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Yussef Dayes - Experience Live At Joshua Tree
Harri Stojka Express - What A Funky Night / Marihuana
Harri Stojka Express
What A Funky Night / Marihuana
7" | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Mother I'd Like To Funk)
12,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Reggae / Dancehall
Long awaited re-issue of Harri Stojka Express’ “What a Funky Night”, originally released in 1983. The Austrian producer/guitarist took everyone by surprise with this huge Boogie-Disco-Funk meteorite, due to his previous releases, which were mostly jazz-rock-fusion orientated records. Previously only pressed in Austria and Spain, Mothers I’d Like To Funk is proud to present to you an official re-issue of this Funk anthem, and the flip side features a marijuana reggae tune
Dabeull - Cosmic Funk
Cosmic Funk
12" | 2023 | EU | Original (Dabeull)
19,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder shipping from 17.02.2023
Two years after his last project Intimate Fonk, and after the beautiful collaboration with Sofiane Pamart on a film project. Dabeull, the king of funk, fresh from his timeless intergalactic journey, presents four tracks highlighting his mastery of vintage instruments with subtlety. He has sublimated his own identifiable sounds with his faithful collaborators. Rude Jude and his groovy funky dexterity, Holybrune and her velvet voice, Isadora for her suave freshness. Kunta, who we discovered on I Love You So Much, and Ferdi to make us groove. A new release for a new story on Dabeull Records.
Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month HHV Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition
Black Sheep
Flavor Of The Month HHV Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition
7" | 1991 | EU | Reissue (Mr Bongo)
17,99 €*
Release:1991 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop
This edition is limited to 300 copies exclusive available at HHV. Previously unavailable on 7", this brace of 1991 sureshots is the perfect introduction to the idiosyncrasies of the Native Tongue era. Features Joe Farrell break ‘Upon This Rock’ as used by Kanye West on ‘Gone’.
Tonino Balsamo - Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà
Tonino Balsamo
Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà
12" | 1983 | EU | Reissue (Futuribile)
17,99 €*
Release:1983 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
One of the rarest and most requested Neapolitan track around. Originally recorded in 1983 at the Rico Sound studios, the budget made available was not managed well by the artistic crew (money wasted on women, dinners and night clubs …) and it was not enough to be able to produce an LP on vinyl and only very few copies were produced on cassette. Occasionally some promotional vinyl copies appeared in flea markets, probably intended for radio stations of the time but to date neither the label nor the author remember ever having distributed or authorized this press. There are also counterfeit copies circulating through private-to-private sales channels. It was not easy to track down Tonino, namesake of his uncle Antonio Balsamo, master flautist of great fame, and it’s with great pleasure that we can finally announce, almost 40 years after its creation, the official release of "Sta Guagliona Mo Ddà" enriched by the instrumental version plus an unpublished variation on the original theme - "Voglie 'E Mare" - written by keyboardist Enzo Anoldo in the early 90s.
Khruangbin - White Gloves / Mr White Dub Mix 20 Years HHV White Vinyl Edition
White Gloves / Mr White Dub Mix 20 Years HHV White Vinyl Edition
7" | 2015 | UK | Original (Night Time Stories)
22,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Limited to 3000 numbered copies worldwide, this white 45 is only available at HHV. It features "White Gloves" on the a-side and a previously unreleased Dub Mix of "Mr White" on the flipside.

Only 1 per customer!

20 years HHV: our team has selected an album from each of these years that is particularly relevant and precious to us. On a monthly basis we release exclusive and limited pressings of these records in collaboration with some of our favorite labels. For the year 2015 we opted for something very special as we just had to add a lovely 45 to the mix!
Stereo Total - I Love You Ono / Wir Tanzen Im Viereck HHV Exclusive Marmorized Vinyl Edition
Stereo Total
I Love You Ono / Wir Tanzen Im Viereck HHV Exclusive Marmorized Vinyl Edition
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Stereo Total / Flirt 99)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
HHV, Flirt 99 and Stereo Total (Records) are pleased to offer this new single.

Limited to 300 differently marbled copies, numbered by hand. The 7" comes in an inner sleeve screenprinted by Brezel Göring himself in various colors. The color cannot be selected. This single is special because it brings Stereo Total's TikTok hit "Wir tanzen im Viereck" from the digital world back into the analog one - together with the popular "I Love You, Ono", which has never been released as a single before. Both tracks are part of the best-of canon of the incomparable duo that consisted of Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring. The special HHV edition contains 300 pieces (numbers 1 to 300) in wildly mixed vinyl shades, because no chemical substances were used to clean them between color changes. This makes each record unique.
Peggy Gou - I Go Remixes Green Vinyl Edition
Peggy Gou
I Go Remixes Green Vinyl Edition
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Gudu)
17,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Peggy Gou releases a remix package of her acclaimed 2021 'I Go' single, it’s a stellar release featuring some of the most respected names in electronic music - Soulwax, DJ Koze and Maurice Fulton.

Named by Pitchfork as one of 2021’s best electronic releases among a host of other accolades (“Her vocals are gentle, but her promise of persistence (“I go I go, I go I go”) feels powerful. Throbbing drum machines further bolster her energizing message, turning a personal pep talk into a lull-crushing banger. A six-minute ’90s dance megamix that feels 10 minutes too short, it definitely goes”) Peggy’s original was an incredible piece of club-focused electronic music that showcased her love of 90s dance anthems. The remix collection has been personally curated by Gou herself, choosing some of her favourite heroes to put their own unique stamp on “I Go”

Peggy Gou: “I love 90s house music - which was a big inspiration for I Go - and I love remix culture. For these remixes I reached out to some of my favourite artists and they really delivered! Soulwax, Koze and Maurice are dance music legends and the results are sick”
Whirlpool Productions - From Disco 2 Disco
Whirlpool Productions
From Disco 2 Disco
10" | 2022 | EU | Original (Baccala)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
This classic House Gem from Cologne for the very first time on 45 with the Instrumental on the flip.
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix Yellow Vinyl Edition
Age Of Love
The Age Of Love Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix Yellow Vinyl Edition
12" | 2021 | EU | Reissue (DiKi)
15,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Limited to 1000 copies / Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano + remastered Jam & Spoon & original mixes. The Age Of Love went on to become a stone-cold dance classic that inspired a whole trance movement that has endured throughout the years. Say Charlotte and Enrico, "We are beyond excited to finally unleash our remix to the world. And this at a time where the world finally seems to be going back to normal. There is no better time for a New Age Of Love. We're ready." Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano have come together to serve up a very personal remix of the hugely influential self-titled classic by Age Of Love. It lands on the original Belgian label Diki Records on August 13th next to the legendary Jam & Spoon 'Watch Out For Stella Mix' and the original vocal mix from 1990.
Burial - Streetlands EP
Streetlands EP
12" | 2023 | UK | Original (Hyperdub)
15,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The sublime three-track EP 'Streetlands' is the follow up to 2022's 'antidawn'. The EP incorporates 35 minutes of transcendent music in three new pieces.
Capinera - Il Volo / Suonno
Il Volo / Suonno
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Serie Pegaso)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The “Serie Pegaso” catalog stems from the need to write music and lyrics that have a strong link with the city of Naples, that speak the same language and tell it through stories, loves and memories. There are countless stories and testimonies of people who left the "land of the sun" to migrate elsewhere in search of fortune and work, but not many know that there is a small bird, the “Capinera”, which has instead decided to do the inverted path through a long journey from cold and distant lands to then settle and find a new home on Mount Vesuvius. But there is also another story, between reality and legend, which is that of the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood called by everyone 'A Capinera' because of her long and enchanting black hair. She was a widow coveted and desired by all, but she will remain faithful to her deceased husband throughout her life. The only source of livelihood for herself and her three children was the smuggling cigarette trade, although she could choose and get whatever she wanted thanks to her irresistible beauty. This is what the creators of the Capinera project tell us, and they are: Gianpaolo Della Noce (better known as Dnapoli and half of the acclaimed diggers duo Napoli Segreta, Michele Cesare aka Breakstarr (one of the pillars of the city's beat makers scene) both assisted by the sharp voice of Adriana Salomone. Together with the production team led by Dario di Pace and Raffaele Arcella the result is the nostalgic and exotic Reggae-Pop in Neapolitan colors of "Il Volo" (today in exclusive preview on Spotify) and the sparkling disco infected “Suonno”.
Bileo - You Can Win / Let's Go
You Can Win / Let's Go
7" | 1979 | UK | Reissue (Athens Of The North)
13,99 €*
Release:1979 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
After so many emails badgering for a repress, we got 500 for you here, grab em quick!

Undisputedly one of the best, across the board crowd and D.J pleasing rare Disco 45s ever cut to vinyl, two sides of AAA grade party smashers. Cut as loud and Deep as we could manage , this fully licenced 45 won't be around long, it sells itself, don't hang about, no repress.
Sven Väth - What I Used To Play Box Set
Sven Väth
What I Used To Play Box Set
12x12" | 2023 | DE | Original (Cocoon)
205,99 €*
Release:2023 / DE – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
For this uniquely personal retrospective spread over twelve vinyl discs, Sven Väth takes us back to the early days of his DJ career. On What I Used To Play we meet great pioneers of electronic music, gifted percussionists, obscure wave bands, and innovative producers of a bygone 'new electronic' era. Rough beats and irresistible grooves from the identification stage of house, techno, and acid remind us not just how far electronic music has evolved over the past four decades, but how great it was to dance to EBM, techno, and house for the very first time.

