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George Aperghis - Piano Music
George Aperghis
Piano Music
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (God)
9,99 €* 24,99 € -60%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Classical Music
Georges Aperghis is probably still not much associated with music for solo piano. Music-theatre - of an uncommonly original kind, with extended vocal techniques much to the fore - has usually been his stamping ground. The concerns that his operas and other music-theatre compositions have embraced - often focusing around a highly individual approach to words and to all aspects of language, developed with great musical sophistication, resulting in what one might call a kind of sound poetry - are not among those immediately linked to the note-against-note preoccupations of which one tends to think where music for the piano is involved.
Nick Fradiani - Hurricane
Personable - New Lines
New Lines
LP | 2015 | US | Original (Peak Oil)
9,99 €* 19,99 € -50%
Release:2015 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Since his self-titled LP debuting on Peak Oil in 2012, M. Geddes Gengras has amassed a following for his distinctive take on synthesis, with releases on Umor Rex, Leaving and Opal Tapes. New Lines is his anticipated homecoming to Peak Oil. New Lines sees Gengras delve deeper into the copper plated, arpeggio spewing nooks and crannies of his prodigious modular synthesizers, dragging them across vast expanses of infinity oscillations via stops in Detroit techno’s neo-romantic strings (“Bushi”) and Manchester’s early 90s grime-soaked IDM clatter (“Cris Rose”). When absorbed in its entirety, New Lines is an expansive step forward for Gengras’ futurist sonic explorations. Pressed in an edition of 300 copies with lenticular covers and inserts designed by Tim Goodwillie.
Justin Pierre Courtney - In The Drink
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. - Det Stora Oväsendet Remixes
Det Stora Oväsendet Remixes
12" | 2014 | UK | Original (Clan Destine)
9,99 €* 27,99 € -64%
Release:2014 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
A hefty line-up of artists chose selected from the Det Stora Oväsendet LP to remix. Includes masterful reworkings from no less than TM404 (Andreas Tilliander, Kontra Music), Smell The Flesh (Skudge), Varg & Acronym (Northern Electronics), Karlovak (Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie) and Isorinne (D.A.R.F.D.H.S.).
DIM - Stereo 45
Wake The Dead - Under The Mask
Same Waves - Algorithm Of Desire
Same Waves
Algorithm Of Desire
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Flau)
9,99 €* 23,99 € -58%
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Sames Waves is L'ALTRA's Lindsay Anderson and John Hughes. Hughes first crossed paths with Anderson in 2002 when she recorded vocals for Telefon Tel Aviv's 12" single, "Sound In A Dark Room" which would appear on his Hefty Records imprint. Hefty went on to release work from her group L'Altra as well as additional collaborative vocal work with Telefon Tel Aviv and Hughes' own projects under his name and aliases such as Slicker. Same Waves represents their first collaboration from the ground up. Anderson, a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist and Hughes, a producer and electronic musician, create a beautiful and strange hybrid of synthesized and organic elements on Algorithm of Desire. The album, equal parts pristine and weathered, lyrically and sonically explores themes of human connection, algorithmic technology, desire and artistic creation, all within the confines of a surrealist landscape. The album was recorded outside of Chicago at HFT Studio and includes several players from the Chicago jazz and improvisational scene, like Charles Rumback aka Colorlist, Macie Stewart (Ohmme), Bill MacKay, Nick Macri (Euphone), and Matt Ulery.
Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes- - 1998 Paris Recording
Adzalaan - Into Vermillion Mirrors
Into Vermillion Mirrors
LP | 2018 | US | Original (Vrasubatlat)
9,99 €* 19,99 € -50%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Adzalaan's debut LP Into Vermilion Mirrors thrusts the project beyond a standalone solo working of R, but refocuses Vrasubatlat as a whole to accept the entity as one of the cabal's core focuses. Into Vermilion Mirrors manages to meander across many different forms of black/death metal while maintaining a progressive edge and allowing one to delve deeper into the darkness of the sonic offering. As the twentieth release of Vrasubatlat, the album shows that the force of the group is shifting and growing stronger. Succumb to the reflection, and engage the depths.
V.A. - Lab.Our Intensive: Toronto Works
Lab.Our Intensive: Toronto Works
2x12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Lab.our Music)
9,99 €* 19,99 € -50%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Basic Soul Unit, J-UL, Walter, Aberdeen, Maxwell Church, R, Smoked, Pursuit Grooves, Adam Marshall. For our 10th release, we have compiled a double-vinyl package featuring various artists who hail from our hometown of toronto. With music from veteran and new names in equal measure, the collection is as diverse as the city’s influences. The common thread throughout — and the ethos of our label — is dance music with a future-facing bent.
Floyd Domino - The White Album
Jo Passed - Their Prime
Florentino - Contrabando EP
Contrabando EP
12" | 2018 | US | Original (Mixpak)
9,99 €* 19,99 € -50%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Heard in his DJ sets, his NTS radio show, and in the hands of tastemaker DJs from Bogota to Birmingham, now four of Florentino’s most sought after club bootlegs are being released to the world.

