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Studio & DJ Equipment

While back in the days it was only possible to DJ with record players, disc jockeys nowadays have a whole bunch of alternatives in terms of DJ equipment. Particularly digital solutions in the form of DJ software and the accompanying control media have become increasingly important since the start of the MP3 era. That is why in our online shop disc jockeys can find both DJ equipment for analogue DJing with vinyl and DJ technology for playing digital. In addition to DJ equipment, also offers studio equipment for music producers. Accessories for protection, care and storage complete the range.

DJ equipment for playing analogue: Turntables, mixers etc. carries all the equipment necessary for classic DJing, starting with turntables. Aside from beginners’ models, we also have high quality turntables for professionals – for example the Pioneer PLX-1000. When used regularly, it is possible that some components will need to be replaced due to wear. To this end, our DJ shop not only offers original Technics spare parts, but also the whole spectrum of components – from headshells to styluses to complete cartridges from Shure or Ortofon. In addition, our range of DJ equipment includes such essentials as mixers, headphones and slipmats. With manufacturers like Numark, Behringer, Allen & Heath as well as Technics, Sennheiser and AIAIAI, ensures quality in all price ranges in the respective category. The analogue DJ equipment is completed by record bags and cases from Magma or UDG as well as storage accessories, protection and care utensils.

Digital DJ equipment – DJ technology for playing music files

Laptop DJs manage without a record collection, but still need a range of digital tools. The basic equipment for DJing with music files is professional DJ software. It becomes “touchable” through DJ controllers, for example the Traktor Kontrol S4 from Native Instruments. Alternatively, Control Vinyl, e.g. from Serato, can be used as a control medium. Merging analogue with digital DJing in this way is made possible by Audio Interfaces, which connect the analogue equipment with the computer. In our DJ shop, DJ software, Control Vinyl and Audio Interfaces are available individually, or in a set as a digital DJ system. In addition, the range includes DJ controllers, laptop stands and other DJ accessories.

Studio equipment for music production

Apart from DJ equipment, our online shop also offers music producers the gear they need. The choice of studio equipment at primarily consists of music software such as Propellerhead Reason or Ableton Live, and music production hardware such as samplers, grooveboxes and midi controllers. Among the samplers on offer there are two of the most popular hardware tools for beatmakers: the Akai MPC Renaissance and the Machine from Native Instruments. The highlight in respect of grooveboxes, on the other hand, is the Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer – successor to the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer.