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In this day and age, it’s impossible for a mail order company with a history in music culture to ignore streetwear, for the style of clothing plays a major role in today’s pop culture. It expresses a certain view of life, which is what we want to convey in our streetwear shop. To this end, we present the latest collections from established brands as well as a fine selection of smaller companies dedicated to urban fashion – only those that make a difference, of course.

Streetwear – nonchalant style for everyday life

The purpose of streetwear is well-defined these days: To distance oneself from the establishment and the mainstream, to exhibit subcultural affinity or to express affiliation with a certain music scene. For this, mens streetwear avails itself of relaxed t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and shirts. Also denim or cuffed pants, plus all kind of jackets ranging from adidas track tops to Nike Windrunners to Wemoto parkas. Our womens streetwear department is significantly more selective; our buyer solely drums up tops, pants, dresses, leggings and other feminine urban fashion goodies she can identify with.

Headwear – the streetwear outfit’s cherry on top

A headwear item can reveal a lot about the wearer’s attitude. Stüssy, The Quiet Life or Akomplice caps, for example, give proof of someone’s deep affinity for the key elements of streetwear. Penfield or Carhartt WIP logos, on the other hand, indicate down-to-earthness, while New Era or HUF products express preference for certain sports. As for brands like Brixton and Kangol, these are names that appeal to those leaning towards classic values in the context of streetwear. Ultimately, it’s what you wear on your head that discloses where you found your niche in the urban fashion universe – whether you’re rocking fitted caps, snapbacks, 5 panel caps, bucket hats or beanies.

Bags-n-Packs – keeping stuff handy

The concept of urban fashion or streetwear today seems unthinkable without the right bags to match the apparel. More than an accessory, these items add the final touch to any outfit. The majority of Herschel, Fjällräven or Sandqvist backpacks, bags and duffels are unisex products, sometimes the colorways or patterns clarify which target group is addressed. Brands seem to assume that streetwear bags and packs are frequently exchanged between men and women. When it comes to bags, the streetwear shop offers the whole nine yards – from backpacks to duffel bags to iPad or laptop sleeves, all of which come equipped with colors and designs that go perfectly with most of the current streetwear looks.