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Wire - Issue 470 - April 2023
Issue 470 - April 2023
9,99 €*
Maria Chávez, Mariam Rezaei & Victoria Shen Three experimental turntablists, from the UK and the US East and West coasts, come together in a new project which sets out on a European festival tour this April. By Emily Pothast.

Dorothy Moskowitz The vocalist in venerable US experimental/electronic rock band The United States Of America talks to Edwin Pouncey as she returns with new project The United States Of Alchemy.

Mihály Víg The Hungarian film composer, actor and close collaborator of film director Béla Tarr talks to Ilia Rogatchevski ahead of a major new Berlin screening and soundtrack performance of Tarr’s monumental Sátántangó.

Invisible Jukebox: Tatsuya Yoshida Japanese underground rock’s most prolific drummer takes times out from Ruins, KK Null, Korekyojinn, etc to take our mystery record test.

Wire - Pink Flag
Wire - Issue 472 - June 2023
Wire - Issue 465 - November 2022
Issue 465 - November 2022
5,84 €* 8,99 € -35%
Tyshawn Sorey
In the magazine: Tyshawn Sorey, Joyce, Horse Lords, Devin Townsend, Invisible Jukebox: Big Joanie, Andrew Poppy, Backxwash, Xhosa Cole, Camille Émaille, BLTNM, No Choice, Adrian Corker, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, OM, High Castle Teleorkestra, Dickie Landry, The Advisory Circle, Björk, John Carpenter, Eno, Charles Lloyd, Jessica Pavone, Senyawa, Can, Dead Kennedys, Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh, Main Source, Mal Waldron, Robert Fripp, Little Annie, Adam Rudolph, Alice Coltrane, Trevor Mathison, Cory Arcangel & Stine Janvin, Grimalkin festival and more.

On the CD: 16 new tracks by Lucrecia Dalt, Lady Aicha & Pisco Crane, Reiko & Tori Kudo, Balka Sound, OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE, Dave Clarkson and more.

The Brazilian musical prodigy, a favourite of Antonio Carlos Jobim, enjoyed a stellar 1970s before her career was diverted by domestic political struggles and the disco era. As her 1977 New York album Natureza finally sees the light of day, she talks to Joshua Minsoo Kim.

Horse Lords
Baltimore’s rock trio put the ‘tune’ into ‘tuning’ through their mantric rock minimalism which collides Just Intonation harmonic systems and the energy of West African guitars. By Dan Wilson

Devin Townsend
The rogue operator of avant rock has forged a unique career as both first choice collaborator for metal groups and lone psychonaut exploring the outer corners of the guitar. He talks to Joseph Stannard about his new twin release Lightwork/Nightwork.

Invisible Jukebox
Radical punx and founders of London’s Decolonize festival Big Joanie take The Wire’s mystery record test.

Global Ear
Memories of a coastal town destroyed in 2011 by the Japanese tsunami live on through field recordings and songs in the hands of one of its former residents.

One page interviews with Backxwash, Andrew Poppy, Xhosa Cole and Camille Emaille.

Unlimited Editions: Ramallah based label BLTNM.
Unofficial Channels: DJ M-TRAXXX.

Epiphanies: Raymond McDonald of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.
Wire - Not About To Die Record Store Day 2022 Vinyl Edition
Wire - Issue 456 - February 2022
Issue 456 - February 2022
8,99 €*
Mdou Moctar

Niger guitar hero Mdou Moctar has blazed a trail across the world for a new style of hypnotic desert rock. On the eve of a major US and European tour, Clive Bell talks to Moctar and his band about the anti-colonial spirit animating their current album Afrique Victime, the infamous Purple Rain-inspired motorbike musical Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, and their connections with other leading lights of daredevil North African guitar including Les Filles De Illighadad.

Inside the issue... Éliane Radigue Mazen Kerbaj Ben LaMar Gay Jeff Parker

The Primer: Éliane Radigue Julian Cowley writes a user’s guide to the recordings of the great French electronic and electroacoustic composer, whose work has continued exploring the connections between Buddhism and longform sound well into the 21st century with the acoustic Occam Ocean series. Mazen Kerbaj The Lebanese trumpeter, improvisor and cartoonist has carved out a new niche for himself in Berlin. He tells Mariam Rezaei about his new album Sampler/Sampled, where a global cast of collaborators including Bob Ostertag, Muqata’a and Equiknoxx’s Gavsborg explore the power of music as a universal language.

Invisible Jukebox Chicago creative music polymaths Jeff Parker and Ben LaMar Gay go head to head with The Wire’s mystery record test. Global Ear In Lisbon, April Clare Walsh gets familiar with a new wave of creole language rap.

Unlimited Editions Tokyo label, record shop and keepers of the roots reggae flame Dub Store.

Unofficial Channels YouTube’s Original Jungle Samples channel.

Inner Sleeve Tim Hecker. Epiphanies Reinhold Friedl on Iannis Xenakis.