Contrabando takes a series of modern dancefloor classics and blends them with Florentino’s signature mutant reggaeton. Iconic samples collide with double-time dembows, twisted vocal samples, fluttering synths, and heavyweight sub bass.

A treatise on the recent history of global pop music that sounds best played loud in a dark club, Contrabando is true soundsystem music for the 23rd century.
Fendika - Birabiro
Max Herre - MTV Unplugged: Kahedi Radio Show
Bernays Propaganda - Happiness Machines
Bernays Propaganda
Happiness Machines
LP | 2018 | EU (Moonlee)
9,99 €* 19,99 € -50%
Release:2018 / EU
Genre:Rock / Indie
Macedonian band Bernays Propaganda could be shortly described as a danceable newwave/post-punk band with charming female vocal. But don't be misleaded, we are talking here about extremely political band influenced by a variety of bands, from Submission Hold over Fugazi all the way to the Gossip and Gang Of Four. Firm drum beats accompanied with thick and groovy bass lines are the base upon which layers of funky and broken guitar chords are placed, and above all comes unique, strong and remarkable female voice as a cherry on the top.
We Are Scientists - Megaplex
Quavo - Quavo Huncho
Fun Fare - Triffles 6 Events Are Your Concern
Fun Fare
Triffles 6 Events Are Your Concern
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Späti Palace)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Fun Fare is the experimental pop laboratory of Friedrich Günther, Julia Boehme, Joseph Heinze and Jakob Zander, which hails from Leipzig. In combining and distilling their respective influences they are constantly withdrawing from all possible expectations and presumptions. Krautrock meditations are interrupted by synth-pop intermezzi and bathed in waves of post-punk without laying false or random trails. It’s more like an experiment under controlled conditions or an elaborate construction that is spontaneous and playful.
Guilt - Guilt
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Medical)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Medical Records presents the eleventh release in our Transfusions 12" singles series. Guilt, the collaborative project of New York City based artists, Oliver Chapoy and Nathaniel Young, is the result of 2 recording sessions during the spring of 2017. Their self-titled debut perfectly illustrates their shared taste for cold and dissonant synth programing across 3 driving dance-floor ready cuts all rounded off by an unhinged remix from The Bunker New York's L?t.te. The material focuses on blurring the lines between texture and melody and exploring the tonal qualities that result. For fans of labels such as Perc Trax, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Rodz-Konez, and Sonic Groove.
L.A. Law - Law And Order
L.A. Law
Law And Order
LP | 2018 | US | Original (Burger)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
L.A. Law's future-hit debut album "Law & Order" on Burger Records.
Amar - Erst Straße Dann Rap
V.A. - Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket
2x10" | 2012 | US | Original (Underground Quality)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2012 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Double pack featuring Samuel Andre Madison, 2400 Operator and label boss DJ Jus-Ed.
White Denim - Performance
Hyenaz - Critical Magic Remixed
Trap & Zoid - Synthi Lag
Trap & Zoid
Synthi Lag
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Au Bois Dormant)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
2 EMS Synthesizers in evolutive ambient drones, one take stereo, live recorded no post-production.
Mahlstrom - Maeander
G-Clef Da Mad Komposa - Drama Breaks Volume 2
G-Clef Da Mad Komposa
Drama Breaks Volume 2
CD | 2018 | US | Original (Chamber Musik)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
The mysterious lost G-Clef Breaks produced and komposed by GClef
between 1998-2010, G-Clef’s Drama Breaks Volume 2 is the
long-awaited follow-up to the popular G-Clef’s Drama Breaks
Volume 1, which was originally released in 2004. Here is, for the
first time, are a further collection of slightly more recent beats and
grooves by the master of the “live loop”, G-Clef himself, of Soul
Kid Klik and Ghetto Philharmonic fame. This is a collection of
never before released instrumentals, that have never been used by
any artists. These beats utilize a combination of rare samples and
live instrumentation by the hand of G-Clef himself. So, here, after
a thirteen year wait, comes more Drama Breaks.
Kero One - Early Believers
Kero One
Early Believers
CD | 2009 | US | Original (Plug Label)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2009 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
12 tracks feat. Ben Westbeech, Ohmega Watts of Lightheaded, Tuomo and others!
Hypho - Gong Tau EP
Hipshakes, The - Maximum Growth And Vigour
Hipshakes, The
Maximum Growth And Vigour
LP | 2015 | UK | Original (SMF / Art For The Blind)
9,99 €* 18,99 € -47%
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Here’s the Hipshakes third long player, and second in mediumfidelity: Maximum Growth and Vigour. Always masters of intros and most other bits of song, this time they’ve paid particular attention to outros: notable recent inspiration can be found on Thomas Function’s Peanut Butter and Paranoia Jam and Tommy by Sex Hands. Andrew Hipshake lost his bass-fingers so has shifted to guitar and Ben Hipshake is now on the fourstringer, which means extra noise and more power-pop semi-competence than ever achieved before. Banger after banger on this record deal with the issues of the day: having no money, no emotional intelligence and no recognisable talent.
Mirah - Sundial
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (K Records)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Sundial began as a special project Mirah was asked to do for the BRIC Arts/Media
House in Brooklyn in 2016. She immediately contacted longtime friend and collaborator
Jherek Bishoff to work on creating string arrangements for some of her songs for this
special performance. Following the project the two decided to tour the songs with a
string quartet. Never one to do things in the normal order, it was only after the shows
were over that it dawned on Mirah to make a record of all this beautiful stuff. With the
exception of "Sundial" each of these songs has appeared on a previous recordings, now
with new breath breathed into them by the unique and varied arrangements. The 7
song e.p. is being released as a limited edition 12" clear vinyl record.
Hovvdy - Cranberry
Digital Dance - Digital Dance 002
Digital Dance
Digital Dance 002
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Sub Rosa)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
After the album Total Erasement that includes the more 'professional' studio recordings of the band, this new record is the re-release of their last cassette tape, reflecting another side of their work and the beginnings of what was to come.
Suso Saiz - Rainworks
Suso Saiz
CD | 2017 | EU | Original (Music From Memory)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Following last year's compilation of archival recordings by Suso Saiz titled 'Odisea', Music From Memory are thrilled to mark their 20th release to date with an album of new works by the Spanish electronic music pioneer. Recorded in Madrid between January and February 2016, this is Suso Saiz's first release of new music in nearly 10 years.
This release release was originally part of a commission from a Canary Islands water company. The first ideas for the compositions developed from a documentary that Suso had seen suggesting the possibility of water molecules having their own memory. As Suso himself explains, he became fascinated with the possibility of an eternal being, changing its cyclical condition from solid to gaseous state, travelling through and between the Earth and the Sky, as a witness and keeper of the true history of Earth and Mankind.