If there is one protagonist of the electronic music scene who has remained curious, innovative and at the very cutting edge of music for over four decades, it's Sven Väth. His multi-layered artist albums and Sound of the Season mix compilations have been defining the genre for over two decades, and even today, he is constantly on the lookout for the next top tune to add to the highlights of his next set. At least, that's the case when he's not producing them himself as an artist or remixer. "Actually, it's always been part of my DNA to think ahead," and nothing had been further from his mind than looking back at his past, but when in spring of 2020 the international DJ circuit had to be scaled down to virtually zero, the 'restless traveler' suddenly had time. Time to stop and reflect on "how it actually was back then, at the very beginning of my career..."

"It was a great trip and with every track, beautiful memories came flooding back".
In the London apartment, he had just moved into, Sven has set up a "little music room", where he cocooned himself for several days, "to look way back for the first time and review my musical journey through the eighties, so to speak."

The interim result was six thematically oriented playlists with a grand total of 120 tracks from 'early 80s' to 'Balearic late 80s', together with excursions into afrobeat, European new wave, and EBM sounds and a few epochal techno/house tracks from the USA in between. From these 'Best of Sven Väth's favorites', the project What I Used To Play crystallized. Sven remembers how the Cocoon team reacted to his proposal: "They found the idea of making a compilation out of it MEGA from the beginning and everyone said 'Sven, go for it', but then, of course, the work really started, namely, to clear the rights and to get clean sounding masters of the up to 40-year-old tracks. There was also disappointment, of course. We couldn't clear certain titles because the rights holders in the USA had fallen out with each other or simply disappeared from the scene. In short, it wasn't easy, but now I can safely say we got the most important tracks."

Finally, after two years of research, curation, design, and administrative fine-tuning, the "little retrospective" from 1981 to 1990 is available. The exquisitely packaged, and three-kilo heavy box set is not only physically impressive, WIUTP is also the definitive record of Sven Väth's musical development. On each of the twenty-four sides of vinyl, you can trace track by track, what influenced him during which phase, and how he took off as a DJ from his parents' Queen's Pub straight into the spotlight at Dorian Gray. There and at Vogue (later OMEN), Sven became the style-defining player in the DJ booth that he still is today.
Retrogott, Nepumuk & Sonne Ra - Rettungsring
Retrogott, Nepumuk & Sonne Ra
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Sea-Watch / Sichtexot / HHV)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Limited edition of 300 copies on 7" of "Rettungsring" by Retrogott, Nepumuk & Sonne Ra plus 3 exclusive Retrogott beats on the b-side.

Sea-Watch reached out to Sichtexot and HHV to possibly come up with a 7" release of the digital-only release "Rettungsring". All artists involved supported the idea from scratch, Retrogott added 3 bonus beats on top. Jens Roth extended his original artwork for the vinyl sleeve and here we are.

All proceeds of this release will go to Sea-Watch. For more information or to help helping please visit www.sea-watch.org!
Age Of Love - The Age Of Love Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix Red Vinyl Edition
Age Of Love
The Age Of Love Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix Red Vinyl Edition
12" | 2021 | EU | Reissue (DiKi)
15,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Limited to 1000 copies / Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano + remastered Jam & Spoon & original mixes. The Age Of Love went on to become a stone-cold dance classic that inspired a whole trance movement that has endured throughout the years. Say Charlotte and Enrico, "We are beyond excited to finally unleash our remix to the world. And this at a time where the world finally seems to be going back to normal. There is no better time for a New Age Of Love. We're ready." Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano have come together to serve up a very personal remix of the hugely influential self-titled classic by Age Of Love. It lands on the original Belgian label Diki Records on August 13th next to the legendary Jam & Spoon 'Watch Out For Stella Mix' and the original vocal mix from 1990.
DJ Premier - Hip Hop 50: Volume 1
DJ Premier
Hip Hop 50: Volume 1
Box Set | 2023 | US | Original (Mass Appeal)
63,99 €*
Release:2023 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Preorder shipping from 03.03.2023
Hip Hop 50, Vol 1 (5 x 45 Vinyl Set)

Produced by DJ Premier

Includes vocal & instrumental versions of all tracks on 5 different color 7" singles in custom jackets packaged together in a slipcase.
Twit One - Teenwolf EP
Twit One
Teenwolf EP
10" | 2022 | EU | Original (Mutombo)
19,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Do we have to write something great about Twit One? Not really, but we take the liberty of presenting the the album "Teenwolf". You won't hear standard boom bap beats. It consists of casually composed vocals and drums perfectly matched to the chopped chords. Enjoy 14 tracks with range of lofi beats, jazzy vibes & dope samples.

So if you're looking for soulful beats with a pinch of humor, you've come to the right place.
Pisse - Kohlrübenwinter #1
Todd Terje - It's The Arps EP
Todd Terje
It's The Arps EP
12" | 2011 | EU | Reissue (Olsen)
8,99 €*
Release:2011 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The modern classic is back!!! Oslo’s magic music maker Todd Terje has already gained a wunderkind like reputation for his gentle yet potent productions (we won’t mention the “E” word here) on labels like Full Pupp, Permanent Vacation and Running Back on top of being one of the best remixers money can buy (Shit Robot, Bryan Ferry, Dølle Jllle etc etc). What is there left for him to do? Establish a label of his own! “It’s The Arps” is the starting signal for Olsen. And what a splendid one it is. Created from scratch and solely on the mythical synthesizer ARP 2600 (check www.letsnerd.com for help), it features four tracks (reads instant classics) that couldn’t be a better followup to his 2011 super hit EP “Ragysh”. Towering over the assortment is the laser crime scene called “Inspector Norse”. Defying genres and blinkers, this is finest goose bumps dance music that makes you whistle along, laughing and crying all at the same time – but the rest isn’t half bad either. The short, but sweet “Myggsommer” gives away Terje’s secret love for quirky exotika, whereas “Swing Star Pt 1” and its brother have a (balearic) brilliance and witchery to them that is rarely found nowadays. Released on Olsen Records and housed in a beautiful sleeve courtesy of Bendik Kaltenborn (www.benkalt.no). 100% Arp 2600 and 200% Todd Terje.
Ronnie Frazzle - The Doom Sessions
Klangkuenstler - Deine Angst Black Vinyl Edition
Deine Angst Black Vinyl Edition
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Outworld)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Klangkuenstler back in Vinyl. LTD RED Marbeld first pressing, be fast!
Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo
Massano - In My System EP
In My System EP
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Afterlife)
11,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
British maestro Massano follows up his ‘Solitude’ release with four fresh cuts full of wistful emotion and solemnity. Title track ‘System’ opens the EP with a jagged riff, sombre low end and spinetingling melody. Next is his rework of ‘Drown’ by Øostil & Juan Hansen, which utilises a haunting vocal to tantalise your very essence. ‘Odyssey’ features an almighty breakdown and galloping drums to get the energy pumping. Lastly, Massano presents a 2022 remaster of ‘The Feeling’, encapsulating the Afterlife sound with its rousing arrangement and transcendent composition.
V.A. - Padang Moonrise: The Birth Of The Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 1955-1969
Padang Moonrise: The Birth Of The Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 1955-1969
2LP+7" | 2022 | UK | Original (Soundway)
29,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Rock / Indie
Padang Moonrise is the story of modern Indonesian music that emerged underneath the volcanoes of Java and Sumatra. Java, the most populous island in the archipelago of over 17,000 islands and 1300 distinct ethnic groups, and its capital city Jakarta, was where most of the post-colonial national identity, politics, administration and music production was centred. Traditional songs from Java, Sumatra, Bali and beyond were re-imagined by a small group of state-sponsored musicians that also composed and arranged new music. These songs aimed at consolidating a geographically disparate country with a new language and new ideas of national character. This compilation brings together a handful of these recordings that combine elements of regional popular music, Islamic Gambus, Javanese & Balinese Gamelan and Kroncong, with jazz, Afro-Latin music & instrumentation, and vocal harmonies influenced by banned American doo-wop and rock & roll. The results are a unique blend of styles that have remained mostly insulated from the world outside of Indonesia until a recent worldwide resurgence in the interest of recorded music of all forms has shone a new light on these nearly forgotten recordings. 27 tracks compiled by Miles Cleret, on double vinyl with bonus 7”, housed in gatefold sleeve with extended liner notes.
Kokoroko - Kokoroko HHV Exclusive White Vinyl Edition
Kokoroko HHV Exclusive White Vinyl Edition
12" | 2019 | UK | Reissue (Brownswood)
17,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder shipping from 28.04.2023
Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl!

