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Used vinyl records at HHV

When it comes to sound, no sound carrier has yet outstripped the record. At HHV, real music lovers will not only find new vinyl releases, but also a large selection of used records for the analog listening experience. Due to our constant interest in used vinyl, we buy record collections from dealers and collectors. In our online shop, a unique range of second-hand records from a wide range of genres is created – a valuable offer for all nostalgics, collectors and music enthusiasts. Because the real treasures can be discovered in the wide range of used records.

Used vinyl from all major genres

Our selection of second-hand records offers a wide range of music styles -from pop and rock to jazz, soul, blues and R’n’B to hip hop and dance. The repertoire not only includes used records from famous labels such as Impulse, Prestige, Motown, Blue Note, Warp, Atlantic, and Stones Throw, but also works by top artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, De La Soul, and Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Herbie Hancock.

Valuable records: collector’s items and rarities

Used vinyl from the HHV online shop is anything but just “old records”. Rather, they are real collector’s treasures that we offer for sale. Music lovers can discover rarities and other highlights with us, whether releases from early creative periods of bands and solo artists or more recent releases. The time span extends over several decades – from the 1950s to the present. You can choose from used records in all formats: 7 inch, 12 inch sowie LPs.

Benchmark for grading used records: Goldmine Grading Standard

When assessing the condition, we use the Goldmine Grading Standard as a guide. We use this system to rate used records from Mint/Sealed (M/S) to Fair (F). The corresponding rating is displayed for each used vinyl item in our online shop. Most of our used records are in condition no worse than Very Good Plus (VG+). When buying records, our aim is to offer dealers and collectors the opportunity to sell their used records at top conditions – regardless of whether they are individual records or the entire collection.