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Vinyl, Streetwear, Sneakers and moreGood Stuff Carefully Composed since 2002

Who we are

Even before the digital age, the HHV vision was discovered and formed at record fairs and flea markets in our hometown of Berlin. A small shop quickly became a home for vinyl lovers, right up to the very website on which you are currently reading these lines. Especially in times of investor-driven business models, we are proud to have been an independent platform for two decades now. A lot has changed since our foundation in 2002. However, the things that define and distinguish us have remained the same: our pure love and passion for vinyl records and the unique and authentic fusion of our subcultures, consisting of vinyl, music, sneakers and clothing. Our independence is therefore not only the result of hard work and the right timing, but above all the collaboration with like-minded partners who share this passion: from our employees to great artists, labels and brands.

Our DNA: Hip Hop and Vinyl

Our story begins at the end of the 1990s – at a time when the rare vinyl LP could not be found with just a few clicks and swipes. Hip Hop music from the USA, away from the mainstream (and in its golden era the epitome of culture, urban movement and community) was hard to get hold of. At that time, it was hardly available on vinyl. The idea to change that was the cornerstone of what HHV is today.

No boundaries, all genres

Musically, we did not stop at Hip Hop. HHV’s range of products in the vinyl shop expanded, initially to include the genres of funk and soul, and then to numerous other musical styles such as house, techno, rock, folk and jazz. Whether Stones Throw, Ninja Tune, Daptone, Warp or XL Recordings – many great and different record labels have found an eternal home in our online shop. Our vinyl range now includes more than 80,000 releases, one of the world’s largest online record repertoires.

HHV Label

Our selection criteria are no longer based on a specific style, but predominantly determined by quality. This also primarily shapes the publications of our in-house label HHV, which was created in the course of our further development. It enables us, as well as our sub-labels Project: Mooncircle, 90's Tapes, Beat Jazz International and HHV Boombap 45s, to work closely with musicians and label operators and to realize releases according to our own taste.

Streetwear as a uniform of the music-inspired culture

For a long time now, HHV has not only stood for vinyl, but also for design, art, streetwear & sneakers. In a nutshell: a music-inspired street culture in which we unite enthusiasts and communities across nations and ages. The composition as well as the clear definition of the brands that shape our guild is not just an addition to our music range, but our personal interpretation of the urban lifestyle: in the HHV Clothing shop we carry heritage brands such as Carhartt WIP, Patagonia, Fred Perry and Polo Ralph Lauren as well contemporary menswear brands such as nanamica, Beams Plus and Gramicci. Our portfolio also includes our own apparel line, by which we express our enthusiasm and devotion for fashion and music. Finally, there are the sneakers, the basis for an individual look: our Sneaker Shop offers a variety of high-quality shoes, not only from well-known classics such as adidas, New Balance, Asics and Birkenstock, but also small selected brands such as Salomon, HOKA and Karhu.