Suso, his son Emil Saiz and pianist Raph Killhertz set out to explore this metaphysical process of cyclical movement through music in Rainworks. Developing from the original commissioned tracks into a much more elaborate project, the albums process became something of a mystical journey, drawing on aspects of minimalism and modernism. The music is also embedded in textured natural soundscapes and spoken word passages which were recorded and processed by Suso himself.

Despite having the immediacy of an improvised piece, Rainworks was in entirely composed by Suso. Whilst on one hand it appears very much as an electronic album there are in fact many acoustic elements to the recording. A resonant piano (a grand piano re-amplified using its resonant box and harp to generate effects) as well as guitars (with simple effects) are played in Susos inimitable hypnotic way, slowly drawing the listener into a transportive state or lucid dream.
TR Kirstein & Sune TB Nielsen - I Am So Happy I Could Spit / I Will Not See
TR Kirstein & Sune TB Nielsen
I Am So Happy I Could Spit / I Will Not See
LP | 2016 | DK | Original (Infinite Waves)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2016 / DK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Pop
The LP is a collaboration between the two Copenhagen based artists TR Kirstein and Sune TB Nielsen. It consists of two almost identical pieces recorded on a Spanish guitar, constantly strummed by a motor – a beuatiful synthesis of the organic and mechanical world.
Superhuman Happiness - Hands
Prinz Pi - Im Westen Nix Neues
V.A. - Raft Records Compilation
Rootwords - Warning Signs
Warning Signs
CD | 2018 | EU | Original (Kinyama Sounds)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
After The Rush, his first album released in March 2014, and numerous concerts in the four
corners of the world (Peru, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia, China, Switzerland, France, etc.),
ROOTWORDS, with pure sincerity, veered to express his sentiments of the world. His travel
experiences has permitted him to take the back seat in relation to certain re-accruing subjects in
hip-hop, keeping his ego at bay, while focusing on more real and profound reflections.
The instrumentals in Warning Signs are intricately fabricated, rich in sound, profound and
intense, in the image of what the artist himself has become. He adapts his rhymes and flows
doing justice to the unconstrained beats, composed by the Block Notes, with the occasional help
of Swiss producer Yvan Peacemaker (“A Matter of Time”, the first single revealed in December
On this project, ROOTWORDS chose to invite two artists that he had met along his musical and
cultural journey: the Chinese freestyle champion J-Fever and the avant-garde Durban South
African Robin Thirdfloor, from Umlazi – the fourth largest township in South Africa.
This new album is a concentration of energy and sincerity, a beacon to the illusions and lies
perpetrated by man, and it is on the stage that ROOTWORDS intends to proclaim his vision of the
world, by spontaneous communication that is alive and rich in vibrations. Ring the alarm!
Timeworn - Venomous High
Martin Klein - Lost Songs
Einerbande - Diary Of A Bad Man Volume 2
Havenside - Living Our Darkest Days
Lonely Band - True Lovers
Lonely Band
True Lovers
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Grande Ville)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Debut album from Parisian artist Lonely Band, a self-taught writer and composer, a dreaming dandy who deploys clear melodies and sparkling guitar riffs to elevate listeners to ferocious heights.
An album for fans of Connan Mockasin or Mac Demarco, to crooners such as Jeff Buckley or Marvin Gaye. Lonely Band has a tone that exhales over delicate guitar lines and whispers over driving rhythms, propelling the listener over a series of atmospheres that draw the thread of a movie with dizzying emotion and feelings washed out in a blur of romance.
Released by Grande Ville Records, a collective and recently formed independent label that has been defining French underground culture for years. the album's 11 songs touch on dreamwave, pop and rock, an ambitious and emotive album for a solitary musician who has never stopped learning or pushing the boundaries of his musical universe.
DIN - Saturate
Jacaranda Muse - September Sun
Jacaranda Muse
September Sun
LP | 2012 | EU | Original (Heavenly Sweetness)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Like their American Third Stream predecessors, the three musicians on stage, Donald Chifamba on cello, Vimbai Mukarati on sax and vocals and his brother Tinashe on congas and marimbas, accompanied by the experienced pianist Filbert Marova, produced a kind of music that resisted any kind of stylistic pigeon-holing. It also mixed the influences of classical music and jazz but added in pop, soul and the melodies of their Shona culture.
Far from the erudite elitism of the theorist of the Third Stream genre, Gunter Schüller, their compositions had a simplicity of melody and an earthy drive that entranced the audience and awakened my appetite for production.
Still Circles - 27 36
Still Circles
27 36
