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Hip Hop

Hip hop has long been more than simple scratches, looped breaks and MCs celebrating their DJs. Since Kool Herc’s block parties in the mid-1970s, the culture has grown and developed rapidly. Today, graffiti can be found on every corner. Breakdancing and b-boying have long since become a way of life for many. Hip hop music today is defined by an enormous variety. There is something for everyone. The Roots have been thrilling friends of virtuoso live bands for over 20 years. Old warhorses from the 1980s prove that there is no age limit for good rhymes. Exceptional artists like Pharoahe Monch or Homeboy Sandman connect generations thanks to intelligent content and clever wordplay. Many ambitious musicians also hold up the flag of German, French or British rap. There are no limits to the raps: from abstract lyricism to street prose to eloquent storytelling, everything is on offer. And more and more musical styles are influencing the world of hip hop today.

Hip Hop at HHV: the full range from A to Z

In order to do justice to Hip Hop with all its faces, we have put together a rich programme. This includes classics as well as novelties from young talents. Major productions are on the programme, but also underground releases produced in very small editions. US hip hop, German hip hop, UK hip hop and hip hop from France are represented. As well as spoken word from exotic countries. Of course, the range of our online shop also includes beats without rhymes. Exclusive releases and bundles give our offer that special spice. As long as it has to do with Hip Hop, Vinyl LPs, CDs or Tapes are always welcome. No matter if it’s an album, an EP or singles.

Hip hop, hip hop or hip hop? Anything that sounds funky is allowed.

Hip hop has never been as diverse as it is today. Labels like Mello Music Group or Redefinition evoke the spirit of the eighties and nineties. They see themselves in the tradition of self-determined record companies like Cold Chillin or Ruthless Records. Chopped Herring Records or Dope Folks have made it their business to dig up old recordings. Progressive styles of hip hop music find a home on independent labels like Stones Throw. German rap has grown up and shaken off the regional barrier. And instrumental hip hop has also played an increasingly important role in the last ten years. Not least thanks to our dear colleagues from Project: Mooncircle, who have pushed this direction massively. We have made it our task to do justice to all these facets of hip hop with our offer. From the classic to the absolute insider tip, we offer everything that has to do with eloquent rhymes or innovative beats. And with our HHV Label, we give established and up-and-coming artists the opportunity to present themselves.