Inspired by Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Tony Allen and the sounds of West Africa, London 8-person collective Kokoroko presents its first EP. The four tracks reveal a musical vision of Afrobeat, soul, West African roots and inner-London jazz nuances. The wonderful "Abusey Junction" was already included on last year's Brownswood sampler "We Out Here", which was frenetically acclaimed by the trade press (Wire, Monocle, New York Times, etc.) and named compilation of the year 2018 by the London Rough Trade stores.
Wu-Tang Clan / The Charmels - C.R.E.A.M. / As Long As I've Got You Small Hole Edition
Daft Punk - Get Lucky feat. Pharrell / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Daft Punk
Get Lucky feat. Pharrell / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
7" | 2022 | UK | Original (Kiss Klassics)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Kiss Klassics returns with it’s 3rd release and dishes up 2 modern house anthems. Fries & Bridges classic “Forever This” was only ever released on 12” in 2010 and a hard to find at that as featured on Norman Jay’s Good Times. Offaiah’s “Trouble” from 2016 has never been pressed on vinyl before until now featuring Charlie Puth and Dwayne Carter on vocals – an absolute masterclass from Offaiah! Both guaranteed to rock dancefloors across the globe!
Kutmasta Kurt Pres. Masters Of Illusion - Bay-Bronx Bridge HHV Exclusive Blue Swirl Vinyl Edition
Pisse - Kohlrübenwinter #2
Westside Doom (Westside Gunn & MF Doom) - Gorilla Monsoon / 2 Stings
Westside Doom (Westside Gunn & MF Doom)
Gorilla Monsoon / 2 Stings
7" | 2017 | UK | Reissue (Hoffstein)
14,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop
Incredibly sought after tracks which have been originally been released in 2017. Now on 7".
The Fearless Flyers - The Fearless Flyers III
The Fearless Flyers
The Fearless Flyers III
12" | 2022 | US | Original (Vulf)
31,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Nate Smith
Joe Dart
Cory Wong
Mark Lettieri

Jack Stratton — producer, mixer
Caleb Parker — engineer
Curtis Vodka - Homeless Funk
Curtis Vodka
Homeless Funk
7" | 2022 | US | Original (Deep Fried Music)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
A straight b-boy classic, funky breakbeat track heavily influenced by peeps like DJ Shadow. B/w "jazzy Drummer", a fresh take on one of the most famous breaks of all time produced on a classic Mpc60. Both these cuts are some dope head noddin' bombs. Don't miss this. Out on Deep Fried Music.
Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph / Heaterz
Andi Otto - Bangalore Whispers
Andi Otto
Bangalore Whispers
7" | 2016 | EU | Reissue (Pingipung)
8,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Andi Otto’s Bangalore Whispers gets finally repressed. The psychedelic track which he recorded together with the Indian singer MD Pallavi in 2016 has become a hit in the downtempo scene around the globe (“Saaaa - resa nisa”). Pingipung press a new edition of the much sought after single on the occasion of their 20th label anniversary. In this 2022 edition the original track is paired with the Peter Power remix which has not seen the light of day on vinyl before.The Brazil-based producer slows the track down a notch and adds even more space. A perfect tune both for the dancefloor or meditation.
Gianni Oddi - Dreamin' / Geronimo
Gianni Oddi
Dreamin' / Geronimo
12" | 2023 | EU | Original (Four Flies)
17,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
In the early ‘70s, after relocating from his native Genoa to Rome, young saxophonist Gianni Oddi was beginning to establish himself as a super-cool arranger thanks to a series of cover albums recorded for RCA Italy. They contained funk, soul and easy-listening versions of contemporary pop hits, but Oddi often managed to include one or two original compositions of his own – like the ones contained in this new installment of Four Flies’ 12-inch vinyl series for DJs. Both tracks are perfect examples of killer Oddi's sound and... Style (yes, his 1974 album for RCA Italy's SP series).
The Mighty Mocambos - Breaker / Let The Music Play
The Mighty Mocambos
Breaker / Let The Music Play
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Mocambo)
10,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Two killer breakdance bangers by Germany's funk champions on one 45.

The brand new exclusive studio cut 'Breaker' is a fierce b-boy battle anthem - imagine an electro track performed on organic instruments, like only the Mocambos would do it. Cracking drums, a relentless bassline, a Hohner Clavinet through a stereo phaser and tuned cowbells are topped with a horn section featuring gralla, a Catalan double reed horn with a siren-type sound, ready to ring the alarm.

Featured on the flip side is their stunning cover version of Shannon's 'Let The Music Play', standout track from their much celebrated live album 'Scénarios', now available on 45 to the great delight of all DJs.
V.A. - Fight Club Volume 1
Fight Club Volume 1
12" | 2021 | EU | Original (Outworld)
13,99 €*
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
DJ friendly Black vinyl Edition of this 4 Artist Compilaition on Outworld Records.
Nu - We Love The Sun Yellow Vinyl Edition
We Love The Sun Yellow Vinyl Edition
12" | 2011 | EU | Reissue (Bar 25)
15,99 €*
Release:2011 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
2020 Repress! Excellent groovin, summer Techhouse Anthem.
Oxia - Domino Remixes EP Part 1
Domino Remixes EP Part 1
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Sapiens)
9,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Oxia's classic ‘Domino' gets reworked for it's ten year anniversary - in 2 vinyl parts. A decade after initially seeing the light, Oxia's now classic ‘Domino' get's reworked to celebrate it's anniversary. The new release features a new cut by Oxia himself as well as several remixes by none other than Frankey & Sandrino, Robag Wruhme and Matador. The EP will be released through Agoria's newly found record label Sapiens on February 24th. Ten years ago the track made waves in the international dance music circuit, striking up chords with techno, trance and house DJs alike to quickly become an all-time classic. Having never expected the track to reach the status that it his, it's a very dear project to Oxia and he needed quite some persuading to give in and let Agoria and his team create something that was worthy of the original. The set of tracks are the first officially commissioned remixes by Oxia ever. “Finding remixers took some time, the amazing Frankey & Sandrino who's track ‘Acamar' is my absolute favourite of 2015, Matador that just launched his Rukus label as well is the multi-talented ex label mate at Kompakt Robag Wruhme. They are all incredibly gifted and fortunately patient enough to wait for this EP”
Celebrant, The - Re-Calibrated & Re-Celebrated
Celebrant, The
Re-Calibrated & Re-Celebrated
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Canopy)
16,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Canopy returns, following up their previously well received singles, with the fourth release on the label. This time around the focus is entirely on the remixes, with the original titles from Nigerian Band The Celebrant to feature on the forthcoming reissue of their self-titled LP. The remixes are built around the afro funk breaks and cosmic synths which the 3 producers have re- calibrated and re-celebrated to devastating effect. Stylistically the vibe sits between searing outer space afro funk and classy afro-disco.
Narciss - The Return Of The Golden Funk Ep Edition
The Return Of The Golden Funk Ep Edition
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Eurodance Inc)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Preorder shipping from 10.02.2023
With inspirations spanning from Samurai Movies of the 1950's across Hip-Hop from the 80's, to white-labelled tool-techno records and Anime from the 90's, Narciss has catapulted themself into the contemporary hard dance spotlight with a flurry of furious cuts on Lobster Theremin and 10 Pills Mate, and now the German producer readies four synth-wavey bops of pop-techno and hardcore on Eurodance Inc.

Staying true to the Eurodance aesthetic, and following one of the year's most well received dance music records in DJ Heartstring's '4 The People', 'House Of Pleasure' displays Narciss' love for splashes of colour amongst the usually-grey Berlin soundscape. Taking as much influence from the golden-era of trance electronics as it is the Tresor heyday, it's gradual incline from techno to eurodance is completed on 'Power 2 Tha People'; a cut of deep trance that touches the border of cheese whilst maintaining a headsy, underground appeal.

'ADHDisco' is a warped sequence of classic soul nostalgia and high speed futuristic brain-dance that plays out like an alien discovering Northern Soul for the first time, before the classic hardcore synth patterns and unrelenting kicks of 'Lovechild (love Mix)' lay the foundation for a soulfully transcendent cut of classic Chicago and hard-house blends.
Cypress Hill - Pigs / How I Could Just Kill A Man
Cypress Hill
Pigs / How I Could Just Kill A Man
7" | 1991 | US | Reissue (Get On Down)
13,99 €*
Release:1991 / US – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop
Preorder shipping from 03.03.2023
To Commemorate The 30 Year Anniversary Of Cypress Hill, Get On Down Presents A Series Of 7 Inch Singles Of Every Cut From One Of The Most Legendary Debuts Of All Time. When Cypress Hill came with their debut self-titled album 30 years ago, they made an immediate spark that captivated the Hip Hop audience, critics, and then the world. Led by B-Real with his nasal, singsong delivery, and Sen Dog to play the perfect hypeman, Cypress’ debut fueled tales of revenge, revolution, recreational drug use, gangbanging, and cultural pride. Like Public Enemy before them, the production was also a key factor in what made this debut so groundbreaking. DJ Muggs was able to craft a blueprint that would change Hip Hop production with his innovative stoned-out beats. Cuts like "How I Could Just Kill a Man", "Pigs", "Stoned is the Way of the Walk" and "Hand on the Pump" made Cypress Hill an instant classic. Since its release, the album has won acclaim as one of Rolling Stone's Essential Recordings of the 90s and Top 100 Best Rap Albums by The Source Magazine.
Alignment - Attack EP
Attack EP
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (KNTXT)
16,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Alignment is back on Charlotte de Witte's Kntxt label for a fourth time with his Attack EP. It offers four more forward-thinking tracks of trance infused techno.

Berlin-based, Italian-born artist Alignment, whose real name is Francesco Pierfelice, has emerged as a real force in the techno world in recent years. He has had an outstanding array of vital productions, and his sound helps carry forward the diversity and musical identity Kntxt stands for. His sound has smartly evolved since as he continues to pick up new influences. All that comes out on this superb new release.

