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Optimist - Vice Versa
A1Vice Versa
B1Vice Versa (Bleak Remix)
B2Track 3

Vice Versa

Aura Karma | Artikel-Nr: 363012
Vinyl 12" | 2014 / EU – Original | Neuware
8,99 €
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Heavy rainfalls, erratic blasts and freezing nights! That’s how you could describe autumn in Munich. But that’s not all: There’s also the deep red of the sun which is trying to fight its all time predator winter. Even the trees are sending a last but powerful message to the long-lasting darkness and apparent drabness of the upcoming cold months: They gave theirs dresses a meaningful mixture of red, orange and bronze colour. It’s the last burst of strength before everything will subside. This very special battle between colours and darkness, between warm rays and freezing wind, is what makes “OPTIMIST’s Vice Versa EP “ a perfect release for our label. The duo, which is also known as Hiver, plays with the balance of warm, paralysing melodies and rolling, old school drums. It’s obviously Techno but not too dark and burdensome. Rather seductively swinging and subtly impulse. BLEAK definitely takes sides with the darkness. His remix seems to blast all the snugness away and tells you resolutely and without a doubt that winter finally arrived. And winter is not going to be a short affair. It takes its time and steals us day after day more and more degrees on the thermometer. So long until, after five month, spring is quietly and chary announcing itself and the OPTIMISTs time of the year begins again.
Titel:Vice Versa
Label:Aura Karma
Format:Vinyl 12", Vinyl, Singles, 12"
Pressung:EU – Original
Release Date:2014
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Erhältlich seit:03.04.2014
Preis:8,99 €
Gewicht:250g (plus 250g Verpackung)
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Optimist - Vice Versa
Vice Versa
12"|8,99 €
Optimist - Vice Versa 12"
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Optimist - Vice Versa
Vice Versa
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Optimist - Vice Versa 12"
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