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Killtone)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Comprised of Natalie Kolowiecki and Jack Donnison, the Bradford based duo bridge the worlds of trip-hop and ambient music: splicing slo-mo beats, grainy atmospherics, haunting melodies and soft-wax drones. Their first single, 'Only Noise' is testament to this - with its manipulated vocals, heavy bass line and lurching percussion, the track's stark surrealism evokes the thrum of their northern English town.
Cora Novoa - Mental Diary Act 1
Cora Novoa
Mental Diary Act 1
Tape | 2018 | EU | Original (Seeking The Velvet)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
This is part 1 of 3. Clear Ferric cassette tape with red reels and white imprint. Offset printed artwork. Edition of 100 copies. Poster (29cm x 42cm) Special Packaging + StickerThe Galician producer and DJ, Cora Novoa, is releasing “Our Words have brought us this far. Only our actions will take us further”, the first act of her trilogy, “Mental Diary”.
Wyrd Visions - Half-Eaten Guitar
Silver Shine, The - Hold Fast
Starchild & The New Romantic - Crucial
Starchild & The New Romantic
12" | 2016 | US | Original (Ghostly International)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Songs that draw equally from electro & R&B, at the center of which is an undeniable twinge of sadness.
Lod - Folder
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Tough Love)
9,99 €* 17,99 € -44%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Neu, Women, Viet Cong, Can. LP limited to 300 only white vinyl. The four original
members of Lod formed after graduating school in Copenhagen, inspired by the
post-punk that was prominent in the fervent, close-knit music community of the city.
The first version of Lod was very much birthed in this same shadow: loud and heavy.
With time their sound began to rely less on distortion, foregoing aggression for a
greater focus on melody and rhythm. Bands like LCD Soundsystem, Suicide and
Kraftwerk provided further inspiration and it became an ambition for Lod to create
music that - while never taking the easy route - could make people dance. With
their debut EP, released via London-based label Tough Love, they have very much
achieved this. They're a dance band, in the same way one might consider NEU a
dance band. 24-minute, four song debut EP sung in Danish. You might consider it
uncompromising were the songs not so accessible.
Green Flamingos - Green Flamingos EP
Green Flamingos
Green Flamingos EP
10" | 2018 | EU | Original (Le Pop Club)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Since this first EP (released by Le Pop Club Records), this Geneva band experiments timeless psychedelic soul pop. Timeless as they can't imagine psychedelic pop being imprinted with themes from the past. Introspection, spleen, melancholy, solitude are here recounted as contemporary emotions when one lives in Geneva, a cold and cosmopolitan city, chaotic town made of parallel and contradictory worlds.
Moscow Youth Cult - Brutalist
Moscow Youth Cult
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Hello Thor / Own You)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The fifteen tracks of Brutalist showcase Moscow Youth Cult’s woozy, kaleidoscopic electronica –one minute lush, warm and shimmering; the next claustrophobic, stark and austere. Like the architectural style with which the album shares its name, Brutalist is bold, expressionist, textural and frequently monumental.

Moscow Youth Cult is Jon Dix and Dan O'Donnell-Smith, who formed the band when they collaborated on an electronic sound installation for GameCity – Europe’s biggest video games cultural festival – to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the analogue video game Elite.
Jane Weaver - The Architect EP
Jane Weaver
The Architect EP
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Fire)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
With one eye on the dancefloor and another on those sprawling existential questions’ (The Quietus),
‘The Architect’ sees Jane Weaver evolving with an aero-lite melodicism, the drum heavy vivacious pop song evokes vivid images of early Modernist art, Archigram blue-prints with a rigid back-bone of Eames worthy construction. Directly inspired by Hilma af Klint’s séances, spiritualism and the science of anthroposophy that formed the artist’s abstract paintings, Weaver finds herself in a transformative state channelling her inner spirituality, it’s place within her music and the cosmos. Shifting perspectives with her meditative vocal explorations and oneiric flow on ‘Code’. Eight-minute psych-pop opus ‘Element’ is richly melodic replete with pulsating analogue synths, unrelenting motorik rhythms and incessant beats. The perfect antidote to those longing for more music since the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Modern Kosmology’, the release features title track alongside unreleased new tracks and a special remix by Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel.
7" | 2017 | EU | Original (LL Records)
9,99 €* 16,99 € -41%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
5 guitar ensemble LIVELOVES consist from Hila(ex.BOREDOMS/HANA DENSHA/AOA), Bravo Komatsu(ex.TOKYO BRAVO/KINOCOSMO/AOA), Miya(ex.NXS/AOA), Kayan(OOIOO) and Maki(FUNNY&TUTTI).

