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Alphonse - Same For Me
A1Same For Me
B1Same For Me (Junior Fairplay Remix)

Same For Me

(Emotional) Especial | Artikel-Nr: 448247
Vinyl 12" | 2015 / UK – Original | Neuware
11,99 €
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Especial welcomes one Alphonse to the label. A true missing in action, last seen by his crew dancing atop a bus, here literally forced him to give up the tape of Same For Me. A peane to his life? Possi bly. Mixing techno beats and (proto) rave breaks, all under his own unique and heartfelt message. Discovered on the outskirts of Letchlade, down the bottom of an abandoned traveller site in a delapidated caravan with just the clothes he was in, while clutching an armful of reel-to-reels masters, a pack of 20 B&H and 1 can of Strongbow, Alphonse's story is one of party obsessive gone AWOL. Mumbling periodically, words deciphered and names dropped. Frome, Stroud and whisper it, Castlemorton, led to rehabitlation, a bath, shave and slowly enticing his musical knowledge to share. With a few scraps appearing here and there, including a micro(dot) of disco editing knowhow given, here though he finally is able to share his experiences by looking back through making music of the future. Same For Me starts with Sterns intent, all hats, kick and fx to the max, a Fantazia of expression, before toms and 808 snap and the sermon begins. But wait, where is the bass? Boom! Subs squeeze ribs while flute lifts minds skywards. "A valuable tool in life. Concentrate on something makes you happy..." To bring this in to fold, the Junior family member is given the tapes to show what he can do. The most subtle start lulls you in to a sense of is that it? There must be more. Building. Building. Break and...hands to the Sunrise. "...Thank you. Same For Me. Same For Me."
Titel:Same For Me
Label:(Emotional) Especial
Katalog-Nr:EES 018
Format:Vinyl 12", Vinyl, Singles, 12"
Pressung:UK – Original
Release Date:2015
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Erhältlich seit:27.10.2015
Preis:11,99 €
Gewicht:250g (plus 250g Verpackung)
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