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Space Ghost - Time To Dance
Lotte Kaersa & Graesrodderne - Jubiiilaeum
Lotte Kaersa & Graesrodderne
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
17,99 €* 19,99 € -10%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Tartelet Records kicks off 2020 with the reissue of a rare Discogs gem from the early 80s by the legendary Danish composer and music educator Lotte Kærså and her band of young musicians, “Græsrødderne.”
Breathing new life into old recordings, Tartelet Records has collaborated with famed Danish composer Lotte Kærså and her family to restore and re-master an iconic production, digitizing twelve outsanding tracks from the family’s extensive musical archives for the very first time.
The re-issued LP entitled Jubiiilæum (Anniversary) consists of songs taken from Lotte Kærså two first albums “Jeg Har Set Det Selv” (I’ve Seen It Myself) from 1979 and “Hjemme I Vores Gade” (On Our Street) from 1981 – both of which have long been sought after items among diggers and vinyl collectors.
In the nascent stages of her musical journey, Lotte Kærså’s music was already imbued with a new kind of sound. Weaving genres from near and far, elements of exotic sounds such as samba, jazz funk, and dub-reggae come together with a distinctly Danish cheerfulness in the songs’ lyrics.
Stand out tracks in the 2020 release include “Prøv og Gør Ligesom Jeg” (Do As I Do), which has been heard in Nu Guinea’s DJ sets, the Brazilian funk escapade ‘Karneval’ (Carnival), reggae-inspired “Du Kan Bruge Din Krop” (You Can Move Your Body), the brilliant late night dub-not-dub tune “Byen Er Stille” (The City is Silent), and many more.
“All tracks from Lotte Kærså and her family are simply great. The music is psychedelic and tribal, and composed with very peculiar instruments. This is a unique music experience that is very hard to pin down to a specific music genre,” says Massimo Di Lena of Nu Guinea.
Born in 1929, Lotte Kærså showed great musical promise from an early age. However, instead of pursuing her planned education at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music, she chose another path: early childhood education. Starting out her career as a kindergarten teacher, a lifelong commitment to children and their musical education was in the making.
Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Lotte Kærså pioneered innovative pedagogical methods. Combing rhythmical music with dance and movement-based activities, she helped promote their development in novel ways. In the following years, Kærså went on to produce TV for children, write music, and teach music education. To this day, Kærså has remained one of the most progressive music educators of her time, and continues to compose and teach.
In the summer of 2019, Kærså turned 90 years old. To celebrate her life’s work, a reissue of her greatest songs was compiled on a brand new release – Jubiiilæum. In collaboration with the Kærså family, Tartelet Records has brought new energy to a rare and unusual musical treasure, echoing her sound to a new generation of listeners.
Space Ghost - Endless Light
Glenn Astro - Homespun
Glenn Astro
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
19,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Preorder available from 30.10.2020
Five years after his critically acclaimed debut album Throwback, Glenn Astro returns with his deeply personal album Homespun. Marking a change in course from his first release on Tartelet Records, Glenn Astro is set to showcase his sophomore album Homespun, a testament to a visionary artist who has come into his own. Made up of ten tracks spanning 45 minutes, the record twists and turns between electronic meditations, soulful vocals by Ajnascnet, and futuristic electro, carving out a world of spacey eclecticism that is as nostalgic as it is experimental. “This album is in all facets different from the first one, which was a deliberate decision. No vintage sounds and references, no sampling, combined with futuristic sound design and song structures.I tried to keep it as current and intuitive as possible,” he says. Known for his chunky beats and fuzzy textures, Glenn Astro has released on labels such as Ninja Tune and Apollo, leaving a distinctive signature on everything he touches. But Glenn Astro has quietly been crafting a new sound for himself. Sometimes taking detours – morphing into his dark alter ego and experimenting with artist collaborations. The sound of Homespun is a culmination of several years of reflection and artistic development – however, the album itself was produced in less than three months. “I set myself an ultimatum to finish the album within three months. If I didn’t make it, I’d have to rethink my career path and keep music as a hobby, he says. On the introspective first single and album title track “Homespun,” Ajnascent’s vocals lend a sincerity to the melancholic production. “It’s about the regret of not taking chances and giving in too much, but also about taking responsibility and being honest with yourself. Homespun is a nod to nostalgia and a desire for simplicity and prudence, being equally the culprit and the cure,” elaborates Ajnascent. On “The Yancey,” an homage to J Dilla, Glenn Astro paints his vision of contemporary dance music with shimmering melodies, deep ambient soundscapes, and advanced drum programming. “Moreira” and “Look at You” feel like spaced-out electronic funk hybrids, while “Taking Care of Business” goes back to the future with Glenn Astro’s take on jungle. Other tracks such as “Mezzanine,” “Slow Poke Flange,” and “Viktor’s Meditation” provide the finest dubby electronics.
Glenn Astro - Naturals
Glenn Astro
12" | 2019 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
8,39 €* 11,99 € -30%
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Glenn Astro conquers new territories with Naturals, fusing elements of Balearic and leftfield house with tribal and acid sounds on Tartelet Records.
N.O.T.E - Phase Alternating Lines
Phase Alternating Lines
12" | 2019 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The illusive Nelson of the East reappears with his forthcoming EP Phase Alternating Lines – a first class two-tracker.
The Swiss-born, Milanese artist released his first EP Night Frames just last year, making a strong entrance on Tartelet Records. This time around, N.O.T.E explores 80s electro boogie with ‘Phase Alternating Lines’ on the A side, and delivers his very own take on obscure tribal house with “Burning Palm” on the B side.
N.O.T.E is young, thirsty, and dead serious about his music. His admirable work ethic shows off not only in his own releases but also in his collaborations with other artists. In the past year alone, he has produced for Wayne Snow and several others that are keeping their work under wraps – while simultaneously creating music as N.O.T.E and under his Verner moniker. All the hard work seems to be paying off on this new 12’, where he comes through with two outstanding dance-floor bombshells.
If you’re into the 80s, Beverly Hills Cop, or just sad that you missed out on Studio 54, you’re going to love EP opener, “Phase Alternating Lines”. It’s got it all: hot drum programming, an electric boogie bassline and a cheeky melody that sticks. “Burning Palm” takes us into obscure tribal-meets-afro-house territory, utilizing percussion, synth marimba and hypnotic melodies – all held together in a tight, driving groove. This track is exotic at its root and perfect for any late night outdoor activity. Both tracks come as extended edits for the vinyl release.
This is a limited-edition release of 400 copies, written and produced by N.O.T.E, arranged by N.O.T.E in close collaboration with Tartelet Records’ label head Dirk 81 and mixed at Panalama Studios in Copenhagen on the Neve 5088 Shelford console for good measure.
Glenn Astro - C.I.W. EP
Glenn Astro
12" | 2018 | UK | Original (Tartelet)
9,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Copenhagen’s Tartelet continues its 10 th anniversary with another an EP in their Limited Edition Series. This one finds Glenn Astro serving up five exclusive tracks on the 12". The EP takes inspiration from Keith Haring’s celebrated Crack is Wack mural in New York, which was a reaction to the drug epidemic of the time. Only 250 copies will be released worldwide.
Max Graef - Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma
Max Graef
Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma
2LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
25,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Four years after his breakthrough, Max Graef returns to Tartelet Records with his second solo album.

