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Sore Throat - Death To Capitalist Halmshaw
A1Screams Of Pain
A2Stench Of Mass Genocide
A3Nuclear Gore
A4Unrelenting Terror
A5Annihilation From Creation
A6Death Dust Extractor
A7Shell Shock
A8Communal Grave
A10Bonded By Booze
A11Evil That Men Do
A13Behind Bars
A14Painful Photograph
A15Legally Maimed
A18Fear Factory
A19Scream Bloody Trout
A20Possessed To Rollerskate
A22Mosh Team
A231,000,000 Pints Of Scrumpy
A24Invasion Of The American Hc Clones
A25Go Away
A26Alcohol Abuse
A27Where Legend Began
A28War System
A29M.F.n. (Money For Nobheads)
A30The 1 In 12 Song
A32S.S.a. Pt 2
A33S.S.a. Pt 3
A34I.C.i. Fuck Off And Die
A36Marked For Life
B1Intro (Rapists Die)
B2War System
B4Sacrilege (To The Scene)
B5Vac Head
B6Pesticide Death
B7Process Of Elimination
B9S.S.a. Pt 2
B10Satans Radish
B11Fungacidal Tendencies
B13Only The Dead
B14Bomb The Whitehouse
B15Environmental Suicide
B16Broken Brains
B18Devoid Of Compassion
B19Go Home
B20Attack Of The English Gumby Punks
B24Bloody Hardcore
B26Disappearing Mark
B27No Room To Talk
B28Stagediving (Wictim Of A)
B29I.C.i. Fuck Off And Die
B30Thrash Against Fascism
B31Backflip Splat
B32Yo Barman!
B33Social Genocide
B34D.R.i. (E.m.i.)
B35Born Again Christian
B36Utterly Tuneless
B37M.F.n. (Music For Nobheads)
B38Lynch The Cops
B39Scream Bloody Trout
B41Join The Army
B42The Ballad Of Billy Milano
C1Can You Dig It?
C2The Snowman
C3Eric Pickles Is A Fat Tory Bastard
C4B46 Indestroy V (Live)
C5Screams Of Pain
C6Communal Grave
C7Mosh Team
C8Possessed To Rollerskate
C10Fuck Off And Die I.C.i.
C12Painful Photograph
C13Behind Bars
C16Satan's Radish Pt. Ii
C18Evil That Men Do
C20Death Dust Extractor
C21100. Where Legends Began
C22101. S.S.a.
C23102. Unrelenting Terror
C24103. Alcohol Abuse
C25104. Freeform Jazz Interlude
C26105. Fear Factory
C27106. Invasion Of The American Hc Clones
C28107. Twat Eyes
C29108. Go Away
D1109. An Abusive Interlude
D2110. Arrrgggghhhhhh
D3111. Fungicidal Tendencies
D4112. Stick's Underwear
D5113. Give Me Cider Or Give Me Death
D6114. Intro
D7115. Blue Mice In The Sky
D8116. War Is Horrendous
D9117. Filth-Chain
D10118. Go Away
E1119. Intro
E2120. March Against The Nazis
E3121. Fuck The Poll Tax
E4122. Kill Your Idols
E5123. Hang Norman Tebbit
E6124. Bio-Hazard
E7125. Rock'n'roll Colostomy
E8126. War System
E9127. Against Authority
E10128. Blue Mice In The Sky
E11129. War Is Horrendouse

Sore Throat
Death To Capitalist Halmshaw

Foad | Artikel-Nr: 380097
Vinyl 2LP | 2013 / EU – Original | Neuware
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Double LP, 129 song monstrosity collecting all Sore Throat's demos, their cult 'Death To Capitalist Hardcore' debut EP and an endless parade of rarities, compilation tracks and live recordings from 1987 to 1990. Old reviews used to describe UK's Sore Throat as "beyond almost anything you've ever heard. Even Extreme Noise Terror are scared of them. As palatable as cabbage boiled in fish urine". Over 2 decades are gone but these pioneers of the most horrorific alcohol-wrecked noisecore/grind ever conceived on the British soil still sound as the most nihilist and unsurpassed sonic aberration one can think of, "Sore Throat are a music fan's worst nightmare". And to be able to offer their noise in the most pristine form, closer to its primordial authenticity all what you will experience on this horrendous double platter has been scrupolously acquired from the original reels and tapes and mastered for vinyl with the maniacal attention of the widely-acclaimed Toxic Basement studios, an absolute guarantee of passion and dedication for all what comes from the golden days of analog hardcore/thrash and grind. Comes in a thick gatefold sleeve printed on raw, uncoated reverse cardboard and includes a 2-sided A2 poster with an extensive collection of rare photos, flyers, zine excerpts and reviews. 'Death To Capitalist Halmshaw' was previously released as a limited edition CD by China's Area Death Prod., this is the official reissue on vinyl with 16 extra songs and a completely different/extended layout. Highly recommended to all enthusiasts of the early grind/noisecore era and the most extreme Britcore bands that have shaped and developed the genre. "Out of tune guitars with broken strings, unintelligible growls and smashed drum sticks".
Artist:Sore Throat
Titel:Death To Capitalist Halmshaw
Katalog-Nr:FOAD 60
Format:Vinyl 2LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressung:EU – Original
Release Date:2013
Genre:Rock / Indie
Style:Punk / Hardcore
Erhältlich seit:11.08.2014
Preis: 29,99 € 20,99 €
Gewicht:500g (plus 250g Verpackung)
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