Got records for sale?

HHV is the right place for anyone looking to sell vinyl records. No matter how many records you got for sale, whether it’s only a few or a whole collection – we will offer you fair conditions for your used vinyl.

How to sell vinyl records to HHV

In case of single copies or a small vinyl collection, we ask you to send us a list of the records for sale, after having discussed the matter with you via phone or e-mail. In case of larger quantities, we usually arrange an appointment, so we can take a look at the collection and make an offer. An alternate option is to provide us with a list of the records.

The condition of the records you got for sale

If you want to sell us your vinyl records, we need to know what condition the vinyl and the covers are in. When determining the condition, please try to go by the Goldmine Grading Standard – the internationally applied grading scale for the condition of vinyl records.

A vinyl collection’s condition has a determining influence on our decision whether or not to buy it. Primarily, we are looking for well-preserved collections that show distinct musical interest. The records in those collections should preferably not be graded less than VG+, meaning that there should not be any major scratches on the vinyl. Plus, the covers should not show creases, tears, markings, etc. Usually, we are not interested in buying records that have experienced really heavy DJ use.

Styles of music we prefer to buy

Besides the records being in well-maintained condition, it is crucial that the music fits in with our range. This is why the vinyl collections offered to us – whether it be private property or stocks from liquidated record stores – should come from the following genres:

  • Hip Hop (all styles, especially 90s)
  • Funk / Soul / Rare Groove / Library (late 60s to early 70s recordings are preferred)
  • Disco / Boogie / Disco Funk / Space Disco / Italo Disco
  • Jazz / Jazz Funk / Modern Jazz / Fusion / Spiritual Jazz
  • Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock / Krautrock / Rock ‘n’ Roll / Beat
  • New Wave / Punk / Indie
  • Electro / Techno / House / Experimental / Ambient / Leftfield / Drum & Bass / Jungle

Got records for sale? Contact us

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