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Schaufel Und Spaten - Unterm Untergrund 3 7/8
Schaufel Und Spaten
Unterm Untergrund 3 7/8
Tape|8,95 €
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - OST Loin Des Hommes
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
OST Loin Des Hommes
2LP|24,95 €
GhettoLandz - Ghetto Concpiracy Volume 3 (1995-1997) EP
Ghetto Concpiracy Volume 3 (1995-1997) EP
12"|34,95 €
Tony Allen - Film Of Life Remixes
Tony Allen
Film Of Life Remixes
10"|10,95 €
Volume 10
4LP|26,95 €
The Deal
2LP|34,95 €
Wild Sugar
Messin' Around / Bring It Here
7"|9,95 €
20Syl of C2C & Hocus Pocus
Motifs Volume 2
12"|11,95 €
12"|9,95 €
Ein Ganz Entspanntes Ding
LP|12,95 €
Glenn Astro
2LP|19,95 €
De Niro Is Concerned
2x12"|19,95 €
Prhyme (Royce Da 5'9 & DJ Premier)
PRhyme Instrumentals
LP|22,95 €
Open Mike Eagle
A Special Episode Of Open Mike Eagle
LP|21,95 €
Retrogott & Kutmasta Kurt
RetroMastas Instrumentals
LP|19,95 €
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
LP|20,95 €
Germs, The
7"|12,95 €
Not Giving Up
12"|10,95 €
Elvis Presley
Elvis Sings The Hits Of Atlantic
7"|8,95 €
Ennio Morricone
OST Comandamenti Per Un Gangster
LP|18,95 €
Mista Classic
Classic Der Dicke
LP|15,95 €
Massive Staff
Nasty Newark Air 1994 EP
12"|34,95 €
Vaccines, The
English Graffiti Deluxe Edition
2LP+CD|22,95 €
Max Guld
For Enden Af Corridoren
LP|23,95 €
Poets Of Rhythm
Path Of Life / Smilin' (While You're Crying)
7"|6,95 €
Saun & Starr
Look Closer
LP|16,95 €
Marek Hemmann
Chameleon EP
12"|8,95 €
Faith No More
Sol Invictus
LP|19,95 €
Sara Mitra
Losing You
LP|18,95 €
Will C.
Everyday Around The Cosmos
LP|16,95 €
Holydrug Couple, The
LP|22,95 €
Paul Giovanni & Magnet
OST The Wicker Man 40th Anniversary White Vinyl Edition
LP|44,95 €
Chronixx / RC
Play Some Roots / Can't Bridge My Defense
7"|6,95 €
Lynn Williams
It Takes Two / Don't Be Suprised
7"|10,95 €
Imre Kiss
Raw Energy EP
12"|12,95 €
Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City: Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77, Part 1
2LP|21,95 €
Davy DMX
One For The Treble
7"|11,95 €
Lucas Arruda
2LP|19,95 €
Myrrors, The
Arena Negra
LP|19,95 €
DJ Woody
Fly Fishing Volume 1
Tape|13,95 €
Golden Pelicans
Golden Pelicans
LP|18,95 €
Jay Funk presents
The Baltimore Archives 1993-1996
12"|34,95 €
Stoner 63
Tape|8,95 €
Hot Chip
Why Make Sense? Limited Deluxe Edition
2LP|24,95 €
Nu Yorica! Culture Clash In New York City: Experiments In Latin Music 1970-77, Part 2
2LP|21,95 €
2LP|25,95 €
OST The Darjeeling Limited
2LP|29,95 €
Pierre's Pfantasy Club
G.T.B. Got The Bug
12"|10,95 €
Jose James
The Dreamer
LP|32,95 €
Marc Moulin
Sam Suffy
LP|21,95 €
Biste Mode
2LP|21,95 €
Nicest Dudes Around
LP|14,95 €
Brood Ma
LP|16,95 €
Eddie Bo
The Hook & Sling
7"|9,95 €
De La Soul x J Dilla
Smell The DA.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Soul Of Yancy) White Vinyl Edition
LP|18,95 €
Truth & Soul Forecast 2015 Green Vinyl Edition
10"|16,95 €
Billy Brooks / A Tribe Called Quest
40 Days / Luck Of Lucien
7"|9,95 €
Lisa Alma
LP|16,95 €
Breeze, The
Cocktails By The Pool
LP|16,95 €
House Shoes presents
The Gift: Volume 7 - House Shoes
LP|21,95 €
Gang Starr
Moment Of Truth
3LP|35,95 €
Roger Robinson (King Midas Sound)
Dis Side Ah Town
LP|10,95 €
JATM (Jazz Against The Machine)
Black Bossa
CD|9,95 €
Exco Levy / LUST
Hello Mama / She's Pretty Like
7"|6,95 €
FW Is 10: Future Classics
10"|9,95 €
Karma Karussell
CD|11,95 €
Formulatin' Fathers
Flexin x Whilin' EP
LP|13,95 €
10"|13,95 €
Stelvio Cipriani
OST La Polizia Ringrazia
LP|18,95 €
Marian Tone & Maura Souloud
Beats Vers_s Bad Karma EP
LP|12,95 €
Modest Mouse
Building Nothing Out Of Something Limited Edition
LP|19,95 €
Rival Schools
United By Fate Light Green Vinyl Edition
LP|26,95 €
Weldon Irvine
I Love You / What's Going On?
7"|10,95 €
Charles Cohen
Brother I Prove You Wrong
2LP|19,95 €
Lips Aquatic Edition Repress
12"|12,95 €
Tropical Disco Hustle
Volume 2
2LP|29,95 €
Blind Man
12"|10,95 €
It's Nice To Meet You
LP|21,95 €
Omar S
Side Trakx Volume 3
7"|8,95 €
Against All Authorities
CD|14,95 €
Le' Noiz
Wanna Dance?
12"|10,95 €
De La Soul
De La Soul Is Dead
Tape|8,95 €
Souvenirs Of The Soul Clap Volume 3
LP|19,95 €
Hot Chip
Why Make Sense?
LP|19,95 €
Brown Sugar 20th Anniversary Edition
2LP|39,95 €
Unknown Artist
10"|9,95 €
Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye 1961-1965 Box Set
7LP Box|124,95 €
Wilson Simonal / Osmar Milito
Nana / Rita Jeep
7"|10,95 €
Sonia Santos / Joao Donato
Poema Ritmico Do Malandro (Balanco Do Crioulo) / Cala Boca Menino
7"|10,95 €
Extra Lovely Volume 1
Tape|12,95 €
Tallest Man On Earth
Dark Bird Is Home Black Vinyl Edition
LP|22,95 €
Thee Oh Sees
Mutilator Defeated At Last
LP|17,95 €
Ein Ganz Entspanntes Ding
CD|9,95 €
Sara Lugo & Protoje / Ras Demo
Really Like You / Watch The Things
7"|6,95 €
Listening Center
Cycles / Other Phenomena
LP|14,95 €
Trilateral Commission
Swiss Banks - Original Soundtrack
LP|18,95 €
Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain
Unkut Fresh
CD|10,95 €
Fashawn x Alchemist
FASH-ionably Late
LP|17,95 €
12"|12,95 €
Heavy Breathing
12"|11,95 €