A dungeon dub symphony in four parts, Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma is an album's album. Brimming with new and old guests, interludes and bonus skits, it's a consummate sketchbook of Graef’s most unique music to date. “Every bit of music or work represents the mood and skills of a certain period,” he says.

Where Graef's critically acclaimed debut LP Rivers of the Red Planet began an adventure away from the dance floor, No Hablo wormholes into totally lateral territory. Not interested in repeating old tricks, No Hablo sees Graef on a playful joyride through a whole new crate of influences. Echoes of Japanese video game music bubble through the Zelda-channeling “Master Quest” and dreamy bonus level “Midi Break 1.” “Midi Lisa” and “Intershop” roll out mutant digi-reggae, while “Rush” and “Level Zero” dig deeper into bass and juke. The album also premieres music with Chrissley Benz, a Kazakhstani singer.

As Graef explains: “No Hablo is a lot more intuitive with a lot less editing, raw arrangements, filled with experiments of strange instrumentation and rooms. I worked on it in a very unmusical way.”

But the record isn't a universe apart from his previous output. Throwbacks to the tape-deck world of g-funk and 80s boogie are still present, as well as a few psychedelic jazz cuts. The record also sees the return of Graef's father and guitarist, Gerry Franke, plus long-time collaborators Funkycan and Ludwig.

