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WSP Hip Hop

WSP Entertainment is a record label from Heilbronn, Germany which specialises in hip hop. The record label is managed by Michael ›Ed‹ Brähne. In 2014 it was registered into the Registrar of Companies. The history of the label begins already a couple of years before. WSP Entertainment is the consequence of the loose union of a few hip hop enthusiasts which above all had to raise funds to finance their much needed studio time in Heilbronn. They created the “Wortsport Lounge” where parties since 2002 have taken place without fault month by month in Heilbronn and the surrounding neighbourhood. Since that time the bookings have been accomplished by label boss Michael ‘Ed’ Brähne. Over the years the majority of the German rap artists like the Stieber Twins, Torch, SSIO, Karate Andi and Money Boy have featured in their parties. This loose union of hip hip enthusiastic people eventually turned into the record label Wortsport Productions. The reason: to print a record you just need to have a label. To some extent many people wanted to buy the raps and beats from Heilbronn relatively fast. “I developed a talent for the organisation and management part – the others only wanted to make music.” explains Michael ‘Ed’ Brähne his role today. With time the ambitions rose and the record label wanted to develop itself further. In addition came a 360-degree approach with management, booking and publisher tasks and therefore Wortsport Productions occurred more out of necessity than from economic aspects. This was at a time when many others still thought Napster and Co. were no problem for record labels and for the music industry. With time the response became even greater. Artists like Dexter, Sonne Ra, Demograffics, Juke & Imun, Waldo the Funk, Döll or Mädness were taken into the family structure and are today indispensable from the WSP crew. At WSP when they recognised the trend of being pushed more and more into the pure boom bap corner, they took the next step and changed the very Noughties reminiscent name Wortsport to WPS Entertainment. A step which proved to be clever. Today WSP Entertainment is backing artists, the industry and fans as a taste authority on beats and raps whilst making Heilbronn known to the rest of hip hop Germany.

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