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Wasted German Youth T-Shirts Merchandise 1 Items

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Wasted German Youth - Rave Tut Gut T-Shirt
Wasted German Youth
Rave Tut Gut T-Shirt
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Wasted German Youth - Rave Tut Gut T-Shirt
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Wasted German Youth T-Shirts Merchandise

Wasted German Youth pays respect to the German language and some German music, simultaneously paying tribute to hardcore punk and electronic. It embraces the beauty and the insanity of rave culture and acknowledges what berlin does best.ÚÚListen to what Paul Snowden says about WGY’s inspiration: “I was sitting some sunday morning, in the garden at Tresor, it was Love Parade, it was hot and the buzz was very good and all around, me, everyone, so super wang. I turned to my friend and said…these kids, all so fucked up. all of them, so off their fuckin faces. Just wasted German youth. It’s just…wasted german youth.”ÚÚThat was 1999. 6 years later the time was right for a logo and some stickers, the first tshirts were printed up and crazily enough history was written. So with a couple of ideas and a zero Euro marketing budget, Wasted German Youth exploded in true underground style. Today, the t-shirts are to be seen on the streets and discos and everywhere, and the internet has become a showdown Úof dodgy fakes and wasted bootlegs.

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