80s Japanese Punk/New Wave manoeuvres reaching 30 Strings ensemble through Trance/Rave band during 3 decades. LTD300ed double sider extended-player.
Capital Bra - Makarov Komplex
J.D. Hangover - J.D. Hangover
Takeoff - Last Rocket
Massimo Martellotta - One Man Session Volume 3: One Man Orchestra
Massimo Martellotta
One Man Session Volume 3: One Man Orchestra
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Cinedelic)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Soundtracks
The five album solo project "One Man Sessions" by Massimo Martellotta, continues after the synthesizers of volume 1 "Sintesi" and the mellow prepared piano and drum grooves of volume 2 "Unprepared Piano”. With the third volume we change again.
One Man Sessions Volume 3 "One Man Orchestra" is indeed a full-fledged orchestral album - conceived with the film music composers of the '50s in mind, Bernard Hermann et al - in which Martellotta engages in writing for an orchestra of a retro mold, set in his world with an absolutely personal and current twist. Each instrument is played and tracked on track in real time, including the computer, this time a valid assistant in the simulation of some of the used timbres, intended as a real instrument in the middle of real ones. Sumptuous arches, crackling tympanums, sinuous woods find space to dialogue with lounge organ and percussion invented like the music paper itself, rubbed to keep time on some of the themes.
Once again the composer surprises us and displaces us, using all his resources as multi-instrumentalist and mixing languages, venturing into worlds far away from each other: with "One Man Orchestra" we are light years from the world summoned with "SINTESI" and yet we always find a distinctive and recognizable feature that makes all the volumes of the complete work coherent.

Realized, like the other volumes, in complete solitude, the album reveals a knowledge of all-round musical material and a strong taste for the melody. "Oppio" is reminiscent of the darker Morricone or Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead and is a counterpart to the opening song “Il Cappotto" - a perfect title track that quotes and closely reworks a John Williams composition - while in episodes more rhythmic, and sometimes romantic, we find the passion for the current Jon Brion and timeless melodies. An album to listen from the beginning to the end, following the emotional story told like that of a film, of which one sometimes has the impression of seeing the images, waiting to immerse themselves in the abyss evoked by the next, and fourth volume: "UNDERWATER ".
LCP / Cutkachi - Come To Me
Mrakoplas - Hlidac
Michael's Uncle - Svine!!
Futuro De Hierro - Paso En El Vacio Black Vinyl Edition
Futuro De Hierro
Paso En El Vacio Black Vinyl Edition
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Magia Roja)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Limited to 201 copies.

Viktor Lux Crux is a key figure in Barcelona’s vibrant post-industrial scene as a musician, producer and co-founder of the label Màgia Roja. He has performed more than 300 shows, almost 200 of them touring abroad in Europe and the US as Futuro de Hierro and with past bands Ordre Etern and Qa’a. Collaborator of Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Nurse With Wound, Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam (Gnod), and others. Among many other places he has performed in 4 editions of Sonar Festival, Incubate Festival, Klangbad Festival, 2 editions of Primavera Sound and Periferias Festival. As Comisarios de la Luz DJ he has performed more than 200 sessions in the last three years.

With Futuro de Hierro he mixes the legacy of Esplendor Geometrico and Throbbing Gristle with the heavyness of Swans or early Laibach and transcends the nihilism of the genere creating a cosmogony of songs where the personal, the esoteric, the present and the future intertwine. His live shows are a visceral and energetic deal, a hands-on approach to electronic music with an unseen control of rythmic feedback, dynamics and noise.
Scald Process - Holotone Limited Series 001
Scald Process
Holotone Limited Series 001
USB Stick | 2017 | EU | Original (Holotone)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
When you realize that all the Byzantine clerics in your temple have been hardwired vampires all along and now you have to find your way out of the labyrinthine monastery in the dead of night — Scald Process, Holotone Ltd. — Darkly beautiful, restless visuals and soundscapes within a massive fog of sub bass, Scald Process is a new collaboration between Stormfield and various live instrumentalists and vocalists. Heavily inspired by the likes of Scorn, Basinski, Autechre and the love for the sublime combination of beautiful strings over ultra-violent beats, Scald Process pushes the extremes of harmonic noise but with a solid soundsystem discipline, combining string abuse, improvisation and distortion with gigantic subs and abstract technoid beat structures.
Spose & Cam Groves - We Smoked It All 3: The Album
Spose & Cam Groves
We Smoked It All 3: The Album
CD | US | Original (Preposterously Dank Entertainment)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Completing a trilogy that began with 2009’s cult-classic “We Smoked It All Mixtape” – the project which spawned the GOLD-Selling, Billboard Hit “I’m Awesome (Universal-Republic) – Spose and Cam Groves are back together. The Wells, Maine emcees have returned with their third installment of their collaborative series, upping the ante to create not a mixtape but instead “We Smoked It All 3: The Album.” Featured production from Decap, God.Damn.Chan and a heavy dose of production from Cam Groves and Spose themselves, “We Smoked It All 3: The Album” sees the two rappers stepping into new territory both stylistically and musically, cutting few corners. Within the first three songs, entire orchestras, Gap Band-esque funk, and futuristic trap all find home in a world only Spose and Cam Groves could inhabit.
Ric Kaestner - Music For Massage II
Ric Kaestner
Music For Massage II
CD | 2018 | US | Original (Sifted Sand)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
5 Years after the New Age cult-classic album Music For Massage hit the shelves, it's sequel was silently released. Never intended for consumer sale, »Music For Massage II« was only known to a select few masseuses and tape collectors. The very definition of esoteric.