Says the artist, ‘I am more than happy to contribute with ‘Attack EP’, another release on such a renowned imprint like Kntxt. Charlotte has supported me since day one, and I am hugely grateful to release for the fourth time on her label. Four tracks that are straight to the floor, they are the outcome of touring clubs and festivals again now in 2022. Enjoy this selection and see you soon on the dance-floor!’

Says label boss Charlotte de Witte, ‘Alignment is one of my favourite producers out there. His high energy style and sound always deliver on the dancefloor. I'm very proud and honoured to have him once again on board for another four killer tracks on Kntxt.’

Attack opens up with hammering drums and turbo-charged synths. It is an all powerful track that drills deep and brings a real sense of rave to the club. There is an ever present sense of euphoria to Dream State as the trance synth loops bring real light and emotion to the flat footed and slamming drums. Some steamy vocals add that all important hook and ensure real dance floor destruction. Multiverse brings bouncing techno funk beneath edgy synth stabs and industrial percussion design for soot-black warehouse spaces. Last of all is The Way, another unstoppable and supersized techno offering with hands-in-the air synth designs and drums that just don't quit.

This is another fiery offering of new school techno from Alignment.
Revelation - First Power
First Power
12" | 1990 | UK | Reissue (Atmosphere)
15,99 €*
Release:1990 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Finally re-released on 12” via New York’s Atmosphere Records, this 1990 House-Breaks Classic is back on vinyl.

Featuring in demand Original Versions of “First Power” and “Synth It” plus new Remix from Atmosphere founder Tommy Musto.

Produced by “Mentasm” co-creator Mundo Muzique with “Phenix” Estrada.
Unknown - Cuts From The Vaults Volume 1
Cuts From The Vaults Volume 1
12" | 2022 | UK | Original (Cuts From The Vaults)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Double trouble from the depths with this audacious edit package taking in two ultimate, belt from the bottom of your heart classics. Reworked, reloved and revamped to provide maximum dancefloor elation. Two big, bold edit beasts to help you break on through to the other side.
L.S.G - Blueprint Blue Marbled Edition
Blueprint Blue Marbled Edition
12" | 1994 | EU | Reissue (Superstition)
13,99 €*
Release:1994 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Originally released in 1994. L.S.G.'s 'Blueprint EP', containing "Hearts" and "Blueprint" remains an undisputed reference for a whole musical genre. It was one of the most successful releases at the time and indeed a blueprint for things to come. The man behind L.S.G. and other projects is Oliver Lieb, one of the most talented producers of electronic music. The two tracks perfectly showcase L.S.G.'s eerie sound creations in a perfect production and all his science works at its finest in this EP. "Hearts" is a heart-breaking tune with a distorted line and a melancholic harp evolving. "Blueprint" adds even more depth, tension and mystery before launching its amazingly gated synths and this famous little melody. It's unbelievable how perfect the sounds are, both on the musicality/harmony and mixing/mastering. Out of print on vinyl for almost 25 years here is the new official pressing - remastered by Oliver Lieb and on Colored Vinyl.
Joe Bataan - Call My Name
Joe Bataan
Call My Name
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Vampisoul)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Back in 2004, Vampisoul was extremely honoured to play a role in the return to recording of the legendary Joe Bataan, which fully materialized in the acclaimed album "Call My Name", written and produced by Daniel Collás (The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Incarnations). Today, the song that marked the return of Joe Bataan finally makes it into a 7" single for the first time."This whole project grew out of a song called 'Cycles of You', which I had written around 2000-2001 with the guitarist and bassist of my band at the time, Easy. The chord progression and vocal melody really reminded me of Bataan, and it occurred to me that it wouldn't be impossible to get him into the studio to do a guest vocal if we ever recorded it. I had met Bataan a few years before at a small, family-reunion style show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in my neighbourhood, where he not only still sounded great, but was also gracious and easy to talk to.By the time we got around to recording with Easy, the band was about to break up but we still had the studio booked. We all agreed that we didn't want to continue as a band, but at the same time, it would be a shame to never record what we had been working on. Around this time Bataan was playing out again, so I went to the show to see him and find out if he'd be interested in doing some vocals with us. He was agreeable, so we decided to turn it into a Joe Bataan session and do 'Cycles of You'.When I got the opportunity from Vampisoul to do a full album, I was hoping Bataan and I could write some songs together, but our schedules proved tough to coordinate. I figured the best way to go about it was to do most of the work and just have him come sing on it. I thought this might be a little weird for him, since he is used to writing and producing most of his own records, but he was open to it.The rhythm section was a band called TransLove Airways that I formed in 2002. We got really tight and developed a great sound that was, to me, equal parts Heart, Shocking Blue, Brian Aug...
Lone - Natural Aerials EP Sherelle Remix
Natural Aerials EP Sherelle Remix
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Greco-Roman)
16,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Following widespread acclaim for his recent LP ‘Always Inside your Head’, on March 4th / April 8th Matt Cutler AKA Lone releases four re-works of tracks from the album, entitled ‘Natural Aerials’. On ‘Natural Aerials (Mouth of God Part Two)’, Lone utilises a similar sound palette as album track ‘Mouth Of God’, but rebuilds it into a brand new banger. Energetic, deep, trancey and driven by jungle-schooled breakbeats, with bassbin shuddering low-end, he delves deeper into the vortex. Whereas the album was made predominantly using software, Cutler has since been buying hardware – and this marks the first track made on these newly acquired synths. Based around a version from Lone’s recent sold-out live show at London’s Village Underground, on ‘Inlove2 (One Thirty Mix)’ he ups the original’s BPM count, with sights set firmly on the dancefloor. Taking cues from the ‘Ambivert Tools’ series, this is a high-grade, proggy, main room acid rush. On ‘Visited By Astronauts (sherelle Had A Groove Remix)’, the fast-rising star takes an ambient interlude from the album, and gives it what she calls “a space age, footwork jungle twist”. Her first released remix, Sherelle continues an impeccable purple patch, with a re-rub that’s both airy and light, but also heavily percussive, full of propulsive forward motion. She states, "it’s a pleasure and honour to remix for Lone, as being a long time fan, it's a beautiful thing to be able to collaborate. I really wanted my first remix to be special and also for someone who I hugely admire, so Matt asking me to be involved in this process wastruly magical!” ‘Echo Paths Ebb And Flow’ takes a downtempo album highlight, strips it back to just the synths, then unfurls them into a blissful ambient work that’s melodic, warm and fuzzy, swaddling the listener in candy floss clouds.
Charlotte De Witte - Apollo Ep Limited Edition
Charlotte De Witte
Apollo Ep Limited Edition
12" | 2022 | UK | Original (KNTXT)
25,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Preorder shipping from 24.02.2023
Belgian techno powerhouse Charlotte de Witte has unveiled brand-new EP ‘Apollo’, out 14th October on her own Kntxt label.

An uncompromising collection of club tracks, ‘Apollo’ opens with ‘Missing Channel’, a turbo-charged acid techno cut pairing pumping kick drums with squelching 303s. Next up, the title track shifts things into warehouse techno territories, juxtaposing bludgeoning kicks with haunting, ethereal vocals, while ‘Mercury’ cultivates a striking interstellar energy. Closing things out, ‘ppc’ is by far the record’s most experimental track, a shimmering, beatless creation laced with samples of space transmissions.

"The vastness and solitude of space always interested me. A compelling contrast between monumental power and the vacuum in between.” Charlotte explains. “This diversion can also be found in techno music, a pure simplicity divergent in power."

Charlotte de Witte has become known for her dark, stripped-back brand of techno, acid and anything high energy. She’s often crossing borders but maintains a deep form of respect for the underground. Highlight performances across the continents - including being the first techno (and female) DJ to headline the mainstage at Tomorrowland - Mixmag and DJ Mag covers, high-ranking positions in the charts and lists confirm her status as nouveaux techno royalty.

Heavy, breakneck club fodder, ‘Apollo EP’ is Charlotte de Witte at her bold and brilliant best.
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar DJ Kid Paul & Three'n One Remixes
Energy 52
Cafe Del Mar DJ Kid Paul & Three'n One Remixes
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Superstition)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Next year the iconic anthem Cafe Del Mar will celebrate its 30th anniversary, a landmark that will be celebrated with a series of brand new remixes alongside the finest existing remixes in specially remastered versions. Launching the series of vinyl releases in September is a remastered vinyl-only release of the original mix, as well as the best-known version of this classic track, the iconic Three ‘N One Remix.

Nearly 30 years ago, Paul M aka DJ Kid Paul recording as Energy 52 unleashed a record onto an unsuspecting public that would go on to define club culture for an entire generation of dance music enthusiasts. Named as an homage to the legendary Ibiza sunset spot, Café Del Mar broke down boundaries between the underground and the mainstream, charting in the UK singles charts on three separate occasions and named as the “best tune ever” by Mixmag at the start of the new millennium. In terms of cultural and emotional impact in dance music, it’s hard to find a record that comes close.