A record of 20 tracks, it covers many bases. It's your favourite PPU cassette via Ocarina of Time and out through a progressive garage jam, all stitched together in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Somehow it all makes perfect sense and reaffirms Graef's natural-born ear for killer hooks and unique melodies. The album's title – Lo Siento Mucho Pero No Hablo Tu Idioma – is an elegant and simultaneously ironic way of apologising for not speaking one's language in Spanish. It's a fitting metaphor that speaks to Max's ability to skip effortlessly between musical dialects with style and grace. This album proves it more than ever.
Modula - Alba - Tempesta - Notturno
Alba - Tempesta - Notturno
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
9,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
This one is for collectors and fans of obscurities, strictly limited to 300. No repress!
Neapolitan native Modula (Firecracker Recordings, Periodica Records) debuts on Tartelet with a conceptual EP.
Alba – Tempesta – Notturno is a sound montage created with a selection of field recordings from the jungles of South America. The A-side consist of two cuts; ‘Pura Natura’ the original field recording, followed by ‘Natura Sintetica’ – a reconstruction of the original montage using only electronic audio synthesis to reinvent the sounds of nature.
The B-side holds three tracks mixed into one: a cinematic synth-funk tune that reminds of an 80s wildlife documentary. Running over twelve minutes, ‘A Musical Journey’ is the perfect soundtrack to your Amazonian expedition.
Nelson Of The East - Kybele
Nelson Of The East
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
16,79 €* 20,99 € -20%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Embarking on a journey from Italy to Anatolia and from Africa to the Americas, Nelson of the East soars over imagined landscapes in his debut, motion picture- inspired album, Kybele. Plug in your headphones, drown out the world, and set
out on a mystic voyage of Earth through the lens of Kybele, the Anatolian goddess of wild nature.
With the world in flux and isolation taking its toll, musical escapism has become a much needed pastime for today’s armchair adventurers. Treating recorded sound as a vehicle of time travel, Milanese artist Nelson of the East (N.O.T.E) takes listeners on a journey through kaleidoscopic soundscapes with his debut album Kybele released on Tartelet Records.
Skillfully weaving the sounds of East and West, the nine-track LP fuses Turkish and cosmic influences with a strong electronic backbone into an otherworldly soundtrack of our time.
“The feeling that passes through the record isn’t straight. It changes, it turns, it is never predictable. Never being able to predict which landscape you arrive at next or where the music is taking you is key to enjoying the sound journey,” says Nelson. “
Named Kybele after the Anatolian goddess of nature, fertility, mountains, and wild animals, the record is a continuous saga that takes from the Berlin-based artist’s own adventurous spirit. Following his previous EP releases Night Frames and Phase Alternating Lines, Nelson explores new territories on Kybele.
The album opener, “Explorer,” is an exhilarating build up to what could be a 80s sci-fi movie, showcasing Nelson’s knack for cinematic moods. “Draw Me,” speaks to the artist’s intention of making a “snare album,” with an irregular, dominating beat untethering it from time or boundaries. “What I realize while I was writing the rhythm part is that the more you keep a beat simple the more difficult it becomes to make it interesting. So I just put down some rules to follow. For example, using swing as smoothly as possible, or using lot of syncopated sequence over the straight 2-4 groove,” says Nicolas.
Another thing Nelson achieves in this album is ambience, or the “motion picture touch” as he calls it. Tracks like the wild and obscure Culto, with its Anatolian nuances and middle eastern-sounding scales are made by layering synths to achieve an orchestral effect.
Other tracks capture the musician’s penchant for African and Brazilian grooves, like the Saudade mix of Burning Palm. On the B side, the Italo-flavored Phase Lines comes through with shimmering synth and electronic drums complete with hazy vocals delivered by DJ Rayne and Nelson himself. Yahuda dives into dark, melancholic electro with a Detroit feel not far from the sounds of the great Drexciya.
The album closes with ZETA, a track that could easily double as an obscure cinematic composition. The nine-track LP is strictly limited to 300 copies, pressed on 180g vinyl with artwork by The Emperor of Antarctica. No repress.
Kenton Slash Demon - Zstring EP
Kenton Slash Demon
Zstring EP
12" | 2019 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
10,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Kenton Slash Demon return to Tartelet Records with Zstring + remixes by Urulu and Kasper Marott + 12’ comes in vintage Tartelet sleeves circa 2009-2010. Limited Edition 400 copies. It’s been ten years since Kenton Slash Demon landed on Tartelet with their debut EP Khattabi followed by the much-celebrated The Schwarzschild Trilogy singles - Sun, Matter and Daemon all released 2009–2011.Ten years have passed since our first release on Tartelet and with this record it feels like we’ve gone full circle. It’s a beautiful thing.”
Zstring marks their return to Tartelet – but it’s also a precursor for things to come within the next year. With talks of a full-length album, the KSD project is now being given the attention it deserves.
Kenton Slash Demon have always had an affinity for uplifting melancholic tunes – and Zstring cements their ability to create just that. The track oozes with dance-floor euphoria, offering up a distorted arpeggio bassline, lush pads and layered melodies, all built around a tight and ever- changing groove. There are clear references to Italo disco, early techno and trance, but it’s hard to pin down the exact style – if that even matters.
On remix duties, man of the moment and label collaborator, Urulu, delivers a fresh take in his signature early 90s style, while local hero and close friend Kasper Marott of Monkeytown fame comes through with an obscure melodic techno workout of the finest sorts.
To further advance the concept of “full circle,” the 12’ comes in vintage Tartelet sleeves circa 2009-2010, salvaged from three different releases – which have been in storage since being produced.
Zstring will be available April 12 th 2019 on vinyl and April 26th on all digital platforms.
James Braun - Tearjerker
James Braun
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
9,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
After a five-year hiatus, Tartelet mainstay James Braun returns with the EP Tearjerker, announcing his debut album for 2018.