Plus full page interviews with Robbie Lee, Hedvig Mollestad, Powers/Rolin Duo, and Duma.
Wire - 154
Wire - Issue 469 - March 2023
Wire - Issue 468 - February 2023
Wire - Issue 466 - December 2022
Wire - Issue 464 - October 2022
Wire - Issue 463 - September 2022
Issue 463 - September 2022
8,99 €*
Neu! + 50 Years Of Motorik A special cover feature on the motorik rock originators Neu! to mark half a century since their game-changing debut album. This two-part special includes a new interview with guitarist Michael Rother by Mike Barnes, and a user’s guide to motorik rock by Noel Gardner which follows the road leading from Neu! and Kraftwerk through Stereolab to Circle and beyond.

The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari Francis Gooding surveys the work of the originators of nyabinghi music and the forefathers of roots reggae, talking to members Sam ‘Time’ Williams and Calvin ‘Bubbles’ Cameron about a new edition of their masterwork Grounation.

Global Ear A new generation of musicians including Siriya Ensemble, Damahi Band and Soheil Nafisi are making waves in the jazz rock scene of Tehran inspired by the legendary guitarist Ebrahim Monsefi.

Unlimited Editions Niche German imprint Volke Verlag is specialising in the untold stories of experimental and avant grade music.

Epiphanies Dublab broadcaster Mark ‘Frosty’ McNeil explains how a life glued to the dial introduced him to radio as a participatory medium.
Wire - Issue 462 - August 2022
Issue 462 - August 2022
8,99 €*
On the cover: Saul Williams. Inside: Alan Skidmore, Laura Cannell, Cheri Knight, Joe Rainey, Anna Butterss, Michael Gregory Jackson, Invisible Jukebox: Bob Mould, Unlimited Editions: Cortizona, Unofficial Channels: Rāga Junglism, Global Ear: Gothenberg, The Inner Sleeve: Éliane Radigue, Epiphanies: Emeka Ogboh, Nancy Mounir, Midori Takada, Tony Williams, Albert Ayler, Moers festival, and more.

+ Free CD with every issue: The Wire Tapper 59 featuring 16 new tracks by MimiCof, Delmore FX, Evicshen, RSS Boy 1 featuring Waclaw Zimpel, Mark Stewart featuring KK Null, Madeleine Cocolas, and more.
Wire - 154
Wire - Issue 461 - July 2022
Issue 461 - July 2022
8,99 €*
AMM, Angharad Davies, Sarah Dvachi, Teresa Winter, Opal X, K Of Arc, Nexciya, …
Wire - Issue 460 - June 2022
Issue 460 - June 2022
8,99 €*
Phew One of Japan’s original punk generation, a collaborator with both Otomo Yoshihide and members of Can, has reinvented herself once again in the new millennium with recordings of her hardcore voice, electronic experiments, and collaborations with Jim O’Rourke and The Raincoats’ Ana Da Silva. Interview by Emily Pothast.

The Primer: Pauline Oliveros The sprawling discography of the Deep Listening innovator, including electronic compositions at Mills College, adventurous settings for improvisation, site-specific projects, experimental scores and her distinctive accordion drones, is mapped by Louise Gray. The Dream Syndicate The survivors of the 80s US Paisley Underground have flourished since their recent reformation, exploring cinematic influences, hypnotic songwriting, soundtrack collaborations, and with Steve Wynn as a wild card guitarist for hire in numerous collaborations. Joseph Stannard talks to them. Invisible Jukebox US guitar shredder Ava Mendoza tries to ID our mystery record selection. Global Ear Arthur Kuzmin of New New World Radio in Moscow describes the changes in Russia’s alternative music landscape following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Unlimited Editions Pioneering broadcasting project Radio Art Zone aims to light up the airwaves in Luxembourg as part of this year’s European Capital of Culture Esch celebrations. By Ilia Rogatchevski. Unofficial Channels Inner Sleeve US rapper billy woods on Bigg Jus’s Black Mamba Serums. Epiphanies Former Magic Band and Jeff Buckley guitar hero Gary Lucas chronicles his 50 year obsession with the mesmerizing moves of Third Ear Band.

Plus one page interviews with Julmud, Black Glass Ensemble, Floris Vanhoof, and Deborah Walker & Silvia Tarozzi...
Wire - Issue 459 - May 2022
Issue 459 - May 2022
8,99 €*
Reynols As one of the most singular groups in rock release a new album, and following drummer Miguel Tomasin’s Henry Viscardi Award for achievement in the disability community, the Argentinian trio talk to Emily Pothast about their mission to acknowledge all sounds, experiences and abilities, and the emancipatory power of noise and jamming.

Valentina Magaletti One of the most prolific and sought after percussionist-composers in the London music scene tells Ilia Rogatchevski about her role laying down the rhythm for psychedelic rock groups like Vanishing Twin, participation in London Improvisers Orchestra, and her growing reputation as timekeeper for hire for Gruff Rhys, Can Project, Bat For Lashes, and many more.

Ivo Perelman The Brazilian saxophonist has forged his own uncompromising and hardcore approach to the instrument that’s now being heard across a dizzying range of collaborations and projects. He tells Phil Freeman about his epic plans for 2022 including a dozen recordings with fellow saxophonists, a trio with Joe McPhee and Matthew Shipp, and a new documentary about his work.