Café Del Mar has come to represent the most euphoric and hedonistic pleasures of dancefloors - in Ibiza and all around the world - and has been remixed by some of the biggest names in the industry. Now, 30 years after its original release, Superstition Records will be putting out a new series of releases, with brand new remixes as well as remastered versions of some of the many remixes from across the last three decades. The vinyl-only remastered version of the original and Three ‘N One mixes will launch the series, with further details about the rest of the series announced in the coming weeks.

In 2021 Paul Van Dyk’s Café Del Mar remixes launched a series of vinyl and digital re-issues on the Superstition Records imprint after an almost 20 years hiatus. From 1993 until 2003 Superstition Records was a groundbreaking Techno, Tech-House and Trance Label and released some of the biggest and most revered records of the early German electronic scene.
Bobby Oroza - The Otherside / Make Me Belive
Bobby Oroza
The Otherside / Make Me Belive
7" | 2022 | US | Original (Big Crwon)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
While Bobby Oroza puts the finishing touches on his next album, he treats us to this killer two-sider to end out 2021 and hold us over until the new record is finished. Bobby's debut album "This Love" made big waves around the world and amassed him a cult following from the US to Japan and everywhere in between. He found big love in the sweet soul scene early, but has since made fans in a myriad of circles and subcultures globally. It has by now become clear that his music is not just one thing, analog soul textured for sure, but also with an array of influences that span far beyond the soul ballad world. It is that inability to really nail down his sound that has become the biggest charm, an esoteric and profound passion permeate the lyrics and vibe of everything about Mr. Oroza. This new 7" shows off two sides of Bobby's song writing, an upbeat number on the "plug" side and a heavy duty ballad on the flip. The A side "The Otherside" is an optimistic tune that Bobby humbly shares his story about the troubles we can create for ourselves and the possibility of having a change of mind that frees us from them. The track is equally encouraging with its sunny energy that carries an important message from Bobby to anyone who is struggling and can't see a way out. The B side "Make Me Believe" is another instant classic for the slowie enthusiasts. A moody, soul bearing, cry for help that comes off with a sweet- ness. The vulnerability makes it romantic while the heavy backing track brings it that unique energy that classic B sides have where they are heart- breaking and gorgeous at the same time.
Peggy Gou - Once
Peggy Gou
12" | 2018 | UK | Original (Ninja Tune)
15,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
It's Gou's second Ninja Tune release, following 2016's Seek For Maktoop, which landed on their club-focused Technicolour sublabel. The Berlin-based artist also sings on the new EP, which includes three tracks that each cater to a specific context—open air, warm-up and "proper party," she says.

"I tried to draw on all my influences of the last few years," she explains, "from electro, African music, early '90s house music and also techno, especially Maurice Fulton and DMX Krew." She closed out her RA podcast this week with the EP cut "It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)."
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Aphex Twin
Come To Daddy
12" | 1997 | UK | Reissue (Warp)
20,99 €*
Release:1997 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Classic Aphex Twin 12" with four nice mixes!
Big L Vs Booty Haul - Most Valuable Pirate
Big L Vs Booty Haul
Most Valuable Pirate
7" | 2023 | UK | (Alloy Cuts)
12,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK –
Genre:Hip Hop
Booty Haul has been honing his Hip Hop craft since the late 1980’s, perfecting the 12bit “Boom Bap” sound over decades and amassing all the tools of the trade in that time. More known for his house and techno (under different names), Booty Haul digs deep into his floppy disks to pull out some of his choice cuts for Alloy Cuts.
AC 001 sees Mr Haul refreshing the iconic “MVP” acapella from Big L, one of the most auspicious storytellers in hip hop history. The outcome is a more funked up, party focused slap of hip hop goodness
V.A. - Loma Northern Soul - Classics & Revelations 1964-1968
Loma Northern Soul - Classics & Revelations 1964-1968
Box Set | 2023 | UK | Original (Kent Soul)
59,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
To celebrate Kent’s 40th birthday (admittedly a month late, due to pressing times), we are releasing our first ever box set of singles. This is due to getting access to the Loma vaults and finding some previously unheard soul gems to augment the best of the soul dance tracks from the esteemed imprint.

• Starting with THE discovery of the soulful ‘20s we present LA soul group the Marvellos, whose ‘It’s Your Love That I Need’ – written by the great Willie Hutch – is a Motownesque dancer whose arrangements and melodies are so stunning we also issued the backing track as its instrumental B-side.

The Invincibles were another fabulous Los Angeles outfit whose four Loma releases were ballads but two great dance tracks, the sublime ‘Heartstrings’ and the manic ‘Got A Thing Goin’’ showed they could really turn it up when needed.

Ben Aiken’s ‘Satisfied’ is a stone classic Northern Soul dancer - finding the more subtle ‘If You Should See Her’ and ‘That’s All You Gotta Do’ in the vaults makes the Philly singer the best represented artist of the set.

New York-based Carl Hall is another singer with a released classic - ‘Mean It Baby’ and a great unissued tape vault find – ‘Like I Told You’. The pair sit well together on their new 45 pressing.

The Enchanters cut several tracks after they left Garnett Mimms; ‘Just A Little Longer’ is a great Drifters-sounding number which we’ve coupled with the beautiful ‘I’ll Find A Way’ by Bobby Reed.

‘See The Silver Moon’ by west coast girl group the Apollas would have wowed them at Wigan. The poptastic number has the perfect stomping dance beat, beloved of the Casino’s patrons. Alas it was not heard until 2012 when researcher and co-compiler Alec Palao unearthed the master tape. We paired it with Larry Laster’s terrific ‘Go For Yourself’ which shares the backing track of fellow Northern monsters ‘Lighten Up Baby’ and ‘Somebody Somewhere (Needs You)’, more than holding its own.
Faze O - Riding (Blackcash & Theo Edits)
Jean Kefta & Max Houmou - Humus Per Tutti Volume 2
Jean Kefta & Max Houmou
Humus Per Tutti Volume 2
12" | 2023 | EU | Original (Humus Per Tutti)
10,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Once again the Humus Per Tutti team is bringing some heat on the dancefloors, pleasing all moods and tempos for your disco pleasure.
- Sometimes a minimal sound create a maximal effect. This turkish breakbeat is the perfect dj tool too to bring some trancey kraut vibe on the dance floor. One for the b-boys !
- You said cosmic ? Hell yeah ! This relentless mid tempo disco groover can remind Baldelli and his clique with this fat kick, the spacey synth and the far away voice.
- Hi-NRJ disco ? K-2000 cover ? Probably none of this but who cares ? One sure thing, this uptempo edit will stuck in your head for a long time. Pure peak time material !
- Arabic disco meets french boogie. This is the typical 7 inches you can find in french flea markets : super groovy tunes with stupid lyrics that needs a good old edit to highlight the best parts of a 3 minutes song.
Deepchord - Functional Designs
Functional Designs
2x12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Soma Quality)
25,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Soma proudly presents Functional Designs, the latest collection of nocturnal environments from Deepchord, marking his first full length album release on Soma in 5 years. The enigmatic Detroit based producer once again transports us into his sonic realm via night-walks through numerous cities before being transmuted into aural excellence through field recordings, holographic synth tones, cosmic sounds and the hiss of electric wires. All swimming around in filtered 4/4 beats and subterranean basslines. The album is a perfect example of electroacoustic techno transmitted from undisclosed locations, the amalgamation of swirling tapestries of sound, deeper than night and lifeforms moving around underneath the grid.

The album glistens into existence with the beatless Amber breathing life into the project before the eventide of Darkness Falls offers a beautifully subtle and contemplative atmosphere. The guiding light of Transit Systems continues to offer up melancholy with echoing percussion and drifting soundscapes. The highly processed acoustics of Strangers brings a sense of intrigue to the album's journey as Modell works in the most percussive track so far. Panacast is exotic dub techno at it's finest, with warping and perfectly crafted synth work building gently over the top of sub heavy beats, glued perfectly together by the hiss of the collected found-sounds. In a slight rise in tempo, Cloudsat, makes a journey skyward, collecting mood and feelings from high altitude with its emotive synth work. The reverberating halls of Pressure again work as a testament to Modell's sonic crafting - honing in on specific artefacts from his field recordings, imbuing them with deeper purpose. The perfectly titled Ebb and Flow drifts effortlessly on a tide of evolving, blissful sound waves crashing to shore as each one overlaps the other. Beginning the descent into the final part of the album, you begin your ride across a cosmic plain, lit by the glistening and ethereal Sun. The meditative Memories opens a conduit to other realms as the album closes out with the elysian melodies of Drassanes.

