 2018's Projections EP, Silicon Scally has averaged a release a year for the Sheffield label. New offering Revelations finds the one born Carl Finlow keeping up that hit rate. Both Finlow's name and his many aliases have become bywords for top-draw electro productions since he first emerged in the mid-90s, and Revelations is no different - this is dystopian machine-funk of the highest quality.
With its burbling electro groove, piston-precise drum programming and plethora of gurgling synths, Revelations' opening title-track comes beamed in direct from the Dopplereffekt realm. However, as well as being a mid-set weapon of serious heft, the manner in which Finlow daubs the track with some plaintive synth chords will also bring just a hint of pathos to the dance. That wistful edge quickly dissipates when following cut 'Walk Over' homes into view - ushered in by eerie, paranoid synth work, 'Walk Over' has an air of technoid ghoulishness to it which invokes John Carpenter sparring with Egyptian Lover.
Revelations' flip is taken up by a pair of remixes that go deep on the A-side jams. The first of these sees Finlow himself setting aside his Silicon Scally cap and reworking 'Walk Over' under his own name, upping the eerie feel of the original still further by enveloping the track in icy atmospherics as well as phasing grizzled synths and wailing sirens in and out of the mix. Following close behind is Fleck E.S.C, whose reworking of Revelations' title-track marks a first appearance on CPU since 2018 for this French electro expert. Fleck E.S.C delivers a low-slung synth-funk masterclass here - as the track's laser-gun bassline invokes Drexciya, the producer guides the listener through a variety of shadow-realms populated by metallic clangs, insectoid chattering and some strangely hypnotic textures.
Silicon Scally (Carl Finlow) continues his fine run on Central Processing Unit with the Revelations EP, a set of steely electro bangers which comes backed up by remixes from Fleck E.S.C and Finlow himself.
Riyl: Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, I-F, Jensen Interceptor, 96 Back
Silicon Scally - Dormant
Silicon Scally
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (Central Processing Unit)
10,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Carl Finlow has been one of the most singular voices in electro for over two decades. From the records he makes under his given name to his numerous collaborations and alternative monikers, Finlow's music is suffused with playfulness and imagination. Silicon Scally is the most prolific of Finlow's alias projects, and on Dormant, the third Silicon Scally release for Sheffield's Central Processing Unit, Finlow constructs four pieces of thrillingly futuristic broken-beat electro.
From the opening cut 'V Electro' to Dormant's closing title-track, Finlow's production is incredibly detailed here. These tracks never stand still, their little cells of synth and percussion always evolving. When combined with some stomping drum programming, the final result is an EP which has that rare balance of endless danceability and genuinely innovative production. It's the sound of a master creator letting loose while also managing to keep everything in the pocket, a marvel of moving parts.
Dormant's tone is set from the first booming beats of 'V Electro'. The track's dense mesh of dystopian synth nodules will have you thinking of the nastiest, scuzziest Unit Moebius tune - if the aliens came to take you away, 'V Electro' is what they'd be playing as they beamed you up. Following track 'Bode' tweaks the vibe of 'V Electro' in a couple of key ways, jacking the tempo up to around 140 bpm while also incorporating some funk-flexing organ stabs which give 'Bode' the flavour of a Herbert production blasted into hyperspace.
Dormant's B-side kicks off with 'Proximity Sensor', a cut whose steady drum pulse and chunky bass motif take us back to the very earliest days of rhythmic machine music - Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and the like. Mind you, the track's slinky synth lines are pure Drexciyan machine-funk, a vibe which is kicked into overdrive on Dormant's eponymous closer. Finlow's most intense production on the record, 'Dormant' is a polyrhythmic whirl which completely sweeps you up, leaving you no choice but to submit to its devilishly danceable impulse.
After a few recent drops which have expanded the sonic world of Central Processing Unit, Silicon Scally's Dormant EP is a reminder that the Sheffield label still does circuit-frying electro better than anyone else out there.
Riyl: Jensen Interceptor, Unit Moebius, Drexciya, Assembler Code, James Shinra
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