Cicada Sirens & 1000 Eyes OST Signalis Transparent Red Vinyl Edition

Very Ok Vinyl | Item No: 1034330
Vinyl 3LP | 2023 / CA – Original | New
63,99 €
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Item Description
Very Ok Vinyl is proud to present …

The comprehensive Signalis Original Soundtrack on 3LPs.

Do you love all things that go bump in the night? If dark and foreboding is your comfort zone, Very Okay Vinyl has a treat for you. Signalis by rose-engine, released in 2022, is a survival horror game with a sci-fi twist that will satisfy the stoutest horror fan. This soundtrack delivers spine-tingling excitement as Elster, a replica stranded on a desolate planet, combs a derelict spaceship searching for answers and finding terror. An adventure of nightmarish proportions, Signalis offers up ominous tracks that shift like jump scares from the chilling, lonely piano to nerve-splitting heavy industrial, keeping the tension high. If the game is the creature under the bed, Signalis’ soundtrack is the hand snatching your ankle. Be prepared to be terrified.
Item Details
Item No: 1034330
Artist: Cicada Sirens & 1000 Eyes
Title: OST Signalis Transparent Red Vinyl Edition
Label: Very Ok Vinyl
Catalog No: VoV-011
Format: Vinyl 3LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressing: CA – Original
Release Date: 2023
Genre: Soundtracks
Style: Games
Condition: New
Price: 63,99 €
Weight: 750g (plus 250g Packaging)
A1 Cicada Sirens - Turned Around
A2 Cicada Sirens - Safe Room
A3 Cicada Sirens - Casual Loop
A4 Cicada Sirens - Double Back
A5 Cicada Sirens - Pneumatic
A6 Eyes - Eternity In A Box
A7 Eyes - Visions Of Alina
A8 Eyes - Incinerator
A9 Eyes - Intensive Care
A10 Eyes - Train Ride
A11 Eyes – Ritual
B1 Eyes - Mnhr
B2 Eyes - Mynah
B3 Eyes - Adler
B4 Cicada Sirens - Dowsing
B5 Eyes - Bodies
B6 Cicada Sirens - Hamstrung
B7 Eyes - Riot Control
B8 Eyes – Kolibri
C1 Eyes - Eulrnlirder
C2 Eyes - Orrery
C3 Eyes - Ewige Wiederkunft
C4 Eyes - Liminality
C5 Cicada Sirens - Kentucky Meat Shower
C6 Cicada Sirens - Haint Tales
C7 Cicada Sirens - Misremembered
C8 Eyes - Nue
C9 Eyes - Matryoshka
C10 Eyes – Labyrinth
D1 Eyes - Prison
D2 Cicada Sirens - Coal Ash Slurry
D3 Cicada Sirens - Sea Smoke
D4 Eyes - Ritual (Nowhere)
D5 Eyes - The Red Gate
D6 Eyes - Die Toteninsel (Emptiness)
D7 Eyes - Memory
D8 Eyes - 3000 Cycles (I Missed You)
D9 Cicada Sirens - Near Dark By The Pond
E1 Cicada Sirens - Lived In
E2 Eyes - I Can't Stop Now
E3 Cicada Sirens - Rogue Wave
E4 Eyes - You Have Changed
E5 Cicada Sirens - Cigarette Wife
E6 Eyes - Rotfront (Moon)
E7 Eyes - Dream Diary
E8 Eyes - Blockwart
E9 Eyes - Teeth
E10 Cicada Sirens - Double Back (Vhs Ver.)
E11 Eyes - Home
F1 Eyes - Ariane's Theme
F2 Eyes - Falke's Theme
F3 Eyes - Become Whole Again
F4 Eyes - The Promise
F5 Cicada Sirens - Crepuscular
F6 Cicada Sirens - Troublesome Creek
F7 Eyes - Warm Light
F8 Salvaging (Bonus Track)
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