Musically, it’s both an homage to how far the genre had come in those 5 years and served as a predictor of what was to come. Comprising elements of Folk, Drone, Ambient, Ethereal, Minimal, Modern Classical, the recording is quintessential of all things New Age. These are sounds meant to induce healing, therapy, and relaxation.

Hand crafted by Ric Kaestner and inspired in part by an encounter with one of the fathers of modern music, John Cage, for actual massage or for casual listening, it holds its own almost four decades later.

• Extremely rare second album by New Age Pioneer Ric Kaestner.
• Housed in a gatefold jacket with liner notes including the history of the album and words from Ric taken from an interview with Diego Olivas (Fond Sound).
• First release in 35 years, Originals weren't intended for public sale.
• Limited to 300 copies on CD.
• Includes 3 songs from the prequel album in high quality. Restoration of the original cassette audio.
Heavenly Sweetness presents - We Are 10 - The Birtdhay Presents
Heavenly Sweetness presents
We Are 10 - The Birtdhay Presents
CD | 2017 | EU | Original (Heavenly Sweetness)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Organic Grooves
Limited edition digipak!

Transcendent : “Surpassing the ordinary; exceptional”
2007 - 2017 : Heavenly Sweetness is turning 10 years old!
They are celebrating with 3 birthday parties, and 2 compilations! One is a best of the label’s production, and the 2nd one is made of exclusive tracks, composed for this occasion.
The artists make the strength of a label, that’s why each Heavenly Sweetness artist has been offered a birthday present: the opportunity to collaborate with someone he appreciates, of just to record a new track.
The result is a great collection of new tracks or remixes with prestigious guests such as Ken Boothe (the golden voice of Reggae, recorded by Blundetto), the impressive encounter of Guts, Patrice, Féfé and DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson, a new intimist session with Roger Raspail, Alain Jean Marie and Vincent Ségal, remixes by Lefto and Hugo LW, new recording by Florian Pellissier Quintet and Cotonete, as well as the new artists joining the label: The Mule, and Edmony Krater. Indeed, Heavenly Sweetness is also moving forward and constructing its future!
Torimimasataka - Voquoxy
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Nuoac)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
TORIMIMASATAKA is an experimental dub/techno artist based in Osaka, Japan.

His first vinyl EP, VOQUOXY, is set for release on Osaka label "nuoac.”
Two original tracks are included for the 12 inch release with additional remixes by Metome, Koba, and Makoto Murakami.
Crewdson - Toys
Bilal - In Another Life
In Another Life
CD | 2015 | EU | Original (BBE)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Bilal is an artist who needs little introduction to fans of neo-soul, and his ever-growing following must surely be among the most loyal and supportive in the scene. To know Bilal is to love him, so ever since his new album was announced on npr.com with a taste of first single 'Satellites', expectation has been running at fever pitch.
More grounded and earthy than 2013's 'A Love Surreal' (also on BBE), ‘In Another Life’ was made in collaboration with eclectic producer and composer Adrian Younge. Although Bilal's soul and jazz chops are clearly evident here, there is also an underground indie undertone running through many of the tracks, complete with agonised vocal acrobatics worthy of Thom Yorke. In fact, if Prince & Radiohead had made an album together, well, it would probably make a lot less musical sense than this does. From opening track ‘Sirens’ the lyrical subject matter of the album provides a timely and human reflection on the confusion and paranoia of modern life, asking Marvin’s age-old question, ‘What’s Going On?’
Heavyweight guest appearances come in the form of Def Jam’s Big K.R.I.T., who provides a brilliant verse on the fun, 80’s boogie inspired ‘Pleasure Toy’. Man of the moment Kendrick Lamar spits lyrical fire on frenetic anthem ‘Money Over Love’, while the brilliant Kimbra turns up on languid, sensual soul/jazz gem ‘Holding It Back’.
Dedicated by Bilal “to the victims of injustice all over the World", ‘In Another Life’ is surely destined to become one of those rare and special records which actually make the world a better place for all those who experience it.
Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise
Brainmanagerz - Brainmanagerz
Black Dice - Big Deal
Black Dice
Big Deal
12" | 2016 | US | Original (L.I.E.S.)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Forming during 1997 in Providence, Rhode Island experimental group Black Dice have without question paved their own way through their 20 year career. Doing what you want to do when you want to do it, no questions asked with a fully informed yet blatant disregard for everything surrounding them, always with acute execution and an ever changing singular sound. No gimmicks, no nonsense, since the beginning. Somehow it would only make sense for Black Dice and L.I.E.S. to link up and after a long friendship we see it come to fruition. With this two track 12-inch Black Dice put their foot on the gas and ramp it up. You wanted to shred? Well this shreds. Is it a snapshot of the past? A possible nod of things to come? A moment frozen in time? We leave it up to you to decide.
Azzis mit Herz - Zehn X
Gold Blood - The Intruder EP
Gold Blood
The Intruder EP
12" | 2015 | EU | Original (Vivod)
9,99 €* 15,99 € -37%
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Excellent Stuff on Vivod with a remix by Neil Landstrumm!
Spookey Ruben - Alone At The Zoo
Spookey Ruben
Alone At The Zoo
CD | 2003 | US | Original (Hi-Hat Recordings)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2003 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Pop
Limited Numbered and Signed Edition.
Odd collection of almost finished works and raw demos. Tracks 1, 6 & 11 are Demos for the Animation Feature "Heidi". Tracks 2, 3, 5, & 8 were recorded in 5 days at Soma Studios in Chicago by John McEntire. All other tracks recorded at the Dome by Spookey Ruben.
XL Middleton - Things Are Happening
XL Middleton
Things Are Happening
CD | 2017 | US | Original (MoFunk)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
XL Middleton returns with his new album “Things Are Happening”.