Invisible Jukebox: King Jammy Reggae and dancehall godfather King Jammy takes our mystery record test as he revisits his 1980s and 90s catalogue in dub style on a new release.

Global Ear Two reports from the underground music scenes of Kyiv and Moscow as their communities are left reeling by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Unlimited Editions Nathan Evans tunes into unorthodox transmissions from Blackpool with Lancashire’s guardians of the weird and the occult Fonolith Records.

Unofficial Channels Marc Weidenbaum surveys eclectic and groundbreaking uses of sound to represent information via the Data Sonification Archive.

The Inner Sleeve Dennis Bovell on The Slits’s Cut.

Epiphanies Composer and writer Edward Henderson discovers the true meaning of experimentation watching two people cover themselves in tape in an East London flat. Plus full page interviews with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaig, oksana linde, Helms Alee, and Blod.
Wire - Issue 457 - March 2022
Issue 457 - March 2022
8,99 €*
Scratcha DVA As the best connected mover and shaker in London’s dance underground nears 20 years in music, the producer and DJ talks to Chal Ravens about his Afrofuturist visions, his Hyperdub productions, making intercontinental connections with South Africa’s bass avant garde, and a broadcasting legacy that stretches from his pirate days at Rinse FM to NTS.

and also...

Eberhard Kranemann An unheralded figure in Germany’s underground rock revolution, Eberhard Kranemann was a member of Kraftwerk and Neu! in their crucial early years before striking out on his own with the notorious Fritz Müller Rock project and later collaborations with Harald Grosskopf.

Anne Gillis The French artist and experimental sound maker trod a distinctive path through the industrial scene with projects such as Devil's Picnic. Now, with her first album in over 15 years and new collaborations with London duo Seymour Wright and Paul Abbott, her unique rhythmic sensibility is surfacing once more.

Invisible Jukebox: Lee Ranaldo & Steve Shelley As an extensive collection of Sonic Youth’s live recordings is released, the New York pair take The Wire’s mystery record test.

Global Ear Peter Margasak investigates a new group of Berlin composers exploring the possibilities of just intonation tuning, including Catherine Lamb, Werner Durand, Marc Sabat, Chiyoko Szlavnics and Arnold Dreyblatt.

Unlimited Editions Emily Pothast talks to Ratskin Records, the Bay Area crew putting issues of accessibility and equality at the forefront of its music including in its ‘mixed reality’ online projects.

Unofficial Channels Abi Bliss investigates This Band Isn’t Real, the Twitter feed creating fictitious metal groups and album covers through the power of machine learning.
Wire - Issue 455 - January 2022 - 2021 Rewind Issue
Issue 455 - January 2022 - 2021 Rewind Issue
7,64 €* 8,99 € -15%
The Wire’s essential annual guide to the year in sound and music is upon us, as we consider where we are now after a tumultuous 12 months of underground activity, recovery, false starts and new beginnings. Our specially extended Rewind issue includes our Top 50 Releases of the Year and Archive Releases of The Year charts, cultural reflections from our extensive roster of writers, and our specialist columnists’ charts from avant rock to noise. This year the Rewind section also includes essays by Clive Bell on how new tunings are breaking the stranglehold of Western music; Neil Kulkarni on the complex and problematic legacy of the Fourth World aesthetic in contemporary sound; and Rob Turner on how music formats from LP and tapes to downloads and streams are still changing the way we listen.

Elaine Mitchener

Loré Lixenberg

Reiko & Tori Kudo

Haley Fohr Inside the issue...

Invisible Jukebox Vocalists Loré Lixenberg and Elaine Mitchener take The Wire’s mystery record test.

Global Ear James Gui spends a week in Seoul as the underground music scene opens up after Covid.

Unlimited Editions Robert Barry profiles publishing house and event organiser Grapheme as it explores the role of notation and scoring in music.

Unofficial Channels Punk ’zine archive Contextual Dissemination. Inner Sleeve Reiko and Tori Kudo choose record sleeves that have influenced them.

Epiphanies Haley Fohr aka Circuit Des Yeux on lessons learned in quarantine and the isolation of a Robert Rauschenberg residency.

Plus full page interviews with Matthias Muche, Klankvorm, Giant Claw, and Saadet Turkoz.

Soundcheck Selected new vinyl, CDs, cassettes, singles, downloads, streams etc reviewed
Wire - Issue 454 - December 2021
Issue 454 - December 2021
8,99 €*
Inside this issue: Laraaji, Jun Togawa, Olivia Block, Global Era, Epiphanies, … plus lots of reviews and the regulars you know from Wire.
Wire - Issue 453 - November 2021
Wire - 10:20
Wire - Mind Hive
Wire - Chairs Missing
Coming Soon
Issue 473 July 2023
9,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 07.07.2023
Eugen S Robinson, O Yama O, Nappy Nina, Lary 7, Ale Hop, …
Wire - Issue 471 - May 2023
Issue 471 - May 2023
9,99 €*
Dave Lombardo, Paul Dunmall, Alison Cotton, Verity Susman, …
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