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Ayami Suzuki - Umbilical
Ayami Suzuki
Tape | 2023 | UK (Past Inside The Present)
17,99 €*
Release: 2023 / UK
Genre: Electronic & Dance
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Ayami Suzuki is a Japanese singer and sound artist who uses her voice and field recordings to create ambient experimental mindmelts. Her new LP, Umbilical, hears the virtuoso team up with Brazilian musician Carlos Ferreira, who normally stays rooted in meditative styles from drone to post-rock. The pair take up equal weight space on this calming, umbral new cassette album, which was made remotely between Japan and Brazil. Few know how these two masterminds met, but what we do know is that the LP evokes a usually very difficult-to-pin mood - its course makes us imagine the feeling of encountering some otherworldly nymph, or half-divine fairy, in a baroque outdoor bathhouse on one sunny May morning. Aiming to reflect Suzuki and Ferreira’s intimate and close connection across the distance that separated them, it is (not by coincidence) certainly a gap-bridging album, spanning everything ethereal, REM-sleepy, and stretched-out.
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