XL Middleton is a musician from California whose format falls into the funk-laden style the region has traditionally been known for. The Pasadena-based artist/producer has been hard at work for years crafting melodic, chord-heavy tunes and which have earned him accolades on major platforms, as well as national print coverage in the Washington Post and major local print coverage in LA Weekly, where his album “Tap Water” made it to a Best of 2015 list. XL has toured internationally in Japan, Canada, and throughout Europe, catering to fans of the funked-out West Coast sound.

XL has released volumes of work, the sound of which embodies the party feel, bringing music back to where it was before it found its way into upscale clubs, while at the same time mixing it with a futuristic brand of funk inspired by legends such as George Clinton, Roger Troutman, & Cameo, not to mention hip hop funksters like Battlecat & DJ Quik.

He evolved from his beginnings as a hip hop artist to a full-fledged modern funk musician, educated by the music he once sampled in the course of creating rap beats.

In addition, he founded another imprint, MoFunk Records, with Funkmosphere resident DJ and fellow LA native Eddy Funkster. XL has also released music in conjunction with noteworthy labels such as Bastard Jazz, Omega Supreme, and Voltaire, effectively bridging the gap between fans of modern funk/80's boogie and 90's g-funk, all of which has been tremendously influential to the XL Middleton sound.
Niro - The P Connection
The P Connection
12" | 2017 | US | Original (Soul People Music)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
PADS boss & Klang Club affiliate compiles a few choice tunes that give a insight into his love of lush tones & emotive vibes after connecting with FP for a tribute to the Klang club w/Move D, Christopher Rau + collaboration project w/Easy To Remember
Funeral Nation - Funeral Nation
Night Foundation - Memory Bells
Night Foundation
Memory Bells
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Lobster Sleep Sequence)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Richard Vergez launched the Night Foundation project with little fanfare in 2016, with several tracks and a new artist page appearing inconspicuously late at night in the UK time zone. With him already being a part of the Lobster network - producing the iconic collages that burnished the stellar Raw MT 'Richard's Revenge' and Hedge Maze 'Kerb Hits' releases - it wasn't long before Lobster Theremin's Jimmy Asquith became literally the 12th play of these new tracks via the usual social media algorithmic attraction.
Croza - Lady Killer
Lady Killer
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Organic Analogue)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Organic Analogue may be best known for its deep-diving techno and house and star-gazing electro, but on this latest transmission it digs into its roots in 1980s club music by way of the supremely talented Croza. Florence-based Adrien F Costes makes his first solo outing here with tracks lifted from his treasure trove of home-made, boogie-influenced beats. The sounds may tap up a direct line to the 80s, but there's a distinctly modernist slant to the heads-down groove that Costes cooks up. Italian producer Ad Bourke also makes a rare appearance to remix "Night Heat". His version plays out like a hazy dream sequence injected with a little Italo strut, rounding this record out as a celebration of the deep-seated influences that guide Organic Analogue.
DJ Troubl - Avalanche
DJ Troubl
LP | 2011 | FR | Original (Diess)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2011 / FR – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Troubl shows his dubstep-styled production skills with his first album!
Image Man - Excited Delirium
Image Man
Excited Delirium
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Sunal / Perabob)
9,99 €* 14,99 € -33%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Primitively made sample¬ based electronic music w/ drum machine, tracked live. Music which has no right to exist ¬ sampled, then resampled. Second release and first widely distributed material by a project which fermented in the basement cave for a few years before going public. Music about loss and the developmental/gentrification hell which has blanketed once homely neighborhoods. Tricks of the eye, tricks of the mind, what was never to be again.
Björk - Vulnicura Remixes - Blake Lake Bloom Remix
Penelope Trappes - Carry Me
Hanz - Plasty I
Plasty I
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Tri Angle)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The key influences for Hanz' upcoming EPs lie outside music - "They are heavily
influenced by film. Things like pacing, tension, comic relief, and climactic moments."
"Plasty I," his long-overdue new EP, is the first of two recordings that form a kind
of mirror shot of each other - you could say one is a frontal shot, while the other
a back shot. Both EPs developed in sessions that started right before the re-issue
of "Reducer" (on Tri Angle) in 2015. "I was watching a lot of films and realized the