Deepchord once again proves he is a producer like no other. A true sonic sculptor who uses his real world experience to create vast, unparalleled soundscapes that captivate and enthral the listener.
Fatboy Slim - Praise You / Right Here Right Now Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day / You Can Do It (Feat Mack 10 & Ms Toi)
Ice Cube
It Was A Good Day / You Can Do It (Feat Mack 10 & Ms Toi)
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Throwdown)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Double A side of iconic Ice Cube anthems that top and tailed the nineties… hip hop sampling at its best! Limited to 300 copies – first come, first served.
Crystal / J.E.K.Y.S - Funky Biguine / Looking For You
Crystal / J.E.K.Y.S
Funky Biguine / Looking For You
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Favorite)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Favorite Recordings proudly present its new series of 7" reissues with the following concept: each side dedicated to one Funky French track coming with its original artwork. You just have to flip it! On the first side, you'll get the amazing track "Funky Biguine" by West Indies band Crystal. Originally compiled by Charles Maurice on French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 2, the original eponymous album still goes for crazy prices. And there's a reason for that: "Funky Biguine" will bring the heat on the dancefloor with its enchanting synth bassline, its West Indies influences and melodious Funk arrangement. Don't miss the synth solo in the end! On the other side, you'll find a reissue of "Looking For You" by J.E.K.Y.S from the island of Réunion. The song has just started and you're already overwhelmed by the strong bassline and the sirens of this French boogie anthem - despite this one has English lyrics. Originally, you'll find it compiled by Charles Maurice on French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 3. Expect lovely harmonic progressions and perhaps a more spacey groove, as in these beautiful bridges leading to chorus where the lyrics blend perfectly with the synthesisers line and Fender Rhodes.
Amelie Lens - In My Mind EP Transparent Vinyl Edition
Amelie Lens
In My Mind EP Transparent Vinyl Edition
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Lenske)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Preorder shipping from 03.03.2023
(transparent vinyl in custom transparent sleeve) Techno trailblazer Amelie Lens presents her new EP 'In My Mind' on her own Lenske imprint, containing three explosive techno tracks.
Paragons, The - When The Lights Are Low / I Want To Go Back
Paragons, The
When The Lights Are Low / I Want To Go Back
7" | 2023 | UK | Original (Harlem Shuffle)
13,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
When THE Lights ARE LOW - This gorgeous and haunting song boasts remarkable singing and musicianship allied to the finest song-writing. A Rocksteady masterpiece that totally deserved being released as a single at last. On the flip, I Want TO GO Back: This brilliant Rocksteady track is in fact a cover of a less known but fine Beatles song “I’ll Be Back” featured on the “Beatles 65” album which was released in the U.S. only. This gem sounds 100% like a Paragons song though, with gorgeous harmonies being served on an upbeat Rocksteady rhythm, complete with thumping bass and powerful horns. Superb.

This is the first ever release on 7inch singles for these two Rocksteady beauties.
Dilated Peoples - The Platform
Floating Points - 2022
Hans Hass - Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind Marian Tone Rework
Hans Hass
Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind Marian Tone Rework
7" | 2022 | UK | Original (The Outer Edge)
12,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The Outer Edge is very proud to release another quite sensational release. Here are the official reworks of Hans Hass' proto-AOR / cloud rock hymn "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" (which translates to "What color is the wind").

The main producer for this release was Marian Tone (of Key Elements), who reworked the track almost from scratch. He re-recorded the drums, the bassline, and some chords while keeping Hass's original vocal layer. The distinctive guitar playing by co-composer Gabor Kristof sparkles throughout. The result is exactly what we had hoped and asked for: a DJ-friendly version of this überclassic track.

The idea for this rework project came to mind when label owner DJ Scientist got word from Tobias Kirmayer of Tramp Records that "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" would be officially re-released for the first time on his compilation series "Praise Poems" as well as on a single reissue. Scientist immediately asked if he could make an edit with louder drums to make the track more playable in a DJ set. However, as the masters of the Tramp reissues had already been submitted to the pressing plant, he was granted permission to re-license the track and rework it for his own label instead.

Hence, the reworks feature Scientist's "vintage drums" mix, which has the drums mixed louder, plus drums added at the quite psychedelic and experimental last third, with a few other sound adjustments made.

But it was up to Berlin-based DJ and music producer Marian Tone to put the icing on the cake and rework and enhance the song further with his own version. With fellow Key Elements bandmember Steffen Kieslich, he completely re-recorded the drums. Then it was up to Doron Segal to replay the bass and the keys. What we get is the classic sound of "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" - just updated and fresher.

For the first time ever, the track is also available as an instrumental version. Here, the great original guitar playing keeps the song going and going, and makes it perfectly clear that this tune, which originally came out on the schlager album "Reise in eine glückliche Zukunft" in 1974, is pretty damn funky!

It has been difficult to put "Welche Farbe hat der Wind" into a genre box, But it has been described as "rare groove","psychedelic schlager", and even "proto-AOR". For facility, Scientist has coined the new term "cloud rock" to describe this particular style of soft but groovy music. The name cloud rock bears a conspicuous reference to the krautrock genre as well. More tracks in a similar vein will be heard soon in a DJ mix under the same name.

Marian Tone's rework, as well as the corresponding instrumental version, will be released on a limited 7" single with a full-color picture sleeve. The digital release will feature the DJ Scientist re-mix plus an alternative version that puts more focus on the re-recorded bassline. In any case, this is an essential item for any music lover as well as the ideal contribution to your ultimate "cloud rock" DJ set!
The Headhunters / The Counts - God Make Me Funky / Motor City
Camelphat & Elderbrook - Cola
Camelphat & Elderbrook
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Defected)
14,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Undoubtedly one of the most addictive records of 2017, CamelPhat & Elderbrook's 'Cola' has been a defining musical moment of the year. Growing exponentially since its release, the track has captivated tastemakers, DJs and clubbers alike, topping charts and blowing up worldwide to become a true modern anthem. Leading on from the success of the original and some heavyweight remixes, three of which hit the Beatport top ten – for the first time on vinyl, comes a remix package set to continue 'Cola's' dance floor domination.

Rising superstar Franky Rizardo's suitably heavyweight remix comes correct with a club-friendly update that elevates the unmissable vocal hook and bottoms out the breakdown. Dario D'Attis' vinyl exclusive mix continues the club feel with rolling grooves, teasing breakdowns and shuffling hi-hats in a remix which packs a punch, guaranteed to get people moving from the get-go. Mousse T. flips the track completely, bringing those Glitterbox vibes to Defected, taking 'Cola' to the next level and going straight to Traxsource #1 in the process.
Coco And Ben - Good Feeling
Coco And Ben
Good Feeling
12" | 1979 | UK | Reissue (Athens Of The North)
15,99 €*
Release:1979 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Time for some rare late 70s soul royalty out of Memphis, Tennessee, a top rung rarity on the collector scene, Coco & Ben - Good Feelin'. Ben Robinson was recently tracked down by friends of the label Daniel Mathis and Robert Garcia, lucky for the world he was still sitting on the tapes for this slightly longer take (as well as some unreleased tracks) allowing us to cut this disco floater as a nice loud 12" for the first time, now sounding better than it ever has, don't sleep on the flip either. Utterly essential record.
Opolopo - X Machine
X Machine
12" | 2022 | UK | Original
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Preorder shipping from 17.02.2023
Right on, right on! The Godfather of Soul gets a fresh feeling of funk courtesy of the main man Opolopo with these two exquisite edits. On one side the extended, on the flip the instrumental, Opolopo’s ready to get up and do his thang, giving a modern twist to this funked up dancefloor bomb.
Anti-Flag - Victory Or Death (We Gave 'Em Hell) Feat. Campino Of Die Toten Hosen Transparent Red Vinyl Edition
Shin-Ski - Redropped 4 Green Vinyl Edition
Redropped 4 Green Vinyl Edition
7" | 2022 | EU | Original (Redropped)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Two superb jazzy remixes of classic Hip Hop tunes by Japanese producer Shin-Ski. One-time pressing and strictly limited edition on recycled black and green wax. Don't sleep, they'll fly quick.
Joyhauser - Crawler
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Terminal M)
11,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Welcome back to the mighty Belgian duo with their first proper EP in 2022.
Objekt - Objekt #5
Objekt #5
12" | 2022 | UK | Original (Objekt)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Objekt #5 is the latest instalment in Objekt's eponymous whitelabel series and his first release since his 2018 album Cocoon Crush. Tackling "the slow banger" with a signature flair, he delivers two of his most raucous club tracks to date.
Cho & Random Impetus - Brother Sister / Candlelight Hugo Lx / DJ Spinna Remix
Cho & Random Impetus
Brother Sister / Candlelight Hugo Lx / DJ Spinna Remix
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (Menace)
21,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Straight out of New York, the debut 7 inch by Cho and Random Impetus was presented by Menace label and first released in the USA in July 2019. Featuring the two singles "Brother Sister" and "Candlelight", the EP is a powerful call to humanity. Previously released on vinyl, this project was directed by Japanese artist Cho and features local musicians. It was recorded in analog, giving the track a very old school vibe by utilizing jazz, funk, soul and disco melodies to create a rich 1970s-esque sound. "Brother Sister", is a feel-good modern disco that could easily pass as something from the heyday of the genre, and "Candlelight," another sure-shot tune is a funk groover with its jazzy horn harmonies and strong male vocals. Many DJs featured the 7 inch record during their sets shortly after its release, including Floating Points, DJ Muro, Richie Medina and many more... becoming a club anthem in New York City. The record also caught the attention of Paris-based French DJ Hugo LX, who is very close to the Menace collective and also a genuine funk and disco enthusiast. Offering a remix album for Cho and Random Impetus' 7-inch record seemed evident for him. He invited DJ Spinna, the renowned hip-hop and house producer from Brooklyn, as well as his long-time friend and collaborator, to join him on the project. This remixed record actually enters a cycle in Hugo LX's work, as he collaborates with Japanese artists on a yearly-basis, among others Satoshi Tomiie, Toshio Matsuura, Kuniyuki or Takecha. The Paris-NYC-Tokyo triangle is also key in his work: his music drew many influences from these cities. Hugo LX remixed the track "Brother Sister" in a style matching the soul, funk, and disco vibes of his DJ sets, with a more contemporary approach. As for DJ Spinna, he delivered a progressive version of the track "Candlelight": more electronic-sounding, it feels softly psychedelic
Wendell Harrison - Rocket Love / No Turnin' Back
Wendell Harrison
Rocket Love / No Turnin' Back
7" | 2023 | UK | Original (Athens Of The North)
11,99 €*
Release:2023 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
A rather obscure and fantastical 45 byAmerican jazz clarinetistand tenor saxophonistWendell Harrison. A moody dusty fingers style downtempo cover of Stevie Wonder's sleeper Rocket Love from the LP 'Hotter Than July'. This one seems to have passed by many collectors, including myself, I was only turned onto it recently despite loving Wendell's catalog. credits releases January 27, 2023
East Coast Love Affair - Get Down Feat. Quiet Storm / Can You Deal
Jacques Renault - That's What You Are / Lovetime Guarantee 2023 Repress
Jacques Renault
That's What You Are / Lovetime Guarantee 2023 Repress
7" | 2022 | EU | Reissue (Bump 'N Grind)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Bump 'n Grind Wax strikes again in 2022! A close friend of the Bump 'n Grind camp, Jacques Renault brings disco flare and funky house to two infectious edits on this limited release 7". One to make the vinyl diggers salivate.