JB (James Braun) has been part of the label since its conception in 2007 and has contributed immensely to its development. Over the years, his sound has continuously morphed – from cheeky tech house, to emotional Detroit-inspired house escapades – always reflecting his originality and worthy musicianship.

The Tearjerker EP is a testament to JB’s musical journey. Rooted in classic U.S. house and techno, the EP delivers elaborate melodies not found in earlier productions. The tracks were all produced at the newly opened Panalama Studio in Copenhagen, which JB runs alongside Lasse Walentin.
Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad - Three Turtles
Kickflip Mike & Julius Conrad
Three Turtles
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
11,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Kickflip Mike (Joschka Seibt) is back with 'Three Turtles' - a collaborative EP on Tartlet Records with Berlin bass maestro, Julius Conrad.
While Julius seems like a new addition to camp Tartelet, he's been in the extended family for years. The son of Jazz bass legend Jurgen Attig and childhood homies with Max & Kickflip, he's existed in the crew's inner circle since day dot.

What you get on Kickflip Mike and Julius Conrad's new record is a medley of gritty drum distortion, frenetic bass guitar-work and (as ever) a dumptruck of a groove.
As richly diverse as most on the Tartelet roster, it's a record that dabbles variously in analogue house, beat-led instrumentals & elements of breakbeat & garage - it's all here.

First out the traps is title track 'Three Turtles', a kick-heavy club jam overwritten with Julius' warm warbling basslines and wah-wah guitar.
After snaking through 'BBQ Skit', a wonky beat-erlude in the Madlib vein, the record winds into 'Some Joint', a wandering house workout with tons of virtuosity from Conrad's axe.
The EP closes on 'Voodoo Dude': a wonderfully deep finale snapped through with choppy breaks and fuzzy samples.

Taken from top to bottom, 'Three Turtles' is a record that shrugs off the limitations of 'club music' loose and playful enough to reflect Kickflip & Conrad's colourful lives outside the club, as well as inside.
Uffe - Straess!
12" | 2012 | EU | Original (Tartelet)
8,99 €*
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Uffe delivers a 5 track EP including two remixes that set the standard for a promising career. His debut EP on Pets Recordings (Catz n Dogs) earlier this year created quite a bit of hype and the track “When The Sun Rose” appeared in various high profile DJ charts and Podcasts. On a global dance music scene where genre tags seem increasingly irrelevant and everyone seems occupied with evading them by chasing ‘eclectisism’, the sound of Amsterdam-based up-and coming producer Uffe Christensen AKA Uffe is that rare thing; a listening experience, which it would only be fair to call a breath of fresh air.
Andrea Fiorito - Brother From Another Planet
Samuel André Madsen - Love Like This EP
Brandt Brauer Frick - Paino Shakur
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