ones I appreciated the most were shorter in length - films like "Tetsuo, The Iron
Man". Over a year or so of working, I decided to trim compositions down and get
to the point in underneath twenty minutes per EP. I named this work "Plasty" due
to its constant structural changes, it's as if the sound is being operated on
surgically."He adds - "I like tension and action. I edit my music like a movie, placing
pieces of a song inside of other songs. Certain parts / melodies from pa rt one
reappear in part two and vice versa. That's my way of making these EPs
compliment each other by making them function like puzzles. The temporary
moments on both EPs are for you to get better acquainted with this sonic
environment. For example, the track "A Breathing House" is a short vignette on
"Plasty I" that is based on the imagery of a house with breathing windows, doors,
and floors." Cinematic influences are joined by inspirations from "the Surrealists"
and the "cut-up" technique" (of William Burroughs & Brion Gysin). "Plasty" is the
sound of an artist evolving and emerging through exploration, it's the sound of an
artist breaking free."
Equis - Sitios
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Resonans)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Dark contemporary/ambient pieces by Equis
Four Fists (P.O.S. & Astronautalis) - 6666
Factory Floor - Transform / Wonder
Factory Floor
Transform / Wonder
12" | 2018 | UK | Original (Heart Of Data)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Transform' reveals itself in a haze of accumulating ambience and scattered percussion that evolves into a heavy repetitive bass groove. The slow tempo and atmospheric wash of synths and electronics on the track 'Wonder' offer a hesitant hush contrast.
As Valet - A.k.w.a
As Valet
Tape | 2017 | EU | Original (A Night On Canopy)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
"A.k.w.a" is a consciousness trip with multi-African inspirations featuring the voices of the future tribe. My Brother gave me this heritage and now this is your turn to pass it on…
Are you ready for something different ?

-As Valet-
Mentha - Chromatic Narrations Feat. Vale & Aphty Khea
Chromatic Narrations Feat. Vale & Aphty Khea
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Mentha Music)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Apart from being known for founding the infamous vinyl imprint Subaltern Records and for his residency on SUB.FM, Gabriele Romeo aka. Mentha has made quite a name for himself with his Jazz-influenced bass music productions. This LP is a selection of tracks from his vault, showcasing his musical abilities and tasteful compositions in this self-release.
Borrowed CS - Natural Infinity EP
Borrowed CS
Natural Infinity EP
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (3BS)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Wellington based producer and DJ Cory Champion [Borrowed Cassettes] creates uncompromisingly raw house and techno music with controlled execution and a soulful tip. Syncopated rides puncture warbling rubber-filtered bass and resonant pads with brooding progressions. The resulting outsider MIDI-Jazz influenced tracks are equally suitable for home and club listening environments.
Praus - What We Tellin’ Them / Lucas Valley Dr
What We Tellin’ Them / Lucas Valley Dr
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Leng)
9,99 €* 13,99 € -28%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Josh Praus has been involved in San Francisco’s Bay Area scene for the last two decades. A prolific collector and player of records, What We Tellin’ Them marks his first public outing as a producer. As debuts go, it’s pretty darn impressive.
Praus has been working hard in the studio over the last three years, creating tracks that draw influence from a wide range of styles and artists. He cites “downtempo, disco, house, Italo and techno” as major inspirations, and listeners may hear elements from all of these disparate styles on this assured, confident EP. Some may hear echoes of the trippy, tribal-influenced house sound of Siesta and Tango Recordings in the dense, drum-heavy shuffle of “What We Tellin’ Them”, while others may find comparisons with African rhythm tracks and hypnotic, late night techno. However you frame it, “What We Tellin’ Them” is an impressively percussive, mid-tempo workout designed to tease and titillate late night dancefloors.
Flipside “Lucas Valley Dr”, featuring the dreamy, freestyle vocals of experienced San Fran singer Nina Lares, couldn’t be more different. Sparse, synthesizer-driven and undeniably intoxicating, it seemingly channels the spirit of both dubbed-out West Coast deep house, and the similarly delayladen New York proto-house of Winston Jones and Paul Simpson. Throw in clear Italo-disco and Chicken Lips influences, and you’ve got something that’s undeniably magical.
Both tracks were produced by Josh Praus at his home studio, with additional production, mixing and mastering by friend Layne Fox, best known as part of regular Leng contributors 40 Thieves.
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