The Let's Play House records boss shows off his affection for the baby-powered dancefloor on the A-side, "That's What You Are". A progressive tune that eventually leaves the listener swinging from a disco ball suspended from lush clouds overhead. Playful cymbals and guitar stabs decorate the sing-a-long hook, reminding us: we are all diamond-drenched dancing fiends.

Jacque's B-side edit of "My Love is Guaranteed" is a funky chokehold of a groove. A driving bassline of love leaves no doubt. A song filled with golden horns and a glimmering sample becomes the perfect selection for a DJ playing at a massive festival... or a wedding. Versatility!
Mister Mushi - Greatest Edits
Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk Record Store Day 2022 Edition
Whole Darn Family
Seven Minutes Of Funk Record Store Day 2022 Edition
12" | 1976 | US | Reissue (Amherst)
12,14 €* 26,99 € -55%
Release:1976 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Record Store Day 2022 Drop 1 Release. Late arrival.

The Whole Darn Family emerged from Richmond, Virginia in the late 70’s and were managed, produced and promoted by August (Mr.Wiggles) Moon who ran an independent label called Soul International Records from a storefront in Richmond’s Southside District. “Seven Minutes of Funk” has become a cult favorite as it’s been sampled by Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Foxy Brown, Method Man, Biggie Smalls and countless other hip-hop artists. The LP is a gem to find for any top D.J., and a hunted collector’s item.
Twit One - Prelude To A Desaster
Twit One
Prelude To A Desaster
10" | 2022 | EU | Original (Melting Pot Music)
16,14 €* 16,99 € -5%
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
This new 10’’ contains 10 songs and has no features. “Prelude To A Disaster” will be available on 4th March at selected record stores worldwide. A digital release follows later. The album cover has been art-directed by Twit himself. Photos were taken by Robert Winter in Köln-Nippes with lettering by Chicken. K-Def has mastered the songs in New Jersey. We have pressed 1.000 copies.

PS: For the die-hard Twit One fans: this text includes one false fact. If you spot it you are in.
Boogie Man, The - Jika Jika
Boogie Man, The
Jika Jika
7" | 1984 | EU | Reissue (Vive La Musique)
12,34 €* 12,99 € -5%
Release:1984 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves
Holy Grail South African jazz funk cover of Grandmaster Flash ‘The Message’. Vive La Musique is proud to bring you an official reissue featuring South African artist - the late great Sipho Gumede - in his ‘Boogie Man’ guise and prolific producer Greg Cutler. Originally released in 1984, ‘Jika Jika’ is an audaciously sassy version of Grandmaster Flash's 'The Message'. A Linn drum machine and Jupiter 4 synth recreate the feel of the hip hop masterpiece, whilst Sipho’s infectious bassline and a soulful female chorus, bring a whole new dimension of South African groove to the cut. A mysterious rap vocal makes this arguably South Africa’s first ever hip-hop record. The flip sees a jazzy synth taking the lead over a gritty version of the instrumental for an even sleazier experience. Recorded at the famous mobile Battery Studios in Botswana, an essential space for black South African musicians during apartheid, the original vinyl release was limited to a few hundred promotional copies and is impossible to find. The release has been carefully remastered for this official reissue, which comes in a beautiful colour sleeve, based on the original artwork. "The remasters sound Brilliant!I am loving it all over again nearly 40 years later! Will be great to see this debut on 7"' . Greg Cutler (Original producer)
Knxwledge - So Nice Featuring Nxworries Picture Disc Edition
So Nice Featuring Nxworries Picture Disc Edition
10" | 2021 | US | Original (Stones Throw)
19,59 €* 27,99 € -30%
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Knxwledge feat. NxWorries - "Itkanbe[sonice]" b/w "Stillsonice" - 10" picture disc. "Stillsonice" is a new remix of the NxWorries track from Knx's album 1988. The record is packaged in a clear bag with a printed card. (Size: 10 in x 7 in. The record grooves are the side of a 7-inch record.)

Illustration by Rhymezlikedimez, design by Jeff Jank.
DJ T-Kut - Skratch Practice Orange Vinyl Edition
DJ T-Kut
Skratch Practice Orange Vinyl Edition
7" | 2019 | EU | Reissue (Play With)
6,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Hip Hop
The master in scratch Dj T-Kut together Dj Yamal and Cut Sound Brothers have cooked this new battle vinyl ready to be to squeezed to the maximum, “Scratch Practice”. Composed by 6 instrumental tracks and 8 tracks tools, each track is inspired in the classic tracks of the turntable worldwide that converts this record an indispensable piece for the fanatics. The cover is an art of the well-known graffiti artist Mast. Masterized in 126 Productions House. All tracks signed by Dj T-kut. This 2019 comes with a new limited version presented in orange colour to enjoy in both ways of this wonderful LP.
LTJ Edits - Mr. Man EP
LTJ Edits
Mr. Man EP
12" | 2023 | EU | Original (Samosa)
16,99 €*
Release:2023 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Samosa Records heads into the autumn with a crackling and enchanting EP from one of the masters of funky grooves and dusky beats, LTJ Edits.

Opening the EP on the A-side, we have the perfectly pitched ‘Somebody’. Tight bassline merges with church-like organ chords, a sharp guitar riff and a soulful vocal that you feel in deep your bones. Meticulously constructed, this track will resonate with anyone familiar with LTJ Edits’ work (and newcomers alike).

A2 brings us the title track, Mr Man. This masterpiece has everything you want from a slow, thumping groove. At 98bpm, it’s a trademark LTJ Edits smackdown, but oh boy - it has so much more in the trunk. Mesmeric, hypnotic - the familiar smooth mid-range tenor vocal gives you goosebumps on your goosebumps. An instant classic.

The B side kicks things off with mid-tempo stomper ‘Give All’. Make no mistake, this is LTJ Edits in the kitchen cooking soul food with a hint of blues and lashings of rare groove. A rolling, powerhouse of a track that also delivers a message to the masses, you’ll have this one thumping out of your speakers for a long, long time. Everybody needs it. Got to have it.

Finishing off this outstanding release is the cherry on top of the funky cake - simply entitled ‘James’. As soon as the guitar riff and bass starts, you get the meaning behind the title. This is all about the raspy, unmistakeable vocal, chanking guitar and funkadelic, bluesy bassline. A rhythmical, funk infused JB bath bomb from start to finish. After your first listen, you’ll want to go straight back on this ride.

The Mr Man EP is a serious chunk of vinyl and LTJ Edits has found a perfect home at Samosa Records. You have this in your record box and you’re ready for anything.
Camilo Azuquita & Panama Brass - Borombon | Con La Mano En La Biblia
Camilo Azuquita & Panama Brass
Borombon | Con La Mano En La Biblia
7" | 2022 | UK | Original (Matasuna)
11,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
"Matasuna Records" musical journey takes the listener this time to "Panama" - a country in Central America, which offers a rich and breath-taking variety of musical treasures. In a first reissue, two songs from the legendary "Loyola Records" label were selected, both released in 1969: one by "Camilo Azuquita" and one by the group "Panama Brass". Two super-rare tunes that fetch crazy prices, if you're lucky enough to find a copy at all. Available for the first time as an official remastered reissue on 7inch vinyl - the song by Panama Brass even makes its 7inch premiere. Don't sleep on it!
The A-side features the killer boogaloo tune "Borombon" by "Camilo Azuquita". Its take of the song composed by "Javier Vasquez" is undoubtedly the best version of this song. The striking piano, driving bass and rich horns are fueled by percussive accompaniment and especially by Azuquita's powerful voice. A terrific song that has also recently gained new notoriety in movies and series - such as "Better Call Saul".
The B-side features the instrumental Latin Jazz/Guaracha tune "Con La Mano En La Biblia" by "Panama Brass" - an orchestra led by the excellent organist "Cristobal Munoz Jr." and consisting of Panama's best musicians. A no less energetic and furious song composed by "G. Garcias". The musicians of the orchestra combine a great musicality and diversity in the song, delivering a special delicacy.

