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Shpongle - Codex VI
Codex VI
3LP | 2017 | UK | Reissue (Twisted)
46,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
It's been 20 incredible years of psychedelic sound surfing with Shpongle and now we finally arrive at the magical maestros' 6th studio album, a visionary volume entitled Codex VI Codex VI is a cosmic collection of mystical music from Simon Posford and co pilot Raja Ram in which their elucidation of hallucination reveals once again, a seemingly effortless mastery of inter-dimensional audio. Simon and Raja are known and loved all around the globe for creating the ultimate psychedelic soundtracks to our lives and Codex VI is a fantastic further instalment in the epic audio adventures of the Shpongle story. After decades of virtuoso voyaging, Shpongle have delivered what is undoubtedly their finest masterpiece yet.

We invite you to share the inner secrets of the Codex VI formulae and get a direct download of illuminated inspiration which will leave you seriously Shpongled ! ‘this music should be put in a capsule and fired into space, as a show piece of how creative human beings can be’ iTunes
Shpongle - Museum Of Consciousness
Museum Of Consciousness
2LP | 2013 | UK | Reissue (Twisted)
37,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
After four years of touring, Shpongle return with a new 4th album, though much has changed. Music production isn't something for just enthusiasts anymore, and the tools needed to make an entire album in your bedroom are becoming increasingly available and affordable... yet this just makes Shpongle's return all the more welcome. In a time where more and more focus is put on commercialisation and churning out quick hits, Simon and Raja's latest work is a welcome breathe of fresh air wedded to nostalgia, and proves that the group isn't ready to become stagnant anytime soon. Now for 2023 this has been remastered and re cut by Abbey Road.
Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
3LP | 2010 | UK | Reissue (Twisted)
46,99 €*
Release:2010 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The 4th instalment of the journey into the weird and wonderful worlds of Shpongle arrived with “Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland” in 2009 and now, 11 years on from its initial release, the masterful craftsmanship of Simon Posford and Raja Ram is still self-evident in every single one of the 8 glorious tracks.

Deepening ever further into the fusion of worlds, this album sees us journey through manifold aspects of the creative genius that is Shpongle, utilising an admirable array of awesome acoustic instrumentation including naturally, Raja’s legendary dulcet flute tones to compliment the myriad of music featuring Simon’s surreal synthesis.

This sonic fusion and fission theme re-presents itself throughout the album, in one legendary composition the listener is treated to the dreamy tones of the Hang Drum seamlessly blended with detailed glitch electronica to create a sensuous web of emotional ecstasy. In another piece, we experience incredible acoustic guitar solos rippling though interwoven psychedelic glitch and dub distortions in time and space. Simon’s and Raja’s trademark psychedelic and bizarre blending of elements is bedazzling in its beauty and unparalleled in the depths of its dimensional exploration.
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