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What's Hot?Moose DawaBeat producer
What's Hot?Iron CurtisProducer
What's Hot?Seth ApplebaumGhost Funk Orchestra
What's Hot?Sequoyah MurrayMusician
What's Hot?Lo KindreProducer & DJ
What's Hot?La Fine EquipeProducers / DJs
What's Hot?Seanie T & DJ SuroMC & Producer
What's Hot?AwonRapper
What's Hot?Xaver BoehmFilmmaker (»O Beautiful Night«)
What's Hot?Louis BergerIntern
What's Hot?BoxiaProducer & DJ
What's Hot?Com TruiseProducer
What's Hot?Greg FoatMusician
What's Hot?DommengangMusicians
What's Hot?Victor RuizProducer
What's Hot?Black FrictionBeat Producer
What's Hot?MoscomanDisco Halal
What's Hot?Marco FaraoneProducer
What's Hot?Flamingo PierMusicians
What's Hot?CotoneteMusicians
What's Hot?BayonneSongwriter
What's Hot?Blame OneRapper
What's Hot?Ta-KuProducer
What's Hot?deM atlaSProducer
What's Hot?Chris LiebingProducer & DJ
What's Hot?Selling (Gold Panda & Jes Shaw)Producers
What's Hot?Max GraefProducer
What's Hot?Jaakko Eino KaleviSinger & Songwriter
What's Hot?Ital TekProducer
What's Hot?Thalia ZedekSinger & Songwriter
What's Hot?TerrProducer
What's Hot?KutmahProducer
What's Hot?Jerry PaperMusician
What's Hot?Matt WerthRVNG Intl
What's Hot?Alexander TuckerSinger & Songwriter
What's Hot?RooseveltMusician
What's Hot?Dorian ConceptProducer
What's Hot?Steve HauschildtMusician
What's Hot?Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham)Rap duo
What's Hot?Nicola CruzProducer
What's Hot?X.Y.R.Producer
What's Hot?WENProducer
What's Hot?KowalskyAware Festival
What's Hot?Mo KoloursProducer
What's Hot?GutsProducer
What's Hot?MartynProducer
What's Hot?The BugProducer
What's Hot?BenedekProducer
What's Hot?BluestaebProducer
What's Hot?Ben VinceProducer
What's Hot?Courtney BarnettSinger and songwriter
What's Hot?ElaquentBeatmaker
What's Hot?Prins EmanuelMusic producer
What's Hot?AeraTechno producer & DJ
What's Hot?Doc TMKProducer
What's Hot?OnraProducer
What's Hot?Shame On UsMusicians
What's Hot?Circuit Des YeuxMusician
What's Hot?Aem16 & ApfelRapper
What's Hot?RGLProducer
What's Hot?Glen PorterProducer
What's Hot?The/DasProducers
What's Hot?SiriusmoProducer
What's Hot?Orson WellsProducer
What's Hot?SubmerseProducer
What's Hot?Chelsea WolfeMusician
What's Hot?FinkSongwriter
What's Hot?Martin Perna of AntibalasMusician
1James Baldwin – The Struggle (Buddah Records)2Neil Young – Harvest (Reprise)3Cortijo and Ismael Rivera – Con todos Los Hierros (Tico Records)4Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Neoyorquino – Lo Dice Todo (Salsoul Records)5Cymande – Cymande (Alaska)
6Hugh Masakela – Masakela (UNI Records)7Joi – Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome (EMI)8Los Van Van – Llego... Van Van (Havana Caliente)9Lalo Schifrin – OST Che! (Tetragrammaton Records)10David Axelrod – Earth Rot (Capitol)
What's Hot?Harmonious TheloniousProducer
What's Hot?BicepProducers
What's Hot?ChekovProducer
What's Hot?McKinley DixonRapper
What's Hot?Borrowed CSProducer
What's Hot?Natureboy FlakoProducer
What's Hot?Nepumuk & Sir SerchRapper
What's Hot?Classic der DickeMC
What's Hot?BadBadNotGoodMusicians
What's Hot?Jazz SpastiksProducer
What's Hot?Glenn Astro & AjnascentProducer
What's Hot?Cid Rim & The Clonious Affine Records
What's Hot?Berlin ZooProducer
What's Hot?Funky DLRapper & Producer
What's Hot?WaxolutionistsTurntablists
What's Hot?Marco PoloProducer
What's Hot?Jay GlazeProducer
What's Hot?DexterProducer
What's Hot?Bacao Rhythm & Steel BandBig Crown Records
What's Hot?HeimerProducer
What's Hot?Erosion FlowProducer
What's Hot?1800HaightStreetProducer, DJ
What's Hot?TRPProducer, DJ
What's Hot?Okta LogueBand
What's Hot?LeibnizProducer,DJ
What's Hot?EmikaProducer
What's Hot?Andy Cooper of Ugly DucklingProducer
What's Hot?MmothsProducer
What's Hot?Panthera KrauseProducer
What's Hot?Manni DeeProducer
What's Hot?LockahProducer
What's Hot?TorchDJ, MC
What's Hot?MecsTreemProducer
What's Hot?Cap KendricksProducer
What's Hot?Denk & DrumtomskiZweizimmergefüge
What's Hot?Aem16 & ApfelRapper & Produzent
What's Hot?Damu the FudgemunkProducer
What's Hot?JR & PH7Producers
What's Hot?Spectacular DiagnosticsProducer
What's Hot?Christian LöfflerProducer
What's Hot?Bering StraitProducer
What's Hot?Cid RimProducer
What's Hot?Barney KhanProducer
What's Hot?Glenn AstroProducer
What's Hot?PixelordProducer
What's Hot?Craig McWhinneyProducer
What's Hot?fLakoProducer
What's Hot?Johannes SchleiermacherOnom Agemo & the Disco Jumpers
What's Hot?NoylandProducer
What's Hot?Torky TorkProducer
What's Hot?Iron GalaxyProducer
What's Hot?myr.Producer
What's Hot?BaazOffice Recordings
What's Hot?RampaKeinemusik
What's Hot?OnraAll City Dublin / Favorite Records
1Fitz Ambro$e – Doe Quarters (Not On Label)2Shabazz Palaces – Lese Majesty (Sub Pop)3Geotheory – Futuristic Love (Not On Label)4Walter Mecca – Waltaa (Weirdata)5Jerry Paper – Fuzzy Logic (Digitalis Limited)
What's Hot?AzudemSKhhv.de
What's Hot?My Panda Shall FlyProject: Mooncircle
1Haruomi Hosono – Concidential (Monad Records, 1985)2Yellow Magic Orchestra – Space Invaders (Chapter ONe, 1991)3David Wright – Marilynmba (AD Music, 1991)4Rei Harakami – Unrest (Sublime Records, 1997)5Funkadelic – Maggot Brain Black Vinyl Edition (Westbound)
6Gong – Magick Brother (BYG Records, 1969)7Tom Middletopn – Life Tracks (Big Chill Recordings, 2007)8Clearlight – Visions (Polydor, 1978)9John Beltran – Earth & Nightfall (R&S Records, 1995)10I:Cube – Picnic Attack (Versatile Records, 1997)
What's Hot?RetrogottENTBS
What's Hot?Twit OneENTBS & Melting Pot Music
What's Hot?MemotoneProject: Mooncircle
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