"Camilo Luis Argumédez" is a singer and composer born in "Colon (Panama)" on February 18th 1945. He became world famous under his stage name Camilo Azuquita. He began his career at a young age, when he participated in various competitions organized by local radio stations. He left Panama for the first time for an engagement in "Lima (Peru)" - the prelude tocountlesstrips.
After returning to Panama, another engagement in 1966 took him to "Puerto Rico", where he also recorded music. Due to a tour he was involved in, he ended up in "New York City" where he made new & fruitful acquaintances with other artists that resulted in some more recordings.
In 1968 he returned again to Puerto Rico, where he joined a band to record an album. In the following years, tours and concerts followed, as well as an engagement in a club where he musically accompanied many stars of Latin American music.
Between 1972 and 1976 he spent four years in "Los Angeles", where he performed in night clubs, recorded two albums and toured California with his own band "Melao". In LA, through a brother of the "Fania" boss, he got a contract with "Vaya Records", a subsidiary of the Fania label, which brought him back to New York City in 1976. There he joined the band "Tipica'73" and their two following albums brought him much success.
A tour led him to "Paris", where he met the journalist "Pierre Goldman". A proposed project became reality two years later: Azuquita opened the first Parisian Salsa Club. As this became a complete success and the audience filled the club on each of the evenings, a first engagement of one month was extended to several years. In France, he performed at the world-famous "Olympia Theater "or played at the "Old Bourget airport", opening for a live concert by reggae legend "Bob Marley" in front of 75,000 people. From France, he traveled throughout Europe, where the performances in front of European audiences brought him enormous prestige.
From 1985 to 1987, "Azuquita y su Melao" toured extensively in "California", where he signed a 1-year contract at "Club Candilejas" in "Hollywood" in 1988. In the following decades, he recorded many more albums - in NYC, Cali (Colombia), France or Havana (Cuba), among others. In addition, he was still very active on tours, festivals and concerts around the globe. An extremely remarkable artist, whose activity has brought him to the top.
"Panama Brass" was an orchestra directed and orchestrated by the excellent organist "Cristobal Munoz Jr." The orchestra consisted of one of the best musicians of Panama at that time. Munoz was an exclusive artist of "Loyola Records" at the time and was considered a promising or up-and-coming conductor. That this album could be realized at all had only been possible thanks to Hubert J. Pretto. Pretto, then Assistant Vice President & General Manager of "Coca Cola Panama" arranged the funds necessary for the realization of this album and supported the campaign to promote music culture in Panama. This album would remain the only one released by this group.
Avnu - The Showdown / Lose My Head
The Showdown / Lose My Head
12" | 2022 | UK | Original (Avnu)
14,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Avnu follows up his ‘Tough To Love But Worth The Effort’ album for Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio imprint with this banger of a vinyl release, coupling two edits carved out by the Scottish based artist.

‘The Showdown’ is a certified ‘boss tune’, and road-tested by Avnu over the last year, bringing a super funky tune from an unlikely source back for revival, ramping up the temp and drums for a feverish edit. On the flipside ‘Lose My Head’ jacks up another create diggers gem for a storming disco house rework.

‘The Showdown’/’Lose My Head’ by Avnu is released on white label from 9th December 2022.
Alva Noto - Subterraneans Feat. Martin L. Gore & Willian Basinski
Jay-Z / Method Man - 99 Problems / Release Yo'delf The Prodigy Remixes Black Vinyl Edition
Jay-Z / Method Man
99 Problems / Release Yo'delf The Prodigy Remixes Black Vinyl Edition
7" | 2022 | UK | Original (Dope Edits)
13,99 €*
Release:2022 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
2 hip-hop bangers remixed by mighty Liam Howlett of THE Prodigy never released on 7’’ before
Omar S - Can't Explain Feat. Troialexis
Omar S
Can't Explain Feat. Troialexis
7" | 2022 | US | Original (FXHE)
12,99 €*
Release:2022 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
TroiAlexis is a young talented Detroit female song writter who was discovered by Omar S at the Conant Gardens Party Store who sung Acapella to him at a Hi Tech party and was blown away by her Soulful voice!!
Mustafa Kus & Imece - Veda EP HHV Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition
Mustafa Kus & Imece
Veda EP HHV Exclusive Red Vinyl Edition
7" | 2021 | EU | Reissue (Ironhand)
9,74 €* 12,99 € -25%
Release:2021 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl. Only available at HHV.
Ironhand Records is proud to announce the EP of Mustafa Kuş & İmece, musically at the crossroads of funk, jazz, and psychedelic, with Anatolian rhythms.
Mustafa Kuş, who went to Germany for his education and founded his band İmece in 1976, released three albums and one single until 1985.
Compiled from those, the 4 songs in this EP blend Anatolian rhythms with funk and jazz, entertaining bass lines, crazy drum attacks, saxophone, and keyboard solos.
Remastered from the original master tapes, limited to 300 copies exclusive for hhv.de on red vinyl. You will hear the idol of today’s many popular bands!
Henryk Debich - Monika / Zabawa W Ciemnosci HHV Exclusive Yellow Vinyl Edition
Henryk Debich
Monika / Zabawa W Ciemnosci HHV Exclusive Yellow Vinyl Edition
7" | 2021 | EU | Original (Astigmatic)
11,19 €* 13,99 € -20%
Release:2021 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
HHV exclusive edition on yellow vinyl, limited to 500 copies. 300 copies available at HHV and 200 copies available at Astigmatic Records.

In the seventies, the Polish Radio and Television Orchestra in Łódź, despite over twenty years of experience, was rediscovering itself and sounding more modern and interesting with each successive year. Depending on the piece, forty to seventy people were taking part in it! The orchestra efficiently moved between funk and disco genres, touching on illustrative music or jazz. Despite the huge amount of recorded songs from this period, only a handful of them was published in 1975 on the album "String Beat". Moreover, the achievements of Henryk Debich and the Polish Radio and Television Orchestra from 1978 were recently released by the GAD Records label on the album "City". The rest of the recordings are still waiting to be discovered.

That is why Astigmatic Records will present not only an LP full of groove, pulsating drums, powerful brass sections and unconventional, previously unpublished compositions but also two seven-inch vinyl. Before the LP will be released, "Closeup", a limited seven-inch disc will be available to warm up, a format that is inseparably associated with this genre. The album will include two previously unreleased songs "Monika" and "Fun in the dark", which will open an important year for Henryk Debich.

While closing the project, it turned out that 2021 will be a year of many anniversaries. On January 18, the legendary conductor, founder of the Lodz Polish Radio and Television Orchestra celebrated his 100th birthday. In July it will be the 20th anniversary since his passing. To these round anniversaries, it should also be added that Radio Łódź - which has been for almost half a century the second home to H. Debich, celebrates its 80th anniversary, while 30 years ago the Orchestra, which he led until the very end, was dissolved.
J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit The 20th Anniversary Edition
J Dilla
Welcome 2 Detroit The 20th Anniversary Edition
12x7" | 2021 | UK | Original (BBE)
28,99 €*
Release:2021 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
BBE Music announces a special 20th Anniversary edition of one of the most important records in the label’s history: J Dilla’s Welcome 2 Detroit, presented in a deluxe 7” vinyl box set boasting instrumentals, two brand new interpretations by Azymuth and Mu
SHDW & Obscure Shape - Vergessene Welt EP
SHDW & Obscure Shape
Vergessene Welt EP
12" | 2022 | EU | Original (From Another Mind)
15,99 €*
Release:2022 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Shdw & Obscure Shape return to their mothership label From Another Mind with their six-track 'Vergessene Welt' EP, signalling the first material on the imprint for 18 months.

Founded in 2015, the launch of Shdw and Obscure Shape's label From Another Mind saw the Stuttgart-based DJ/producers establish themselves via a wealth of self-released material while welcoming a long list of high-profile remixers, including Rodhad, James Ruskin and Dax J. However, the pair's evolution saw new ventures explored and attention focused wider afield with the launch of their second label Mutual Rytm in 2022. Utilising their A&R skills, the label has seen the duo curate and invite a selection of up-and-coming and established names while also delivering their first EP on the label in Summer, 'Poetic Justice'. Exploring the techno sounds of tomorrow while drawing on influences of the past, the label quickly turned heads and has become a go-to for many. Following a brief hiatus, the attention is now turned back towards From Another Mind as the pair explore their origins and the signature FAM sound once again, opening the New Year with six fresh productions across their 'Vergessene Welt' EP.

Opener 'Planet Der Sturme' is an exhilarating ride through driving basslines, menacing synth lines and hard-hitting percussion to march towards the peak hours and set the tone for what's to come. 'Der Urknall' is a trippy and murky dive through off-kilter textures and regimented percussion, while 'Das Gefallene Konigreich' ups the energy levels further with sharp metallic tones, skittering hats and subtle haunting melodies launching deep into the late night hours.

On the flip, 'Geburt Der Erde' brings a slice of paired-back, groove-led techno as a slick acid line takes control and ebbs and flows throughout the track's six-minute duration, before closing the physical record via the delicate yet compelling sonics of title cut 'Vergessene Welt' - showcasing a deep dive into far-reaching corners of the genre.
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