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For us, vinyl records are more than retro – it is the sheer analogue listening pleasure and the various facets of vinyl culture that have been fuelling our enthusiasm for many years. Our initial repertoire of hip hop, r’n’b, jazz, funk and soul has grown into a comprehensive selection of genres. Today, it includes electronic music such as house, techno, downbeat & leftfield, dubstep or electro to reggae, rock and indie through to soundtracks. We consider ourselves a classic record shop on the web, which stocks all important new releases, classics and rarities in the best quality.

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Gaps in the vinyl collection want to be filled and the curiosity for unknown music constantly kindled and satisfied. To this end, we regularly present specials together with labels like Stones Throw Records, Melting Pot Music, Daptone, Warp or XL Recordings. Our range is complemented by exclusive releases from our own labels and Project: Mooncircle. While we particularly focus on rap and Instrumental hip hop with the former, we pursue our passion for electronic sounds with the latter.

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Disc jockeys and vinyl collectors as well as aficionados of audiophile editions can find their preferred record format at DJs swear by 12 inch and 7 inch singles, while hi-fi enthusiasts love the outstanding sound quality of audiophile LP pressings. Collectors, in turn, appreciate the satisfying feeling of holding a 180 gram copy of their favourite album’s reissue in their hands. Regardless whether EP, LP, double LP, reissue or 10 inch vinyl – has room on its shelves for all vinyl formats.

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The relaxed music shopping experience at involves a bit more than just purchasing records. In addition to vinyl and accessories, our product range is complemented by CD and tape versions not only of current albums from our favourite artists and labels but also of hip hop, soul, jazz and rock classics. DVDs containing music videos, documentaries and concert films round off the repertoire and ensure full enjoyment of music in image and sound.